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Thu Oct 16 18:02:56 2014 UTClccn-n800148680.25Empire of the czar : a journey through eternal Russia /0.630.98Markiz protiv imperii, ili, Puteshestvii︠a︡ Ki︠u︡stina, Balʹzaka i Di︠u︡ma v Rossii︠u︡ /95255917Marquis_de_Custinen 80014868397325Custine 1790-1857 marquis deCustine 1790-1857 marquis de (Astolphe)Custine, A. de.Custine, AdolpheCustine Adolphe 1790-1857Custine, Adolphe de 1790-1857Custine, Adolphe, Marquis deCustine, Astolf de 1790-1857Custine, AstolpheCustine, Astolphe de marquis deCustine, Astolphe Louis LéonardCustine, Astolphe Louis Léonard 1790-1857 marquis deCustine, Astolphe Louis Léonard de 1790-1857Custine, Astolphe Louis Léonard marquis deCustine, Astolphe Louis Léonard, marquis de, 1790-1857Custine, Astolphe Louis Léonor.Custine, Astolphe-Louis-Léonor 1790-1857Custine, Astolphe marquis deCustine, ... de 1790-1857Custine, de 1790-1857 MarquisCustine, de, Marquis, 1790-1857Custine marquis deCustine Marquis de 1790-1857Custine, marquis de (Astolphe), 1790-1857De Custine, Adolphe Louis Léonardde Custine, AstolpheDe Custine, Astolphe 1790-1857 marquisDe Custine, Astolphe marquisDe Custine, Astolphe, marquis, 1790-1857de-Kûstin, MarkizKi︠u︡stin 1790-1857 markiz de-Ki︠u︡stin 1790-1857 markiz de- (Adolʹf)Ki︠u︡stin, Adolʹf 1790-1857 markiz deKi︠u︡stin, Adolʹf, markiz de, 1790-1857Ki︠u︡stin, Astolʹf 1790-1857 markiz deKi︠u︡stin, Astolʹf deKi︠u︡stin, Astolʹf, markiz de, 1790-1857Ki︠u︡stin, markiz de- (Adolʹf), 1790-1857Kjustin, Astol'f 1790-1857 markiz deKjustín, Astolʹf deKjustin, Astolʹf de 1790-1857Kjustin, Astolf d'o 1790-1857Kjustin, Astol'f, markiz de, 1790-1857Kûstin, Markiz de.Marquis de CustineКюстин, Адольф 1790-1857 Маркиз ДеКюстин, Адольф, Маркиз Де, 1790-1857Кюстин, Астольф 1790-1857 Маркиз ДеКюстин, Астольф Луи Леонард 1790-1857 Маркиз ДеКюстин, Астольф Луи Леонард, Маркиз Де, 1790-1857lccn-n87857545Kohler, Phyllis Pennlccn-n81137590Grudzinska Gross, Irenalccn-n82050945Muhlstein, Ankaedtlccn-no96042483Luppé, Albert Marie Pierremarquis de1893-edtlccn-n86112120Buss, Robinlccn-n85063543Tarn, Julien-Frédéric1947-auinp-la grange, edouard le lievre$marquis de$1796 1876La Grange, Édouard Le Lièvremarquis de1796-1876lccn-n78089038StaëlMadame de(Anne-Louise-Germaine)1766-1817lccn-n96016872Данченко, В. Гnp-gagern, friedrich balduin$freiherr von$1794 1848Gagern, Friedrich BalduinFreiherr von1794-1848Custine, Astolphemarquis de1790-1857Records and correspondenceHistorySourcesDramaTravelRussiaCustine, Astolphe,--marquis de,Soviet UnionFrancePolitical scienceSocial historyRussie en 1839 (Custine, Astolphe, marquis de)De la démocratie en Amérique (Tocqueville, Alexis de)Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)DemocracyRevolution (France : 1789-1799)United StatesRomanticismAuthors, FrenchRussia (Federation)Gay menManners and customsNational characteristics, RussianVisitors, ForeignStaël,--Madame de--(Anne-Louise-Germaine),French--TravelCenci, Beatrice,French fictionFrench drama (Tragedy)SpainFerdinand--VII,--King of Spain,Balzac, Honoré de,Dumas, Alexandre,Varnhagen von Ense, Karl August,EuropeScotlandItalyEnglandGreat BritainCaucasus, SouthIntellectual life179018571829183018331834183518361837183818391840184318441845184618471848185418551856185918681869187018721885190119101925193019321939194319461948195119531956195719581959196019611963196819701971197219751976197719781979198019821983198519871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200520072008200920102011201220146652229923947.07DK25ocn021951758ocn051958333ocn880372844ocn494443608ocn691857394ocn762527893ocn465580315ocn80126924978223ocn001332995book19510.59Custine, AstolpheJourney for our time; the journals of the Marquis de Custine+-+613217043534273ocn010943569book18430.84Custine, AstolpheLa Russie en 183917316ocn002619650book18440.86Custine, AstolpheRussia16818ocn830940207book18290.82Custine, AstolpheAloys, ou, Le relìgìeux du Mont Saint-Bernard15041ocn299436326book18380.84Custine, AstolpheL'Espagne sous Ferdinand VIIHistorySources12915ocn002079105book19250.90Custine, AstolpheLettres inédites au marquis de La Grange844ocn830981765file18330.86Custine, AstolpheBeatrix Cenci tragédie en cinq actes et en versDrama8019ocn011241423book19460.86Custine, AstolpheLettres de Russie7817ocn409100041book18300.77Custine, AstolpheMémoires et voyages ou Lettres écrites à diverses époques, pendant des courses en Suisse, en Calabre, en Angleterre