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Fri Mar 21 17:08:34 2014 UTClccn-n800157170.10My Ántonia0.250.47Cather, canon, and the politics of reading2480701Willa_Cathern 80015717398166Cather, Wilella, 1873-1947Cather, WillaCather, Willa S. 1873-1947Cather, Willa Sibert.Cather, Willa Sibert, 1873-1947Cather, Willa Silbert.Cather, Willa Sobert, 1873-1947Catherová, Willa, 1873-1947Katėr, VillaKatėr, Villa, 1873-1947Keser, Uilla, 1873-1947Kzser, UillaSibert Cather, Willa 1873-1947Катэр, Вилла, 1873-1947קאתר, וילה, 1873-1947キャザー, ウィラキャザー, ウイラlccn-n79151500Wharton, Edith1862-1937lccn-n79099365Glasgow, Ellen Anderson Gholson1873-1945lccn-n78078534Hemingway, Ernest1899-1961lccn-no94002366University of VirginiaLibraryElectronic Text Centerlccn-n78091982James, Henry1843-1916lccn-n79023149Lewis, Sinclair1885-1951auilccn-n79046644Dreiser, Theodore1871-1945lccn-n79003304Faulkner, William1897-1962lccn-n79045519Anderson, Sherwood1876-1941lccn-n80002569Howells, William Dean1837-1920Cather, Willa1873-1947FictionDomestic fictionHistoryPsychological fictionBiographyMusical fictionCriticism, interpretation, etcFrame-storiesShort stories, AmericanJuvenile worksNebraskaCather, Willa,Farm lifeUnited StatesWomen pioneersFrontier and pioneer lifeFarmers' spousesMarried womenWomen immigrantsWomen and literatureSwedish AmericansNovelists, AmericanManners and customsNew MexicoCzech AmericansFriendshipClergyWomen farmersBrothers and sistersTwain, Mark,James, Henry,American literatureWharton, Edith,World War (1914-1918)Lewis, Sinclair,ColoradoGlasgow, Ellen Anderson Gholson,Women singersYoung womenHowells, William Dean,Dreiser, Theodore,OperaChildren of clergyIllinois--ChicagoHemingway, Ernest,London, Jack,Crane, Stephen,American fictionCanadaJewett, Sarah Orne,Roberts, Elizabeth Madox,Melville, Herman,Cooper, James Fenimore,Hawthorne, Nathaniel,Wolfe, Thomas,Cabell, James Branch,Porter, Katherine Anne,Steinbeck, John,Anderson, Sherwood,Norris, Frank,18731947189118931895189618971899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201428879723956766813.52PS3505.A87ocn005697683ocn001140512ocn000150493ocn001164222ocn024025678ocn003474146ocn022371987ocn612834292ocn600340769ocn310101216ocn440798413ocn813632993ocn452891742ocn781058445ocn691835140ocn768811899ocn443604273ocn367534187ocn313268182ocn185614316ocn724013354ocn053047904Novelists, American18071394ocn049293424book19180.20Cather, WillaMy AntoniaHistoryFictionDomestic fictionHistorical fictionWestern storiesA New York lawyer remembers his boyhood in Nebraska and his friendship with a pioneer Bohemian girl+-+362069022632414209285ocn000280652book19130.21Cather, WillaO pioneers!HistoryFictionDomestic fictionHistorical fictionAlexandra, daughter of a Swedish immigrant farmer in Nebraska, inherits the family farm and finds love with an old friend+-+302236596510213301ocn000346243book19260.23Cather, WillaDeath comes for the archbishopHistoryFictionAllegoriesChristian fictionHistorical fictionChristian fiction, AmericanThe story of a Friench priest who goes to New Mexico and with another priest win the Southwest for the Catholic Church. After forty years, he dies--the archbishop of Santa Fe+-+94337242153246337190ocn000280671book19150.24Cather, WillaThe song of the larkFictionPsychological fictionBildungsromansMusical fictionBorn into poverty in a small desert town in the American Midwest, Thea Kronborg is one of seven children. But Thea is exceptional, a fact recognized by a discerning few, including Ray Kennedy, who longs to marry her but whose fate it is to set her free. With her rugged will and pioneer spirit, Thea carves her way from Moonstone, Colorado to Chicago, from Dresden to New York, culminating in a triumphant debut at the Metropolitan Opera. Thea has become a great singer, but she also learns that as a true artist, she must make the most bitter sacrifices of all+-+35809804854663164ocn000346638book19230.24Cather, WillaA lost ladyFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fiction"Written from the perspective of a male narrator, Willa Cather's classic novel is an American version of "Madame Bovary". It is a portrait of a talented woman trapped in the conventions and economic restraints of a marriage. It is the story of a woman who defies expectations, and whose personal changes coincide with the transforming American Frontier. In this work, Willa Cather expressed her profoundly modern feminist views in the life of an ordinary and gifted woman who is stifled by marriage."