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Thu Oct 16 17:58:04 2014 UTClccn-n791482950.17The man who changed China : the story of Sun Yat-sen /0.500.96Sunʹ I︠A︡t-sen, 1866-1966; sbornik stateĭ, vospominaniĭ i materialov39388447Sun_Yat-senn 79148295379351Âtsen, Sun'.Chvanʿ, Yakʿ Chaṅ 1866-1925Deming 1866-1925Father of Modern China 1866-1925Guofu 1866-1925Jat-sen, Sun 1866-1925Jet-Sen Sun 1866-1925Nakayama, Kikori 1866-1925Nakayana, Kikori.Soen, Yat-sen, 1866-1925Sombun 1866-1925Son, Bun.Son, Bun 1866-1925Son, Chūsan 1866-1925Son, ChūzanSon Chūzan 1866-1925Son, Issen 1866-1925Son, ItsusenSon, Mun 1866-1925Sonbun 1866-1925Soue, Tchong-chanSouen Tchong-chan 1866-1925Souen wenSouen Wen 1866-1925Suen, Wen, 1866-1925Sunʹ 1866-1925 I︠A︡t-senSun' Âtsen.Sun, Chung-shan.Sun Chung-shan 1866-1925Sun, Čung-šan 1866-1925Sun, I-hsienSun I-hsien 1866-1925Sun, I-sien 1866-1925Sunʹ, I︠A︡t-Sen 1866-1925Sunʹ, I︠A︡tsen 1866-1925Sun, Jat-sen.Sunʹ, Jat-sen, 1866-1925Sun, Jet-Sen 1866-1925Sun' Ven'Sun′ Ven′ 1866-1925Sun, Wen.Sun Wen 1866-1925Sun, Yat-senSun Yat Sen 1866-1925Sūn Yāt SīnSūn Yāt Sīn 1866-1925Sun, Yatsen.Sun Yatsen 1866-1925Sun, YazenSun Yi xian 1866-1925Sun, YixianSun Yixian 1866-1925Sun, Zhong shanSun Zhong shan 1866-1925Sun, Zhongsan 1866-1925Sun, Zhongshan.Sun Zhongshan 1866-1925Sung Chung-schanSung Chung-schan 1866-1925Sunjatsen 1866-1925Suņs, Jatsens 1866-1925SunwenSunzhongshan 1866-1925Tôn, Dật Tiên 1866-1925Tôn-Trung-Sơn 1866-1925Tôn, Văn 1866-1925Wen, Suen, 1866-1925Wen, Sun.Wen, Sun 1866-1925Yat-sen, Sun.Yātsin, Sun 1866-1925Yixian 1866-1925ZhongshanqiaoСунь, Вэнь 1866-1925Сунь, Чжун-шань 1866-1925Сунь, Ят-сен, 1866-1925Сунь, Ятсен 1866-1925סון-יאט-סעןסון, יאט־סען 1925־1866סון יט-סן 1866-1925سن، ياتسن، ١٨٦٦-١٩٢٥손 문, 1866-1925.ソン, イツセンソン, チュウザンソン, ブン 1866-1925中山樵国父 1866-1925孫, 中山孫, 中山 1866-1925孫, 文孫 文 1866-1925孫, 逸仙孫 逸仙 1866-1925孙一先.孫中山 1866-1925孫文 1866-1925孫毅仙 1866-1925孙逸仙 1855-1925孫逸仙 1866-1925孫逸先 1866-1925孙遗仙 1866-1925德明 1866-1925逸仙逸仙, 1866-1925lccn-n50072265Zhongguo guo min danglccn-n80049902Schiffrin, Harold Z.lccn-n84016610Lea, Homer1876-1912lccn-n81060114Song, Qingling1893-1981lccn-n80057046Chiang, Kai-shek1887-1975lccn-no00028206Sharman, Lyon1872-1957lccn-n83171621Kaplan, Lawrence M.(Lawrence Martin)1954-lccn-n86099613Lu, Pinglccn-n82105597Price, Frank W.(Frank Wilson)1895-1974trllccn-n50015671Wilbur, C. Martin(Clarence Martin)1908-1997Sun, Yat-sen1866-1925HistoryBiographySourcesJuvenile worksSun, Yat-sen,ChinaPolitical scienceRevolution (China : 1911-1912)Diplomatic relationsPresidentsEconomic historyWorld politicsUnited StatesDiplomatsGeneralsAuthors, AmericanSoldiers of fortuneLea, Homer,NationalismZhongguo guo min dangJapanSong, Qingling,Gandhi,--Mahatma,Stalin, Joseph,Atatürk, Kemal,Itō, Hirobumi,Elite (Social sciences)Political activistsPolitical culturePolitical leadershipPolitical oratoryInternational relationsRailroadsCommunismLincoln, Abraham,Herzen, Aleksandr,Gentile, Giovanni,Garvey, Marcus,Zapata, Emiliano,Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm,Weber, Max,Sharīʻatī, ʻAlīPape, Robert Anthony,Proudhon, P.-J.--(Pierre-Joseph),Luxemburg, Rosa,Giles,--of Rome, Archbishop of Bourges,Rousseau, Jean-Jacques,Marx, Karl,Mao, Zedong,Arendt, Hannah,Mill, John Stuart,Thoreau, Henry David,Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich,Maudoodi, Syed Abul ʻAla,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.56Sun, Yat-senSan min chu i = The three principles of the peopleHistoryBiographyLectures on social problems by the founder of the Republic of China84452ocn004233142book19200.77Sun, Yat-senThe international development of ChinaAs soon as Armistice was declared in the recent World War, I began to take up the study of the International Development