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Thu Oct 16 18:02:02 2014 UTClccn-n791382060.10Contemporary authors. a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television, and other fields /0.230.92Everything has become : the emergence of the termite aesthetic in late-twentieth century American science fiction /76323175Bruce_Sterlingn 79138206369488Sterlin, Bruce Michael.Sterling, Bruce 1954-Sterling, Michael Bruce 1954-スターリング, ブルースlccn-n85146890Gibson, William1948-ivelccn-n97117788Strahan, Jonathanlccn-n89649547Fowler, Karen Joylccn-n85026836Brin, Davidlccn-n81039515Moravec, Hans P.lccn-n81059702Library and Information Technology Association (U.S.)lccn-n84216084Miller, R. Bruce(Robert Bruce)1946-lccn-n92079033Wolf, Milton T.lccn-n94091583Dery, Mark1959-lccn-n82272072Mayer, ElizabethtrlSterling, BruceFictionSteampunk fictionPolitical fictionForecastsShort stories, AmericanConference proceedingsHistorical fictionDetective and mystery storiesHistoryScience fictionUnited StatesComputer crimesTelephone--Corrupt practicesComputer programming--Corrupt practicesScience fictionTwenty-first centuryPolitical fictionScience fiction, AmericanAgingHuman cloningShort stories, AmericanPolitical corruptionTornadoesWeather control--War useSocial predictionFantasy fiction, AmericanSpace surveillanceComputer securityGovernment investigatorsColoradoWomen astronomersMarried peopleWashington (D.C.)FathersRock groupsCyprus, NorthernTechnology assessmentTechnological forecastingComputersShort storiesFantasy fictionInformation technologyLibraries--AutomationOliphant, Laurence,Computer engineeringBabbage, Charles,Steampunk fiction, AmericanMantell, Gideon Algernon,Cyberpunk fictionSteampunk fictionStorm chasersLife on other planetsSterling, BruceTechnological innovationsDesign--ForecastingVerne, Jules,Flammarion, Camille,Campbell, John W.,--Jr.--(John Wood),Poe, Edgar Allan,Smith, E. E.--(Edward Elmer),195419771979198019811982198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201416845231685813.54PS3569.T3876ocn044675899ocn799673337ocn799157927ocn799417809ocn407403263ocn797420994ocn043402772ocn856835486ocn799211217ocn456603552ocn439125056ocn436310937ocn674476675ocn804396428264836ocn044961321book19920.26Sterling, BruceThe hacker crackdown law and disorder on the electronic frontierDiscusses the activities and computer crimes that take place in cyberspace+-+K528108005190043ocn023145044book19900.20Gibson, WilliamThe difference engineHistoryFictionScience fictionDetective and mystery storiesHistorical fictionSteampunk fictionFictional speculation on what would have happened if the computer had been invented in the 19th century+-+K61947800597920ocn039182210book19980.18Sterling, BruceDistraction : a novelFictionPolitical fictionA novel on a declining America where cities are run by private corporations and the unpaid armed forces raise money at roadblocks. Only technology is advancing, the latest achievement being bicameral minds which allow people to do two things at once. The hero is a spin doctor for a senator+-+093956800593020ocn034513313book19960.19Sterling, BruceHoly fire : a novelFictionScience fictionIn the 21st Century, suffering and illness have been banished as everything from food to education is free, but boredom still plagues mankind. So after undergoing an operation to rejuvenate herself by 75 years, Mia Ziemman travels to Prague to join bohemians seeking meaning in life+-+73044580059126ocn232129415book20090.15Sterling, BruceThe caryatidsFictionDespite the family history that has led to their estrangement from one another, three identical clone sisters--Vera, a pollution expert dealing with global clean-up efforts; Mila, a media star; and Sonja, a medical specialist stationed in the Gobi Desert--hold the key to saving the world from global warming, runaway pollution, and political intrigue+-+171519098583916ocn030075317book19940.17Sterling, BruceHeavy weatherFictionIn the year 2030, the green house effect has resulted in violent tornadoes sweeping Texas. On their trail are the "storm troupers," computer experts and atmospheric scientists who document and spread the information on digital networks, using virtual reality to explore the eye of the storm. Now the computers announce the approach of F-6, a tornado of an intensity unknown to man. By the author of The Hacker Crackdown+-+784845800573111ocn049327010book20020.24Sterling, BruceTomorrow now : envisioning the next fifty yearsForecastsPredicting that the next generation will be living in a substantially different world, a forecast for the next fifty years discusses