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Fri Mar 21 17:03:19 2014 UTClccn-n790844240.07Prairie Christmas /0.401.00Paul Engle & Charles Langton111240117Paul_Englen 79084424316926Engle, PaulEngle, Paul Hamilton.Engle, Paul Hamilton, 1908-lccn-n80006293Langland, Josephedtlccn-n80119129Iowa Writers' Workshoplccn-n80082479Dana, Robert1929-2010lccn-n80044600Carrier, Warren Pendletonedtlccn-n80090002Nie, Hualing1925-trledtlccn-n78087649Mao, Zedong1893-1976lccn-n79005644Frost, Robert1874-1963lccn-n79043454University of IowaInternational Writing Programnp-paul hamilton englePaul Hamilton Englenp-martin, hansfordMartin, HansfordedtEngle, Paul1908-1991BiographyHistoryJuvenile worksFictionCriticism, interpretation, etcAmerican poetryEngle, Paul,English poetryPoets, AmericanManners and customsIowa--Cedar RapidsIowaAmerican literatureChinese poetryAuthors, AmericanCreative writing (Higher education)Iowa Writers' WorkshopAuthorship--Social aspectsFriendshipChristmasCreative writingUnited StatesAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)Literature, ModernPoetryShort storiesChildrenMao, Zedong,Frost, Robert,Love poetry, AmericanAuthors, ChineseNie, Hualing,Iowa--Iowa CityPoetry, ModernDickey, JamesStyron, William,Starbuck, George,Kantor, MacKinlay,Nemerov, HowardChinaLangton, CharlesSchmuller, Angelo AaronFable (Faulkner, William)Schneider, Herman,Fenton, Charles ASocial historyTorrence, Ridgely,Roosevelt, Eleanor,Lee, HermioneHillyer, Robert,Phelps, William Lyon,EditorsThayer, William Roscoe,Hitchcock, GeorgeHenrey, Robert,--Mrs.,1908199119081909193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219941996199719992000200120022003200420062007200820092010201215191383579811.5PS3509.N44ocn000270450ocn000327006ocn000304220ocn000439332ocn001042562ocn000647546ocn000643865ocn009303131ocn006096969ocn001121636ocn000625868ocn000938303ocn002272022ocn646976159ocn743251269ocn761966075ocn029587788ocn057335861ocn800296188ocn800296463ocn800296187ocn057335861ocn051153021ocn077664024ocn078357462ocn082631571ocn082252026ocn082415440ocn078607348ocn081095101152415ocn000270450book19620.28Engle, PaulPoet's choice108614ocn000304220book19400.39Engle, PaulReading modern poetry. [A critical anthologyCriticism, interpretation, etc8646ocn000327006book19640.25Engle, PaulOn creative writingPublisher's Description: The chapters in this book were written by practicing writers, who each discuss a problem that arises in creative writing. At the conclusion of each chapter, examples are given that show how established authors solve the problem in question7574ocn002580242book19760.23Engle, PaulWomen in the American RevolutionHistoryBiography6699ocn001347633book19340.53Engle, PaulAmerican song : a book of poems5262ocn003555802book19650.39Engle, PaulA woman unashamed : and other poemsThe first part of this work is a group of poems from a Japanese woman to her lover. Other poems concern poets, places, art, and Christmas5015ocn000492902book19640.23Engle, PaulAn old fashioned Christmas4318ocn005838593book19350.56Engle, PaulBreak the heart's anger4183ocn001690495book19590.39Engle, PaulPoems in praise3725ocn003135865book19600.07Engle, PaulPrairie ChristmasJuvenile worksFictionA nostalgic account of two Christmases in Iowa when the American poet-teacher was a boy3635ocn001042562book19610.56Engle, PaulMidland; twenty-five years of fiction and poetry selected from the writing workshops of the State University of Iowa33114ocn000363682book19320.73Engle, PaulWorn earth3119ocn000625868book19720.28Mao, ZedongThe poems of Mao Tse-tungCriticism, interpretation, etcA political-military autobiography of the Communist Chinese leader, in the form of poems written during half a century of fighting3083ocn000968400book19390.56Engle, PaulCorn : a book of poems2962ocn000283625book19560.53Engle, PaulAmerican child; sonnets for my daughters, with thirty-six new poems2919ocn001347619book19450.59Engle, PaulAmerican child : a sonnet