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Fri Mar 21 17:09:47 2014 UTClccn-n800571770.00Correspondence, 1817-18710.781.00Further observations on the theory of probabilities /29575875Augustus_De_Morgann 80057177438920DeMorgan, Augustus 1806-1871Morgan, Auguste de 1806-1871Morgan, Augustus de.Morgan, Augustus de, 1806-1871MoruganTi-mo-kan, 1806-1871ド・モルガンモルガン棣麼甘lccn-n84804946De Morgan, Sophia Elizabeth1809-1892edtlccn-n79007443Newton, Isaac1642-1727lccn-n50025644Heath, Peter Lauchlan1922-edtlccn-n79134854Smith, David Eugene1860-1944edtlccn-n80109836Baily, Francis1774-1844lccn-n50036903Herschel, John F. W.(John Frederick William)1792-1871lccn-n79081493Leibniz, Gottfried WilhelmFreiherr von1646-1716lccn-n84805081Jourdain, Philip E. B.(Philip Edward Bertrand)1879-1919edtlccn-n50074973Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain)lccn-n83144364Boole, George1815-1864De Morgan, Augustus1806-1871MiscellaneaRecords and correspondenceHistoryBibliographyBiographyAnecdotesTextbooksLogic, Symbolic and mathematicalProbabilitiesDe Morgan, Augustus,SyllogismScienceAnnuitiesLife insuranceCircle-squaringTrisection of anglePerpetual motionCalculusMathematics--Study and teachingMississippi River ValleyTravelOhio River ValleyNewton, Isaac,ArithmeticParadoxLeibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm,--Freiherr von,GeometryElements (Euclid)LogiciansBoole, George,Great BritainAlgebraQuaternionsByrne, OliverMathematiciansCalendarBabbage, Charles,Currency questionCoinageRoyal Society (Great Britain)CalculatorsInferenceEuclid's ElementsHamilton, William Rowan,--Sir,Geometry--Study and teachingTrigonometryBookkeepingAccountingHalifax, Charles Montagu,--Earl of,Conduit, Catherine Barton,Differential calculusCalculus, IntegralArithmetic--Study and teachingMathematicsAlgebra, UniversalLife insurance--MathematicsPhilosophy, Modern1806187118281830183118321833183418351836183718381839184018411842184318441845184618471848184918501851185218531854185518561857185818591860186118621863186518661867186918711872187618791880188118821883188518951896189718981899190019011902190719091910191119121914191519211926193719431951195419581965196619671968196919701971197319741975197619781979198119821984198519861987199019922002200320042005200720082009201020138474264907164BC135ocn011725559ocn014935580ocn004483435ocn005059724ocn609266697ocn072757332ocn013483333ocn061605321ocn173481020ocn19127233097457ocn001307652book18590.73De Morgan, AugustusA budget of paradoxesMiscellaneaAnecdotes+-+807922806632483649ocn060722689file18380.86De Morgan, AugustusAn essay on probabilities and their application to life contingencies and insurance offices+-+768336759632466517ocn000307396book19660.66De Morgan, AugustusOn the syllogism, and other logical writings47946ocn002272643book18300.79De Morgan, AugustusOn the study and difficulties of mathematics+-+052799139542417ocn011006228book18560.70Baily, FrancisJournal of a tour in unsettled parts of North America, in 1796 & 1797 With a memoir of the author3569ocn001466802book19140.73De Morgan, AugustusEssays on the life and work of Newton3249ocn010194070book19820.81Boole, GeorgeThe Boole-De Morgan correspondence, 1842-1864Records and correspondence30126ocn001352644book18320.81De Morgan, AugustusElementary illustrations of the differential and integral calculus+-+839613851627036ocn002029108book18470.81De Morgan, AugustusArithmetical books from the invention of printing to the present time : being brief notices of a large number of works drawn up from actual inspectionHistoryBibliography+-+K21934320626914ocn000014991book18830.84De Morgan, AugustusNewton: his friend, and his niece22322ocn001417641book18470.79De Morgan, AugustusFormal logic : or, the calculus of inference, necessary and probable+-+272556759632421658ocn004800414book18300.81De Morgan, AugustusElements of arithmetic20919ocn001352445book18360.81De Morgan, AugustusThe differential and integral calculus, containing differentiation, integration, development, series, differential equations, differences, summation, equations of differences, calculus of variations, definite integrals, --with applications to algebra, plane geometry, solid geometry, and mechanics. Also, Elementary illustrations of the differential and integral calculus+-+144436112516712ocn002934702book18510.88De Morgan, AugustusThe book of almanacs, with an index of reference, by which the almanac may be found for every year, whether in old style or new, from any epoch, ancient or modern, up to A.D. 2000. With means of finding the day of any new or full moon from B.C. 2000 to A.D. 20001674ocn001035308book19260.73De Morgan, AugustusFormal logic1405ocn065313494com18490.90Weld, Charles RichardThe eleventh chapter of the History of the Royal