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Fri Mar 21 17:12:18 2014 UTClccn-n790926150.12The world's favorite love poems /0.560.88Kahlil Gibran of Lebanon : a re-evaluation of the life and works of the author of The prophet /54161347n 79092615324897Badi Bushrui SuheilBashrūʼī, Suhayl, 1929-Bashrūʾī, Suhayl BadīʻBašrūʾī, Suhail Badīʿ 1929-Bašrūʾī, Suhayl, 1929-Baszrui, Suhayl Badi.Boushrui Suheil BadiBushrui, S. B.Bushrui, S. B. (Suheil B.)Bushrui, S. B. (Suheil Badi), 1929-Bushrui, Sucheil Badi.Bushruʾi, Suhayl, 1929-Bushrui, SuheilBushrui, Suheil, 1929-Bushrui, Suheil BBushrui Suheil BadiBushrui, Suheil Badi, 1929-Bushrui, Suheil Budi.Bušrūʾī, Suhayl BadīʿBušrūʾī, Suhayl Badīʿ, 1929-Suhail Badīʿ Bašrūʾī 1929-Suheil Badi Bushruiبشروئى، سهيلبشروئي، سهيل ب.بشروئي سهيل بديعسهيل بشروئي، 1929-lccn-n78095579Yeats, W. B.(William Butler)1865-1939lccn-n79095627Gibran, Kahlil1883-1931illlccn-n79022811Synge, J. M.(John Millington)1871-1909hnrviaf-292288575Jenkins, Joelccn-n79056824Joyce, James1882-1941othlccn-n82054286Cochrane, DesmondSir1918-1979othhnrlccn-n79084461Benstock, Bernardedtlccn-n50031990Munro, John Murchisonedtlccn-n50007028Maxwell, D. E. S.(Desmond Ernest Stewart)1925-edtlccn-n77019395Prentki, TimBushrui, Suheil B.PoetryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPictorial worksHistoryRecords and correspondenceExhibition catalogsFictionQuotationsMeditationsMysticismProse poems, AmericanLiteratureYeats, W. B.--(William Butler),Gibran, Kahlil,IrelandAuthors, ArabLebanonUnited StatesSynge, J. M.--(John Millington),MysticsVerse drama, EnglishJoyce, James,Criticism and interpretationPoets, IrishPhilosophyLove poetryArabic literatureReligionsReligion and sociologyCreation (Literary, artistic, etc.)Jeffares, A. 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E. SW.B. Yeats 1865-1965; centenary essays on the art of W. B. YeatsCriticism, interpretation, etc3179ocn021870396book19860.76Bushrui, Suheil BAn international companion to the poetry of W.B. YeatsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+30545743853073ocn000660470book19700.70Bushrui, Suheil BImages and memories; a pictorial record of the life and work of W.B. YeatsPictorial works2823ocn190762798book20080.12Bushrui, SuheilThe world's favorite love poemsFeatures poetry--both original English and translated verse--including works by Goethe, Dante, Shakespeare, Rumi, and lesser-known poets that represent indigenous people of Africa, the Americas, and Australia+-+17103160362342ocn783151700book20120.59Bushrui, Suheil BThe literary heritage of the Arabs : an anthology"The Literary Heritage of the Arabs samples some of the finest literature produced by Arab writers in the last 1,500 years. The selection of poetry and prose spans many genres and styles, conveying the full range of Arab experiences and perspectives - from the tragic to the comic, the wistful to the mystical, the courtly to the lowly and the Arab East to Andalusia." -- Publisher's description+-+17091081352225ocn017547331book19880.84Literature and the art of creation : essays and poems in honour of A. Norman JeffaresCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+78325743853242202ocn209651706book20080.23Bushrui, Suheil BThe spiritual heritage of the human race : an introduction to the world's religionsHistory"The Spiritual Heritage of the Human Rage is an ideal introduction to humanity's shared religious experiences. Exploring the histories, scriptures, beliefs, and practices of the major faiths, from the Buddhist and Christian faiths to the Sikh and Tao traditions, as well as the religious beliefs of indigenous peoples, Professor Suheil Bushrui and Dr Mehrdad Massoudi with their team of contributors provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the rich variety of religious paths that have linked human beings with the sacred from early history to the present."--BOOK JACKET+-+K9203160361383ocn456179293book20100.86Gibran, KahlilThe Art of Kahlil Gibran at Telfair MuseumsCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+K7602588451358ocn009412032book19830.66Gibran, KahlilBlue flame : the love letters of Kahlil Gibran to May ZiadahBiographyRecords and correspondence1273ocn797981151book19950.23Gibran, KahlilThe prophetFictionPoetryMeditationsProse poetry teachings of the prophet Almustafa who speaks to the listener about life, love, good and evil, religion, and death1027ocn070128564book20060.29Bushrui, Suheil BThe essential Gibran+-+9429316036993ocn016470732book19870.88Bushrui, Suheil BKahlil Gibran of Lebanon : a re-evaluation of the life and works of the author of The prophetCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+8427596135324975ocn028475291book19930.84Transition to a global society682ocn040043826book19830.27Gibran, KahlilGibran love letters : the love letters of Kahlil Gibran to May ZiadahBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+K156316036624ocn010197598book19820.56The poet's powerCriticism, interpretation, etc612ocn048980178book20020.28The wisdom of the ArabsQuotations+-+K83731603621ocn191923847book20050.47Value of values : the word, the spirit, and the world ; essays in honor of Suheil BushruiBiography+-+8935596135324+-+8935596135324Fri Mar 21 15:28:36 EDT 2014batch18444