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Thu Feb 12 22:01:15 2015 UTClccn-n800100190.18The best American poetry 2009 /0.381.00Three part-songs, S.S.A.T.B., for unaccompanied chorus of solo voices115610603David_Wagonern 80010019392552lccn-n50023886Stafford, William1914-1993prflccn-n79083934Hugo, Richard1923-1982lccn-n82147276Dillinger, John1903-1934lccn-n50011027Pinsker, Sanfordautlccn-n79060436Roethke, Theodore1908-1963autnp-mcfarland, ronald eMcFarland, Ronald E.autnp-kizer, carolynKizer, Carolynlccn-n80032734Skelton, Robinedtlccn-n82152789Hanson, Kenneth O.1922-2003lccn-n80013003Lehman, David1948-Wagoner, DavidPoetryNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcFictionInterviewsCriticism, interpretation, etcPeriodicalsBiographyMusical settingsAmerican poetryIndianaPacific NorthwestWestern storiesDillinger, John,Indians of North AmericaNorth America--Northwest Coast of North AmericaPoets, American--Homes and hauntsIntellectual lifePoetryConduct of lifeNatureLiteratureUnited States--Northwestern StatesWagoner, DavidMiddle WestPoeticsRoethke, Theodore,Stafford, William,Hugo, Richard,Wright, James,Shapiro, Karl,Mezey, RobertGinsberg, Allen,Eberhart, Richard,Bly, RobertKumin, Maxine,Baraka, Amiri,Creeley, Robert,O'Hara, Frank,Dickey, JamesHayden, Robert,Plath, SylviaOppenheimer, Joel,Ciardi, John,Wilbur, Richard,Levertov, Denise,Ferlinghetti, LawrenceBrooks, Gwendolyn,Kees, Weldon,Justice, Donald,Sexton, Anne,Gioia, DanaNemerov, HowardAshbery, John,Rothenberg, Jerome,Kizer, CarolynCoxe, Louis O.,Bishop, Elizabeth,Snodgrass, W. D.--(William De Witt),19261926194919521953195419551958195919621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198919921994199519961997199819992000200120022004200520062007200820092010201120122013201417090132313811.54PS3545.A345ocn001858190ocn841172404ocn000005469ocn003669704ocn004983452ocn009622495ocn015164334ocn000900989ocn000329462ocn002213328ocn007265989ocn073797534ocn491085535ocn270154023ocn330911011ocn860901168ocn031925797ocn49846759512066ocn841172404file20050.47Wagoner, DavidGood morning and good night poemsBy continually discovering what's new in each day without forgetting yesterday's surprises, David Wagoner has succeeded in constantly expanding his range in a career that spans more than fifty years. In Good Morning and Good Night, this range includes his usual rich forays into nature and personalities, and poetry for all ages, young and old, amidst a vivid array of memories and explorations. Readers will find homages to the poets that have inspired him, as well as the bountiful lyricism that has made Wagoner's poetry one of our most enduring sources of delight and joy._x000B_Good Morning and Good Night features poems previously published in American Poetry Review, The American Scholar, Atlantic Monthly, Hudson Review, The Kenyon Review, New Letters, The New Republic, Poetry, Shenandoah, Southern Review, The Yale Review, and other leading literary journals._x000B__x000B_+-+744475707510398ocn001858190book19760.33Wagoner, DavidCollected poems (1956-1976)Poetry7656ocn000005469book19690.50Wagoner, DavidNew and selected poemsPoetry7256ocn003669704book19780.33Wagoner, DavidWho shall be the sun? : Poems based on the lore, legends, and myths of northwest coast and plateau IndiansPoetry7097ocn004983452book19790.30Wagoner, DavidIn broken country : poemsWith In Broken Country, David Wagoner augments his reputation as ... a strong voice of the Midwest and Far West. A deep love and respect for nature pervade these poems. Wagoner writes movingly of the individual's resolve to master his own life. ... As Arthur Oberg has observed in Poetry magazine, "Increasingly, he comes to share, with poets like Frost and Roethke, a respect for the otherness of things which can never be fully known, yet which can be approached if we possess enough reverence and awe." ... --Atlantic Monthly Press Donated by Prabu Vasan6775ocn811409228file20080.60Wagoner, DavidA map of the night poemsPoetryDavid Wagoners wide-ranging poetry buzzes and swells with life. Woods, streams, and fields fascinate him--he happily admits his devotion to Thoreau--but so do people and their habits, dear friends and family, the odd poet, and strangers who become even stranger when looked at closely. In this new collection, Wagoner catches the mixed feelings of a long drive, the sensations of walking against a current, the difficulty of writing poetry with noisily amorous neighbors, and many more uniquely familiar experiences+-+59688570756753ocn009622495book19830.23Wagoner, DavidFirst light : poems61710ocn000904068book19740.20Wagoner, DavidThe road to many a wonder; a novelRoman6023ocn015164334book19870.25Wagoner, DavidThrough the forest : new and selected poems, 1977-19875918ocn000900989book19740.50Wagoner, DavidSleeping in the woodsPoetry5804ocn000329462book19720.50Wagoner, DavidRiverbedPoetry5576ocn002213328book19760.29Wagoner, DavidWhole hog50418ocn070167612book19720.31Roethke, TheodoreStraw for the fire : from the notebooks of Theodore Roethke, 1943-63Notebooks, sketchbooks, etc+-+03974010064983ocn006889755book19810.26Wagoner, DavidLandfall : poemsA collection of poems by the author on a variety of subjects4976ocn001256880book19750.19Wagoner, DavidTrackerAn Indian and a young white man experience many dangers when they track down and attempt to capture a gang of bank robbers in Colorado in 18894422ocn000294676book19640.56Skelton, RobinFive poets of the Pacific Northwest : Kenneth O. Hanson, Richard Hugo, Carolyn Kizer, William Stafford, David Wagoner4311ocn437261450book20090.18The best American poetry 2009Presents an anthology of seventy-five poems, by writers such as Mark Doty, Tina Kelley, and Adrienne Rich, that explore life, freedom, and other topics, with an introductory essay from American poet David Wagoner+-+42244789254221ocn040251767book19990.30Wagoner, DavidTraveling light : collected and new poemsWitty, eloquent, and insightful, Traveling Light offers new and familiar treasures from a master observer of both the natural and the human worlds. In a style by turns direct and intricate, Wagoner distills the essential emotions from people's encounters with each other, with nature, and with themselves. Through his compassionate but unblinking eyes, we see ourselvs and the world that surrounds us more sharply delineated+-+03397570753895ocn000109922book19700.28Wagoner, DavidWhere is my wandering boy tonight?Fiction3854ocn756581379book20120.29Wagoner, DavidAfter the point of no returnPoetry""Wagoner's words are a living link to the world, enacting it so vitally that they feel like natural facts."