of China, and to form programs accordingly. I was prompted to do so by the desire to contribute my humble part in the realization of world peace. China, a country possessing a territory of 4,289,000 square miles, a population of 400,000,000 people, and the richest mineral and agricultural resources in the world, is now a prey of militaristic and capitalistic powers a greater bone of contention than the Balkan Peninsula. Unless the Chinese question can be settled peacefully, another world war greater and more terrible than the one just past will be inevitable. In order to solve the Chinese question, I suggest that the vast resources of China be developed internationally under a socialistic scheme, for the good of the world in general and the Chinese people in particular. It is my hope that as a result of this, the present spheres of influence can be abolished; the international commercial war can be done away with; the internecine capitalistic competition can be got rid of, and last, but not least, the class struggle between capital and labor can be avoided. Thus the root of war will be forever exterminated so far as China is concerned. Each part of the different programs in this International Scheme, is but a rough sketch or a general policy produced from a layman's thought with very limited materials at his disposal. So alterations and changes will have to be made after scientific investigation and detailed survey. For instance, in regard to the projected Great Northern Port, which is to be situated between the mouths of the Tsingho and the Lwanho, the writer thought that the entrance of the harbor should be at the eastern side of the port but from actual survey by technical engineers, it is found that the entrance of the harbor should be at the western side of the port instead. So I crave great indulgence on the part of experts and specialists65334ocn007967658book19320.53Sun, Yat-senThe three principles of the peopleThis invaluable source book sets forth the Three Principles of Dr. Sun's own words, as expressed during a series of his lectures in Canton in 1924. Because the lectures on the People's Livelihood were never completed, Preident Chiang Kai-shek, who was closely associated with Dr. Sun throughout the revolutionary period, has added two chapters covering national fecundity, social welfare, education, and health and happiness30719ocn000124222book19530.66Sun, Yat-senThe principle of democracy22316ocn004082601book19270.77Sun, Yat-senSan min zhu yi : the three principles of the people22119ocn006022020book19180.66Sun, Yat-senMemoirs of a Chinese revolutionary; a programme of national reconstruction for ChinaHistory+-+005815959519244ocn012386935book19280.95Sun, Yat-senSun Zhongshan quan jiHistorySourcesRecueil en deux volumes des oeuvres complètes de Sun Zhongshan (1866-1925)1802ocn001410928book19450.74Sun, Yat-senThe teachings of Sun Yat-sen; selections from his writings, compiled and introduced by Professor N. Gangulee ... Foreword by His Excellency Dr. V.K. Wellington KooHistory14966ocn020900578book19140.53Sun, Yat-senJian guo fang lueBao gua : 1. sun wen xue shuo -- xing yi zhi nan (xin li jian she) ; 2. shi ye ji hua (wu zhi jian she) ; 3. min quan chu bu (she hui jian she)1489ocn021725985book19450.90Sun, Yat-senFundamentals of national reconstruction963ocn004155169book19270.63Sun, Yat-senThe three principles of the people; san min chu I with two supplementary chapters: 1. National fecundity, social welfare and education. 