sequence2553ocn000758043book19410.59Engle, PaulWest of midnight2414ocn001394740book19510.70Engle, PaulThe word of love. [Poems]2255ocn016088556book19870.66The World comes to Iowa : Iowa international anthology1993ocn000005583book19690.79Engle, PaulEmbrace; selected love poems15306ocn044961008file19960.37Engle, PaulA lucky American childhoodBiographyMore than any other individual, Paul Engle was the spirited force behind the creative writing workshops now so abundant in America. His indomitable nature, enthusiasm, and great persuasive powers, coupled with his distinguished reputation as a poet, loomed large behind the founding of the influential Iowa Writers' Workshop. A Lucky American Childhood will appeal to people with memories of the small-town America that Paul Engle describes with such affectionate realism and to all those interested in the roots of this renowned man of letters+-+140547230632410862ocn050413376file19990.37Dana, RobertA community of writers Paul Engle and the Iowa Writers' WorkshopHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyWith these words, written long before his Iowa Writers' Workshop became world famous, much imitated, and academically rich, Paul Engle captured the spirit behind his beloved workshop. Now, in this collection of essays by and about those writers who shared the energetic early years, Robert Dana presents a dynamic, informative tribute to Engle and his world.The book's three sections mingle myth and history with style and grace and no small amount of humor. The beginning essays are given over to memories of Paul Engle in his heyday. The second group focuses particularly on those teachers&+-+7311092235473ocn035474658book19960.56Nie, HualingLu yuan qing shiBiography141ocn027755533book19920.84Xian zai, ta shi yi ke xing : huai nian shi ren Baoluo An'ge'er131ocn192131589com20070.08Tell me your storyBiographyInterviewsPaul Engle, professor emeritus in creative writing, discusses his poetry and his years as director of the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop and as co-director of the International Writers' Program21ocn018148196book19871.00Sigmund, Jay GTales of the Wapsipinicon : featuring the songs of SigmundPoetry21ocn317391894rcrd19821.00Engle, PaulPaul Engle & Charles LangtonInterviews21ocn263027242book19991.00Engle, PaulAn'geer tong nian hui yi luBiography21ocn023586618visu19910.47Paul Engle SpecialA tribute to Paul Engle, noted Iowa poet11ocn083613852book19911.00Engle, PaulPaul EnglePoetry11ocn227211050mix1.00Iowa Writers' WorkshopRecords of the Iowa Writers' WorkshopArchivesThe Records of the Iowa Writers' Workshop consist of twelve series. Series I, Student Coursework, consists of photocopies of students' works arranged by semester and class section within each semester. It is the largest series in the collection, dating from Fall 1965 to the present. Note that a few of the semesters are filed out of chronological sequence. Series II, Award Competitions, consists of writing entries from individuals vying for scholarships and other awards. Series III, Students and Alumni, consists of files containing correspondence, applications, and other material, arranged alphabetically by name of individual. Restricted access. Series IV, Faculty, is arranged alphabetically by name of individual. Restricted access. Series V, Director's Files, consists of correspondence and other material created and received by the Office of the Director. Restricted access. Series VI, Administrative Files. Restricted access. Series VII, Accepted; Not Coming. Restricted access. Series VIII, Rejected Applicants' Evaluation Sheets. Restricted access. Series IX, Applicants' Letters of Recommendation. Restricted access. Series X, Ephemera, includes posters and other printed matter, dating from 1982 to present. Series XI, Stephen Wilbers Project, consists of correspondence and interview notes prepared by an alumnus of the Workshop who prepared a history of the program in 