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March 26, 1976. -- Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union and ordered to be printed71ocn858830990file19780.30Department of Defense appropriation authorization act, 1979. May 6, 1978. -- Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union and ordered to be printed71ocn858839411file19790.30Department of Defense authorization act, fiscal year 1980. May 15, 1979. -- Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union and ordered to be printed41ocn018126823book19760.96McDonald, Lawrence PattonMake Congress stop bussing [sic]21ocn005930047rcrd19760.47McDonald, Lawrence PattonTerrorismExplores the potential threats of totalitarianism and communism to democracy and freedom21ocn018036546serial0.97Western Goals reportPeriodicals11ocn008789003serial1.00The Northwest GeorgianPeriodicals"An informational newsletter from Congressman Larry McDonald."11ocn123458506mix0.47Western Goals (Organization)Western Goals issuancesNewsletters, report, leaflets, videotape films, and videotape film transcript, relating to international communism in world politics, Soviet espionage and communist subversion in the United States, international terrorism, and allegations of Soviet use of chemical and biological warfare11ocn029584012mix1.00McDonald, Lawrence PattonLawrence Patton McDonald :Commercials used during McDonald's campaigns for the 1974, 1980, and 1982 U.S. congressional elections in district 7 of Georgia, Democratic party11ocn255341274book19770.77Fullbright, WilliamThe Future of the United Nations : a round table held on November 16, 197611ocn434871780book1.00McDonald, Lawrence PattonReport from U.S. Congress11ocn008578080rcrd19750.47McDonald, Lawrence PattonDoctor! help us have a healthy nation -- not nat'l [sic] health insurance11ocn057238805book19751.00McDonald, Lawrence PattonGun control : we must defend the second amendment11ocn434880117book1.00McDonald, Lawrence PattonLarry McDonald reports from Washington01ocn122447903mixWestern Goals (Organization)Newsletters, report, leaflets, videotape films, and videotape film transcript, relating to international communism in world politics, Soviet espionage and communist subversion in the United States, international terrorism, and allegations of Soviet use of chemical and biological warfare1472ocn010489307book19840.79Memorial services held in the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States, together with tributes presented in eulogy of Lawrence P. McDonald, late a Representative from Georgia, Ninety-eighth-Congress, first sessionBiography1323ocn010410418book19840.90United StatesFull committee consideration of H.R. 3718 ... H.R. 3289 ... and Committee resolution honoring the late Honorable Larry P. McDonald21ocn015749447serial0.96Western Goals (Organization)Annual reportPeriodicals11ocn040708660art1999McDonald, Lawrence PattonBiography11ocn052545549file1.00Korean Airline Flight 007The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) within the U.S. Department of Justice presents FBI case documents in PDF format regarding Korean Airline Flight 007. On September 1, 1983, Korean Airlines Flight 007 strayed off course into Soviet airspace and was shot down by a Soviet fighter. All 269 persons on board were killed including Congressman Larry P. McDonald from Georgia. FBI files contain miscellaneous references to the crash including an investigation into the allegation of misconduct by air traffic controllers. The case file is provided as part of the FBI's Freedom of Information Privacy Acts (FOIPA) Web site11ocn731011104art19850.10McDonald, Lawrence P. congressmanBiography11ocn779629274art19831.00Flynt, LarryLarry Flynt on life, liberty, and the pursuit of Flight 007 : why was Congressman Larry McDonald on board Flight 007?11ocn883671598visu20111.00Morrison, DavidDavid MorrisonInterviewsDavid Morrison discusses his early life in Birmingham, Alabama during the 1960s. He recalls attending Waylon Baptist College and Baylor University prior to being drafted into the army. Morrison discusses the origin of his interests in journalism stemming from his time working with Marti Clay at Waylon Baptist College's student newspaper. He discusses his graduate work in journalism at UC Berkeley before settling in Atlanta to work at the Constitution. Morrison discusses covering the 1972 Presidential race and David Gambrell's senate race after Richard B. Russell's death. He recalls covering the Birmingham 16th Street Baptist Church bombing trial for the Constitution and discusses the circumstances of that trial. Morrison reflects on covering Georgia politics during the late 1970s, mentioning Jimmy Carter, Lester Maddox, and the reorganization of the Georgia government. Morrison recalls participating in the 1972 Atlanta mayoral race between Maynard Jackson and Sam Massell. He discusses the role of community power structures in white and African American communities and Hosea Williams' loss in the runoff. Morrison discusses the role of party politics in Georgia and comments on the Democrat to Republican shift, citing Larry McDonald, Zell Miller and Sam Nunn in his commentary. Morrison comments on the importance of objectivity, fair writing, and relationships with politicians in political reporting. He discusses the line reporters walk in covering politicians' public vs private lives. Morrison recalls his decision to leave newspaper reporting and decision to enter public relations. He comments on contributions and ethics in political campaigns01ocn036965719serialMcDonald, Lawrence PattonReport from U.S. CongressPeriodicals01ocn036965703serialMcDonald, Lawrence PattonLarry McDonald reports from WashingtonPeriodicalsThu Oct 16 15:19:31 EDT 2014batch15567