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Fri Mar 21 17:09:06 2014 UTClccn-n790567590.12Clara and Mr. Tiffany [a novel] /0.270.92Louis Comfort Tiffany, the paintings : March 20-May 12, 1979, Grey Art Gallery and Study Center, New York University/Faculty of Arts and Science2479289Louis_Comfort_Tiffanyn 79056759289850Comfort Tiffany, Louis 1848-1933Louis Comfort TiffanyTiffany, Louis C.Tiffany, Louis C. 1848-1933Tiffany, Louis Comfortティファニー, ルイス・Cティファニー, ルイス・カムフォートティファニー, ルイス コンフォートlccn-n80118439Tiffany and Companylccn-nr2007007340Driscoll, Clara1861-1944lccn-n96021729Vreeland, Susanlccn-n80038393Duncan, Alastair1942-lccn-n82043537Koch, Robert1918-2003lccn-n84017780Eidelberg, Martin P.lccn-n79129629Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)lccn-n88032830Frelinghuysen, Alice Cooneylccn-n50023864Harris, Neil1938-lccn-n79053855McKean, HughTiffany, Louis Comfort1848-1933HistoryExhibition catalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsBiographyTiffany, Louis Comfort,United StatesTiffany and CompanyDriscoll, Clara,Women glass artistsGlasswareDecoration and ornament--Art nouveauStained glass windowsArt glassGlass painting and stainingGlass lampshadesJewelryLampsGlassworkersGlass artistsGlassware--Collectors and collectingJewelry--Themes, motivesMetropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)Laurelton Hall (Oyster Bay, N.Y.)HomesNew York (State)--Oyster BayMcKean, HughMcKean, JeannetteNew York (State)--New YorkDecorative artsGlass artArt nouveauArt potteryFlorida--Winter ParkCharles Hosmer Morse Museum of American ArtArt pottery, AmericanArt pottery--Private collectionsFavrile glassArt metal-workArtistsCharles Hosmer Morse FoundationFranceArt objectsArt, AmericanTiffany Studios (New York, N.Y.)Themes, motivesBiographical fictionOrgan musicInterior decorationLalique, René,Gallé, Emile,Glass, OrnamentalGlassWomen glassworkersMan-woman relationships18481933187118831886189218931896189919001902190419081911191219131914191619171920192219231924192519291952195419551957195819601964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201323609474752748.2913NK5198.T5ocn074983422ocn859554490ocn722187109ocn843450483ocn699023651ocn076244058ocn311999161ocn315654844ocn311902687ocn769017362ocn217229584ocn445185316ocn450612131ocn456799157ocn441396311ocn450612131ocn439052041ocn740278231ocn2457546878099ocn019354167book19890.25Duncan, AlastairMasterworks of Louis Comfort TiffanyExhibition catalogs+-+63663456356173ocn025409223book19920.25Duncan, AlastairLouis Comfort TiffanyHistoryBiographynew volume in the Abrams Library of American Art examines Tiffany's life and career, from his beginnings as a painter influenced by the Hudson River School to his spectacular and innovative designs for the homes of America's magnates and luminaries (including Mark Twain's house in Connecticut). Alastair Duncan, a leading authority on Tiffany, presents the artist in context. In an illuminating essay and in commentaries on the artworks, he explores the artist's background+-+17138456354704ocn027811495book19930.28Zapata, JanetThe jewelry and enamels of Louis Comfort TiffanyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+11508456354067ocn041371007book19980.33Frelinghuysen, Alice CooneyLouis Comfort Tiffany at the Metropolitan MuseumCatalogsExhibition catalogsLe Metropolitan Museum of Art possède une grande collection des œuvres de Louis Comfort Tiffany. Quarante-quatre de ces œuvres sont illustrées sur ce cédérom, avec des commentaires de Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen. Sont inclus également sur le cédérom des dessins jamais encore publiés, des photos d'archives, ainsi que quatre objets de la collection Tiffany que l'on peut retourner à 360 degrés+-+10801456351723ocn008409591book19810.59Stover, Donald LThe art of Louis Comfort Tiffany : an exhibition organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco from the collection of the Charles Hosmer Morse Foundation, M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, 25 April through 8 August, 1981Exhibition catalogs1501ocn006627488book19790.47Garner, PhilippeGlass, 1900 : Gallé, Tiffany, LaliqueHistoryCatalogs1465ocn001583607book19750.79John and Mable Ringling Museum of ArtThe arts of Louis Comfort Tiffany and his times : [catalogue of] an exhibition lent through the courtesy of the Morse Gallery of Art, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, from a collection assembled by Hugh and Jeannette McKean, February 7-June 1, 1975, John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, FloridaHistoryExhibition catalogs1172ocn000416143book19720.86Tiffany, Louis ComfortBeauty fixed in many mediums; an exhibition of the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany from the Collection of Hugh and Jeannette McKean1165ocn020984376book19870.20Paul, TessaThe art of Louis Comfort TiffanyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExhibition catalogsExplains how the decorative and glassware craftsmen developed his ideas and sharpened his skill, through his trips to the Far East and his association with European craftsmen, and demonstrates the evolution of the Tiffany style!