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Thu Oct 16 17:56:43 2014 UTClccn-n790110220.01Gully's travels /0.040.18Brock Cole : (1938-)36943354Brock_Colen 79011022245098Cole, Brockコール, ブロックlccn-n80028565Banks, Lynne Reid1929-lccn-n78096325Seidler, Torlccn-n2001010783Comora, Madeleinelccn-n91088825Chandra, Deborahlccn-n86140996Washington, George1732-1799lccn-n91000573Juvenile Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n50080396Paton Walsh, Jill1937-lccn-no98096506Sterlin, Jennynrtlccn-n50067085Geldart, Billilllccn-n79007276Lewin, TedillCole, BrockFictionJuvenile worksAnecdotesHistoryFantasy fiction, EnglishDramaYoung adult worksPsychological fictionHumorous storiesFilm adaptationsMagicIndians of North AmericaToysFriendshipNew York (State)--New YorkHumorous storiesDogsVoyages and travelsLhasa apsoFrance--ParisCampsUnited StatesWashington, George,HealthTooth lossSurvivalFathers and daughtersRunaway teenagersInfantsHygieneDivorceBabysittersOrphansHomeless personsGhouls and ogresMothers and daughtersFamiliesHome economicsTurkeysFoodGrocery shoppingApartment housesCost and standard of livingFamilies--Decision makingPicture books for childrenChristmas storiesLove-hate relationshipsConflict of generationsRapeKings and rulersBeggarsChildren's stories, EnglishBathsParentsGiantsToesChildren's stories, AmericanRunaway childrenEnglandEngland--Fens, The1938197919801981198219841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142889166255[FIC]PZ7.C67342ocn192081861ocn052093213ocn527756126ocn801549859ocn023232621ocn154806773ocn058400993ocn261503950ocn878540635ocn030443817598334ocn006737212book19800.06Banks, Lynne ReidThe Indian in the cupboardJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fiction, EnglishA nine-year-old boy receives a plastic Indian, a cupboard, and a little key for his birthday and finds himself involved in adventure when the Indian comes to life in the cupboard and befriends him+-+476551538527174ocn192081861book20080.01Seidler, TorGully's travelsJuvenile worksFictionGulliver leads a life of luxury with his master. But when his master falls in love with a woman who is allergic to dogs, Gulliver is sent to a new home. He finds himself with a family of raucous human beings and three mutts. But just as Gulliver begins to make a grudging peace with his new reality, he gets swept up in a harrowing new adventure+-+5150750905250330ocn016539126book19870.07Cole, BrockThe goatsJuvenile worksFictionPsychological fictionYoung adult worksTwo misfits at summer camp find inner strength and self-knowledge when they are cruelly marooned on an island by fellow campers. Literature of Delight. Two children are stripped of their clothes and marooned on an island by their fellow campers. They escape and learn, in addition to survival-on-the-run skills such as petty thievery and grand theft/auto, cooperation, intimacy, and loyalty. Quietly witty, this remarkable book yields new depths with each reading. Stripped and marooned on a small island by their fellow campers, a boy and a girl form an uneasy bond that grows into a deep friendship when they decide to run away and disappear without a trace+-+702079928523857ocn049386116book20030.01Chandra, DeborahGeorge Washington's teethJuvenile worksAnecdotesA rollicking rhyme portrays George Washington's lifelong struggle with bad teeth. A timeline taken from diary entries and other nonfiction sources follows+-+598078928517864ocn041284990book20000.01Cole, BrockButtonsJuvenile worksFictionWhen their father eats so much that he pops the buttons off his britches, each of his three daughters tries a different plan to find replacements+-+2655689285142822ocn020191134book19890.07Cole, BrockCelineJuvenile worksFictionAdolescence+-+198768928512403ocn077572451book20070.01Cole, BrockGood enough to eatJuvenile worksFictionWhen an Ogre comes to town demanding a bride, the mayor sacrifices the homeless girl with no name that everyone thinks is a pest and a bother, but she finds a way to outwit them all+-+3282789285112111ocn036330900book19970.07Cole, BrockThe facts speak for themselvesJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksAt the request of her social worker, thirteen-year-old Linda gradually reveals how her life with her unstable mother and her younger brother led to her rape and the murder she witnessed+-+196564133611174ocn676062178book20110.01Cole, BrockThe money we'll saveHistoryJuvenile worksFictionChristmas storiesHumorous storiesPicture booksIn nineteenth-century New York City, when Pa brings home a young turkey in hopes of saving money on their Christmas dinner, his family faces all sorts of trouble--and expense--in their tiny apartment+-+1665089285103911ocn010779392book19840.07Paton Walsh, JillGaffer Samson's luckJuvenile worksFictionJames's difficulty in adjusting to a new school and life in the Fens is further complicated by the request of an elderly neighbor to find his lucky piece, a task which puts James in some danger+-+78607992859846ocn004667595book19790.06Cole, BrockThe king at the door : words and picturesJuvenile worksFictionA beggar arrives at the inn declaring he is a king but only manages to convince Little Baggit, the servant+-+66959992853248226ocn005007982book19800.06Cole, BrockNo more bathsJuvenile worksFictionA little girl with a particular aversion to taking baths decides to run away the next time her mother tells her to take one+-+29600992858062ocn045418936book20010.01Cole, BrockLarky MavisJuvenile worksFictionHaving found a tiny baby in a peanut shell, Larky Mavis calls him Heart's Delight and carries him around as he grows bigger, to the confusion and anger of the adults around her+-+40189892857904ocn023464603book19870.06Cole, BrockAlpha and the dirty babyJuvenile worksFictionWhen a devil's imp and his wife impersonate her parents, Alpha uses soap and water to deal with them and their baby+-+52085992857726ocn012556730book19850.06Cole, BrockThe giant's toeJuvenile worksFictionA giant accidentally cuts off his toe and it develops a character of its own+-+14007892857662ocn010403639book19840.06Cole, BrockThe winter wrenWhen his village suffers from a hard winter, Simon, whose mother laughs at his foolishness, goes in search of spring+-+39093892853246324ocn006815333book19810.06Cole, BrockNothing but a pigJuvenile worksFictionA spoiled pig, the new possession of a rich banker who is fond of bacon and ham, comes to appreciate his former owner who considered him his best friend+-+06900992853245273ocn054865266book20030.06Cole, BrockFair MonacoJuvenile worksFictionMaggie, Katie, and Nora try to help their always-worried and fearful grandmother by entering her dreams and replacing her fears of burglars, trains, and bills with images of sails, sun, and the sea+-+62507978462678ocn045053363rcrd20000.06Cole, BrockButtonsJuvenile worksFictionHumorous storiesWhen their father eats so much that he pops the buttons off his britches, each of his three daughters tries a different plan to find replacements+-+26556892852092ocn023584033book19910.06Cole, BrockAlfa y el bebé sucioJuvenile worksFictionAfter turning Alpha's parents into a lump of coal and an egg, two wicked imps try to trick Alpha into caring for their baby by impersonating her mother and father+-+679758928551ocn874778959visu20130.12Basso, AnnaliseStanding upDramaFilm adaptationsA young boy and girl escape their summer camp after being victims of a vicious prank and go on various adventures trying to find their way back home42ocn611342419com0.18Brock Cole : (1938-)Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+4765515385+-+4765515385Thu Oct 16 15:12:22 EDT 2014batch20327