--Ingram+-+72337242154434139ocn000167912book19310.23Cather, WillaShadows on the rockHistoryFictionFrontenac must negotiate for his control of Quebec+-+19591242154105137ocn000280665book19220.24Cather, WillaOne of oursFictionWar storiesPulitzer Prize winning novel of a midwestern American's journey to the front of World War I. Claude Wheeler's fortune is ready-made for him, but he refuses to settle for a farming life in Nebraska. When America enters the First World War, Claude finds the purpose he has searched for+-+39928242153924109ocn000755959book19250.25Cather, WillaThe professor's houseFictionPsychological fictionFrame-storiesA study in emotional dislocation and renewal--Professor Godfrey St. Peter, a man in his 50's, has achieved what would seem to be remarkable success. When called on to move to a more comfortable home, something in him rebels+-+1536824215370272ocn000280666book19400.24Cather, WillaSapphira and the slave girlHistoryFictionSapphira Colbert proceeds to persecute a once happy slave girl, Nancy, when Sapphira suspects her husband admires Nancy+-+60148225853575101ocn049293282book19100.29Cather, WillaAlexander's bridgeFictionPsychological fictionThe story of a successful yet impatient engineer who comes to know himself through his relations with two women: his wife, Winifred, and a young Irish actress named Hilda+-+6813078535325639ocn013581680book19850.24Cather, WillaEarly novels and storiesFictionThe first of three volumes presenting the writings of Willa Cather includes her early book of stories and first four novels. The troll garden: Cather's first short story collection, originally published in 1905, depicts characters who seek the realm of beauty and imagination, but are confronted by the vulgarity and brutality of American society. O pioneers!: In Nebraska at the end of the nineteenth century, Swedish immigrant Alexandra Bergson leads her family to success, but not without personal sacrifice. The song of the lark: Follows the life of Thea Kronberg from her childhood in 19th-century Colorado to her career as a renowned opera singer. My Antonia: The reminiscences of a New York lawyer, Jim Burden, about his boyhood in Nebraska, particularly a young Bohemian girl named Antonia Shimerda, are set against the backdrop of the American assimilation of the immigrant. One of ours: The son of a prosperous Nebraska farmer yearns to leave his prairie home+-+4485095945315785ocn000344161book19340.24Cather, WillaLucy GayheartJuvenile worksFictionLove storiesFervently pursuing the life of an artist, a young music student leaves behind her small midwestern town and comes to know the elation and heartache of a life in the creative world+-+5333724215282031ocn000280701book19610.28Cather, WillaWilla Cather's collected short fiction, 1892-1912FictionShort stories, AmericanOver forty short stories survey the initial years of discovery and artistic development of the beloved American author+-+5522578535266528ocn020825102book19900.23Cather, WillaLater novelsFictionHere are some of the most powerful and enchanting works by this renowned Southern author, contrasting grace and old-world charm with a new generation+-+1705095945261858ocn011110557book19290.25Cather, WillaObscure destiniesFictionShort storiesA collection of three novellas honoring the settlers of the American plains+-+9362290306259890ocn000755967book19260.28Cather, WillaMy mortal enemyFictionPsychological fictionMyra Henshawe's misadventures as her own worst enemy due to greed+-+7426824215247419ocn024143298book19870.23Cather, WillaStories, poems, and other writingsFictionThis volume is an anthology of short stories and poetry written by American author Willa Cather (1873-1947). She achieved recognition for her novels of frontier life on the Great Plains, in works such as O Pioneers!, My Ántonia, and The Song of the Lark. This book includes the short-story collections "Youth and the Bright Medusa," "Obscure Destinies," and "The Old Beauty and Others," the novellas "Alexander's Bridge" and "My Mortal Enemy," occasional pieces, critical essays, and Cather's only book of poetry+-+7625095945229242ocn060847011rcrd19940.10Cather, WillaMy ÁntoniaHistoryFictionDomestic fictionHistorical fictionIn the late nineteenth century, Ántonia, a fourteen-year-old immigrant girl from Bohemia, and Jim Burden, a ten-year-old orphan boy, arrive in Black Hawk, Nebraska, and in teaching each other form a friendship that will last a lifetime+-+3596282406204379ocn000282793book19200.32Cather, WillaYouth and the bright MedusaFictionShort storiesThis collection of eight short stories about the struggles and triumphs of artists was published in 1920. Four of the stories originally appeared in Cather's first collection, The Troll Garden (1905), including her best known short story, Paul's Case. Other stories include Flavia and Her Artists, The Diamond Mine, A Gold Slipper, and Scandal+-+2690464696198134ocn000280656book19480.27Cather, WillaThe old beauty and othersFiction31947ocn011969891book19850.25Bloom, HaroldWilla CatherHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcStudy guidesEssays discussing My Antonia, The Professor's House, and A Lost Lady, examine Cather's themes and style, and are accompanied by a brief chronology of her life+-+6871902235293824ocn001415328book19250.39Daiches, DavidWilla Cather, a critical introductionHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+6455696735289012ocn001177807book19750.28Gerber, Philip