+-+4299670006851ocn038293078book19970.31Mirabella, GraceTiffany & Co.HistoryThe history of the family who established the famous New York jewellery store that opened in 1837 and rapidly became renowned for design, style and its distinguished clientele552ocn037745949score19970.79Locklair, DanWindows of Comfort : (two organbooks)+-+9836308425553ocn002713887book19580.81Tiffany, Louis ComfortLouis Comfort Tiffany, 1848-1933. : [Exhibition] January 24 through April 6, 1958Exhibition catalogs544ocn213397806book20040.24Baal-Teshuva, JacobLouis Comfort TiffanyHistoryBiographyCatalogsCe somptueux ouvrage offre une vue d'ensemble de l'oeuvre et de la carrière de ce grand maître verrier américain, principal propagateur de l'Art nouveau aux États-Unis. Comprend des illustrations de ses fameuses lampes Tiffany, mais aussi d'émaux, de vases, de bijoux et autres objets décoratifs. [SDM]+-+6868501838474ocn051350328book19790.19Paul, TessaTiffanyHistory443ocn005100831book19790.92Grey Art Gallery & Study CenterLouis Comfort Tiffany, the paintings : March 20-May 12, 1979, Grey Art Gallery and Study Center, New York University/Faculty of Arts and ScienceExhibition catalogs393ocn214970963book19990.39Tiffany, Louis ComfortLouis C. Tiffany : Meisterwerke des amerikanischen Jugendstils : [Katalogbuch zur Ausstellung "Louis C. Tiffany - Meisterwerke des Amerikanischen Jugendstils", Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, vom 31. März bis 13. Juni 1999]2110ocn610784952book19650.25Koch, RobertLouis C. Tiffany, rebel in glassHistory208ocn217229584book19140.50Tiffany, Louis ComfortThe Art work of Louis C. TiffanyCriticism, interpretation, etc161ocn184986704book20070.47Eidelberg, Martin PTiffany Favrile glass and the quest of beautyHistoryExhibition catalogs141ocn009122214book19810.73The age of Tiffany : glass, paintings, bronzes, furniture : February 6-March 15, 1981, C.W. Post Art GalleryExhibition catalogs283417ocn000774769book19640.25Koch, RobertLouis C. Tiffany, rebel in glassHistory282213ocn544474617book20110.14Vreeland, SusanClara and Mr. Tiffany : a novelHistoryFictionBiographical fictionLouis Comfort Tiffany staffs his studio with female artisans--a decision that protects him from strikes by the all-male union--but refuses to employ women who are married. Lucky for him, Clara Driscoll's romantic misfortunes insure that she can continue to craft the jewel-toned glass windows and lamps that catch both her eye and her imagination+-+1163155596324109918ocn017277374book19870.20Paul, TessaThe art of Louis Comfort TiffanyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExhibition catalogsExplains how the decorative and glassware craftsmen developed his ideas and sharpened his skill, through his trips to the Far East and his association with European craftsmen, and demonstrates the evolution of the Tiffany style!+-+4299670006103111ocn670504678rcrd20100.12Vreeland, SusanClara and Mr. Tiffany [a novel]HistoryFictionBiographical fictionSusan Vreeland chronicles the lives of acclaimed glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany and Clara Wolcott Driscoll, whose glass lampshades have commonly been mistaken as Tiffany's work. Here, Vreeland reveals that although both artists may have had different reasons for creating their works, both shared a passion for art+-+052123258510184ocn006222477book19800.25Duncan, AlastairTiffany windowsThis book is a history which covers the process of making the windows, the various types of glass and coloration used and gives a list of the designers8155ocn005126713book19760.25McKean, HughThe lost treasures of Louis Comfort Tiffany"Includes over 200 colors plates, windows, paintings, lamps, vases, and other works"--cover+-+62906891257612ocn061260536book20050.28Johnson, MarilynnLouis Comfort Tiffany : artist for the agesExhibition catalogs"On the threshold of the twentieth century, Louis Comfort Tiffany was revered both in the United States and abroad, but by 1933, the year he died, his work had been dismissed as fussy and hopelessly passe. In the mid-1950s, a few prescient collectors and scholars began to look anew at the once despised lamps and vases. By the 1970s and '80s, as functionalism and strict by-the-book modernism began to pall, the public rediscovered the alluring sinuosities of European Art Nouveau. Tiffany's reputation benefited from this shift, and prices soared, but his unique achievement was also obscured by the association. In this first twenty-first-century reappraisal, Louis Comfort Tiffany is shown to be a protean figure whose vast output was disconcertingly varied, even eclectic, yet clearly informed by a unique and singular vision."