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Fri Mar 21 17:11:32 2014 UTClccn-n800155720.00Baker, Howard (Henry, Jr.)0.621.00Martin Gold : counsel to Senator Mark Hatfield, 1972-1976, counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 1976-1977, counsel to the Senate Rules Committee, 1977-1979, counsel to the Senate Republican Leader, 1979-1982, 2003-2004 : oral history interviews, December 9-29, 200345107323Howard_Bakern 80015572398022Baker, H. (Howard), 1925-Baker, Howard, 1925-Baker, Howard H. (Howard Henry), 1925-Baker, Howard Henry, 1925-lccn-n79022161United StatesCongressSenatelccn-n79016398Byrd, Robert C.lccn-no99077862Lott, Trent1941-lccn-n79132138Mansfield, Mike1903-2001lccn-n94052343Annis, J. Lee(James Lee)1957-lccn-n78095330United Stateslccn-n81134071Smithsonian InstitutionBoard of Regentslccn-n78008230United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Foreign Relationslccn-n79125216United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Rules and Administrationlccn-n81151906White, George M.(George Malcolm)1920-2011Baker, Howard H.Jr(Howard Henry)1925-Pictorial worksHistoryCatalogsRhythm and blues musicPopular musicSoul musicUnited StatesPolitical scienceLeadershipInternational relationsBaker, Howard H.,--Jr.--(Howard Henry),Presidents--ElectionEconomic policySpeeches, addresses, etc., AmericanLegislatorsUnited States.--Congress.--SenateStatesmenUnited States.--CongressSmithsonian Institution.--Board of RegentsWashington (D.C.)United States--Big South Fork National River and Recreation AreaMiddle EastSpainCentral AmericaChinaEconomic historyArab-Israeli conflictWatergate Affair (1972-1974)Soul musicRhythm and blues musicPopular musicUnited States.--Congress.--Senate.--Select Committee on Presidential Campaign ActivitiesPoliticiansElectionsLibrary of CongressUnited States Capitol (Washington, D.C.)North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationHatfield, Mark O.,EmployeesJohnson, Lyndon B.--(Lyndon Baines),TennesseeFord, Gerald R.,Soviet UnionErvin, Sam J.--(Sam James),Gold, Martin,Public speakingFrist, William HUnited States.--Congress.--Senate.--Committee on Rules and AdministrationBuckley, William F.,--Jr.,OratoryDole, Robert J.,United States.--Congress.--Senate.--Select Committee on IntelligenceAllott, Gordon,Eisenhower, Mamie Doud,Brock, William Emerson,Hickenlooper, Bourke B.--(Bourke Blakemore),192519531964196619691971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042007200820093462175230328.730762JK1161ocn001132915ocn001134323ocn001134300ocn762605409ocn767315684ocn2469539935683ocn006014471book19800.28Baker, Howard HNo margin for error : America in the eighties3483ocn042747227book19980.63Leading the United States Senate2332ocn008345780book19820.24Baker, Howard HHoward Baker's Washington : an intimate portrait of the nation's capital cityPictorial works2173ocn008026849book19810.79Radice, Anne-ImeldaThe original Library of Congress : the history (1800-1814) of the Library of Congress in the United States CapitolHistoryCatalogs1542ocn007464465book19800.84NATO--a status report : a report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate981ocn028507312book19930.21Baker, Howard HBig South Fork countryPictorial works+-+2307803006942ocn007721042book19810.81Baker, Howard HA Senate perspective on Spain and the Middle East : a report to the United States Senate883ocn008985204book19820.79Baker, Howard HThe United States and China : a report to the United States Senate874ocn011172203book19820.81Baker, Howard HDeveloping an American consensus : a report to the United States Senate802ocn001859461book19750.92Baker, Howard HPeace and stability in the Middle East : a report703ocn010713186book19840.86United StatesYear-end report of the 1st session of the 98th Congress703ocn009201148book19830.84United StatesYear-end report of the 2d session of the 97th Congress673ocn009198517book19820.84United StatesYear-end report of the 1st session of the 97th Congress481ocn004598865book19780.84Baker, Howard HYear-end report, 1978 : the Republican report for the second session, Ninety-fifth Congress, of Senator Howard H. Baker of Tennessee, Republican leader461ocn025659427rcrd19910.27Redding, OtisKing & queenPopular musicRhythm and blues musicSoul music431ocn003746047book19770.86Baker, Howard HYear-end report, 1977 : the Republican report for the first session, Ninety-fifth Congress of Senator Howard H. Baker of Tennessee, Republican leader311ocn001132915rcrd19730.59Ervin, Sam JOpening statements at Senate Watergate hearings251ocn001134323rcrd19730.59Ervin, Sam JDecision to sue for release of tapes252ocn008091405book19770.93McGovern, George SThe United Nations, 1976 : report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate242ocn008232440rcrd19730.63Watergate: Sens. Ervin & Baker decision to subpoena tapesSen. Ervin comments on the nature of executive privilege in relation to activities under committee investigation while Sen. Baker comments on the confrontation between Congress and the executive branch in announcing the committee's decision to subpoena tapes to which the President has refused to give them access3175ocn030623494book19950.81Annis, J. LeeHoward Baker : conciliator in an age of crisisBiography+-+97858831062722ocn858549083com19950.70United StatesJoint Resolution Providing for the Appointment of Howard H. Baker, Jr. as a Citizen Regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution863ocn011630789book19840.81Tributes to the Honorable Howard H. Baker, Jr., of Tennessee in the United States Senate, upon the occasion of his retirement from the Senate141ocn006526485book19790.47Hunt, Albert RHoward BakerBiography84ocn008745482book19730.94Adams, Michael FA critical analysis of the rhetorical strategies of Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr., in his 1972 campaign for re-election63ocn001981864book19730.95Myers, Stacy CHoward Baker : a rhetoric of leadership54ocn022589329book19850.92Annis, J. 