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Fri Mar 21 17:14:58 2014 UTClccn-n800231870.00Van Dyke, John Charles0.511.00The desert odyssey of John C. Van Dyke /77120154John_Charles_Van_Dyken 80023187405513Dyke, John Charles Van.Dyke, John Charles van 1856-1931Dyke, John Charles Van, 1856-1932Van Dyke, John C.Van Dyke, John C. (John Charles), 1856-1932VanDyke, John Charles 1856-1931バン・ダイク, ジョン・Clccn-n80007908Wild, Peter1940-lccn-n50032468Carnegie, Andrew1835-1919lccn-n96109120Teague, David W.(David Warfield)1964-lccn-n83184882Cole, Timothy1852-1931hnrlccn-n79142935Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn1606-1669lccn-n84226647Armstrong, Margaret1867-1944lccn-n50009494Pennell, Joseph1857-1926illlccn-n2009022765Margaret Armstrong Binding Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n93037735Elizabeth Robins Pennell Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n80081622National Gallery (Great Britain)Van Dyke, John Charles1856-1932BiographyRecords and correspondenceHistoryUnited StatesCarnegie, Andrew,IndustrialistsPhilanthropistsNatural historySouthwest, NewDesertsPaintingTravelVan Dyke, John Charles,Art historiansUnited States, WestNorth America--Sonoran DesertPaintersNaturalistsArizona--Grand CanyonMountainsNetherlandsPainting--Study and teachingRembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn,FrancePainting, DutchPainting, FrenchGreat BritainLandscapesNew York (State)--New YorkDrawing, DutchEtching, DutchPainting--ReproductionArtEurope--FlandersFrontier and pioneer lifeOutdoor lifeCampingIndonesiaIndonesia--JavaNature (Aesthetics)OceanCole, Timothy,Art appreciationEnglandVan Dyke, Henry,Gilbert, Cass,Shorey, Paul,Loeffler, Charles Martin,Thomas, Augustus,Hastings, Thomas,Whitlock, Brand,Platt, Charles A.--(Charles Adams),Babbitt, Irving,18561932188018831887188818891891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192919301931193219331936193719401948195519721976197819791980198219831984198519871988199019911992199319951997199920012002200320052006200720102012201314091162595338.7672092CT275.C3ocn000688683ocn001354239ocn011223082ocn002150787ocn006293927ocn005120936ocn006116851ocn276293679ocn277219058ocn000688706ocn470195534ocn865946183195026ocn000688683book19200.28Carnegie, AndrewAutobiography of Andrew CarnegieBiographyAutobiography of Andrew Carnegie - Popular Edition+-+009299126632412319ocn043476300file19200.39Van Dyke, John CharlesThe Grand Canyon of the Colorado recurrent studies in impressions and appearances+-+933853923532495610ocn043476295file19150.47Van Dyke, John CharlesThe mountain renewed studies in impressions and appearances+-+223853923532471751ocn004356771book18940.59Van Dyke, John CharlesA text-book of the history of paintingHistory+-+303949179655049ocn004733802book19010.66Van Dyke, John CharlesThe desert; further studies in natural appearances48516ocn000413315book19190.56Van Dyke, John CharlesAmerican painting and its tradition, as represented by Inness, Wyant, Martin, Homer, La Farge, Whistler, Chase, Alexander, Sargent46639ocn006364956book18930.70Van Dyke, John CharlesArt for art's sake; seven university lectures on the technical beauties of painting42626ocn007494111book18800.66Van Dyke, John CharlesHow to judge of a picture; familiar talks in the gallery with uncriticial lovers of art+-+121275390533018ocn002030180book19030.63Van Dyke, John CharlesThe meaning of pictures; six lectures given for Columbia University at the Metropolitan Museum of Art31810ocn001355306book19020.59Cole, TimothyOld English mastersBiography2946ocn001354239book18960.73Van Dyke, John CharlesModern french masters : a series of biographical and critical reviews by American artistsBiography+-+095981379629415ocn001327859book18950.59Cole, TimothyOld Dutch and Flemish mastersBiography+-+16545137962635ocn000362717book19230.63Van Dyke, John CharlesRembrandt and his school; a critical study of the master and his pupils with a new assignment of their pictures25520ocn001513515book18980.79Van Dyke, John CharlesNature for its own sake : first studies in natural appearances2508ocn002181821book19090.63Van Dyke, John CharlesThe new New York : a commentary on the place and the people2216ocn000358090book19270.56Van Dyke, John CharlesThe Rembrandt drawings and etchings, with critical reassignments to pupils and followers1896ocn002001987book19100.70Van Dyke, John CharlesWhat is art? : Studies in the technique and criticism of painting17010ocn002888458book19070.63Van Dyke, John CharlesStudies in pictures; an introduction to the famous galleries1524ocn000649524book19290.66Van Dyke, John CharlesIn Java and the neighboring islands of the Dutch East Indies1399ocn002680118book19060.76Van Dyke, John CharlesThe opal sea : continued studies in impressions and appearances14712ocn044955924file19970.32Van Dyke, John CharlesThe secret life of John C. Van Dyke selected lettersRecords and correspondence+-+79472692352546ocn006016648book19760.35Van Dyke, John CharlesThe