LWilla CatherHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcRenowned for their spirited portrayals of pioneer life on the austere Nebraska prairie, Willa Cather's novels--such as O Pioneers!, The Song of the Lark, and My Antonia--carry Cather's trademark strong women characters, intimate knowledge of the midwestern landscape, and lean, supple prose. In the course of her 40-year writing career, Cather published a dozen novels, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning One of Ours. In this revision Philip Gerber refines and updates his seminal 1975 study, bringing fresh insights to Cather biography and criticism+-+K085920535227910ocn013760511book19870.28O'Brien, SharonWilla Cather : the emerging voiceHistoryBiographyConcentrates on Cather's early years, lengthy apprenticeship, and the connection between her artistic and psychological growth+-+678695046520673ocn000269420book19650.28Auchincloss, LouisPioneers & caretakers : a study of 9 American women novelistsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyAn interpretive analysis of the work of 9 American women novelists exploring the unity of their work203410ocn000280677book19530.32Brown, E. KWilla Cather : a critical biographyHistoryBiography19829ocn000242326book19510.33Bennett, Mildred RThe world of Willa CatherHistoryBiographyIncludes thirty pages of notes on source material. For other editions, see Author Catalog+-+986507853519351ocn000269680book19520.28Wagenknecht, EdwardCavalcade of the American novel, from the birth of the Nation to the middle of the twentieth centuryCriticism, interpretation, etcStarting with Brockden Brown and continuing through such well-known novelists as Cooper, Hawthorne, Melville, and Twain, the author concludes with Wharton, Glasgow, Dreiser, Cather, Lewis, Hemingway, and others who achieved success in the 1920's and 30's19291ocn000269681book19400.28Van Doren, CarlThe American novel, 1789-1939Criticism, interpretation, etcTraces the beginnings of fiction in America and the earliest writer researched is Cooper and the latest is Wolfe. Commentaries on the novelists are presented18875ocn044956332com19980.35McDonald, JoyceThe stuff of our forebears Willa Cather's Southern heritageHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBeginning with an examination of Cather's Virginia childhood and the Southern influences that continued to mold her during the Nebraska years, McDonald traces the effects of those influences in several of Cather's novels. The patterns that emerge are often surprising. They reveal not only Cather's strong ideological connection to the pastoral but also the political position implicit in her choice of that particular mode. Further analysis of Cather's work reveals her preoccupation with hierarchical constructs and with the use and abuse of power, along with her interest in order, control, and possession. The Willa Cather who emerges from the pages of The Stuff of Our Forebears is not the Cather who claimed to eschew politics but a far more political novelist than has heretofore been perceived+-+457458263518753ocn009084097book19830.24Robinson, Phyllis CWilla, the life of Willa CatherBiographyPresents the life of novelist Willa Cather from birth in Virgina and childhood in Red Cloud, Nebraska, through her early career as a drama critic and her editor's career in Pittsburgh and New York16362ocn000253593book19550.33Hoffman, Frederick JohnThe twenties; American writing in the postwar decadeHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc16045ocn000165542book19670.33Schroeter, JamesWilla Cather and her criticsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc15782ocn044959877com19920.47Carlin, DeborahCather, canon, and the politics of readingHistory157510ocn000282790book19640.31Van Ghent, Dorothy BendonWilla CatherCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography15669ocn000280612book19530.35Lewis, EdithWilla Cather living; a personal recordBiographyPresents an account of the life of twentieth-century American novelist Willa Cather as recalled by her close friend and traveling companion Edith Lewis+-+014427853515514ocn015107449book19870.28Woodress, James LeslieWilla Cather : a literary lifeCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExamines the life of Willa Cather from her Virginia childhood to her death in 1947+-+9352478535152711ocn000112539book19700.31Woodress, James LeslieWilla Cather; her life and artHistoryBiography14971ocn000631890book19730.28Voss, ArthurThe American short story; a critical surveyCriticism, interpretation, etcPresents a critical survey of the American short story, its origins, its trends, and its creators. Surveys major authors14361ocn000711579book19650.37Berthoff, WarnerThe ferment of realism; American literature, 1884-1919Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+4485095945+-+4485095945Fri Mar 21 15:48:33 EDT 2014batch121648