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Thu Oct 16 17:50:04 2014 UTClccn-n790846420.21Tet--1968 /0.440.96Vietnam Historians Workshop, 9 May 1983 : plenary session /111797064n 79084642317141Schulimson, Jacklccn-n78095328United StatesMarine Corpslccn-n78090509United StatesMarine CorpsHistory and Museums Divisionlccn-n78087155Cosmas, Graham A.lccn-n87846514Murray, Terrence P.lccn-n87846515Melton, William R.lccn-n77008842Whitlow, Robert H.lccn-n85084937Telfer, Gary L.lccn-no94003769United StatesOffice of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of StaffJoint History Officelccn-n79026725United StatesJoint Chiefs of Staffnp-armstrong, david aArmstrong, David A.edtShulimson, JackHistoryBiographyConference proceedingsMilitary historyBibliographyUnited States.--Marine CorpsVietnam War (1961-1975)Military campaignsUnited StatesUnited States.--Joint Chiefs of StaffSpanish-American War (1898)Military operations, Naval--AmericanVietnamDiplomatic relationsInternational relationsVietnam (Republic)Naval art and scienceAward presentationsMilitary ceremonies, honors, and salutesTet Offensive (1968)Intervention in Lebanon (1958)LebanonArmed Forces--OfficersGeneralsDiplomatic historyMilitary policyDiplomatic historyUnited States.--NavyAwards196619771978198219831984198619881990199119921993199619971998200120042007201140784168959.70434DS558.4ocn4618188226494ocn015689767book19860.37Cosmas, Graham AU.S. Marines in Vietnam : Vietnamization and redeployment, 1970-1971History5119ocn005346770book19780.37Shulimson, JackU.S. Marines in Vietnam : the landing and the buildup, 1965HistoryBeretning om det amerikanske marinekorps aktiviteter i Sydvietnam i 1965, det år hvor Vietnamkrigen eskalerede og større amerikanske enheder blev indsat i kamp. Det amerikanske marinekorps havde i slutningen af 1965 indsat mere end 38.000 marineinfanterister4843ocn040612564book19980.39Shulimson, Jack; Renfrow, Wanda J.; Kelly, David E.; Englander Evelyn AMarines in the Spanish-American war, 1895-1899 : anthology and annotated bibliographyHistoryBibliographyThe modem Marine Corps owes its genesis to the Spanish-American War when the United States entered the world stage. In this the 100th anniversary year of the war with Spain, the History and Museums Division decided upon a new publication about the Marine Corps participation in the conflict. At first, the thought was to write a new history, but upon examination of the historical literature of the war, we discovered a trove of new writings (and some old) that deserved further exploitation. The upshot is this anthology4722ocn037830970book19970.39U.S. Marines in Vietnam : the defining year, 1968History4691ocn004036650book0.31United StatesU.S. Marines in VietnamHistoryBeretning om den militære hjælp og støtte det amerikanske marinekorps ydede den sydvietnamesiske hær i perioden 1954 - 1964 herunder militær træning og uddannelse4283ocn008957002book19820.37Shulimson, JackU.S. Marines in Vietnam : an expanding war, 1966HistoryBeretning om det amerikanske marinekorps aktiviteter i Sydvietnam i 1966, med vægten på opstillingen af III Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF) og de operationer amfibieenheden deltog i2734ocn027727325book19930.77Shulimson, JackThe Marine Corps' search for a mission, 1880-1898History+-+93515155252061ocn008853234book19820.66United StatesThe Colonel Robert D. Heinl, Jr. 1982 Memorial Award in Marine Corps history : texts of the winning article and those receiving honorable mentionsHistoryMilitary history1621ocn820943673file0.66Cosmas, Graham AThe Joint Chiefs of Staff and the War in Vietnam, 1960-1968History1431ocn018464038book19880.21Shulimson, JackTet--1968Recounts the series of surprise attacks launched by the North Vietnamese in January of 1968, and assesses the military and political impact of the offensive1173ocn003190825book19660.79Shulimson, JackMarines in Lebanon, 1958History1032ocn054462040book20040.86Commandants of the Marine CorpsBiography+-+7765675235112ocn730247032book20110.24Shulimson, JackThe Joint Chiefs of Staff and the war in Vietnam, 1960-1968HistoryThis volume describes those JCS activities related to developments in Vietnam during the period 1960-1963, when the United States expanded its initial military commitment to Southeast Asia. In 1960, the United States increased its military advisory strength in South Vietnam in response to increased Communist infiltration and to more sustained guerrilla attacks in the south and its contingency planning effort to deploy regular US forces to both Laos and South Vietnam to counter any threat by Communist Army units from the north or from China. President Kennedy's called for a new emphasis upon guerrilla warfare at first received only lukewarm support from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. After the failed Bay of Pigs episode very early in the Kennedy administration, the President lost faith in the advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and appointed General Maxwell Taylor to serve as his intermediary with the Joint Chiefs, until he assumed the Chairman responsibilities in October 1962. The Kennedy administration's policy was marked by clashes between factions in the Defense Department, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the State Department, and the White House. By 1963, these differences involved the support the US should provide for the Republic of Vietnam under its President, Ngo Dinh Diem. The history ends with the killing of Diem by a coup followed by the coincidental murder of President Kennedy a short time later71ocn013420453book19830.96Vietnam Historians WorkshopVietnam Historians Workshop, 9 May 1983 : plenary sessionConference proceedings74ocn027471298mix19910.92Shulimson, JackSearch for a mission : a study of Marine Corps institutional survival and professionalization, 1880-1898History71ocn750302595book0.47Shulimson, JackThe Joint Chiefs of Staff and the War in Vietnam, 1960-1968History42ocn828852194file0.47United StatesU.S. Marines in VietnamHistory21ocn318687960file20070.59Webb, Willard JThe Joint Chiefs of Staff and the prelude to the War in Vietnam, 1954-1959HistoryThe Historical Division, Joint Chiefs of Staff, the predecessor of the present Joint History Office, produced the manuscript "The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the War in Vietnam, 1954-1959," in 1972 as a Top Secret document. Based largely upon then classified State Department and Defense Department records, the History consists of eight chronological chapters and an Appendix describing the formation and functioning of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO). The chronological chapters cover the growing relationship of the United States after the Geneva Treaty of 1954 with the new Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) under President Ngo Dinh Diem; Diem's defeat of the various independent sects and his dominance over the South Vietnamese military; the awkward relationship between the U.S. mission and the remaining French units in Vietnam; the continuing hostility between the two Vietnams; and the beginning of the "Viet Cong" insurrection in the later years of the study. After the manuscript was declassified with only a few deletions, Dr. David A. Armstrong, the Director for Joint History, asked Jack Shulimson to review and revise the declassified version for publication. After a preliminary review, Mr. Shulimson suggested that the text needed little revision except for some updating and occasional smoothing of transitions. Consequently, changes in the body of the text were largely confined to small inserts with most of the new information and updates presented in the footnotes, which have also been revised to indicate where formerly classified materials appear in collections such as the "Pentagon Papers" and the State Department series, "Foreign Relations of the United States."21ocn770361075book19820.47U.S. marines in Vietnam21ocn157026357book19820.22US Marines in Vietnam+-+9351515525+-+9351515525Thu Oct 16 15:41:24 EDT 2014batch13979