-The Seattle TimesIn his twenty-fourth book of poetry, David Wagoner reflects on youth, love, regret, and expectation versus reality. Here a master writes at top form, back-dropped by life's curious moments and imagining Jesus as an untidy roommate or considering our final destination in "Beginner's Guide to Death.""After the Point of No Return"After that moment when you've lost all reason for going back where you started, when going ahead is no longer a Yes or No, but a matter of fact, you'll need to weigh, on the one hand, what will seem, on the other, almost nothing against something slightly more than nothing and must choose again and again, at points of fewer and fewer chances to guess, when and which way to turn.That's when you might stop thinking about stars and storm clouds, the direction of wind, the difference between rain and snow, the time of day or the lay of the land, about which trees mean water, which birds know what you need to know before it's too late, or what's right here under your feet, no longer able to tell you where it was you thought you had to go.David Wagoner is the author of two dozen books of poetry and ten novels. A longtime teacher at University of Washington, he was the editor at Poetry Northwest. He lives in Seattle, Washington. "--6562ocn015132698book19870.50Pinsker, SanfordThree Pacific northwest poets : William Stafford, Richard Hugo, and David WagonerCriticism, interpretation, etc2872ocn035650883book19970.80MacFarland, Ronald EThe world of David WagonerCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+45576584351632ocn020159230book19890.74McFarland, Ronald EDavid WagonerCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+32355893353241281ocn741563470book20120.92Turco, LewisDialects of the tribe : postmodern American poets and poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+5580571846181ocn047228925book20010.28Poetry criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcPresents literary criticism on the works of poets of all nations, cultures, and time periods. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, reviews, diaries, newspapers, broadsheets, pamphlets, and scholarly papers+-+936091232592ocn033243503book19940.92Durczak, JoannaTreading softly, speaking low : contemporary American poetry in the didactic modeCriticism, interpretation, etc71ocn008649681rcrd19810.82Wagoner, DavidDavid WagonerInterviewsDavid Wagoner reads selections from his poetry71ocn012913605rcrd19810.90Wagoner, DavidDavid Wagoner reads from "The escape artist"BiographyFictionFollowing a brief introduction to his life and work, author Wagoner reads the jail break sequence, along with some of the background about the protagonist, from his novel, The escape artist51ocn012913790rcrd19810.95Wagoner, DavidInterviewInterviewsAuthor Wagoner talks about his background and early influences, his mentor Theodore Roethke, his writing and teaching, and his poetry and novels41ocn027371698rcrd19810.87Wagoner, DavidDavid Wagner interview with Kay BonettiInterviewsDavid Wagoner talks about his life history, his family life related to his beginnings as an editor, and his influence on present people interested in the same field of work21ocn028375312mix1.00Hugo, RichardRichard Hugo papers and other materialsArchivesRecords and correspondenceYearbooksThe Richard Hugo papers and other materials document the career of the prominent Northwest poet, teacher and critic21ocn041751239mix19860.47Bierrum, JanetFive critical papersArt22ocn031641216rcrd19771.00Wagoner, David[Conversation and poetry readingLaura Jensen discusses David Wagoner and his influence on her. She reads several of his poems pertaining to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, its mystique, the effects of the logging industry, and the plight of the Indians. After a question and answer period, she reads some of her own poems22ocn013150609mix19840.92Miller, Gail TracyKinesthetic appeals in the poetic structures of William Stafford, David Wagoner and Richard HugoCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn456115425book19810.94Wagoner, DavidDavid Wagoner, special issueCriticism, interpretation, etcPeriodicalsInterviews11ocn498180040mix0.47Griffith, E. VE.V. Griffith papersGriffith's magazines typically highlighted one poet in each issue, and the archive contains manuscripts of the featured poet, extensive correspondence with the writer, and several photographs of him/her. Included are working files for all the issues of the little magazines and small press books Griffith edited and published between 1945 and 199511ocn702836512score19261.00Donovan, RichardThree part-songs, S.S.A.T.B., for unaccompanied chorus of solo voicesMusical settings11ocn057436124mix19521.00Wagoner, DavidCredo adorationRecords and correspondenceThe collection consists of a signed manuscript version of David Wagoner's poem, Credo Adoration, first written in 1952. The poem explores faith through observations of nature11ocn008556962mix19710.47Standal, BarbaraThemes in the poetry of David Wagoner : death, nature, and the human comedyCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn003493921book19761.00Cording, Robert KennethA new lyricism : David Wagoner and the instructional voiceCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+4224478925+-+4224478925Fri Feb 13 10:36:31 EST 2015batch27476