et en Écosse+-+85644957663246516ocn461382877book19750.74Custine, AstolpheLettres de Russie = la Russie en 18395627ocn166019662book18430.31Custine, AstolpheLa Russie en 1839564ocn003395804book19700.90Custine, AstolpheAloys; ou, Le religieux du Mont Saint-Bernard. Roman. Précédé de Un martyr du romantisme: Custine5528ocn313632829book18430.31Custine, AstolpheLa Russie en 18395110ocn011897776book18430.79Custine, AstolpheThe empire of the Czar; or, Observations on the social, political, and religious state and prospects of Russia, made during a journey through that empire4925ocn166019663book18430.31Custine, AstolpheLa Russie en 1839475ocn009806111book19100.88Custine, AstolpheZapiski o Rossii4724ocn166019664book18430.30Custine, AstolpheLa Russie en 18393615ocn018744466book19880.47Custine, AstolpheListy z Rosji : Rosja w 1839 roku294ocn010503555book19580.79Custine, AstolphePravda pro Rosii︠u︡2912ocn043976236book19460.92Custine, AstolpheLettres de Russie; avec une introd. de l'éditeur [Henri Massis]9896ocn018417529book19880.25Custine, AstolpheEmpire of the czar : a journey through eternal RussiaTranslation of: La Russie en 1839. Describes a French aristocrat's adventures a century and a half ago, painting portraits of the Russians from the Czar and his courtiers to the peasants+-+K1766903856395ocn044955150file19910.63Grudzińska-Gross, IrenaThe scar of revolution Custine, Tocqueville, and the romantic imaginationHistory+-+26082557053242975ocn024375706book19910.63Custine, AstolpheLetters from RussiaThe Marquis de Custine's record of his trip to Russia in 1839 is a brilliantly perceptive, even prophetic, account of one of the world's most fascinating and troubled countries. It is also a wonderful piece of travel writing. Custine, who met with people in all walks of life, including the Czar himself, offers vivid descriptions of St. Petersburg and Moscow, of life at court and on the street, and of the impoverished Russian countryside. But together with a wealth of sharply delineated incident and detail, Custine's great work also presents an indelible picture'roundly denounced by both Czarist and Communist regimes'of a country crushed by despotism and "intoxicated with slavery." Letters from Russia, here published in a new edition prepared by Anka Muhlstein, the author of the Goncourt Prize-winning biography of Custine, stands with Tocqueville's Democracy in America as a profound and passionate encounter with historical forces that are still very much at work in the world today+-+66377859451841ocn042962935book19990.39Muhlstein, AnkaA taste for freedom : the life of Astolphe de CustineBiographyBiografie van Astolphe de Custine (1790-1857; zoon van de beroemde Franse generaal uit de Amerikaanse Vrijheidsoorlog), de markies die in het 19e-eeuwse Parijs geen geheim maakte van zijn homoseksualiteit en openlijk samenleefde met zijn levensgezel Edward Sainte-Barbe+-+26983403361645ocn016523085book19510.59Custine, AstolpheJourney for our time; the journals of the Marquis de Custine+-+6132170435892ocn002401526book19760.77Custine, AstolpheCustine's eternal Russia : a new edition of Journey for our time872ocn027008616book19910.95Rossii︠a︡ pervoĭ poloviny XIX v. glazami inostrant︠s︡ev862ocn013360241book19850.93Tarn, Julien-FrédéricLe marquis de Custine, ou, Les malheurs de l'exactitudeBiography745ocn024421310book19900.93Liechtenhan, Francine-DominiqueAstolphe de Custine : voyageur et philosopheCriticism, interpretation, etc611ocn007957908book19630.86Custine, AstolpheCustine609ocn024622017book19900.84Custine, AstolpheNikolaevskai︠a︡ Rossii︠a︡Sources581ocn036241207book19960.92Muhlstein, AnkaAstolphe de Custine, 1790-1857 : le dernier marquisBiography533ocn024652687book18430.84Custine, AstolpheLa Russie en 1839522ocn003991559book19570.88Luppé, AlbertAstolphe de Custine461ocn005228047book19560.92Custine, AstolpheSouvenirs et portraits402ocn002137857book19750.74Custine, AstolpheLettres de Russie = la Russie en 1839393ocn031624345book19930.98Bui︠a︡nov, M. IMarkiz protiv imperii, ili, Puteshestvii︠a︡ Ki︠u︡stina, Balʹzaka i Di︠u︡ma v Rossii︠u︡Biography342ocn018750490book19680.92Rubino, Anna MariaAlla ricerca di Astolphe de Custine. Sei studi con documenti inediti332ocn007574174book19790.90Custine, AstolpheLettres à Varnhagen d'EnseRecords and correspondence301ocn772475593book20110.97Esin, SergeĭMarkiz : romanHistoryFiction+-+6637785945+-+6637785945Thu Oct 16 15:49:18 EDT 2014batch32858