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Godwin, Barry M. Goldwater, Charles E. Goodell, William J. Green, Charles D. Griffin, Robert P. Griffin, Joseph R. Grundy, and Edward J. Gurney21ocn028409983mix1.00Anderson, TomPeriodicalsRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence (ca. 20,000 letters); writings and speeches by Anderson and others; American Party files, including campaign material for George Wallace and Anderson's candidacy for vice-president in 1972 and president in 1976; subject files; accounts of trips to Northern Europe and the Soviet Union in 1959 with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson; editorial policies, financial statements, and sample issues of farm publications; and audiovisual materials, including tapes of John Birch Society meetings and American Party conventions, motion pictures, and phonograph records. Correspondents include T. Coleman Andrews, Howard H. Baker, Ezra Taft Benson, William F. Buckley, Willis A. Carto, Kent Courtney, Harry T. Everingham, J. Evetts Haley, Jonathan Kirby, Douglas C. Morse, John H. Rousselot, Phyllis Schlafly, Robert B. Snowden, Willis E. Stone, George Wallace, Robert Welch, and Glenn O. Young21ocn041314013book19910.47Baker, Howard HPersonal observationsExhibition catalogs21ocn039118745book19961.00Bobic, Michael PeterRevealing leadership through roll call analysis : Howard Baker's effectiveness in the United States Senate 1977-198221ocn039127879book19961.00Davis, William EricParty leadership and floor management in the United States Senate21ocn673963789book20090.47Baker, Howard HenryHawādo bēkā chōtōha no seishin11ocn048987003rcrd19730.47Vital history cassettes May-August, 197311ocn050198158art1987Baker, Howard (Henry, Jr.)Biography11ocn070983175file1.00Smith, HedrickHedrick Smith papersHistoryInterviewsRecords and correspondenceSubjects include life in the Soviet Union under the Communist system and changes with glasnost and perestroika in such areas as consumer and economic issues, culture, dissent, media and intellectual expression, nationalities and minorities, politics, religion, Soviet-U.S. relations, and the exodus of Jews. Includes material pertaining to Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev and to dissidents Aleksandr Galich, Roy Aleksandrovitch Medvedev, Zhores A. Medvedev, Andrei Sakharov, Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn, and Vladimir Vysotsky11ocn316336177com20081.00Haynes, Michael LeeSpokes, pyramids, and chiefs of staff Howard H. Baker, Jr. and the Reagan presidencyOne of the most compelling areas of research when considering the modern presidency is the role of the White House chief of staff (COS) and the direct impact it has on the presidency. The office of the president's chief of staff is often referred to as the power behind the throne. Chiefs of staff exercise great authority and control within the White House Office (WHO) functioning as a filter or gatekeeper strictly controlling the access of information and people reaching the president. The COS is also one of the president's closest advisers. James Baker, former chief of staff for Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush has stated the White House chief of staff is the second most powerful job in government. However, the position has commanded relatively little attention from presidential scholars. Nevertheless, understanding this component of the modern White House is important if we are to better explain why some presidencies are more effective than others. This study focuses on the chief of staff and how the office functions within the organizational and managerial structure of the White House as a key to understanding the effective operation of the modern presidency. Specifically the study considers Howard H. Baker, Jr. and his tenure during the Ronald Reagan presidency. Relatively little research has been conducted exploring Baker's tenure as COS, yet the Reagan presidency experienced a major transformation during this period - going from an administration in serious trouble to a stable presidency with high approval ratings. A closer study of the transformation process may provide a better understanding of the impact the COS has on the presidency. The study finds strong support for the thesis that the White House chief of staff is a critically important component within the modern presidency and has a direct impact on the president and the potential effectiveness of his administration. Howard Baker's tenure as COS clearly demonstrates the dramatic changes chiefs of staff can produce within a presidency. In Baker's case the impact was both substantial and positive in the rescue and rehabilitation of the Reagan presidency+-+2307803006+-+2307803006Fri Mar 21 15:16:49 EDT 2014batch25367