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Fri Mar 21 17:12:06 2014 UTClccn-n801260880.06Ho Chi Minh /0.410.96Nhật ký trong tù /39391273Ho_Chi_Minhn 801260882076206506565Anh BaAnh Ba 1890-1969Bác-Hồ 1890-1969Chàng VuongChàng Vương 1890-1969Cho Ši Min, 1890-1969Hō, Čhi Min.Hō, Čhi Min, 1890-1969Hô Chí MinhHồ Chí Minh, 1890-1969Hô-chu-Tịch 1890-1969Hồ QuangHô ̀ Quang 1890-1969Ho Schi Min 1890-1969Ho Ši Min, 1890-1969Ho Ši Mins, 1890-1969Ho Szi MinHo, Tschi Minh.Ho-tschi-Minh 1890-1969Ho Tsji Minh, 1890-1969Hu, Chih-ming.Hu, Chih-ming, 1890-1969Hu, Zhiming, 1890-1969Kho, Shi Min.Kho, Shi Min, 1890-1969Lan, T. 1890-1969 PseudonymLý ThụyLý Thụy 1890-1969Minh, Hồ Chí 1890-1969Nguy En Ai Qucoc, 1890-1969Nguy En Tcat Thanh, 1890-1969Nguy Ho Chi MinhNguyên Ai QuôcNguyên Ai Quôc, 1890-1969Nguyễn-ái-Quốc 1890-1969 PseudonymNguyễn, Sinh CungNguyễn Sinh Cung, 1890-1969Nguyên Tat ThanhNguyên Tat Thanh, 1890-1969Nguyễn Tát ThankNguyêñ Tát Thank 1890-1969Nguyễn-thất-Thanh 1890-1969 Wirklicher NameNguyênTât Thành.Quò̂c, Nguyẽ̂n Ái, 1890-1969T. LanT. Lan 1890-1969Tân Sinh.Tân Sinh, 1890-1969Thanh, Nguyẽ̂n Tá̂t, 1890-1969Thầu ChínThâù Chín 1890-1969Tôńg, Văn SoTống Văn Sơ, 1890-1969Trần, Dân TiênTrâǹ Dân Tiên 1890-1969Trần, LụcTrâǹ Lực 1890-1969Vuong Son NhiVương Sơn Nhi 1890-1969X.Y.ZX. Y. Z. 1890-1969Хо Ши Мин, 1890-1969ホー・チー・ミン胡志明胡志明, 1890-1969Lan, T., 1890-1969containsVIAFID/83472853X. Y. Z., 1890-1969lccn-n80032688Lacouture, Jeanlccn-n80097411Duiker, William J.1932-lccn-n50011575Fall, Bernard B.1926-1967comedtlccn-n79021654Halberstam, Davidlccn-n82121280Brocheux, Pierreviaf-27349856DeCaro, Peter Anthonyviaf-121564457Huyen, N. Khaclccn-no99054522Sainteny, Jeannp-briffault, hermaBriffault, Hermalccn-n86104374Lloyd, Dana OhlmeyerHồ, Chí Minh1890-1969HistoryBiographyDiariesPoetrySourcesHồ, Chí Minh,VietnamVietnam (Democratic Republic)PresidentsPolitical scienceLanguage and languagesCommunismInternational relationsUnited StatesSecret serviceWorld War (1939-1945)ChinaPolitical prisonersPhan, Bội Châu,FranceColoniesPresidents--BiographyVietnam War (1961-1975)Anti-imperialist movementsNationalismSoekarno,Southeast AsiaStatesmenNational liberation movementsVietnam War (1961-1975)--PeaceRevolutionsArmed Forces--OfficersVisits of stateRevolutionariesLiu, Shaoqi,Heads of stateRevolutionImprisonmentChinese poetryRevolutions and socialismColonizationPolitical and social viewsIndonesiaColonies--AdministrationUnited States.--Office of Strategic ServicesVietnamese poetryPrisoners' writingsPacific AreaEast AsiaIndochinaGovernment, Resistance toVietnam (Republic)Đảng lao động Việt-NamPhilosophyCaptivity18901969189419241925192619361937193819451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320143190224224099959.7040924DS557.A76ocn064067350ocn247768603ocn247060912ocn249555429ocn633444845ocn247344298ocn245759018ocn185194973ocn725054315ocn762590797ocn526427261ocn690905621ocn767327622ocn463484390ocn761281213ocn073856142ocn083275431Presidents156417ocn002164528book19670.37Hồ, Chí MinhOn revolution : selected writings, 1920-66History4146ocn000068516book19690.70Hồ, Chí MinhHo Chi Minh: selected articles and speeches, 1920-1967History2337ocn000429688book19670.76Hồ, Chí MinhAgainst U.S. aggression for national salvation2254ocn166315375book20070.66Hồ, Chí MinhDown with colonialism!Selections from the writings of Ho Chi Minh+-+62262199361872ocn012978902book19850.86Thai, Quang TrungCollective leadership and factionalism : an essay on Ho Chi Minh's legacy13413ocn001573168book19730.73Hồ, Chí MinhSelected writings (1920-1969)History+-+128802343512113ocn019356493book19670.35Hồ, Chí MinhHo Chi Minh on revolution : selected writings, 1920-66HistorySourcesIn search of a mission (1920-24) -- Comintern way (1924-30) -- Revolution and liberation war (1930-54) -- Reconstruction and errors (1954-60) -- At war again (1960-66)1068ocn003802180book19600.90Hồ, Chí MinhSelected worksHistory8713ocn009278087book19600.76Hồ, Chí MinhŒuvres choisiesHistory833ocn000617572book19690.92Hồ, Chí MinhPresident Ho Chi Minh's testament. Appeal and last tribute of the Central Committee of the Viet Nam Workers' Party833ocn002581543book19670.86Hồ, Chí MinhPresident Ho chi Minh answers President L. B. JohnsonS. 