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Fri Mar 21 17:05:24 2014 UTClccn-n790729610.06The London police in the nineteenth century /0.261.00Women's suffrage and government control, 1906-1922 papers from Public Record Office (CAB 41, HO 45, HO 144, MEPO 2 & MEPO 3)154127416n 79072961305707Great Britain. Commissioner of Police for the MetropolisGreat Britain. Commissioner of Police of the MetropolisGreat Britain. Metropolitan PoliceGreat Britain. Metropolitan Police ForceGreat Britain. Metropolitan Police OfficeGreat Britain. New Scotland YardGreat Britain. Scotland YardLielbritānija. Metropoles policijaLielbritānijas Metropoles policijaLondon (England) Metropolitan Police OfficeLondon Metropolitan PoliceLondona (Lielbritānija). Metropolitan Police OfficeLondonas Metropoles policijaMetropolitan Police Force (Great Britain)Metropolitan Police Force of Great BritainMetropolitan Police (Great Britain)Metropolitan Police (Lielbritānija)Metropolitan Police Office (Great Britain)Metropolitan Police Office (Lielbritānija)Metropolitan Police Office of Great BritainNew Scotland YardScotland YardSkotlendjardscontainsVIAFID/140204909Great Britain. Metropolitan Police Servicelccn-n87935803George, Elizabeth1949-fast-951989Havers, Barbara (Fictitious character)fast-1004342Lynley, Thomas (Fictitious character)lccn-no94026129Brightwell, Emilyfast-982258Jeffries, Mrs. (Fictitious character)fast-1176361Witherspoon, Gerald (Fictitious character)lccn-n88659709Taylor, D. J.(David John)1960-lccn-n90604907Talbot, Bryanlccn-n2011085273Grecian, Alexlccn-n86031800Curtis, Jack1942-Great BritainMetropolitan Police OfficeHistorySourcesArchivesMicroform catalogsCatalogsPeriodicalsRecords and correspondenceManuscriptsGuidebooksGreat Britain.--Metropolitan Police OfficePoliceGreat BritainEngland--LondonLynley, Thomas (Fictitious character)Havers, Barbara (Fictitious character)Serial murdersPolicewomenWomen household employeesMurder--InvestigationEnglandCollectors and collectingJeffries, Mrs. (Fictitious character)City and town lifeMentally ill womenAvariceTrain robberiesPoachersSwindlers and swindlingMurderSerial murder investigationWitherspoon, Gerald (Fictitious character)BritishFrance--ParisComic books, strips, etcCrimeRacetracks (Horse racing)Criminal lawPolice--Law and legislationDetective and mystery storiesIrelandMarriott, Charles (Fictitious character)Hardcastle, Ernest (Fictitious character)World War (1914-1918)Social aspectsRiotsLaw enforcementDemonstrationsRites and ceremoniesHuman rightsSerial murderersRace relationsRacismGreat Britain.--Metropolitan Police ServiceIrish Northern Aid CommitteeMissing personsIrishPolice questioningProstitutes--Legal status, laws, etcChild sexual abuse18221824182918301833183418391841184618471852185318541857185818601862186518681869187018721873187718801882188618891890189118931894189618971898190019011902190419051907190919101911191419151916191819221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938194019411944194519461948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196519671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201421851584784362.7044HV713861ocn022007871book19870.59Grande-BretagneChild sexual abuse : joint investigative project : final report784ocn052332738visu19980.53Investigative interviewingThis program demonstrates the right way and the wrong way of interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects. Trained actors apply the principles of interviewing, conversation management and nonverbal communication273ocn427854719file0.79Great Britain[Commissioner's observations on current procedure on prostitution]Metropolitan Police Force memoranda and correspondence relating to procedures to be followed in arresting prostitutes273ocn427854715file19090.79Great Britain[Brothels and prostitutes General Orders]Home Office and Metropolitan Police Force memoranda and correspondence relating to the drafting of General Orders dealing with brothels and prostitutes261ocn013487613book19860.37Association of London Borough Engineers and SurveyorsHighways and traffic management in London : a code of practice263ocn008738635book19820.90Protest movements, civil disorder and the police in inter-war Britain selected from MEPO 2HistoryArchivesSourcesRecords and correspondence253ocn464658921file18470.79Great BritainReturn of the number of females taken into custodyMs. table showing arrest statistics for women in the Kennington and Clapham Roads districts of London, for various offences, from 1837 to Oct. 1847; with ms. letter and report from the Commissioners of Police to Sir George Grey at the Home Office, relating to the apprehension of prostitutes252ocn464658962com0.76Great Britain[Disorderly houses]Home Office correspondence and memoranda, and Metropolitan Police Force reports concerning London brothels, the death of George Tottle in a brothel and the abuse of prostitutes, and the difficulties of obtaining convictions against brothel keepers252ocn464659181com0.76Great Britain[Difficulties in suppressing disorderly houses]Home Office correspondence and memoranda, and Metropolitan Police Force typescript reports concerning brothel keeping, the difficulty of proving an offence and obtaining a conviction242ocn464658952com0.76Great BritainContagious Diseases ActsHome