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Thu Oct 16 17:53:51 2014 UTClccn-n790537600.01Geese find the missing piece : school time riddle rhymes /0.060.07The story of clocks and calendars : marking a millennium /16046438n 79053760286921マエストロ, グィリオマエストロ, ジュリオlccn-n80007837Maestro, Betsylccn-n81069480Terban, Marvinlccn-n79017952Branley, Franklyn Mansfield1915-2002lccn-n78090558Delton, Judylccn-n93015121Maestro, Marcolccn-n80039711United StatesConstitutional Convention(1787)lccn-n84037622Bartholdi, Frédéric Auguste1834-1904lccn-n79128106Ginsburg, Mirralccn-no2008023329Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Bookspbllccn-n78079506Sommer, ElyseMaestro, GiulioJuvenile worksHistoryTerms and phrasesFictionHumorUnited StatesRiddles, JuvenileAmericaDiscoveries in geographyEnglish language--IdiomsEnglish languageSunshineSeasonsConstitutional Convention (United States : 1787)Constitutional historyNew York (State)--New YorkStatue of Liberty (New York, N.Y.)Bartholdi, Frédéric Auguste,MoneyStormsTornadoesConstitutional amendmentsCalendarTwo thousand, A.DApples--DevelopmentCanadaToy and movable booksScience--ExperimentsCookingEnglish language--HomonymsCometsSolar system--Halley's cometHarborsFerriesFriendshipReligionsSchoolsAnimalsCommerceShipsCargo handlingSeedsPlants--ReproductionFlowersFruitMillennium (Eschatology)ExplorersRhyming gamesRiddlesTimeBig booksStatuesUnited States--Statue of Liberty National MonumentGeeseApples--Life cycles1942196719691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201276256208482428.1PN6371.5ocn015283737ocn039078890ocn023179220ocn024173744ocn016983692ocn026932022ocn018106668ocn021372888ocn029565775ocn045636804ocn002089493224017ocn019625463book19900.06Maestro, BetsyThe discovery of the AmericasJuvenile worksDiscusses both hypothetical and historical voyages of discovery to America by the Phoenicians, Saint Brendan of Ireland, the Vikings, and such later European navigators as Columbus, Cabot, and Magellan+-+028315331519444ocn015283737book19870.06Maestro, BetsyA more perfect union : the story of our ConstitutionJuvenile worksDescribes how the Constitution was drafted and ratified+-+074656331515566ocn023179220book19920.06Maestro, BetsyHow do apples grow?Juvenile worksDescribes the life cycle of an apple from its initial appearance as a spring bud to that point in time when it becomes a fully ripe fruit+-+326609915515156ocn012103381book19860.06Maestro, BetsyThe story of the Statue of LibertyJuvenile worksDescribes the creation of the huge statue given by France to the United States and its erection in New York Harbor as a symbol of liberty+-+419235331514879ocn024173744book19930.06Maestro, BetsyThe story of moneyHistoryJuvenile worksA history of money, beginning with the barter system in ancient times, to the first use of coins and paper money, to the development of modern monetary systems+-+779710048514514ocn016983692book19880.06Branley, Franklyn MansfieldTornado alertJuvenile worksDescribes the origin and nature of tornadoes and how to stay safe when threatened by one of these dangerous storms+-+K33195541513987ocn039078890book19990.07Maestro, BetsyThe story of clocks and calendars : marking a millenniumHistoryJuvenile worksDiscusses the year 2000 as a milestone marking two thousand years of human achievement, as a threshold leading into a new millennium, and as an important anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ+-+039096331512348ocn032548557book19960.06Maestro, BetsyThe new Americans : Colonial times, 1620-1689HistoryJuvenile worksTraces the competition among the American Indians, French, English, Spanish, and Dutch for land, furs, timber, and other resources of North America+-+839986331512209ocn004194785book19790.06Cobb, VickiMore science experiments you can eatJuvenile worksExperiments with food demonstrate various scientific principles and produce eatable results. Includes beef jerky, cottage cheese, synthetic cola, and pudding+-+285519915511674ocn007672419book19820.06Terban, MarvinEight ate : a feast of homonym riddlesJuvenile worksA collection of original riddles, each using a homonym as the answer : bizarre-bazaar, knight-night, and similar pairs of words+-+112112361511654ocn008805442book19830.06Terban, MarvinIn a pickle, and other funny idiomsJuvenile worksTerms and phrasesThirty common English phrases, such as "a chip off the old block" and "cry over spilled milk" are illustrated and explained+-+091646443532411074ocn030736509book19960.06Maestro, MarcoWhat do you hear when cows sing? : and other silly riddlesWhen cows sing, you hear moosic, and lots of other silly riddles+-+1277999155110511ocn011841639book19850.06Branley, Franklyn MansfieldSunshine makes the seasonsJuvenile worksDescribes how sunshine and the tilt of the earth's axis are responsible for the changing seasons+-+473995541532410996ocn010483644book19840.06Branley, Franklyn MansfieldCometsJuvenile worksExplains what comets are, how they are formed, and how their unusual orbits bring them into earth's view at predictable intervals, with a special focus on Halley's comet10869ocn009042398book19800.06Maestro, BetsyBig city portJuvenile worksFictionText and illustrations describe the unceasing activity at a busy seaport, including the coming and going of various ships and the moving of cargo by big machines+-+856671275510746ocn000852201book19740.06Delton, JudyTwo good friendsJuvenile worksFictionDuck has an immaculate house but doesn't like to cook. Bear likes to cook but has a messy house. So the two friends share their talents10452ocn012344300book19860.06Maestro, BetsyFerryboatJuvenile worksFictionA family crosses a river on a ferryboat and observes how the ferry operates+-+957095541510395ocn013903681book19870.06Terban, MarvinMad as a wet hen! : and other funny idiomsJuvenile worksTerms and phrasesIllustrates and explains over 100 common English idioms, in categories including animals, body parts, and colors+-+585583361510166ocn039868148book19990.01Maestro, MarcoGeese find the missing piece : school time riddle rhymesJuvenile worksHumorRhyming riddles answer questions about a variety of animals at school+-+157717515510023ocn026932022book19950.06Maestro, BetsyThe story of religionJuvenile worksDiscusses various religions found throughout the world and covers religious personalities, histories, sacred texts, and basic beliefs+-+7918710485+-+0283153315+-+0283153315Thu Oct 16 15:57:19 EDT 2014batch21279