desertThe History of the American West Collection is a unique project that provides opportunities for researchers and new readers to easily access and explore works which have previously only been available on library shelves. The Collection brings to life pr+-+K0480542352152ocn028025404book19930.79Van Dyke, John CharlesThe autobiography of John C. Van Dyke : a personal narrative of American life, 1861-1931Biography+-+67485392353241752ocn018596618book19880.73Wild, PeterJohn C. Van Dyke : the desert+-+1635589335324882ocn048520164book20010.98Wild, PeterJohn C. Van Dyke : an essay and a bibliographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography532ocn023693862book19910.66Van Dyke, John CharlesThe open spaces; incidents of nights and days under the blue sky423ocn000692091book19360.97American Academy of Arts and LettersCommemorative tributes to Hastings, French, Hill, Bradford, Melchers, John Van Dyke, Henry Van Dyke, Babbitt, Platt, Shorey, Gilbbert [!], Whitlock, Thomas, Baker, and Loeffler142ocn051064549book20020.95Wild, PeterThe art of John C. Van Dyke's the Desert141ocn054534880book20030.63Wild, PeterThe old Van Dyke Ranch on the Mojave Desert : its three desert writers and a movie director : Theodore Strong Van Dyke, Dix Van Dyke, Mary Beal, W.S. "Woody" Van Dyke : an essay and a bibliographyHistoryLocal historyBibliography52ocn221590005book19180.66Van Dyke, John CharlesThe desert; further studies in natural appearances41ocn030368965book19330.92New Brunswick Theological SeminaryJohn Charles Van Dyke31ocn080010892book19870.10Histoire11ocn144866588art19840.10Van Dyke, John Charles, librarian11ocn558717109mix1.00Pennell, JosephPennell-Whistler collectionArtTrials, litigation, etcRecords and correspondenceExhibition catalogsCorrespondence and legal papers of Whistler and clippings concerning Whistler. Subjects include the 1892 Whistler exhibition in the Goupil Gallery, London, England; the Whistler-Ruskin litigation; and Whistler's friends, career, and business affairs. Papers of Anna Matilda McNeill Whistler include a diary and correspondence with Margaret Hill, Mary Eastwick, and others. Whistler's correspondents include Edward Coley Burne-Jones, William Heinemann, Thomas Jekyll, Edward G. Kennedy, Frederick Richard Leyland, Joseph Pennell, Valentine C. Prinsep, James Anderson Rose, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Michael Rosetti, Frederick Sandys, David Croal Thomson, Virginia Vaughan, and the Heinemann (Firm) and Morris & Co. (London, England)11ocn075562005art19821.00Powell, Lawrence ClarkThe desert odyssey of John C. Van Dyke11ocn028743604mix19291.00Van Dyke, John CharlesAutobiographyPhotocopy of an unpublished, holographic manuscript; the preface dates from October, 1929. This autobiography begins with Van Dyke's early impressions of Lincoln in 1861, and covers his worldwide travels and experiences, many of which were already related in his published books. Also present is a 1975 seminar paper, Van Dyke's Autobiography, by Robert P. Mitchell. It discusses this manuscript, and provides a typed transcription of the Preface, Chapter 1: Lincoln in 1861, Chapter 2: The Family, Chapter 19: The Desert, Chapter 20: Mexico, and Chapter 28: Mountain, Desert, and the Grand Canyon11ocn081668396book19881.00Perkins, Judy LJohn Van Dyke and Everett Ruess : a comparison with the spirit of place tradition11ocn057378322mix1.00Wild, PeterPapers of Peter WildArchivesGenealogyPoetryRecords and correspondenceManuscriptsCollection consists of research conducted by Peter Wild which explores the life and accomplishments of John C. Van Dyke, author of The Desert. The collection is comprised of Peter Wild's interviews, notes, correspondence, photographs, research, and poetry on Van Dyke and the Mojave Desert. The collection is organized chronologically. Within each year's addendum the original order created by Wild has been maintained11ocn071000133art1999Van Dyke, John Charles11ocn070954841book1.00Morris, George PerrySermonsRecords and correspondenceScrapbooksOther persons represented include E.W.S. Hammond, Albert Bushnell Hart, John Hay, George T. Hoar, Mark Hopkins, William Dean Howells, Charles Evan Hughes, Annie F. Johnston, Helen Keller, Philander Chase Knox, Fritz Kreisler, Lucy Larcom, Robert Todd Lincoln, Walter Lippmann, Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924), John D. Long, Amy Lowell, Edwin D. Mead, Dwight L. Moody, Levi P. Morton, Thomas Thornton Munger, Thomas Nelson Page, Francis Peabody, Edward L. Pierce, Roscoe Pound, Josiah Quincy, Jeanette Rankin, Clinton Scollard, Harriet E.P. Spofford, James Tanner, Frank W. Taussig, Albion W. Tourgee, Henry I Van Dyke, Jr., John Charles Van Dyke, John H. Vincent, Lew Wallace, Booker T. Washington, Francis Wyland, Everett P. Wheeler, John Greenleaf Whittier, Albert E. Winship, Robert E. Winthrop, and Frank G. Woodworth+-+9338539235324+-+9338539235324Fri Mar 21 16:04:39 EDT 2014batch29426