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Fri Mar 21 17:12:29 2014 UTClccn-n790503770.00Automorphic forms and representation theory 05.03. - 11.03.20000.770.92Eisensteinreihen und die Kohomologie von Kongruenzuntergruppen von Sl[subscript n](Z) /41902269n 79050377283641Schwermer, J.Schwermer, J. (Joachim)lccn-n83312425Schappacher, Norbertedtlccn-n95108413Goldstein, Catherine(Mathematician)edtlccn-n84181031Suter, S.(Silke)1943-edtlccn-n82141174Hirzebruch, Friedrichedtlccn-n88615486Labesse, J.-P(Jean-Pierre)1943-edtlccn-n85095082Jantzen, Jens Carstennc-springerlink service en ligneSpringerLink (Service en ligne)np-rohlfs, jurgenRohlfs, Jürgenviaf-33094947Grunewald, Fritznc-mathematisches institut der universitat und max planck institut fur mathematik bonnMathematisches Institut der Universität und Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik, BonnSchwermer, JoachimConference proceedingsHistoryNumber theoryMathematicsLie groupsEisenstein seriesHomology theoryArithmetical algebraic geometryAutomorphic formsArithmetic groupsAlgebraGroup theoryGeometry, AlgebraicAlgebraic topology196619771983198519891990199119921993199519961997200020052006200720082011201220132014207625109512.7QA3ocn469938933ocn466132941ocn800300830ocn781017719ocn802807037ocn803322810ocn757271582ocn320328146ocn439268019ocn79713434552514ocn159934245file20060.73Goldstein, CatherineThe shaping of arithmetic after C.F. Gauss's Disquisitiones ArithmeticaeHistoryThe cultural historian, Theodore Merz called it the great book with seven seals, the mathematician Leopold Kronecker, "the book of all books": already one century after their publication, C.F. Gauss's "Disquisitiones Arithmeticae" (1801) had acquired an almost mythical reputation. It had served throughout the XIXth century and beyond as an ideal of exposition in matters of notation, problems and methods; as a model of organisation and theory building; and of course as a source of mathematical inspiration. Various readings of the "Disquisitiones Arithmeticae" have left their mark on developments as different as Galois's theory of algebraic equations, Lucas's primality tests, and Dedekind's theory of ideals. The present volume revisits successive periods in the reception of the Disquisitiones: it studies which parts were taken up and when, which themes were further explored. It also focuses on how specific mathematicians reacted to Gauss's book: Dirichlet and Hermite, Kummer and Genocchi, Dedekind and Zolotarev, Dickson and Emmy Noether, among others. An astounding variety of research programmes in the theory of numbers can be traced back to it.; The 19 authors - mathematicians, historians, philosophers - who have collaborated on this volume contribute in-depth studies on the various aspects of the bicentennial voyage of this mathematical text through history, and the way that the number theory we know today came into being+-+069957590844718ocn011756133book19850.81Mathematische Arbeitstagung (25, 1984, Bonn)Arbeitstagung Bonn, 1984 : proceedings of the meeting held by the Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik, Bonn, June 15-22, 1984Conference proceedings+-+304606590843413ocn022762802book19900.81Labesse, J.-PCohomology of arithmetic groups and automorphic forms : proceedings of a conference held in Luminy/Marseille, France, May 22-27, 1989Conference proceedingsCohomology of arithmetic groups serves as a tool in studying possible relations between the theory of automorphic forms and the arithmetic of algebraic varieties resp. the geometry of locally symmetric spaces. These proceedings will serve as a guide to this still rapidly developing area of mathematics. Besides two survey articles, the contributions are original research papers+-+477980590842418ocn009488694book19830.81Schwermer, JoachimKohomologie arithmetisch definierter Gruppen und Eisensteinreihen+-+874776590815415ocn179784360book20050.56Jantzen, Jens CarstenAlgebra+-+75386759083246310ocn005404445book19770.92Schwermer, JoachimEisensteinreihen und die Kohomologie von Kongruenzuntergruppen von Sl[subscript n](Z)51ocn781671209book19660.47Schwermer, JoachimDie experimentelle Willenspsychologie Kurt Lewins31ocn076442958book2000Schwermer, JoachimAutomorphic forms and representation theory 05.03. - 11.03.200031ocn230178561book19960.27Grunewald, FritzOn the concept of level for subgroups of SL 2 over arithmetic rings31ocn230178570book19960.27Rohlfs, JürgenAn arithmetic formula for a topological invariant of Siegel modular varieties21ocn768480123file19850.47Arbeitstagung Bonn, 1984 : proceedings of the meeting held in Bonn, June 15-22, 1984Conference proceedings22ocn320328146book1990Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups and Automorphic Forms : Proceedings of a Conf+-+477980590811ocn633386355book19910.47Li, Jian-ShuConstructions of automorphic forms and related cohomology classes for arithmetic subgroups of G211ocn472117883book1977Eisensteinreihen und die Kohomologie von Kongruenzuntergruppen von (unprintable formula)11ocn633409017book19930.47Schwermer, JoachimOn Euler products and residual Eisenstein cohomology classes for Siegel modular varieties11ocn633460048book19950.47Borel, ArmandOn the cuspidal cohomology of S-arithmetic subgroups of reductive groups over number fields11ocn633415062book19890.47Oda, TakayukiMixed Hodge structures and automorphic forms for Siegel modular varieties of degree two11ocn633417298book19900.47Schwermer, JoachimRäumliche Anschauung und Minima positiv definiter quadratischer Formen : zur Habilitation von Hermann Minkowski 1887 in Bonn11ocn633387289book19920.47Rohlfs, JürgenIntersection numbers of special cycles11ocn633386766book19910.47Franke, JensA decomposition of spaces of automorphic forms, and some rationality properties of automorphic cohomology classes for GLn+-+0699575908+-+0699575908Fri Mar 21 15:28:10 EDT 2014batch12043