Office correspondence and Metropolitan Police Force reports concerned with the effects of the Contagious Diseases Acts on the numbers of prostitutes and brothels in various districts231ocn013517515book19850.35Great BritainThe principles of policing and guidance for professional behaviour232ocn464659196file0.73Great Britain[Prostitutes, police action, Magisterial comments, legal opinion]Metropolitan Police Force memoranda and correspondence relating to the arrest and prosecution of prostitutes in London222ocn058919359visu19980.50Investigative interviewing. victim and witness interviewsThis video offers extended interviews selected from those featured in Investigative interviewing. It provides a more detailed look at the processes involved in utilising cognitive interviewing in a criminal investigation. The two interviews feature examples of both good and bad techniques of interviewing222ocn464658939file0.73City of London (England)Common lodging housesLondon City Council by-laws relating to the registration and operation of common lodging houses; with Metropolitan Police Force memoranda on controlling the use of common lodging houses by prostitutes152ocn062382464book20000.95Women's suffrage and government control, 1906-1922 papers from the Cabinet, Home Office and Metropolitan Police files in the Public Record Office (CAB 41, HO 45, HO 144, MEPO 2 & MEPO 3)HistoryCatalogsMicroform catalogsSourcesReproduces PRO files which shed light on the women's suffrage movement in Great Britain, the government response, and the day by day handling of difficult situations by the police and other law enforcement organizations83ocn045545091book18620.86Great BritainGeneral regulations, instructions, and orders, for the government and guidance of the Metropolitan police force73ocn002244455serial0.96Great BritainA statistical analysis of road accidentsPeriodicals61ocn693433954visu19980.47Investigative interviewing the methodology behind police interrogationThis program demonstrates the right way and the wrong way of interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects. Trained actors apply the principles of interviewing, conversation management and nonverbal communication64ocn083880746book19041.00Great BritainMemorandum on the working of the finger print system of identification : 1901-4Guidebooks61ocn046653017book1.00Women's suffrage and government control, 1906-1922 papers from Public Record Office (CAB 41, HO 45, HO 144, MEPO 2 & MEPO 3)Manuscripts28455ocn058043960book20050.15George, ElizabethWith no one as witnessFictionPsychological fictionDetective and mystery storiesDetective Inspector Thomas Lynley, Barbara Havers, and Detective Sergeant Winston try to find the psychopath responsible for a gruesome series of murders, but tragedy strikes one of their own+-+251090515510707ocn074354149book20060.16Taylor, D. JKept : a Victorian mysteryHistoryFictionA talented and versatile writer, author of The Comedy Man (2001) and a biography of George Orwell (2003), Taylor presents a literary Victorian mystery that combines a Dickensian cast of characters with the dark foreboding of Poe. In a story ostensibly about a madwoman whose husband, Henry Ireland, dies in questionable circumstances, finding the killer is ancillary to a journey into the human psyche. Mr. Dixey, a naturalist whose country manse contains rare specimens of stuffed and live wildlife, also houses Henry's distraught widow: her precarious sanity is secure in protective isolation. Dixey's shady proclivities lead him to a con man whose opportunism makes financial captives of people of all classes. The novel's deliciously drawn-out pacing mirrors Victorian literature, as does the wonderfully descriptive language ("skeins of birds," "mournful in the gloaming") and sophisticated vocabulary ("encomia pronounced over his catafalque"). A refreshing lack of unbelievable coincidences reflects a more modern style: each person's story realistically demonstrates the author's conclusions about the things we collect and the people we cannot. Book groups will enjoy this one+-+53519661556962ocn022951837book19910.13Curtis, JackPoint of impact : a novelFictionWhen a sniper begins picking off seemingly unconnected London residents, Scotland Yard detective Robin Culley searches for a link between the victims, a search that takes him to the highest level of British politics6824ocn496736630book20090.18Talbot, BryanGrandvilleComic books, strips, etcFantasy comic books, strips, etcGraphic novels"Two hundred years ago, Britain lost the Napoleonic War and fell under the thumb of French domination. Gaining independence after decades of civil disobedience and anarchist bombings, the Socialist Republic of Britain is now a small, unimportant backwater connected by a railway bridge, steam-powered dirigible, and mutual suspicion to France. When a British diplomat's murder is made to look like suicide, ferocious Detective-Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard stalks a ruthless murder squad through the heart of a Belle Epoque Paris, the center of the greatest empire in a world of steam-driven hansom cabs, automatons, and flying machines. LeBrock's relentless quest can lead only to death, truth ... or war"--Publisher's web site+-+72487304066094ocn057756827rcrd20050.10George, ElizabethWith