SocietyHistory11720ocn008092178book18280.84De Morgan, AugustusThe elements of algebra preliminary to the differential calculus : and fit for the higher classes of schools in which the principles of arithmetic are taughtTextbooks+-+37230675963241048ocn001021446book18490.88De Morgan, AugustusTrigonometry and double algebra+-+71334958969010ocn016772519book19110.81De Morgan, AugustusFormal logic (1847)837ocn006738439book18410.86Rigaud, Stephen PeterCorrespondence of scientific men of the seventeenth century; including letters of Barrow, Flamsteed, Wallis, and Newton, printed from the originals in the collection of the Right Honourable the Earl of MacclesfieldRecords and correspondence1922ocn748579458book20100.63Byrne, OliverThe first six books of the Elements of Euclid, in which coloured diagrams and symbols are used instead of letters for the greater ease of learnersHistoryIllustrations"This remarkable example of Victorian printing has been described as one of the most peculiar yet beautiful books of the 19th century"--Publisher's leaflet laid in case+-+702260183817413ocn006657331book18820.84De Morgan, Sophia ElizabethMemoir of Augustus De MorganBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+K2996535661313ocn021406293book19900.88Merrill, Daniel DAugustus De Morgan and the logic of relationsHistory+-+0302587425873ocn011112910book18970.66Dyer, SA common-sense method of double-entry bookkeeping on first principles, as suggested by De MorganHistory834ocn002937346book0.86Graves, Robert PercevalLife of Sir William Rowan Hamilton, knt., LL. D., D.C.L., M.R.I.A., Andrews professor of astronomy in the University of Dublin, and royal astronomer of Ireland, etc. etc.: including selections from his poems, correspondence, and miscellaneous writingsBiography193ocn013741730book18470.90Hamilton, WilliamA letter to Augustus De Morgan, Esq. ... on his claim to an independent re-discovery of a new principle in the theory of syllogism101ocn689854753book20100.31Byrne, OliverThe first six books of the Elements of EuclidHistoryIllustrations+-+702260183881ocn025684323book19900.86Merrington, MA List of certain letters inserted in books from the Library of Augustus De Morgan (1806-1871) now in the University of London LibraryHistoryRecords and correspondence42ocn054164155book18460.88Taylor, HenryObservations on the current coinage of Great Britain, as the medium of barter, calculation, and accounts and on Professor de Morgan's plan for its more convenient and scientific arrangement, on the decimal system, with the advantages that would result from it, exemplifiedHistory41ocn057178497book18660.63Smith, JamesThe British Association in jeopardy : and Professor De Morgan in the pillory without hope of escape.31ocn013470375book18650.81Smith, JamesThe British association in jeopardy, and Dr. Whewell, the master of Trinity, in the stocks without hope of escape31ocn048748227book19070.96Rye, Reginal ArthurGeneral information respecting the library in the central building of the University of London South Kensington, S.WBibliography31ocn123327038book19870.96Universiteit van AmsterdamTraditional logicians and De Morgan's example22ocn012539403book19790.92Gottschall, CarlAn examination and evaluation of the historical importance of the principal innovative contributions to formal logic of Augustus De Morgan21ocn065187772book20050.47Luo, CongwenDe Morgan dai shu11ocn036475289book18511.00Boole, GeorgeFurther observations on the theory of probabilities11ocn122589325mixHerschel, John F. WThis collection concerns astronomical observations, earthquakes, meteorology, photography, physics, professional associations, publications, and scientific instruments. The correspondents include Augustus De Morgan, Dionysius Lardner, Sir Francis Beaufort, and Sir Edward Ryan11ocn005053784book19790.79Graves, Robert PercevalLife of Sir William Rowan HamiltonBiography11ocn083026776mixBrougham and Vaux, Henry BroughamCorrespondence and papersHe was interested in physical as well as social science, and his papers include several boxes of scientific manuscripts. He wrote a much-criticized treatise on hydrostatics for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Correspondents include: Sir D. Brewster (letters on Brewster's work for the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge and on optics); A. De Morgan (mathemataical topics); J.J. Sylvester (mathematics). There are also papers relating to scientific appointments in the early days of University College, London11ocn228512551book20041.00Phillips, Christopher JamesMoral mathematics : the propagation of mathematics for social ends by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, 1826-1848History+-+0527991395+-+0527991395Fri Mar 21 15:51:46 EDT 2014batch33896