1980. Series XII, Jean Wylder Project, consists of survey responses obtained from numerous alumni during the early 1970s as part of a history project. The responses are arranged by era of attendance/graduation11ocn028419612mix1.00Finkel, DonaldRecords and correspondenceChiefly extensive research materials, journals, notes, and heavily revised literary mss.; together with large collection of editorial matter relating to Finkel's books and professional correspondence with editors and literary colleagues. Correspondents include Léonie Adams, Marvin Bell, Philip E. Booth, Daniel Curley, Nicholas Delbanco, James Dickey, Larry Eigner, Paul Engle, Edward Field, Douglas Flaherty, John Champlin Gardner, Albert Goldbarth, E.V. Griffith, Daniel Halpern, Michael Harper, Anthony Hecht, George Hitchcock, Daniel Hoffman, Richard Howard, Stanley Edgar Hyman, Donald Justice, Carolyn Kizer, Philip Levin, W.S. Merwin, Howard Moss, Howard Nemerov, Robert M. Pack, Henry Rago, Gary Snyder, George Starbuck, Mark Strand, Brian Swann, Robert Sward, Constance Urdang, Mona Van Duyn, Theodore Weiss, John Hall Wheelock, and Miller Williams11ocn082048862book19581.00Weber, Richard BakerThe sonnets of Paul Engle11ocn647946057book19541.00Engle, PaulLetter to Martha FoleyMentions his review of her "Love is eternal"; and then discusses William Faulkner's "The fable."11ocn122295176mix19601.00Miller, HarlanDes Moines IASuggesting that she invite MacKinley Kantor to the Creative Writing Luncheon11ocn849527400mix1.00Braithwaite, William StanleyWilliam Stanley Braithwaite PapersBiographyOther correspondents include Cyril Clemens, Grant Code, James Cozzens, Countee Cullen, Olive Dargan, Gustav Davidson, W.E.B. DuBois, Charles Eaton, Paul Engle, Norma Farber, Charles A. Fenton, Kimball Flaccus, Robert Frost, Claire K. Gerbaulet, Nina Gerbaulet, Louis Ginsberg, George Gomme, Hermann Hagedorn, Leigh Hanes, Robert Hillyer, John Holmes, Langston Hughes, Georgia Johnson, MacKinlay Kantor, Joseph Joel Keith, Burton Kline, Florence Becker Lennon, Benjamin Mays, David McCord, Marianne Moore, Paul Scott Mowrer, Maurice Peloubet, Maxwell Perkins, Bliss Perry, Minerva Perry, Helen Channing Pollock, Ira Reid, Ruby Altizer Roberts, Paul Robeson, Angelo Schmuller, Lulu Schultz, George S. Schuyler, Delmore Schwartz, Eli Siegel, Jules Siegel, Noble Sissle, Chard Powers Smith, Vladimir Sokoloff, and Arthur Spingarn11ocn058462344mix0.47Letters and documentsPrimarily letters but also includes ephemeral materials such as broadsides, telegrams11ocn233100635book19421.00Foerster, NormanLetter to Whom it May Concern. [s.l.]A letter of recommendation for Paul Engle11ocn317806970file19960.10Engle, PaulA lucky American childhoodBiography+-+159009223511ocn070982313mix1.00Roth, PhilipPhilip Roth papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondents include Joan Aiken, Elizabeth Ames, Aaron Asher, James Atlas, R. S. Baker, Saul Bellow, Claire Bloom, Anita Brookner, Robert Sanford Brustein, Angela Carter, R. V. Cassill, Blair Clark, Joel Conarroe, Robert Crichton, Yaël Dayan, Candida Donadio, Judith Dunford, Paul Engle, Blair Fuller, Veronica Geng, Philip Grausman, Philip Guston, Polly Hanson, Curtis Harnack, Michael Herr, L. Rust Hills, Edward Hoagland, Irving Howe, Susan Jacoby, Alfred Kazin, R. B. Kitaj, Ivan Klíma, Milan Kundera, Hermione Lee, Alan Lelchuk, Alison Lurie, Bernard Malamud, Janet Malcolm, Norman Manea, Jerre Gerlando Mangione, Mildred Martin, Tom Maschler, Jonathan Evan Maslow, Charlotte Maurer, Robert E. Maurer, Jack Miles, Ross Miller, Joyce Carol Oates, Edna O'Brien, Cynthia Ozick, Harold Pinter, David Plante, Deborah D. Rogers, Thomas Rogers, Joanna Rostropowicz, Herman Schneider, Josef Škvorecký, George Starbuck, Howard Stein, Richard G. Stern, Roger W. Straus, Jr., William Styron, Judith Thurman, Melvin Marvin Tumin, John Updike, Fredrica Wagman, and John Wheatcroft+-+1590092235+-+1590092235Fri Mar 21 15:11:53 EDT 2014batch30948