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Thu Oct 16 17:56:47 2014 UTClccn-n801207430.18Random House Webster's concise dictionary /0.290.82Yiddish and English : the story of Yiddish in America /27094153Sol_Steinmetzn 80120743501328lccn-n79022203Barnhart, Robert K.edtlccn-n79022821Barnhart, Clarence Lewis1900-edtlccn-n85147501Kipfer, Barbara Annlccn-n2002054941Levine, Charles M.viaf-166306400Stevens, Payson R.lccn-n93004704Braham, Carol G.lccn-n79046155Sender, Ramón José1901-1982np-baoukis, connieBaoukis, Connienc-national cryptologic school u sNational Cryptologic School (U.S.)lccn-n98005340Kaplan, JudySteinmetz, SolDictionariesTerms and phrasesGlossaries, vocabularies, etcHistoryEnglish languageEnglish language--New wordsEnglish language--EtymologyScienceUnited StatesJews--LanguagesEnglish language--Foreign words and phrases--YiddishYiddish languageEnglish language--Social aspectsLexicologyLanguage and cultureEnglish language--SemanticsYiddish literatureJudaismEnglish language--Foreign words and phrases--HebrewJewsElectronic dictionariesYiddish language--Transliteration into EnglishInteractive multimedia19302010196319681973197419751980198119851986198719881990199319951996199819992000200120022003200420052006200820092010201120131121835161423PE1630ocn000640787ocn000758096ocn024235024ocn301526561ocn440342897ocn579091820ocn395451413ocn468604673ocn757444986ocn75706634522446ocn016832876book19880.25Barnhart, Robert KThe Barnhart dictionary of etymologyDictionariesContains over 30,000 entries with word derivations, spelling, pronunciation, and meanings. Also traces how the meanings have developed over time147312ocn021301635book19900.27Barnhart, Robert KThird Barnhart dictionary of new EnglishDictionariesTerms and phrases140811ocn006647333book19800.29Barnhart, Clarence LThe Second Barnhart dictionary of new EnglishDictionaries13279ocn000640787book19630.29Barnhart, Clarence LThe Barnhart dictionary of new English since 1963DictionariesExplains and illustrates the use of numerous American, British, and Canadian terms that have become part of the English language in recent years7297ocn014914359book19860.23Barnhart, Robert KHammond Barnhart dictionary of scienceDictionaries5494ocn065521621book20060.35Steinmetz, SolThe life of language : the fascinating ways words are born, live & dieTerms and phrases"The Life of Language offers fascinating answers to these and many other questions. From baby talk and back-formations to neologisms and nonce words, this often humorous guide to word formation chronicles the many paths words take into-and out of-the English language. An exciting journey through a constantly-changing sea of words, The Life of Language will expand your vocabulary and help you gain a deeper understanding of the development and use of words. Book jacket."--BOOK JACKET+-+98667202855057ocn017878257book19680.21Barnhart, Robert KThe American Heritage dictionary of scienceDictionaries+-+521839048547817ocn041581681book19880.21Barnhart, Robert KChambers dictionary of etymologyDictionariesThis is a scholarly dictionary of word origin designed to be a useful reference source for the general reader as well as an important etymological resource for the expert. It contains over 30,000 entries+-+95879650054219ocn011133021book19850.59Steinmetz, SolYiddish and English : a century of Yiddish in AmericaHistoryGlossaries, vocabularies, etcIndex. Glossary37226ocn000758096book19730.31Barnhart, Clarence LDictionary of new English, 1963-1972Dictionaries3637ocn290470352book20100.21Steinmetz, SolThere's a word for it : the explosion of the American language since 1900Describes the evolution of the American language between the twentieth and twenty-first century, examining words and the American culture during each decade, and providing year-by-year lists of words+-+02617902853545ocn148836336book20080.23Steinmetz, SolSemantic antics : how and why words change meaningLexicographer Steinmetz conducts an in-depth, fascinating journey to learn how hundreds of words have evolved from their first meaning to the meanings used today+-+97617902852613ocn049681681book20020.22Stevens, Payson RMeshuggenary : celebrating the world of YiddishAn introduction to the Yiddish language and its culture in America throughout the past century considers its grammatical and vocabulary basics, offers a wealth of expressions and insults, and profiles Yiddish influences on the arts, food, and education+-+07927789252526ocn048920152book20020.70Steinmetz, SolDictionary of Jewish usage : a guide to the use of Jewish termsGlossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionaries+-+52389079251513ocn045714868book20010.82Steinmetz, SolYiddish and English : the story of Yiddish in America+-+88566826351254ocn028761813book19930.18Random House Webster's concise dictionaryDictionariesWith a core vocabulary of 60,000 entries, this updated dictionary also includes new words, such as "chat room, 24/7", and "profiling", as well as updated business, biographical, and geographical entries, and more+-+5288380985871ocn038266080book19980.21Webster's American family dictionaryDictionariesThis original dictionary is the only reference book of its kind. Over 240,000 up-to-date entries and definitions offer special coverage of words, phrases, and ideas not fully treated in other standard references. It includes American history and civics, charts of American presidents, Supreme court justices, Bible terms, cultural literacy, American folklore, and popular phrases and sayings. Reflecting our common moral and civic values, this dictionary also includes important documents that define American and Judeo-Christian tradition. Comprehensive and up-to-date, it avoids objectionable vocabulary and features sensitive coverage of controversial ideas+-+3653094215803ocn036142779book19930.19Webster's desk dictionaryDictionariesMost complete, comprehensive and compact dictionary for school and office+-+834636260563ocn440342897book19960.24N/ARandom House Webster's unabridged dictionaryDictionariesProvides entries for over 315,000 words and phrases, and includes a list of over 1,100 new words+-+717509421561ocn464179664book19800.47Barnhart, Clarence LThe Barnhart dictionary of new English+-+9866720285+-+9866720285Thu Oct 16 15:25:21 EDT 2014batch14436