no one as witnessFictionWhen an adolescent boy's mutilated body is found, it doesn't take long for the police to realize that this is the work of a serial killer+-+25146406964492ocn853454422book20130.12Cleeland, AnneMurder in thrallFictionFrom Anne Cleeland comes the first in a captivating new mystery series, following the perilous exploits of two Scotland Yard detectives as they track down London's most elusive killer. . . First-year detective Kathleen Doyle and Chief Inspector Michael Sinclair, Lord Acton, are a most unlikely pair. An Irish redhead of humble beginnings and modest means, Doyle is the antithesis of Acton, the British lord who has established himself as a brilliant but enigmatic figure with a knack for solving London's most high profile homicides. But Acton senses something exceptional beneath Doyle's awkward naivet and taps her to help him with his investigations. And her spot-on intuition is just what he needs to solve a chilling string of murders. .4016ocn060736627file19110.84Great BritainThe Metropolitan Police guide being a compendium of the law affecting the Metropolitan PoliceOutlines, syllabi, etcHandbooks, manuals, etc4014ocn001100211book19360.39Thomson, BasilThe story of Scotland YardHistory3713ocn010696104book19840.73Smith, Phillip ThurmondPolicing Victorian London : political policing, public order, and the London Metropolitan PoliceHistory+-+22899786853243713ocn056612161book20040.12Brightwell, EmilyMrs. Jeffries stalks the hunterHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesSir Edmund Leggett is flattered to be stalked by a young lady--who makes herself scarce after he's murdered in cold blood. The police hold the young woman to blame. But Inspector Witherspoon has other ideas and consults his housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries--who always gets to the heart of the matter+-+00334607953652ocn027105688book19930.15Ruell, PatrickThe only gameFictionDetective and mystery storiesFirst the boy's disappearance is treated as a kidnapping. Then, as the mother confesses to his murder, Detective Inspector Dog Cicero of Romchurch CID must face a past in Northern Ireland that he thought he had buried3621ocn001407413book19540.12Thompson, Laurence VictorThe story of Scotland YardThe story of Scotland Yard itself, in which the reader is taken behind the scenes and shown how its many branches co-operate to form an effective law enforcement agency, the London Metropolitan Police3475ocn060726408file18890.84Clarkson, Charles TempestPolice!History3451ocn002966190book19770.14Underwood, MichaelThe fatal tripFictionDetective and mystery stories3341ocn437300712book20100.12Ison, GrahamHardcastle's soldiersHistoryFictionDetective and mystery storiesJuly, 1917. DI Ernest Hardcastle and his assistant, DS Charles Marriott, investigate the murder of a cashier operating in London's Victoria Station. An army officer claims to have seen the murderer running away, and an army cap left behind appears to identify the criminal. Hardcastle believes that it will be a simple matter to go to Aldershot and arrest him, but things are never as easy as they seem. Soon Hardcastle and Marriott find themselves investigating a frustrating and seemingly unsolvable case. Has Hardcastle finally met his match?+-+35131327253281ocn002808105book19770.17Underwood, MichaelMurder with maliceFictionDetective and mystery stories3203ocn812252101book20130.12Brightwell, EmilyMrs. Jeffries turns the tideFictionHistorical fictionWhen a beautiful newcomer is found dead in the communal gardens, Inspector Witherspoon narrows down his list of suspects to Lucius Montague, who was seen threatening the woman, but Mrs. Jeffries has her doubts and sets out to find the real killer3084ocn039803613book19980.73Reynolds, Elaine ABefore the bobbies : the night watch and police reform in metropolitan London, 1720-1830History"This book traces the development of professional policing in London's parishes, outside the City of London. From the 1730s, local leaders pieced together recognizably modern police forces. Much of what has been attributed to the Metropolitan Police after 1829 emerged much earlier." "Local forces became increasingly diverse, making centralization a key issue by the 1820s. When Robert Peel founded Scotland Yard, what he accomplished was the centralization of London's police, not its creation. The early modern British state was thus more responsive to urban problems than has previously been acknowledged."--BOOK JACKET+-+94188295353082ocn002644658book19770.06Wilkes, JohnThe London police in the nineteenth centuryHistoryJuvenile worksDescribes the establishment of the Metropolitan Police force by Sir Robert Peel, the principles on which it operated, the recruitment and working conditions throughout the nineteenth century, and public reaction to this law enforcement body2904ocn031045052file19940.70Waddington, P. A. JLiberty and order : public order policing in a capital cityA critical evaluation of the role of policing in maintaining public order and upholding civil and democratic rights. This study is based on systematic observation of how the police actually handle protest and potential or actual disorder+-+4177372036324+-+2510905155Fri Mar 21 15:45:18 EDT 2014batch40383