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Thu Oct 16 18:02:08 2014 UTClccn-n800572340.31Das grosse Testament = [Le grand testament] /0.600.90Le grant testament Villon et le petit. Son codicille, le iargon & ses balades7398349François_Villonn 80057234438975Corbueil, François 1431-1464De Montcorbier, F.De Montcorbier, FrançoisDe Montcorbier, François 1431-1463De Montcorbier, François b. 1431De Montcorbier, François né 1431Des Loges, FrançoisDes Loges, François 1431-1463Des Loges, François b. 1431Des Loges, François né 1431François 1431-1464 de MontcorbierFrançois 1431-1464 VillonFrançois de Montcorbier 1431-1464François Villon 1431-1464Loges de Montcorbier, François desLoges de Montcorbier, François des 1431-na 1463Loges, François desLoges, François des 1431-1463Loges, François des b. 1431Loges, François des né 1431Montcorbier , François : deMontcorbier François de 1431-1463Montcorbier, François de 1431-1464Montcorbier, François de, 1431-1465Montcorbier, François de 1431-ca. 1463Montcorbier, François de 1431-na 1463Montcorbier, François de b. 1431Montcorbier, François de ca 1429-ca 1463Montcorbier, François de né 1431Viĭon, Fransua 1431-1463Vijon, FransoaVījon, Fransua 1431-1464Vijonas, Fransua 1431-1463Vijons, Fransuā dz. 1431Villon.Villon 1431-ca. 1463Villon 1431-na 1463Villon de Paris, Françoys.Villon, Franciszek.Villon, FrançoisVillon, François 1431-Villon, Francois 1431-1463Villon, François b. 1431Villon, Françoys.Villon, Françoys 1431-Villon Françoys 1431-1463Villon, Françoys 1431-1464Villon, Françoys ca 1431-ca 1463Вийон, Франсуа.Вийон, Франсуа (1431-1463).Вийон, Франсуа dz. 1431Війон, Франсуа.ויון, פראנסואהヴイヨン, フランソワlccn-n78088964Stevenson, Robert Louis1850-1894auilccn-n79091479Hugo, Victor1802-1885lyrlccn-n79081476Whitman, Walt1819-1892lyrlccn-n79066759Knox, Johnapproximately 1514-1572lccn-n78088009Burns, Robert1759-1796lccn-n79018796Pepys, Samuel1633-1703lccn-n78095600Thoreau, Henry David1817-1862lccn-n83227262Payne, John1842-1916trlviaf-74067752Lewis, D. B. Wyndham(Dominic Bevan Wyndham)1891-1969lccn-n50036473Charlesd'Orléans1394-1465Villon, François1431-1463Criticism, interpretation, etcBiographyFictionConcordancesMusical settingsGlossaries, vocabularies, etcPoetryHistoryBibliographyVillon, François,Hugo, Victor,Burns, Robert,Whitman, Walt,Thoreau, Henry David,Knox, John,Pepys, Samuel,French poetryPoets, FrenchAuthors--Books and readingYoshida, Shōin,Charles,--d'Orléans,French literatureCivilization, Medieval, in literatureFranceGnosticism in literatureProust, Marcel,Psychoanalysis and literatureUnited StatesDifference (Philosophy) in literatureO'Connor, FlannerySymbolismSongs (Medium voice) with pianoCivilization, MedievalStevenson, Robert Louis,English literatureFrench languageLiterature, Medieval--Themes, motivesMiddle AgesPoe, Edgar Allan,LiteraturePoetry, MedievalLongnon, Auguste,Baudelaire, Charles,Murder in literatureFrench prose literatureMarot, Clément,AuthorsStyle, LiteraryFrench language--Middle FrenchEnglish essaysSongs (Medium voice) with orchestra--ScoresBallads, FrenchPoetryEssaysSongs with pianoMalherbe, François de,BookbindingPoetsAuthors, French1431146314891490149314971499150015291530153215331537154015411542155016041661172317421748175218001824183218351850185418561857185918651866186718691872187318741876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144981919995783841.2PQ1590ocn002420381ocn821067983ocn678844670ocn780783406ocn037442454ocn082894398ocn053311031ocn590191845ocn658341335ocn662206105ocn877969219ocn858067099ocn757912824ocn797474867ocn797482816ocn797482784ocn074137949ocn838203506ocn844017052ocn844017044ocn844017028ocn844017038ocn844017022ocn074617351ocn258590902ocn692032004ocn457404069ocn725033608ocn187149755ocn725313012ocn724251385ocn869446317ocn723917787ocn725047386ocn725076205ocn074240644ocn722873346ocn721655675ocn723186275ocn723142184ocn075245390ocn724259377ocn722915248ocn075619235ocn724398054ocn661182990ocn661795005ocn662048784ocn658890357ocn661183034ocn661713336ocn661794994ocn842418925ocn658982921ocn658888017ocn692038659ocn658801760ocn658700427ocn762884482ocn470720476ocn780251241ocn780689704ocn443603858ocn444475661ocn458586150ocn765309827ocn661065965ocn765055412ocn780329074ocn313658192ocn834462457ocn843432457ocn270894647ocn8431374242915416ocn001059438book15320.70Villon, FrançoisŒuvresCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyPoetry921165ocn023434332book18000.74Baudelaire, CharlesŒuvres