--Jacket+-+29384020366005ocn778436082com20100.33De Kay, CharlesTiffanyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPictorial worksA jeweler with an established reputation through the world, Louis Comfort Tiffany spearheaded the Art Nouveau movement in the United States. At a time and in a country in perpetual growth, Tiffany succeeded in elevating the decorative to the rank of fine art. Tiffany's workshops specialized in glass, where they developed groundbreaking techniques that resulted in beautiful effects. Following the examples of Gallé or Daum, Tiffany made the most of colours, opaqueness and transparency. However, Tiffany's greatest success was in his mosaic glass lamps, similar to the stained-glass windows of cathe4935ocn001475112book19670.23Amaya, MarioTiffany glass4871ocn064585743book20060.27Tiffany & Co. (New York)Bejewelled by Tiffany, 1837-1987HistoryExhibition catalogs"This book is edited by Clare Phillips, Curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, with essays by a team of leading jewellery historians. Their essays chart the transformation of the modest New York store, under Louis Comfort Tiffany, into a world leader; its artistic flowering under Louis Comfort Tiffany and the re-establishment of Tiffany as a great, international company following the Second World War. Full catalogue entries, all beautifully illustrated and many with specially commissioned photography, cover around two hundred pieces of jewellery dating from the 1850s to the 1980s."--BOOK JACKET+-+46016655853244781ocn049530011book20020.33Loring, JohnLouis Comfort Tiffany at Tiffany & Co.HistoryCatalogs"Celebrated for his stained-glass interpretations of birds, insects, fruits, and flowers, Louis Comfort Tiffany was the foremost American designer of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and a leader of the Art Nouveau movement. But while the windows, lamps, and iridescent glass vases he created at Tiffany Studios are world famous, his remarkable contribution as a designer to the illustrious firm founded in 1837 by his father, Charles Lewis Tiffany, has been obscured. Louis Comfort Tiffany at Tiffany & Co. chronicles the younger Tiffany's enduring imprint on the internationally renowned jeweler and purveyor of luxury goods." "Through a lively, informative text and more than 350 glorious photographs, author John Loring - who has written eleven previous books on aspects of Tiffany & Co.'s rich legacy - showcases the panoramic range of Louis Comfort Tiffany's art, which included jewelry, enamels, ceramics, mosaics, accessories for the home and office, clocks, and other sumptuous decorative objects that were created during his influential tenure as design director at Tiffany & Co. from 1902 to 1913."--BOOK JACKET+-+63378456354134ocn026806035book19890.25Duncan, AlastairMasterworks of Louis Comfort TiffanyExhibition catalogs+-+63663456354105ocn057529435book20050.27Tiffany, Louis ComfortThe lamps of Louis Comfort TiffanyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogs+-+48160101354066ocn045592275book20010.24Baal-Teshuva, JacobLouis Comfort TiffanyHistoryBiographyCatalogsWith over 300 color plates, this book renders homage to the man who revolutionized both the art and technique of stained glass+-+84671377383942ocn071005794book20060.47Frelinghuysen, Alice CooneyLouis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall : an artist's country estateExhibition catalogs"This volume, which accompanies a major exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, examines Laurelton Hall in all its aspects. The authors trace innovations and precedents in Tiffany's designs for his earlier residences and re-create in detail Laurelton's architecture and interiors, Tiffany's "museum" of his own work, and the passion he shared with many of his contemporaries for collecting Asian and Native American art. Surviving artworks and salvaged architectural components from Laurelton are illustrated in newly commissioned color photography. The book offers an unprecedented portrait of the unique and marvelous place that was Laurelton Hall - a place where visitors stepped into and inhabited a work of art."--BOOK JACKET+-+12326655853283ocn495791315book20090.33Tiffany, Louis ComfortTiffany glass : a passion for colourHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+81798329352622ocn031754876book19950.63Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American ArtAmerican art pottery : selections from the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American ArtExhibition catalogs2572ocn008494751book19820.37McKean, HughThe treasures of Tiffany : a special exhibition presented by the Chicago tribune at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago from the collection of the Charles Hosmer Morse Foundation, June 10-November 14, 1982HistoryExhibition catalogs2432ocn123439517book20070.32Eidelberg, Martin PA new light on Tiffany : Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany GirlsHistoryRecords and correspondence+-+50878395462377ocn007987557book19120.50Tiffany, Louis ComfortThe Art work of Louis C. TiffanyCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+1713845635+-+1713845635Fri Mar 21 15:33:33 EDT 2014batch39077