27-28: U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson's message to President Ho Chi Minh8227ocn002660626book19630.93Hồ, Chí MinhCarnet de prison : fragments6938ocn010693164book19600.96Hồ, Chí MinhNhật ký trong tùDiariesPoetryCollection of poems by President Hồ Chí Minh written when he was imprisoned in Quanxi,China, 1942698ocn406937090book19980.79Hồ, Chí MinhLe Procès de la colonisation française698ocn006938998book19680.73Hồ, Chí MinhDe la révolution, 1920-1966673ocn003563267book19730.86Hồ, Chí MinhHô Chí Minh : selected writings, 1920-1969History647ocn003456911book19630.93Liu, ShaoqiJoint statement of Chairman Liu Shao-chi and President Ho Chi Minh626ocn012577667book19680.86Hồ, Chí MinhAction et révolution, 1920-1967615ocn017558464book19670.59Hồ, Chí MinhRevolution und nationaler Befreiungskampf; ausgewählte Reden und Schriften 1920-19686019ocn004985844book19710.81Hồ, Chí MinhÉcrits (1920-1969)History217716ocn000438439book19670.28Lacouture, JeanHo Chi Minh; a political biographyBiography195811ocn043541206book20000.25Duiker, William JHo Chi MinhHistoryBiographyDescribes Ho Chi Minh's poverty-stricken youth, his expatriate years in the U.S., France, and the Soviet Union, and his commitment to the Vietnamese revolution and reunification of Vietnam under Communist rule+-+K652331325153411ocn000126754book19710.28Halberstam, DavidHoBiographyAppreciative portrait of the life and career of Ho Chi Minh+-+5744007925113311ocn070778352book20000.32Brocheux, PierreHo Chi Minh : a biographyHistoryBiographyHo Chi Minh is one of the towering figures of the twentieth century, considered an icon and father of the nation by many Vietnamese. Pierre Brocheux's biography of Ho Chi Minh is a brilliant feat of historical engineering. In a concise and highly readable account, he negotiates the many twists and turns of Ho Chi Minh's life and his multiple identities, from impoverished beginnings as a communist revolutionary to his founding of the Indochina Communist Party and the League for Independence of Vietnam, and ultimately to his leadership of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and his death in 1969. Biographical events are adroitly placed within the broader historical canvas of colonization, decolonization, communism, war, and nation building. Brocheux's vivid and convincing portrait of Ho Chi Minh goes further than any previous biography in explaining both the myth and the man, as well as the times in which he was situated+-+77150367059486ocn138326785com20020.53DeCaro, Peter AnthonyRhetoric of revolt Ho Chi Minh's discourse for revolutionHistory+-+96692402753248103ocn000158685book19710.31Huyen, N. KhacVision accomplished? The enigma of Ho Chi Minh6263ocn000309061book19720.37Sainteny, JeanHo Chi Minh and his Vietnam : a personal memoirRecounts his meetings and talks with Ho Chi Minh from 1945 to 19665991ocn013760017book19860.06Lloyd, Dana OhlmeyerHo Chi MinhJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of the Vietnamese leader who led his people in the struggle for independence from France and in the later war with South Vietnam5684ocn000150930book19710.06Archer, JulesHo chi Minh: legend of HanoiHistoryJuvenile worksA biography of the Vietnamese peasant who led his people in a successful revolution for independence from France and in the war with South Vietnam5683ocn000783322book19730.35Fenn, CharlesHo Chi Minh; a biographical introduction4933ocn062326795book20060.63Bartholomew-Feis, Dixee RThe OSS and Ho Chi Minh : unexpected allies in the war against Japan"Some will be shocked to learn that the United States and Ho Chi Minh, our nemesis for much of the Vietnam War, were once allies. Indeed, during the last year of World War II, American agents in Indochina found themselves working closely with Ho Chi Minh and other anticolonial factions - compelled by circumstances to fight together against the Japanese. Dixee Bartholomew-Feis reveals how this