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When her desperate but foxy husband brings Europe's leading embalmer to Eva's deathbed to make her immortal, the fantastical comedy begins+-+295299421532417239ocn003893850book19780.25Barnes, JohnEvita, First Lady : a biography of Eva PeronBiographyThe story of one of the most fascinating women of all time--Maria Eva Duarte, who rose from poverty to become one of the richest, most powerful women in the world+-+842986753516606ocn034710901book19950.20Dujovne Ortiz, AliciaEva PerónHistoryBiographyFrom the Publisher: In this best-selling biography, French and Argentine journalist Alicia Dujovne Ortiz examines the mythology that surrounds Eva Peron as she penetrates the complexities behind Peron's ever-lasting allure. Born in 1919, the illegitimate daughter of destitute Argentine farmers, Eva Duarte spent her adolescence aspiring to the grand and glorious fame of the theater. At the first opportunity, she fled the deprivation of her origins and the backwaters of her poor village for the glittering lights of Buenos Aires. However, because she lacked both formal training and talent to be an actress, Eva quickly realized that it would take many years of hardship for even a small chance at becoming the star of her generation. It was during this time of disillusion that Eva met Juan Peron. Abandoning her pursuit of stardom, Eva concentrated all of her efforts on helping the future dictator of Argentina ascend politically. Her theatrical ambition was substituted with the desire not only to launch her husband's career, but to remake herself as a figure of providence for the millions of impoverished workers of her country. With access to the newly declassified archives of the Peron government, Ortiz has uncovered new information, including connections between Juan Peron and the German Nazi party. Taking into account every source of information-many never available to any other previous biographer-Ortiz has tapped into dozens of personal testimonies, including that of Father Hernan Benitez, Eva's personal confessor, as well as Eva's own private memoirs+-+844096768515338ocn007175441book19800.24Fraser, NicholasEva PerónHistoryBiographyThe story of the actress who became the powerful and popular wife of Argentina's president12554ocn005494258book19800.31Naipaul, V. SThe return of Eva Peron, with the killings in TrinidadCriticism, interpretation, etcFiction+-+140705596532410378ocn044969483book20010.27Guillermoprieto, AlmaLooking for history : dispatches from Latin AmericaHistory"Since Alma Guillermoprieto became The New Yorker's Latin American correspondent a decade ago, she has emerged as the most informed and admired writer on her part of the world. In these superb pieces of reportage and analysis she anatomizes a region we are intimately linked with yet sadly ignorant of. She writes in depth about three countries that are in deep difficulty." "Cuba, to which she returned after many years - a place in an exhausting holding pattern, waiting for Castro's departure yet anxious about what may replace him. Colombia, in which she has spent several years and which is fatally splintered among the government, the left-wing guerrillas who control large sections of the country, thanks in part to money from the drug trade, and the right-wing paramilitaries. Mexico, where she lives, which has been beset by the uprising in Chiapas (where she encounters the legendary masked leader, Marcos) and by the corruption of the government, yet is emerging for the first time into some kind of real democracy." "Finally, she gives us the stories of Eva Peron - and so of Argentina; Che Guevara - and so of the aborted Marxist revolution in Latin America; and Mario Vargas Llosa, the great Peruvian novelist who in 1990 lost the battle of the presidency to Alberto Fujimori." "Looking for History is personal reportage that is infused with the author's unique understanding of a world that she is a part of, but that she can also stand apart from and sympathetically observe."--Jacket+-+59457902859996ocn005310551book19790.32Taylor, J. MEva Perón, the myths of a womanBiographyEva Peron, one of the most powerful women in the world at the time of her death in 1952, rose from humble origins to international renown as first lady of Argentina and the force behind the throne of her husband Juan Peron. Despite her immense popularity, she was inaccessible to the people of Argentina, and so images were constructed around her to fill that void. According to Julie M. Taylor, these "myths" around Eva Peron reflect Argentine culture and political history at the time of her seven-year reign. With a brief biography of Eva Peron serving as a backdrop, Taylor offers a detailed analysis of the principal myths that grew around this enigmatic woman and flourish to this day+-+599642177599714ocn012360474rcrd19790.23Lloyd Webber, AndrewEvita premiere American recordingMusicDramaEvita is based on the life of Eva Peron, the second wife of Argentine dicatator Juan Peron. She was a girl from the most ordinary of backgrounds, who became th emost powerful woman her country (and indeed Latin America) had ever seen, a woman never content to be a mere ornament at the side of her husband, the President. Her death of cancer at the age of 33 in 1952 ensured that the loved, hated, inspiring, corrupting complexity that was Eva Peron became a legend8268ocn035965170rcrd19960.17Lloyd Webber, AndrewEvita the complete motion picture music soundtrackDramaSoundtrack of the musical film based on the life story of Eva Peron, 1919-19527144ocn035673565book19960.21Fraser, NicholasEvitaBiographyIn the colorful, tumultuous setting of postwar Argentina, Eva Peron wielded a power--spiritual and practical--that has few parallels outside of hereditary monarchy. In this "fascinating, frightening, straightforward" (Cleveland Plain Dealer) biography, Fraser and Navarro have produced "a work of great political sophistication. . . . Factual, nuanced, and absorbing" (Kirkus Reviews). Photos+-+90206884856879ocn005694440book19780.25Lloyd Webber, AndrewEvita : the legend of Eva Perón (1919-1952)Drama6756ocn000486034book19520.33Main, MaryThe woman with the whip : Eva PerónBiography6583ocn035867694book19960.24Perón, EvaIn my own wordsBiography+-+88089301066268ocn006111588score19790.28Lloyd Webber, AndrewEvita : musical excerpts and complete librettoMusicDramaManuscripts+-+65903363355976ocn036489484visu19960.23Evita the woman behind the mythHistoryBiographyTo some, she was a hero. To others, she was a symbol of naked ambition. To the world, she remains a legend. Eva Duarte de Peron, Evita, is one of the most controversial figures in history. Rare photographs and films tell Evita's real story, from her humble birth to her tragic death from cancer at 335268ocn005831162book19520.24Main, MaryEvita : the woman with the whipHistoryBiographyBiography of Eva Perón (Maria Eva Duarte de Perón, 1991-1952)+-+50915670053244955ocn009764446book19520.47Cowles, FleurBloody precedent4711ocn025963884book19900.18Mervin, SabrinaWomen : around the world and through the agesHistoryBiographyDetails the lives of more than one hundred women throughout history, from the myths of creation to famous writers, artists, healers, outlaws, Hollywood stars, and feminists4441ocn012344059book19880.59Carlson, MarifranFeminismo! : the woman's movement in Argentina from its beginnings to Eva PerónHistory+-+K526912504+-+K526912504Fri Mar 21 15:29:41 EDT 2014batch49939