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Fri Mar 21 17:10:49 2014 UTClccn-n790084010.00Artist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material0.060.471987 Lisbeth Zwerger fairytale calendar29542168Lisbeth_Zwergern 79008401242515Tsbernker, Lismpet 1954-Tsuberugā, Risubesuk 1954-Tsuverugā, Risubēto 1954-Zwerger, L. (Lisbeth)Zwerger, Lisbeth, 1954-ツヴェルガー, リスベスツヴェルガー, リスベート茨威格莉丝白lccn-n80004275Bell, Antheatrladplccn-n79022941Andersen, H. C.(Hans Christian)1805-1875othantcrelccn-n78095680Grimm, Jacob1785-1863antctbedtcrelccn-n78095679Grimm, Wilhelm1786-1859antedtcrelccn-n79022011Crawford, Elizabeth D.trllccn-n79042038Wilde, Oscar1854-1900crelccn-n79071080Henry, O.1862-1910crelccn-n89116232Janisch, Heinzadpcrenc-picture book studio usaPicture book studio USApbllccn-n80110912Baum, L. Frank(Lyman Frank)1856-1919Zwerger, LisbethFictionJuvenile worksFairy talesCriticism, interpretation, etcFantasy fictionPictorial worksFolkloreChristmas storiesPicture booksFantasy comic books, strips, etcFairy talesAlice (Fictitious character : Carroll)FantasyFolkloreGermanyOz (Imaginary place)Fables, GreekFantasy fictionChristmas storiesFantasy fiction, EnglishWizard of Oz (Fictitious character)Gale, Dorothy (Fictitious character)Brothers and sistersFablesWitchesNightingaleChildren's storiesWizardsChildren's stories, DanishMagicAesop's fablesAdventure and adventurersAnimalsNutcrackers (Implements)GiftsGiantsAdventure stories, EnglishCourageScarecrow (Fictitious character : Baum)DollsWar storiesMiceFirst lovesConduct of lifeAlice's adventures in Wonderland (Carroll, Lewis)Through the looking-glass (Carroll, Lewis)Carroll, Lewis,Fantasy literature, EnglishVoyages, ImaginaryChildren's stories, EnglishCowardly Lion (Fictitious character)Tin Woodman (Fictitious character)Abandoned childrenParentsDwellingsCandyCrueltyFearForests and forestryHunger19541965197419771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014294693761239[FIC]PZ7.D684ocn009065223ocn036949584ocn010207292ocn034710878ocn008709196ocn040881493ocn010752509ocn055738146ocn004664542ocn019458338ocn436304663ocn725233900ocn244079457ocn181500936ocn244065715ocn702646544ocn816051513ocn361798856ocn298550168ocn076335599ocn797831558ocn318634220ocn725262558ocn439669469ocn440743872ocn828717680ocn174293063ocn446632419ocn441664104ocn797889899ocn742973509ocn858921934ocn859019182ocn440209543ocn462830897157318ocn009065223book19820.07Henry, OThe gift of the MagiJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionChristmas storiesShort storiesPicture booksA young man and a young woman sell their most prized possessions to buy each other Christmas gifts, in this famous tale of unselfish love+-+3269872545150913ocn008709196book19830.06Grimm, JacobLittle Red CapJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksA little girl meets a hungry wolf in the forest while on her way to visit her sick grandmother+-+8738303006142737ocn004664542book19790.07Grimm, JacobHansel and GretelJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionPictorial worksStories, plots, etcFairy talesPicture booksGetrouwe bewerking van het bekende sprookje. Prentenboek met paginagrote illustratie in warme bruintinten. Vanaf ca. 5 jaar+-+0315352335136731ocn010207292book19840.07Wilde, OscarThe selfish giantJuvenile worksBibliographyFictionPictorial worksDramaFairy talesUn gigante egoísta vez acoge a los niños a su jardín previamente prohibido y es finalmente recompensado con un niño pequeño inusual+-+0589872545135215ocn006194396book19800.06Andersen, H. CThumbelineJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionFairy talesThe adventures of a tiny girl no bigger than a thumb and her many animal friends+-+015535233511365ocn036949584book19970.01Janisch, HeinzNoah's arkJuvenile worksRetells the story of the great flood with which God destroyed all the world, except Noah, his family, and the animals he carried on the Ark+-+3469630825110023ocn010752509book19650.06Andersen, H. CThe nightingaleJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFolkloreFictionPictorial worksSample booksFairy talesThough the emperor banishes the nightingale in preference for a jeweled mechanical imitation, the little bird remains faithful and returns years later when the emperor is near death and no one else can help him+-+5366630825108418ocn023653666book19910.06Andersen, H. CHans Christian Andersen fairy talesEight tales chosen by the illustrator, winner of the 1990 Hans Christian Andersen Medal for lifetime achievement in the field of illustration for children+-+1085593415108016ocn040881493book19990.08Carroll, LewisThe annotated Alice : Alice's adventures in Wonderland & Through the looking glassHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyBibliographyComic books, strips, etcConcordancesGlossaries, vocabularies, etcFictionDictionariesPoetryIllustrationsPictorial worksAdventure storiesFantasy comic books, strips, etcFantasy fictionGraphic novelsHigh interest-low vocabulary booksToy and movable booksGamesYoung adult worksArtists' booksFantasy fiction, EnglishAls Alice een haastig konijn volgt in zijn hol, komt ze terecht in een wonderlijke wereld. Bewerking van het klassieke verhaal. Vanaf ca. 11 jaar, voorlezen vanaf ca. 8 jaar+-+5116630825107222ocn034710878book19960.07Baum, L. FrankThe wonderful wizard of OzHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionIllustrationsPictorial worksDramaFilm adaptationsFantasy comic books, strips, etcFantasy fictionGraphic novelsToy and movable booksFantasy fiction, AmericanAfter a cyclone transports her to the land of Oz, Dorothy must seek out the great wizard in order to return home+-+0381303006101017ocn007814295book19820.06Andersen, H. CThe swineherdJuvenile worksFictionA prince disguises himself as a swineherd and learns the true character of the princess he desires+-+043559341597822ocn016003750book19830.06Hoffmann, E. T. ANutcrackerJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksStories, plots, etcChristmas storiesFairy talesSound effects booksPicture booksIn this retelling of the original 1816 German story, Godfather Drosselmeier gives young Marie a nutcracker for Christmas, and she finds herself in a magical realm where she saves a boy from an evil curse+-+26053523353248918ocn019458338book19890.07AesopAesop's fablesJuvenile worksSoftwareFolkloreFictionMusical settingsPoetryIllustrationsStudy guidesFablesA collection of ancient fables about animals, including such tales as "Town Mouse and Country Mouse," "The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf," and "The Moon and Her Mother."+-+33563523358658ocn006914734book19810.06Hoffmann, FelixThe seven ravensJuvenile worksFictionFairy talesA sister learns of the fate of her seven brothers and sets off to the end of the earth to find them7728ocn055738146book20040.07Andersen, H. CThe little mermaidJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksFairy talesSummary: A little sea princess, longing to be human, trades her mermaid's tail for legs, hoping to win the love of a prince and earn an immortal soul for herself+-+66555934156826ocn013423530book19860.08Wilde, OscarThe Canterville ghostJuvenile worksFictionGhost storiesA celebrated and feared English ghost is outraged when the new American owners of his haunting place refuse to take him seriously and actually fight back against him+-+86613030066535ocn012051850book19850.06Nesbit, EThe deliverers of their countryJuvenile worksFictionEffie and her brother Harry find a way to save Britain from a plague of dragons+-+67613030066514ocn046991197book20010.01Kipling, RudyardHow the camel got his humpJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksFablesRelates how the camel received his permanent hump from the Djinn of All Deserts+-+85236308256014ocn049565879book20020.06Zwerger, LisbethSwan lakeJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksA prince's love for a swan queen overcomes an evil sorcerer's spell in this fairy tale adaptation of the classic ballet+-+77526308255473ocn009557485book19820.06Bell, AntheaThe nutcracker and the Mouse-KingAfter hearing how her toy nutcracker got his ugly face, a little girl helps break the spell he is under and watches him change into a handsome prince+-+888987254532410610ocn031855599book19940.25Zwerger, LisbethThe art of Lisbeth ZwergerCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsPictorial works+-+578730300631ocn648102402book20100.10Zwerger, LisbethAn artist of magical spells : art & exhibition catalogueExhibition catalogs+-+257064633432431ocn705219759book20100.35Zwerger, LisbethThe world of imagination : Lisbeth Zwerger ; [dieser Katalog unterstützt die Wanderausstellung The World of Imagination von Lisbeth Zwerger, Bilderbuchmuseum Troisdorf, Eric Carle Museum, Amhurst, USA, Deutsches Museum für Karikatur und Zeichenkunst - Wilhelm Busch, HannoverExhibition catalogs+-+257064633432411ocn806237449book1987Zwerger, LisbethPicture books, original artworkIllustrations11ocn198962715bookZwerger, Lisbsth : [miscellaneous ephemeral material]The folder may include clippings, announcements, small exhibition catalogs, and other ephemeral items11ocn052294104book19860.47Zwerger, Lisbeth1987 Lisbeth Zwerger fairytale calendarCalendars11ocn083688959mixZwerger, LisbethArtist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material+-+3269872545+-+3269872545Fri Mar 21 15:39:03 EDT 2014batch38723