relationship emerged and operated and how it affected Vietnam's struggle for independence." "The men of General William Donovan's newly formed Office of Strategic Services collaborated closely with communist groups in both Europe and Asia against the Axis enemies. In Vietnam, this meant that OSS officers worked with Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh, whose ultimate aim was to rid the region of all imperialist powers, not just the Japanese. Ho, for his part, did whatever he could to encourage the OSS's negative view of the French, who were desperate to regain their colony. Revealing details not previously known about their covert operations, Bartholomew-Feis chronicles the exploits of these allies as the developed their network of informants, sabotaged the Japanese occupation's infrastructure, conducted guerilla operations, and searched for downed American fliers and Allied POWs." "Although the OSS did not bring Ho Chi Minh to power, Bartholomew-Feis shows that its apparent support for the Viet Minh played a significant symbolic role in helping them fill the power vacuum left in the wake of Japan's surrender. Her study also hints that had America continued to champion the anticolonials and their quest for independence, rather than caving in to the French, we might have been spared our long and very lethal war in Vietnam." "Based partly on interviews with surviving OSS agents who served in Vietnam, Bartholomew-Feis's narrative and insights speak to the yearnings of an oppressed people - and remind us that history does indeed make strange bedfellows."--BOOK JACKET+-+66896155254302ocn000314262book19720.39Neumann-Hoditz, ReinholdPortrait of Ho Chi Minh : an illustrated biography3842ocn003650070book19780.66Reflections from captivityBiography3758ocn048501356book20020.70Quinn-Judge, SophieHo Chi Minh : the missing years, 1919-1941Biography"This book explores Ho's pre-power political career, from his emergence at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 to his organisation of the Viet Minh united front at the start of the Second World War. Using previously untapped sources from Comintern and French intelligence archives, Sophie Quinn-Judge examines Ho's life in the light of two interconnecting themes - the origins and institutional development of the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP), and the impact on early Vietnamese communism of political developments in China and the Soviet Union."--Book jacket+-+48808757053244ocn757471264book20120.21Dương, Thu HươngThe zenithHistoryFictionHistorical fiction"...An intimate, imagined account of the final months in the life of President Ho Chi Minh at an isolated mountaintop compound where he is imprisoned both physically and emotionally, weaving his story in with those of his wife's brother-in-law, an elder in a small village town, and a close friend and political ally, to explore how we reconcile the struggles of the human heart with the external world."--Provided by publisher22311ocn002042932book19620.81Hồ, Chí MinhPrison diary.Diaries1963ocn000570737book19720.73Warbey, WilliamHo Chi Minh and the struggle for an independent VietnamHistory1832ocn014142816book19710.59Hồ, Chí MinhThe prison diary of Ho Chi MinhDagbogen blev skrevet i perioden 28 August 1942 - 16 september 1943 da Nguyen that thanh,alias Nguyen Ai Quooc, alias Ho Chi Minh var fange i det Chiang Kai-shek's fængsel i det sydlige Kina. Bogen er ikke en dagbog som vi kender det i Vesten, men den er skrevet på vers1616ocn000206507book19700.86Our President Ho-Chi-Minh15410ocn026782450visu19920.56From the barrel of a gunHistoryDescribes the revolution began by Asia's political leaders following WW II. Shows how the Pacific war, the cultural revolution in China and the Vietnam War stem from the roots of nationalism. The end of colonial dominance and the subsequent rise of nationalism and communism are told through the lives of Ho Chi Minh, The Vietnamese revolutionary, and Sukarno, the founding father of Indonesia+-+6226219936+-+6226219936Fri Mar 21 16:08:03 EDT 2014batch79484