complètesCriticism, interpretation, etcGlossaries, vocabularies, etc65149ocn005536675book19130.50Villon, FrançoisThe poems of François Villon615125ocn000866939book19000.74CharlesCharles d'Orléans poésies527146ocn001310233book17230.79Villon, FrançoisŒuvres de François VillonCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPoetry+-+777729289647186ocn025755786book19310.59Villon, FrançoisPoésies complètesBonne édition annotée et documentée d'un des premiers chefs-d'oeuvre poétiques français+-+975205807732442918ocn000827159book19240.50Villon, FrançoisThe testaments of Francois Villon39043ocn002420381score19100.74Debussy, ClaudeTrois ballades de François VillonMusical settings36626ocn000338672book19000.66Villon, FrançoisPoems27122ocn000342296book19430.77Malherbe, François deOeuvres poétiquesCriticism, interpretation, etc24920ocn000575511book19200.82Villon, FrançoisBallades en jargon (y compris celles du ms. de Stockholm)2172ocn044270486book20000.56Villon, FrançoisThe legacy ; & The testament"Louis Simpson's translation of Francois Villon's The Legacy & The Testament is the definitive translation of the life work of one of France's greatest poets. Raised by a foster father who intended him for the Church, Villon associated with thieves and vagabonds. Later imprisoned, chained and tortured, he survived to write one of the most enduring epics ever." "This translation of Villon is faithful to the original structure and each poem is translated with its original pathos and wit."--BOOK JACKET+-+265590130621042ocn003438419book14890.90Villon, FrançoisLe grant testament Villon et le petit. Son codicille, le iargon & ses balades2091ocn002235974book19550.56Villon, FrançoisI laugh through tears; the ballades of François Villon1973ocn000642312book19310.56Villon, FrançoisThe complete works of François Villon, including the poems long attributed to him1792ocn002955342book19260.56Aldington, RichardFrench studies and reviewsCriticism, interpretation, etc1781ocn001409600book19660.86Polak, LLe Franc archier de Baignollet :16360ocn078525462book19370.31Villon, FrançoisDas grosse Testament = [Le grand testament]15511ocn054971312book20040.79Villon, FrançoisLais, testament, poésies diversesCriticism, interpretation, etc15141ocn003051855book19340.56Villon, FrançoisPoésies choisies2256142ocn070740629book18800.35Stevenson, Robert LouisFamiliar studies of men and booksCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA companion to his earlier Virginibus Puerisque, this 1882 collection is the more critical volume of the two. “The readings of a literary vagrant, according to the author, these conversational essays read more like short stories about their subjects. Included among the nine pieces are, “Victor Hugo's Romances, “Some Aspects of Robert Burns, “Henry David Thoreau: His Character and Opinions, and “Charles of Orleans+-+2995278936176025ocn000336304book19280.50Lewis, D. B. WyndhamFrançois Villon : a documented surveyCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography12639ocn000300149book19600.39Villon, FrançoisThe complete works of Francois Villon100410ocn003275224book19250.50Villon, FrançoisThe poems of François Villon+-+51876092357763ocn000000987book19680.47Anacker, RobertFrançois VillonCriticism, interpretation, etc6787ocn001380312book19240.50Villon, FrançoisThe testaments of Francois Villon5886ocn034079880book19240.63Villon, FrançoisComplete poemsPoetryFrancois Villon was the last of the great medieval poets, as important in his own, more limited, sphere as Chaucer or Dante. His fame surpasses that of any other medieval French lyricist in spite of the modest quantity, uneven quality, and often repellent subject-matter of his work. His poems are largely autobiographical, and are rich in their descriptions of thefts, fights, nocturnal prowling, imprisonment, and exile. However, as Barbara Sargent-Baur points out, when Villon's work is good, it is very good, indeed unforgettable. His two major works are the Lais, a series of bequests in anticipation of his prudent departure from Paris, and Testament, which is about his primary topic, himself. There have been many translations