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Fri Mar 21 17:03:16 2014 UTClccn-n800112450.08First love : stories /0.320.84The chain with the knowledge and ready when you are, Mr. McGill /113626670Jack_Rosenthaln 800112458348558393765Rosenthal, Jack Morris 1931-2004lccn-n80144605Streisand, Barbraothprfsceprodrtausflmactlccn-n80143870Patinkin, Mandyprfactlccn-n86013871Irving, Amy1953-prfactlccn-n82004250Legrand, Michel1932-cmplccn-n79066617Singer, Isaac Bashevis1904-1991antprflccn-no2009111788Lemorande, Rustylccn-n80015727Metro-Goldwyn-Mayerlccn-no96013286Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inclccn-n85322429Persoff, Nehemiah1920-nc-ladbroke investments firmLadbroke Investments (Firm)Rosenthal, Jack1931-2004DramaFilm adaptationsBiographyFictionRadio playsJewish girlsYeshivasPolandDisguiseTalmud Torah (Judaism)Man-woman relationshipsRosenthal, Jack,Great BritainTelevision plays, EnglishSinger, Isaac Bashevis,EnglandMusicalsRevuesTelevision writersLongden, Deric,Longden, DianaMyalgic encephalomyelitis--PatientsWorld War (1939-1945)Television playsFilm adaptationsShip captainsMotion picture playsJewish womenEducationJewsOcean travelArctic RegionsDiscoveries in geographyEuropeEnglish fictionTaylor, Cecil P.,Television adaptationsJewish women--Religious lifeEnglish dramaFeminism--Religious aspects--JudaismSex role--Religious aspects--JudaismWomen in JudaismPassing (Identity)BoysBar mitzvahJewish childrenIndustrial relationsYoung women--Conduct of lifeCommunication in managementPersonnel managementInterpersonal relationsStudy skillsTalmudScreenwritersStudents193120041972197519761977197819791980198119831984198519861987198919901991199219931994199519971999200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013255151145791.4372PN1997ocn024708257ocn043820865ocn028373055ocn781361781ocn691228881ocn842472226ocn802899613ocn691663002ocn691831423ocn691332248ocn420249585ocn691541605ocn742686920ocn244484243116043ocn298862534visu19830.20Streisand, BarbraYentlFictionDramaFilm adaptationsYentl Mendel is the boyish daughter and only child of long widowed Rebbe Mendel. He teaches Talmud to local boys and secretly to Yentl since girls are not allowed to learn the law. When her father dies, Yentl is left all alone. She makes the momentous decision to leave the village and, disguised as a boy and calling herself Anshel, she seeks and gets admitted to a Yeshiva to study. She befriends Avigdor who is engaged to Haddas. Her family calls off the wedding when they discover Avigdor's brother committed suicide. Anshel then finds 'him'-self in the awkward position of being called into service as substitute bridegroom. But Haddas still wants Avigdor. After numerous complications, including Avidor and Yentl falling in love with each other and she telling him her secret, everyone gets what they want in life. Anshel, now Yentl once again, goes off to America to pursue her dream of serious study in Yeshiva, where she will be able to study without needing to hide her identity as a woman1625ocn036974398visu19890.17And a nightingale sangDramaFilm adaptationsA bittersweet comedy/drama set in England during World War II telling the story of the soldiers who sought to escape the horror of war in the comfort of a woman's arms1296ocn006043346book19780.31Rosenthal, JackThree award-winning television playsBar Mitzvah boy - The evacuees - Spend, spend, spend1166ocn013581390book19860.84Rosenthal, JackThe chain with the knowledge and ready when you are, Mr. McGill744ocn052615880visu20020.16Captain JackFictionDramaCaptain Jack is an irascible sea captain with strong antipathy for authority, a fondness for the ladies and an obsession with his predecessor, Captain Scoresby, who sailed from England to the Arctic in 1791. Incensed by greater respect for Captain Cook, Jack determines to trace Scoresby's original 1300 mile voyage to the Arctic and install a plaque in his honor682ocn052950605visu20030.17The wedding giftDramaFilm adaptationsAs a final act of affection for her husband, a dying woman orchestrates a gift of love for him by secretly setting him up with another woman. Based on a true story652ocn019263371book19890.84Rosenthal, JackLondon's burning : the screenplay of the original film of London's burning591ocn013794794book19840.25Rosenthal, JackP'tang, yang, kipperbang, and other TV plays+-+4438777305324542ocn012516187book19840.08Rosenthal, JackFirst love : stories374ocn070450116book19780.31Rosenthal, JackBar Mitzvah boy and other television plays281ocn059164442book19860.18Rosenthal, JackThe chain191ocn033209092book19950.21Rosenthal, JackWide-eyed and legless / based on the true story by Deric