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Fri Mar 21 17:14:12 2014 UTClccn-n800322590.00Robert Osborn, Mischa Richter. [Exhibition] Aug. 13-Sept. 29, 1958. Wadsworth Atheneum0.091.00Mischa Richter 1911-2001 biographical file75145237Mischa_Richtern 80032259414462Mischa RichterRichter, 1910-リヒター, ミーシャlccn-n82140747Blocksma, Marylccn-n79061376Meltzer, Milton1915-2009lccn-n78081051Kraus, Robert1925-lccn-n79064710Benchley, Nathaniel1915-1981lccn-n81065843Bakken, Harald1935-lccn-no99063700Keller, Charleslccn-n50032674Holman, Felicenp-nevins, ellenNevins, Ellenlccn-nr2007003026Seiden, Melvin R.lccn-n50015441Gaer, Joseph1897-1969Richter, Mischa1910-2001Juvenile worksFictionHistoryFolkloreHumorExhibition catalogsAnecdotesPianoNicknamesNames, PersonalStories without wordsAnimalsWhalesChildren's storiesDucksParanormal fictionPerforming artsRiddles, JuvenileStringFantasyGeesePicture booksChickensFriendshipHorsesCatsCreation (Literary, artistic, etc.)CartooningAmerican wit and humor, PictorialWitchesUnited StatesPicture books for childrenPlayReconstruction (1939-1951)Richter, Mischa,Veterans--EmploymentOsborn, Robert Chesley,Caricatures and cartoonsManagementExecutivesOrganizational behaviorPersonnel managementCaricatures and cartoons--Collectors and collectingArt--Private collectionsArt, FrenchImpressionism (Art)Art, IndicArt--Collectors and collectingArt, EuropeanArt, AmericanMotion pictures--Production and directionCaricatures and cartoons--Private collectionsMotion pictures--DistributionFranceArt, East AsianCartoonistsComic books, strips, etc1910200119451946195019531957195819601963196719681969197019711973197619771978197919801981198319841986198719881990199119921993199419961999201038486481[E]ML650ocn010558726ocn010696653ocn000695115ocn000149994ocn025048109ocn007576312ocn000120760ocn024661372ocn001815256ocn762058376ocn0444658427732ocn010558726book19840.06Blocksma, MaryThe marvelous music machine : a story of the pianoHistoryJuvenile worksA history of the piano explaining how it is made, how it works, and many unusual facts about the instrument7423ocn010696653book19840.06Meltzer, MiltonA book about names : in which custom, tradition, law, myth, history, folklore, foolery, legend, fashion, nonsense, symbol, taboo help explain how we got our names and what they meanJuvenile worksFolkloreOffers tidbits from history, folklore, tradition, and other sources that help explain how people got their names and what they mean3584ocn000695115book19730.06Benchley, NathanielThe deep dives of Stanley WhaleJuvenile worksFictionA young whale's desire to explore the deep, black water gets him into trouble with a giant squid but helps him save his Uncle Moby from whalers2915ocn000149994book19710.06Kraus, RobertBunya the witchJuvenile worksFictionStrange things occur when the old lady living on the edge of town discovers her magical powers2902ocn007277253book19810.06Richter, MischaTo bed, to bed!Unwilling to go to bed because it is still light outside, a young prince takes a long, adventurous route through the castle to his bedroom2561ocn004037554book19780.06Richter, MischaQuack?Juvenile worksFictionA lonely duck meets many animals as he searches for another duck2141ocn025048109book19920.06Keller, CharlesThe planet of the grapes : show biz jokes and riddlesJuvenile worksHumorHumor relating to the movie world, sports, television, and other areas of the performing arts1361ocn007576312book19810.06Bakken, HaraldThe special stringFictionA little boy has many adventures as he follows a seemingly endless piece of string and rolls it into a bigger and bigger ball1231ocn000044824book19690.06Kraus, RobertRumple Nose-Dimple and the three horrible snapsRumple Nose-Dimple discovers the Three Horrible Snaps are much nicer being mean than being nice1031ocn000995828book19670.06Richter, MischaEric and MatildaJuvenile worksFictionWhen Eric sees a charming young goose marching in a parade, he shows off in every way he can think of, but she does not seem to notice him1011ocn000436258book19680.06Richter, MischaGeedyup and friendJuvenile worksFictionA retired cart horse, put out to pasture by his kind owner, is very lonesome until he meets a hen who no longer lays eggs981ocn000120760book19700.06Holman, FeliceSolomon's searchJuvenile worksFictionThe world is in such a mess that Solomon the cat decides to search for a way to improve the situation932ocn026395907book19920.27Richter, MischaThe cartoonist's muse : a guide to generating and developing creative ideas684ocn001182331book19450.73Richter, MischaThis one's on me!432ocn010442882book19830.24Nevins, EllenReal bosses don't say "thank you" : a guide to being the perfect bossAnecdotes301ocn000941153book19670.06Richter, MischaArthur's worldJuvenile worksFictionA backyard project to see the whole world gives Arthur a good appetite242ocn016011845book19450.97Congress of Industrial Organizations (U.S.)The people's plan for reconversion151ocn001815256book19460.06Krauss, RuthThe great Duffy131ocn017963326book19580.88Robert Osborn, Mischa Richter : August 13-September 29, 1958Exhibition catalogs111ocn011340163book19570.90Richter, MischaThe man on the couch : and other cartoons41ocn082611626book1958Wadsworth AtheneumRobert Osborn, Mischa Richter. [Exhibition] Aug. 13-Sept. 29, 1958. Wadsworth Atheneum21ocn071071209mix0.47Swann, ErwinPapers of Erwin SwannIncludes the papers of Swann's wife, Caroline Berg Swann, and several items written by Allison Dodd, Swann's assistant and the curator of the Swann Collection of Caricature and Cartoon11ocn077842974bookRichter, MischaMischa RichterExhibition catalogs11ocn556307246mix1.00Mischa Richter 1911-2001 biographical fileBiographyBiographical file may contain one or more of the following: "Biographical Registry" form filled out by the cartoonist including information about education, career history, awards, signature example, and family information; biographical essays or sketches of the cartoonist; articles by or about the cartoonist; examples of the cartoonist's work in the form of clippings or photocopies11ocn199240199bookRichter, Mischa, 1910- : [miscellaneous ephemeral material]The folder may include clippings, announcements, small exhibition catalogs, and other ephemeral items11ocn867545503book20100.47Richter, MischaSaudade01ocn028424352mixSwann, ErwinRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, scripts, financial and legal papers, calendars, clippings, printed materials, and photos, relating chiefly to Swann's business activities as a producer of art and cultural films and particularly to his production company, Swannsway Productions Ltd., and as a collector of caricature and cartoon art, modern European and American art, French impressionist art, and Indic and Far Eastern art. Includes papers of Swann's wife, Caroline Berg Swann. Correspondents include Peggy Bacon, Frank Bajinski, Arbit Blatas, Oscar Dancigers, Tom Darcy, Richard Digby-Day, Frank Dunlop, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jeff MacNelly, Albert McCleery, Robert C. Nichol, Christopher Nupen, Harold Pinter, Paul Peter Porges, Mischa Richter, Barry Tomblin, and Audrey WoodFri Mar 21 16:04:39 EDT 2014batch15858