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Fri Mar 21 17:16:54 2014 UTClccn-n800572390.00Receipts, orders, etc., relating to the English administration of Normandy, etc., by officials from England and their local agents,0.361.00Henry the Sixth the second part, or, The misery of the civil war as it was acted at the Dukes Theatre /96926832Henry_VI_of_Englandn 80057239438980Heinrich VI, 1421-1471Heinrich VI. England, König 1421-1471Hendrik VI, 1421-1471Henri 6, roi d'AngleterreHenri VI, 1421-1471Henri VI. Angleterre, Roi 1421-1471Henri VI, roi d'AngleterreHenricus VI, 1421-1471Henricus VI. Anglia, Rex 1421-1471Henricus VI. Angliae, Rex 1421-1471Henricus VI, King of England, 1421-1471Henry 06 Of EnglandHenry 6, roi d'AngleterreHenry of Windsor 1421-1471Henry VI. England, King 1421-1471Henry VI, King of England, 1421-1471Henry VI, roi d'AngleterreHenry VI roi d'Angleterre 1421-1471lccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616lccn-n50041290Brooke, Tucker1883-1946edtlccn-n88658613Cairncross, A. S.(Andrew Scott)edtlccn-n89116311Ambrose Video Publishinglccn-no2010070657Benson, Peter1943-prfactlccn-n79061212Time-Life Televisionlccn-n50049886British Broadcasting CorporationTelevision Serviceviaf-91778624Howell, Janedrtlccn-n80037043RichardIIIKing of England1452-1485lccn-n50038127HenryVKing of England1387-1422HenryVIKing of England1421-1471SourcesHistoryBiographyLegendsCriticism, interpretation, etcMusical settingsDramaManuscriptsIllustrationsHenry--VI,--King of England,Great BritainKings and rulersPolitical scienceMonarchyShakespeare, William,Henry--IV,--King of England,Richard--III,--King of England,Henry--V,--King of England,DramaJohn,--King of England,Henry--VIII,--King of England,Richard--II,--King of England,King Henry VI (Shakespeare, William)Kings and rulers as literary charactersMargaret,--of Anjou, Queen, consort of Henry VI, King of England,English drama--Early modern and ElizabethanLiteratureQueensHundred Years' War (1339-1453)Law reports, digests, etcEnglandIllumination of books and manuscripts, EnglishEdmund,--King of East Anglia,England--Bury St. EdmundsFremund,--Saint,Illumination of books and manuscripts, GothicChristian saintsCoronationsYearbooksOrdinals (Liturgical books)Coronation musicRoyal householdsEngland and Wales.--Chapel RoyalLiturgicsCatholic ChurchLawHistorical drama, EnglishChronicle plays of William ShakespeareMotion pictures and literatureChapels royalTelevision playsBiblioteca Pública de EvoraChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts), UnaccompaniedAnthemsLaw--SourcesTheaterHeroes as literary charactersEnglish dramaChâteau de Caen (Caen, France)142114711520152315361544157315861594159516001619162316411657165916641674167816791680168116821685168916931700170717091712171317241732173417351752177017771782178317861790179317951799180018041815181718191828184318531856186318681880188218831884188518861888188918901891189218931895189618971898189919001901190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131915191719181919192219231924192519261927192819301931193219331934193519361940194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013487225881462942.016092DA251522ocn059265769book20040.88Lydgate, JohnThe life of St Edmund, King and martyr : John Lydgate's illustrated verse life presented to Henry VI : a facsimile of British Library MS Harley 2278HistoryBiographyLegendsIllustrationsSourcesManuscripts"On Christmas Eve 1433, the young King Henry VI arrived at the abbey Bury St. Edmunds, one of the largest religious foundations in fifteenth-century England. He remained there until Easter and at the end of his stay was admitted to the abbey's confraternity. To cement the abbey's relationship with the king, Abbot William Curteys conceived the idea of commemorating Henry's visit with a 'life' of the Anglo-Saxon king, St. Edmund, the patron saint of the abbey." "The man charged with the task of translating the 'life' of St. Edmund was John Lydgate, a monk at the abbey and the preeminent poet of the fifteenth century. It is hard to overstate the importance of the resulting manuscript, both as a monument to the development of the English language, and for its illustrations - 120 images, forming narrative sequences integrated to form a coherent visual parallel to the text and with a careful fidelity to detail. The completed manuscript that was presented to the young king remained in his library until after his deposition, and although it left royal hands for a time, it reappears in the inventories of the library of Henry VIII. It is now in The British Library."