Longden / editors, Geoff Barton and Jane Christopher97ocn551962575book19810.22Legrand, MichelYentl : Vocal Score from the Original Soundtrack91ocn005542130book19780.53Rosenthal, JackBar mitzvah boy; The evacuees; Spend, spend, spend81ocn772462328com20110.18Rosenthal, JackBar mitzvah boyDramaRadio plays82ocn786210834rcrd20070.17Rosenthal, JackJack Rosenthal's last act an autobiographical play in four actsBiographyDramaRadio playsRosenthal's autobiography is set out as a screenplay, with himself as the main character, the storylines that of his own life, the supporting cast drawn from the many wonderful and sometimes eccentric people who touched and shared his life+-+047221059632462ocn223736750visu19800.47When will they realise we're living in the 20th century?A humourous demonstration of poor industrial relations, of how problems become enlarged, attitudes harden and relationships break down54ocn225205049visu19790.28Rosenthal, JackThe KnowledgeThere are over 13,000 cabbies in London and every one (like all their predecessors for over 140 years) has to pass an exam called "The Knowledge of London". This is the story of four men and their attempts to become cab drivers. In the process they acquire a different kind of knowledge: knowledge of themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, of what they want from life and how the knowledge itself is the means of getting it. The characters in "The Knowledge" are all fictitious, but the official ordeal they undergo and thi incidents that occur during the examination process are all entirely factual51ocn748241452visu20110.29Jack Rosenthal at the BBCJack Rosenthal's name stands high in the list of television's greatest dramatists. With a career that started on early episodes of Coronation Street, he was well-advised to launch into writing plays and began by drawing on his own experiences in The Evacuees directed by a young Alan Parker. Jack Rosenthal brought to his writing knowledge of, and love for, the everyman; the man or woman in the street, the worker, labourer, taxi driver, parent and child. Witty, insightful, rich in irony and human observation, even his villains reveal a human side he couldn't resist exploring. These five plays capture a playwright at his zenith, in a range of work that speaks both to his experience and his empathy. Featuring Maureen Lipman, Maria Charles, Adrienne Posta, Jonathan Lynn, John Duttine, Tom Wilkinson, Anna Carteret and Laura Howard, they are sure to be treasured by anyone who appreciates fine drama - or anyone who simply enjoys life41ocn016372875book19760.27Medical and surgical aspects of renovascular hypertension : International Symposium, May 30-31, 1976, Gu╠łnzburg3036ocn808600395file20090.76Vice, SueJack RosenthalCriticism, interpretation, etcJack Rosenthal is one of Britain's most highly-regarded TV dramatists. This book offers an analysis of Rosenthal's best-known works, drawing on archival material as well as interviews with many of his collaborators, incluing Jonathan Lynn and Don Black+-+99522546251743ocn057167876book20050.21Rosenthal, JackBy Jack Rosenthal : an autobiography in six actsBiography+-+739205613661ocn172901273com20070.08Rosenthal, JackJack Rosenthal's last actBiographyDramaRadio playsJack Rosenthal had always resisted writing an autobiography, until he hit on an original way of writing it: it would be as a screenplay, with himself as the central character, the storyline that of his own life, the supporting cast drawn from the many wonderful and sometimes eccentric people who touched, shaped and shared that life. What a prospect, coming from the author of such memorable classics as Bar Mitzvah boy, The evacuees, London's burning, The knowledge and P'tang Yang, Kipperbang, a writer who uniquely won three successive BAFTA Awards. The story moves from Manchester in the 30s - via school, evacuation, university, the Navy, the early days of Granada TV (he wrote 129 pioneering episodes of Coronation Street), the Busby Boys, marriage and life with Maureen Lipman, fatherhood, writing the famous plays, working with Streisand - to Muswell Hill in the 90s. Sharp, funny, evocative, teeming with memorable stories and characters21ocn277265971rcrd20070.17Rosenthal, JackJack Rosenthal's last act an autobiographical play in four actsBiographyDramaRadio playsRosenthal's autobiography is set out as a screenplay, with himself as the main character, the storylines that of his own life, the supporting cast drawn from the many wonderful and sometimes eccentric people who touched and shared his life+-+0472210596324+-+4438777305324+-+4438777305324Fri Mar 21 15:28:36 EDT 2014batch19032