2. Health and happinessHistory8952ocn815137356book19170.50Sun, Yat-senMin quan chu buHistory886ocn001982896book19290.92Sun, Yat-senLe triple démisme de Suen Wen.788ocn003468513book19310.74Sun, Yat-senThe triple demism of Sun Yat-sen7621ocn018869632book19570.93Sun, Yat-senGuo fu quan jiHistory7017ocn014946925book19620.92Sun, Yat-senSan min zhu yi : zeng lu min sheng zhu yi yu luo liang pian bu shu663ocn004096782book19220.70Sun, Yat-senThe international development of China. With 16 maps in the text and a folding map at end6514ocn011613694book19600.92Sun, Yat-senGuo fu quan shuHistorySources6536ocn046954056book19060.95Sun, Yat-senZong li yi jiao ji yaoHistory592ocn003720298book19660.96Sunʹ I︠A︡t-sen, 1866-1966; sbornik stateĭ, vospominaniĭ i materialov143811ocn000439814book19340.53Sharman, LyonSun Yat-sen; his life and its meaning; a critical biographyHistoryBiographyReprint. Originally published: New York : John Day Co., [1934]+-+970641189614015ocn697174416file20100.35Kaplan, Lawrence MHomer Lea American soldier of fortuneHistoryBiographyAs a five-feet-three-inch hunchback who weighed about 100 pounds, Homer Lea (1876-1912), was an unlikely candidate for life on the battlefield, yet he became a world-renowned military hero. In the Dragon's Lair: The Exploits of Homer Lea paints a revealing portrait of a diminutive yet determined man who never earned his valor on the field of battle, but left an indelible mark on his times+-+416176863513787ocn000412279book19680.39Schiffrin, Harold ZSun Yat-sen and the origins of the Chinese revolution+-+370265570532411734ocn144569787file20060.30Ping, LuLove & revolution a novel about Song Qingling and Sun Yat-senFiction"In this novel, one of Taiwan's most celebrated authors reimagines the lives of a legendary couple: Sun Yat-sen, known as the "Father of the Chinese Revolution," and his wife, Song Qingling." "Born in 1866, Sun Yat-sen grew up an admirer of the rebels who tried to overthrow the ruling Manchu dynasty. He dreamed of strengthening China from within, but after a failed attempt at leading an insurrection in 1895, Sun was exiled to Japan. Only in 1916, after the dynasty fell and the new Chinese Republic was established, did he return to his country and assume the role of provisional president." "While in Japan, Sun met and married the beautiful Song Qingling. Twenty-six years her husband's junior, Song came from a wealthy, influential Chinese family (her sister married Chiang Kai-shek) and had received a college education in Macon, Georgia. Their tumultuous and politically charged relationship fuels this novel. Weaving together three distinct voices - Sun's, Song's, and a young woman rumored to be the daughter of Song's illicit lover - Ping Lu's narrative experiments with invented memories and historical fact to explore the couple's many failings and desires. Touching on Sun Yat-sen's tormented political life and Song Qingling's rumored affairs and isolation after her husband's death, the novel follows the story all the way to 1981, recounting political upheavals Sun himself could never have imagined."--BOOK JACKET+-+480386687510916ocn731236022file20110.50Strand, DavidAn unfinished republic leading by word and deed in modern ChinaHistoryBiographyDavid Strand argues that the Chinese revolution of 1911 engendered a new political life, one that began to free men and women from the inequality and hierarchy the formed the spine of China's social and cultural order. Chinese citizens confronted their leaders and each other face-to-face in a stance familiar to republics worldwide. This shift in political posture was accompanied by considerable trepidation as well as excitement. Profiling three prominent political actors of the time -- suffragist Tang Qunying, diplomat Lu Zhengxiang, and revolutionary Sun Yatsen -- Strand demonstrates how a sea change in political performance left leaders dependent on popular support and citizens enmeshed in a political process productive of both authority and