of Villon's work into many languages, including English, but this is the first edition of the whole of the corpus utilizing a re-reading of all the manuscript sources and presenting for each poem a single-source text with all emendations accounted for. It is also the first annotated English version based on the best-text principle and respecting both Villon's meaning and his metrics. A modern edition of the French texts is presented beside the English on facing pages. In an extensive commentary, Sargent-Baur identifies the poet's literary and historical allusions, as well as place-names, legatees, and biographical data+-+47462575355852ocn035331316book19970.59Fein, David AFrançois Villon revisitedCriticism, interpretation, etc"Francois Villon, one of the greatest lyric poets of the late Middle Ages, lived on the margins of French society and died in obscurity. The details of Villon's life, including his disappearance after being exiled from Paris, are a puzzle that has occupied scholars throughout the twentieth century. His poems are rife with historical and personal references that were probably only meaningful to a select audience when they were written and are only explicable through supposition today. Fein suggests that a certain degree of uncertainty must be accepted by the student of Villon. In Francois Villon he directs his readers' attention to the "discernible patterns of language and images, changing voices, familiar thematic strands" evident throughout the historical specifics." "The range of subjects covered in this text reflects Fein's balanced and comprehensive approach. Fein moves from a biographical sketch of Villon to an exposition of his poetry. Fein examines not only Villon's masterpiece, Testament, but also his earlier long poem, the Lais, as well as five ballads. Fein explores biblical subtexts in Villon's work, noting his emphasis on the Old Testament. He also studies Villon's use of the literary and artistic motif of la danse macabre." "Fein understands the importance of Paris in Villon's work, so much that he composed this text with a map of fifteenth-century Paris at his side. Villon's poetry centers on the Latin quarter, and his characters encompass all walks of Parisian life. Paris gives Villon's work "its shape, its individuality, its vitality.""--BOOK JACKET+-+691092053532456815ocn000972720book19570.79Burger, AndréLexique complet de la langue de VillonConcordancesGlossaries, vocabularies, etc55826ocn002794457book19130.77Champion, PierreFrançois Villon; sa vie et son tempsBiography5286ocn002309495book19620.59Fox, JohnThe poetry of VillonCriticism, interpretation, etc46913ocn002293937book19340.74Siciliano, ItaloFrançois Villon et les thèmes poétiques du Moyen AgeCriticism, interpretation, etc4227ocn045827835book20000.35Burl, AubreyDanse macabre : Franc̦ois Villon, poetry, & murder in Medieval FranceCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA biography of the great French lyric poet who was also a pimp, thief and murderer+-+822674502541917ocn002036909book19260.74Carco, FrancisLe roman de François VillonHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionLa vie hors du commun et dramatique que fut celle du mauvais garçon et grand poète du Moyen Age. A travers son histoire, on découvre aussi la vie quotidienne à Paris au XVe siècle4071ocn009043899book19830.66Humphries, JeffersonThe otherness within : gnostic readings in Marcel Proust, Flannery O'Connor, and François VillonCriticism, interpretation, etc3785ocn000766253book19670.66Le Gentil, PierreVillon3636ocn001088407book19680.77Demarolle, PierreL'Esprit de Villon, étude de styleHumor3634ocn000681866book19670.74Kuhn, DavidLa Poétique de François Villon3415ocn044802825book20010.79Taylor, Jane H. MThe poetry of François Villon : text and contextCriticism, interpretation, etcShe argues that Villon's contemporaries were accustomed to reading in depth and in detail: they would have recognised and appreciated the flamboyance with which Villon challenged commonplace or ideological preconception."--BOOK JACKET+-+85274267053305ocn000940350book19680.74Vitz, Evelyn BirgeThe crossroad of intentions; a study of symbolic expression in the poetry of François Villon+-+2655901306+-+2655901306Thu Oct 16 15:45:47 EDT 2014batch107720