--BOOK JACKET+-+4623987625852ocn007467884book19610.81Ullmann, WalterLiber regie capelle : a manuscript in the Biblioteca publica, EvoraHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcSources322ocn606549565file15440.79De termino Michaelis. Anno. xxxvii. H. vi322ocn606549562file15860.79De termino Hillarii anno xxxiij. regni Regis Henrici sexti322ocn606549564file15860.79De termino Michaelis anno xxxv. regni Regis Henrici sexti172ocn055724575book16790.76EnglandSyntomotaxia del' second part du Roy Henry VI. Par que facillement so troveront soubs apts titles toutes choses contenues en le dit livreSources91ocn009140192book19650.56Year books of Edward IV [1461-1483] : 10 Edward IV and 49 Henry VI, A.D. 147081ocn257681152book18280.32Calendarium inquisitionum post mortem sive escaetarum71ocn010391745book0.59HenryPrayer of King Henry VI72ocn016637015book16811.00CrownHenry the Sixth the second part, or, The misery of the civil war as it was acted at the Dukes TheatreDrama61ocn316662793score20070.66Jackson, GabrielA prayer of King Henry VI : SATB a cappellaMusical settings+-+495408846541ocn828443592score20101.00Tavener, JohnThe founder's prayer : for unaccompanied choir SATBMusical settingsA short, serene piece for a cappella choir. Composed for the Choir of Eton College31ocn054031588book19660.76Great Britain. Year books. 1422-1461 (Henry VI)Year books of Henry VI31ocn833507696book19650.73Stevenson, JosephLetters and papers illustrative of the wars of the English in France during the reign of Henry the Sixth, king of EnglandHistorySources31ocn833507705book19680.35Letters and papers illustrative of the wars of the English in France during the reign of Henry the Sixth, King of England31ocn833507711book19680.35Letters and papers illustrative of the wars of the English in France during the reign of Henry the Sixth, King of England22ocn281480734bookNormandy (France)Receipts, orders, etc., relating to the English administration of Normandy, etc., by officials from England and their local agentsManuscriptsIssued by Henry VI as "King of France"; John, Duke of Bedford, as regent; the earl of Shrewsbury as constable of France; Jean Stanlawe as treasurer of Normandy; and many others. (19) gives details of repairs needed at Caen castle, recommended by Sir John Fastolf, captain of the city and castle, January 4, 1435/3621ocn024475213book19740.92Tull, George FHenry the sixth21ocn050452809score19950.92Clucas, HumphreyA prayer of King Henry VI : introit or short anthem for SAATBB unaccompaniedMusical settings11ocn270480028book0.10HenryWindsor, to the Mayor of WindsorInforming him of a secret search for vagabonds and suspected persons to be held at 11 p.m. on August 17th390559ocn004168555book17090.39Shakespeare, WilliamThe first part of King Henry VIHistoryDramaSources+-+K981476705208524ocn049293033file19810.27Shakespeare, WilliamThe second part of King Henry the SixthHistoryDramaThis edition celebrates "King Henry VI Part 2" as one of the most exciting and dynamic plays of the English Renaissance theatre, with its exploration of power politics and social revolution and its focus on the relationship between divine justice and sin+-+4119625965196337ocn005183067book17770.39Shakespeare, WilliamThe third part of King Henry VIHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcDrama+-+1052286705195333ocn023252527book19040.47Shakespeare, WilliamThe second part of King Henry VIHistoryDrama+-+3952286705168419ocn001079273book19090.28Shakespeare, WilliamThe first part of King Henry the SixthDramaThe play opens in the aftermath of the death of King Henry V of England (although it was written before Shakespeare's play, Henry V). News reaches England of military setbacks in France, and the scene shifts across the English Channel, to Orleans, where ""La Pucelle"" (Joan of Arc) is encouraging the Dauphin to resist. She defeats an English army led by Talbot+-+6498636796155811ocn039228609book18980.27Shakespeare, WilliamThe second part of King Henry the SixthHistoryDrama15447ocn005183037book16230.27Shakespeare, WilliamThe third part of King Henry the SixthDrama13724ocn047010782com19960.50Watts, John LovettHenry VI and the politics of kingshipHistoryBiography+-+524655660532411664ocn043803215file19990.24Cliffs notes on Shakespeare's histories Henry VI, Parts 1,2, and 3, Henry IV, part 1, Henry IV, part 2, King John, Richard III, Henry VIII, Richard II, Henry VHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcDrama"Summaries and critical commentaries about the histories of William Shakespeare, including Henry VI, parts 1, 2, and 3, Richard III, King John, Richard II, Henry IV, part 1, Henry IV, part 2, Henry V, Henry VIII."