dissent+-+292394570532410662ocn002284109book19760.47Wilbur, C. MartinSun Yat-sen, frustrated patriotBiography"In this study, the author traces the major influences shaping Dr. Sun's personality and delineates the main lines of his frustrated political life. Two neglected but important aspects are emphasized: his thirty-year fund-raising efforts among overseas Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs and his largely unsuccessful attempts -- with a few startling exceptions -- to acquire support from each of the important foreign powers"--Jacket10311ocn006331543book19800.30Schiffrin, Harold ZSun Yat-sen, reluctant revolutionaryBiography9086ocn000412532book19540.59Jansen, Marius BThe Japanese and Sun Yat-sen8084ocn037663236book19940.50Bergère, Marie-ClaireSun Yat-senBiographySun Yat-sen (1866-1925), the first president of the Republic of China, has left a supremely ambivalent political and intellectual legacy - so much so that he is claimed as a Founding Father by both the present rival governments in Taipei and Beijing. This book argues that the life and work of Sun Yat-sen have been distorted both by the creation of the myth and by the attempts at demythification. Its aim is to provide a fresh overall evaluation of the man and the events that turned an adventurer into the founder of the Chinese Republic and the leader of a great nationalist movement+-+466592953577310ocn006214287book19600.56Leng, Shao ChuanSun Yat-sen and communism7075ocn000964423book19530.17Buck, Pearl SThe man who changed China : the story of Sun Yat-senJuvenile worksBiographyThe story of Sun Yat-sen's crusade to establish the People's Republic of China, from the time he finished college to his death6621ocn795010944book20130.18The politics bookHistory"Exploring more than 100 big ideas on topics as diverse as the rule of law, the extent of liberty, and the justification of warfare, [this book] takes you on a journey through the history of politics, from the influential theories of ancient Greece, Rome, and Asia to modern concepts voiced by today's brightest political thinkers."--Front jacket flap5665ocn000808102book19460.50Chen, StephenSun Yat-sen, a portraitBiographyReprint. Originally published: New York : John Day Co., [1946]+-+18145218965018ocn003018496book19290.53Close, UptonEminent Asians; six great personalities of the new EastBiography4968ocn000365138book19250.59Linebarger, Paul MyronSun Yat Sen and the Chinese Republic49320ocn000412307book19120.63Cantlie, JamesSun Yat Sen and the awakening of ChinaHistoryBiography+-+19080234354558ocn000077317book19280.66Sun, Yat-senMemoirs of a Chinese revolutionary; a programme of national reconstruction for ChinaHistory+-+005815959537918ocn000101616book19440.63Martin, BernardStrange vigour; a biography of Sun Yat-senHistory3583ocn008172047book19820.70Miyazaki, TōtenMy thirty-three years' dream : the autobiography of Miyazaki TōtenBiographyAnnotated by Professors Jansen and Eto, the book illuminates the experiences of Miyazaki's generation with Western culture and the development of an Asian consciousness. Originally published in 1982. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These paperback editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly incr3476ocn765499332visu20110.181911HistoryDramaA historical action war drama based on the founding of the Republic of China, when nationalist forces led by Sun Yat-sen overthrew the last ruling Qing Dynasty, which held unquestioned power and rule for 250 years. From the walls of the Forbidden City to the battlefields of China, no expense was spared in the production and no detail ignored in its quest for historical accuracy. 1911 is a true epic to be enjoyed for generations+-+3702655705324+-+3702655705324Thu Oct 16 15:07:57 EDT 2014batch121293