such topics as technology, health, law enforcement, and politics+-+112414763560312ocn054931711book20040.16Sterling, BruceThe zenith angleFictionPolitical fictionSuspense fictionIn a tale by the author of Tomorrow Now, top cyber-security theorist Derek Vanderveer finds his life permanently disrupted by the events of September 11, after which he accepts a job with a new national security agency to determine who is attacking a top-secret U.S. satellite+-+361519098556617ocn017442235book19880.21Sterling, BruceIslands in the net+-+487928699556610ocn043641391book20000.18Sterling, BruceZeitgeistFiction1999 finds Leggy Starlitz running an international girl band that exists to push logo items to teenager fans. Things start to unravel when he runs into a long lost daughter+-+984956800553718ocn013945407book19860.24Sterling, BruceMirrorshades : the cyberpunk anthologyShort stories labeled "Mirroshade," "Neuromanatic," "Cyberpunk," etc. by such authors as Greg Bear, Pat Cadigan, William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Lewis Shiner, John Shirley and others+-+073880699547010ocn060798556book20050.59Sterling, BruceShaping thingsBruce Sterling offers a history of shaped things and shows how we have moved from an age of artifacts, made by hand, through complex machines, to the era of 'gizmos'+-+217841717546719ocn011532380book19850.19Sterling, BruceSchismatrixFictionShaper-trained Abelard Lindsay, a failed and exiled revolutionary against Mech domination, becomes a pawn in the interstellar intrigue of a human and alien power struggle for control of humanity's future45816ocn019352012book19890.20Sterling, BruceCrystal expressAnalyse : Nouvelles39814ocn005726341book19800.22Sterling, BruceThe artificial kidFictionThe ultra-rich satellite-dwellers orbiting the planet Reverie love to tune in to the televised exploits of the world's best professional combat artist, The Artificial Kid. But when an enemy discovers a secret from The Kid's murky past, The Kid must face the fiercest battle of his life, placing the fate of the entire planet in his hands+-+K1641333363753ocn063816580book20060.18Sterling, BruceVisionary in residence : storiesA collection of Bruce Sterling's best SCI-FI short stories. He is a keen observer of our present day media choked culture and the near-future politics that has a true ring to it+-+66930751063261ocn144225931book20070.16Sterling, BruceAscendancies : the best of Bruce SterlingShort stories, American"Sterling (Visionary in Residence: Stories), the godfather of cyberpunk, demonstrates his full range, from far future to forgotten past, in this well-stocked career-spanning collection of his finest SF pieces. His blend of uncompromising realism and irrepressible optimism shows up wherever his protagonists do, whether working for a stranded alien in Crusader-era Palestine ("The Blemmye's Stratagem"), investigating a mock space journey inside the cavern left from a Chinese H-bomb test ("Taklamakan") or just hanging around (literally) in 2037 Chattanooga, fixing bikes and foiling a black ops agent out to protect her senile senator boss ("Bicycle Repairman")"--B & N website Editorial Reviews (October 2007)+-+38661514062383ocn026502994book19920.66Thinking robots, an aware internet, and cyberpunk librarians : the 1992 LITA president's program : presentations by Hans Moravec, Bruce Sterling, and David BrinConference proceedings23714ocn027092284book19920.21Sterling, BruceGlobalhead : storiesFeaturing thirteen satirical short stories, a unique collection includes scientific superstars, a rock singer who is the voice of the people, and two lost souls who drive off the edge of the world and find each other. From the Paperback edition+-+352539474523111ocn041567230book19990.23Sterling, BruceA good old-fashioned future : storiesPresents seven short science fiction stories by Bruce Sterling+-+479120800592ocn794552626com20100.21Stableford, Brian MCreators of science fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc22ocn811617827book0.10Contemporary authors. a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television, and other fieldsBio-bibliography11ocn049644806book20000.92Gallegos, Joe EEverything has become : the emergence of the termite aesthetic in late-twentieth century American science fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn668107449mix20000.47Toerien, MichelleBoundaries in cyberpunk fiction : William Gibson's Neuromancer trilogy, Bruce Sterling's Schismatrix, and Neal Stephenson's Snow crashCriticism, interpretation, etcFiction+-+1715190985+-+1715190985Thu Oct 16 15:56:31 EDT 2014batch27355