+-+259555773511651ocn049292987file0.25Shakespeare, WilliamThe first part of Henry the SixthHistoryDrama11631ocn049293078file0.25Shakespeare, WilliamThe third part of King Henry the SixthHistoryDramaThe play begins with a confrontation between Richard, Duke of York (the future King Richard III), the reigning King Henry VI and their respective supporters. Threatened with physical violence by the Earl of Warwick (Richard Neville), the king brokers a deal to make York his heir. Disgusted at his cowardice, his supporters abandon him. The Queen, Margaret of Anjou, makes it clear that she will not agree to this, and declares war on the Yorkists, with the assistance of the young Lord Clifford and other supporters, including her son, Edward, Prince of Wales7835ocn007783372book19810.53Griffiths, Ralph AlanThe reign of King Henry VI : the exercise of royal authority, 1422-1461HistoryBiography+-+04516450256965ocn009081576book19820.15Plaidy, JeanRed rose of AnjouHistoryFictionHistorical fictionQueen Margaret, consort of Henry VI, schemes recklessly to keep the throne of England for her son+-+72478044553246113ocn000162340book19710.63Riggs, DavidShakespeare's heroical histories; Henry VI and its literary traditionCriticism, interpretation, etc61016ocn053069648book19670.35Shakespeare, WilliamHenry VI, part oneHistoryDrama"1 Henry VI was the Rose Theatre's great draw in the spring of 1592, a dramatic tale of the lives of soldiers, diplomats, kings, and insurrectionists. It centres on the fractious instability of the court and nobility of fifteenth-century England, and their squabbles with their French counterparts." "Despite its debut performance in 1592, however, 1 Henry VI does not take a printed form until its appearance some thirty years later in the 1623 Folio. There are many questions, therefore, surrounding exactly how many people wrote the play, when they did so, how it was performed, who played what part, and the nature of the manuscript behind the first performance. In his wide-ranging introduction, Michael Taylor offers answers to these questions, and discusses other key issues such as language, structure, performance history, and the role of women in the play."--BOOK JACKET+-+07483634655855ocn048032728book19800.50Wolffe, Bertram PercyHenry VIHistoryBiography"Bertram Wolffe challenges the traditional view of Henry VI as an unworldly, innocent and saintly monarch and offers instead a finely-drawn but critical portrait of an ineffectual ruler. Drawing on widespread contemporary evidence, Wolffe describes the failures of Henry's long reign from 1422 to 1471, which included the collapse of justice, the loss of the French territories and the final disintegration of his government. He argues that the posthumous cult of Henry was promoted by Henry VII as a way of excusing his uncle's political failures while enhancing the image of the dynasty."--BOOK JACKET+-+917435558532453915ocn046572274book19680.35Shakespeare, WilliamHenry VIHistoryDramaArden Shakespeare series+-+569683746552611ocn050510876book20020.39Shakespeare, WilliamHenry VIHistoryDramaPresents part two of the trilogy on Henry VI by William Shakespeare, that charts the rise and fall of many of the court nobles and lords within Henry's kingdom; and contains explanatory and textual notes, plot summaries, critical commentaries, and introduction to Shakespearean language+-+255586346550423ocn018194327visu19810.28Shakespeare, WilliamHenry VIHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsTelevision playsPresents a dramatization of Henry VI which recreates Henry's early days as King4916ocn052261904rcrd20030.20Shakespeare, WilliamWilliam Shakespeare's Henry VIHistoryDramaTraces the personal and political fortunes of King Henry VI, from the time of his childhood to youth and marriage to the beautiful but ruthless Margaret of Anjou, and through the power struggles of his subjects the Yorkists and Lancastrians, ending with the growing influence of sinister Richard, Duke of Gloucester+-+0964677846+-+4623987625+-+4623987625Fri Mar 21 15:51:17 EDT 2014batch47969