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Thu Oct 16 18:00:25 2014 UTClccn-n800450540.10Helgason, Sigurdur: mathematics0.751.00Brim og boðar; frásagnir af sjóhrakningum og svaðilförum95186551Sigurdur_Helgason_(mathematician)n 800450545045099427033Chelgason, S. 1927-Chelgason, Sigurdur 1927-Helgason, S.Helgason, SigurðurHelgason, Sigurdur 1927-Khelgason, S. 1927-Sigurður Helgason 1927-Хелгасон, С 1927-Хелгасон, С. (Сигурдур), 1927-Хелгасон, Сигурдур.lccn-n79065685Conference Board of the Mathematical Scienceslccn-n84017395Schlichtkrull, Henrik1954-edtlccn-n96063309Ólafsson, Gesturedtviaf-93239663Kazhdan,, bKostant,, rBott, R.lccn-n50030722Atiyah, M., gLustztig, service en ligneSpringerLink (Service en ligne)lccn-n2010208793Coates, J.Helgason, Sigurdur1927-MiscellaneaConference proceedingsGeometry, DifferentialSymmetric spacesLie groupsRadon transformsHomogeneous spacesHarmonic analysisIntegral geometryGeometric analysisDifferential equationsRiemannian manifoldsGeometry, RiemannianMathematicsGlobal differential geometryTopological groupsIntegral transformsSalmonidae--DiseasesIcelandCanadaFishersAlgebraScientistsUnited States192719321936194119491950195219541957195919601962196419671969197019721976197719781979198019811983198419851986198719891990199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200820092010201120132014525148202516.36QA3ocn077802581ocn439480829ocn862984112ocn463044793187968ocn000525620book19620.66Helgason, SigurdurDifferential geometry and symmetric spacesThe present book is intended as a textbook and reference work on three topics in the title. Together with a volume in progress on "Groups and Geometric Analysis" it supersedes my "Differential Geometry and Symmetric Spaces," published in 1962. Since that time several branches of the subject, particularly the function theory on symmetric spaces, have developed substantially. I felt that an expanded treatment might now be useful+-+239373673594527ocn009576089book19840.74Helgason, SigurdurGroups and geometric analysis : integral geometry, invariant differential operators, and spherical functionsThis volume, the second of Helgasonand#39;s three books on Lie groups and the geometry and analysis of symmetric spaces, is an introduction to group-theoretic methods in analysis on spaces with a group action+-+082173673572429ocn006331414book19800.82Helgason, SigurdurThe Radon transformThis second edition, significantly expanded and updated, presents new material taking into account some of the progress made in the field since 1980"--Jacket+-+74569126355209ocn029548469book19940.86Helgason, SigurdurGeometric analysis on symmetric spaces"This book gives the first systematic exposition of geometric analysis on Riemannian symmetric spaces and its relationship to the representation theory of Lie groups. The book starts with modern integral geometry for double fibrations and treats several examples in detail. After discussing the theory of Radon transforms and Fourier transforms on symmetric spaces, inversion formulas, and range theorems, Helgason examines applications to invariant differential equations on symmetric spaces, existence theorems, and explicit solution formulas, particularly potential theory and wave equations. The canonical multitemporal wave equation on a symmetric space is included. The book concludes with a chapter on eigenspace representations - that is, representations on solution spaces of invariant differential equations."--BOOK JACKET+-+15809367353898ocn682907525file20100.77Helgason, SigurdurIntegral geometry and radon transforms"In this text, integral geometry deals with Radon's problem of representing a function on a manifold in terms of its integrals over certain submanifolds- hence the term the Radon transform...While containing some recent research, the book is aimed at beginning graduate students for classroom use or self-study. A number of exercises point to further results with documentation." -- Back cover+-+19051469963293ocn007551008book19810.82Helgason, SigurdurTopics in harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces3105ocn000447445book19720.79Helgason, SigurdurAnalysis on Lie groups and homogeneous spaces814ocn317067964book20090.94Helgason, SigurdurThe selected works of Sigurður Helgason+-+3802936735102ocn850148873file19800.47Atiyah, Michael FrancisRepresentation Theory of Lie GroupsIn 1977 a symposium was held in Oxford to introduce Lie groups and their representations to non-specialists82ocn186748599book0.95Helgason, SigurdurGroups and geometric analysis61ocn637756250serial0.82Perspectives in mathematics32ocn077802581book19491.00Helgason, SigurdurBrim og boðar; frásagnir af sjóhrakningum og svaðilförum31ocn461920868book20000.47Nordic manual for the surveillance and diagnosis of infectious diseases in farmed salmonids32ocn079648748book19410.74Helgason, SigurdurVið hin gullnu þil; saga31ocn048832733book19991.00Helgason, SigurdurVers de meilleures pratiques de l'évaluation : guide des meilleures pratiques à suivre pour l'évaluation et document de référence32ocn568141701book19870.82Helgason, SigurdurGruppy i geometricheskiĭ analiz : integralʹnai︠a︡ geometrii︠a︡, invariantnye different︠s︡ialʹnye operatory i sfericheskie funkt︠s︡ii21ocn862984112book20130.92AMS Special Session on Radon Transforms and Geometric AnalysisGeometric analysis and integral geometry : AMS Special session on Radon Transforms and Geometric Analysis in honor of Sigurdur Helgason's 85th birthday, January 4 - 7, 2012, Boston, MA; Tufts University Workshop on Geometric Analysis on Euclidean and Homogeneous Spaces, January 8 - 9, 2012, Medford, MAConference proceedings23ocn858377129book19590.92Matthías JochumssonSkin við sólu skagafjörður22ocn749365300book19830.82Helgason, SigurðurPreobrazovanie Radona21ocn024175390book19851.00Helgason, SigurdurGettu nú!Miscellanea11ocn757324515art19980.10Helgason, Sigurdur: mathematicsBiographyDirectories+-+0821736735+-+0821736735Thu Oct 16 15:43:50 EDT 2014batch14811