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Fri Mar 21 17:06:32 2014 UTClccn-n800327640.33Essays of three decades /0.520.70Parerga und Paralipomena : kleine philosophische Schriften /17229367Arthur_Schopenhauern 80032764414953Schopenhauer.Schopenhauer, 1788-1860Schopenhauer, A.Schopenhauer, A., 1788-1860Schopenhauer, A. (Arthur), 1788-1860Schopenhauer, ArthurSchopenhauer, Artur.Schopenhauer, Artur, 1788-1860Schopenhauer, ArturoSchopenhauer, Arturo, 1788-1860Shopengauėr, Artur, 1788-1860Shōpenhauā, ... 1788-1860Shopenhaʾuʾer, Artur 1788-1860Shu-pen-hua, 1788-1860Shubenhua, 1788-1860Shūpinhāvir, Ārtūr, 1788-1860Shūpinhawar, Artūr, 1788-1860Sopenaouer, 1788-1860Šopenchauer, ... 1788-1860Sopenchauer, Arthuros 1788-1860Šopenchauer, Artur 1788-1860Šopengauėr, A., 1788-1860Šopengauer, Artur.Šopengauėr, Artur, 1788-1860Šopenhauer, ArturŠôpenhauer, Artûr 1788-1860Šopenhaueris, A. 1788-1860Šopenhauers, Arturs, 1788-1860Šūpinhāwir, Ātūr 1788-1860Suʼu-pun-her, 1788-1860Syop'enhauŏ, ... 1788-1860Szopenhauer.Treumund, Felix 1788-1860 PseudonymШопенгауер, Артур, 1788-1860Шопенгауэр, А., 1788-1860Шопенгауэр, Артур, 1788-1860שאפענהויער, ארטורשאפענהויער, ארטור, 1788־1860שאפענהויער, ארתור, 1766-1860שופנהאואר, 1788-1860שופנהאואר, ארתור, 1788-1860שופנהואר, ארתורשופנהואר, ארתור, 1766-1860‏شوپنهاور، آرتورشوپنهاور، أرثرشوپنهور، أرثر쇼펜하우어, 1788-1860.アルトゥール, ショーペンハウアー 1788-1860ショウペンハウエルショーペンハウアーショーペンハウアー, アルトゥーアショーペンハウアー, アルトゥールショーペンハウアー, アルトゥール 1788-1860ショーペンハウエル, Aシヨーペンハウエル叔本華, 1788-1860lccn-n79021132Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm1844-1900auiothctblccn-n79089831Wagner, Richard1813-1883lccn-n50053344Saunders, T. Bailey(Thomas Bailey)1860-1928comtrlcrelccn-n79021614Kant, Immanuel1724-1804auilccn-n87862190Janaway, Christophertrledtlccn-n80158980Hübscher, Arthur1897-othedtcrelccn-n80023133Hollingdale, R. J.trllccn-n50010947Strauss, David Friedrich1808-1874lccn-n78095625Mann, Thomas1875-1955othadpauiedtcrecomlccn-n91100866Payne, E. F. J.trlcreSchopenhauer, Arthur1788-1860BiographyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcSchopenhauer, Arthur,PhilosophyWillsWagner, Richard,History--Study and teachingPhilosophy, GermanKnowledge, Theory ofIdea (Philosophy)GermanyPhilosophersMusic--Philosophy and aestheticsTristan und Isolde (Wagner, Richard)EthicsTolstoy, Leo,--graf,Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von,Freud, Sigmund,Storm, Theodor,PessimismFree will and determinismPhilosophy, ModernContemplationDeathJustice (Philosophy)Kant, Immanuel,Sufficient reasonAestheticsHegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich,IdealismRepresentation (Philosophy)Tragic, TheNietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm,Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von,ReligionLiterature--PhilosophyPolitical scienceVisionColorConduct of lifeLiteraturePhilosophy of natureHaldane, R. B. Haldane--(Richard Burdon Haldane),--Viscount,MaximsGerman literatureEthics, ModernBrightman, Edgar Sheffield,LibrariesOntologyCosmologySaunders, T. Bailey--(Thomas Bailey),Strauss, David Friedrich,17881860178818001810181318141816181818191820182218271830183218351836183918401841184218441845184618471850185118521854185518561857185818591860186218631864186518661867186818691870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014119485500114067193B3118.E5ocn312516753ocn010677506ocn010704277ocn006843760ocn245715214ocn013262947ocn722381617ocn174278230ocn782976977ocn074837069ocn720209125ocn073415490ocn073415492ocn076286886ocn725160538ocn076069710ocn720209117ocn180905607ocn073415485ocn075605189ocn034083301ocn449387149ocn781136103ocn438840866ocn043895394ocn814387424ocn299773620ocn257852772ocn742493764ocn632416900ocn831906021ocn256924178ocn257850858ocn312595329ocn258108834ocn700468098ocn451598179ocn442705670ocn821138854ocn781358349ocn456055456ocn720729242ocn725376732ocn724858378ocn725179703ocn185154846ocn186813848ocn661602589ocn765535183ocn864523762ocn799192345ocn469837252153014ocn000597825book19280.35Schopenhauer, ArthurThe philosophy of Schopenhauer148679ocn004013737book18830.59Schopenhauer, ArthurThe world as will and ideaHistory127057ocn678593840file18800.50Schopenhauer, ArthurEssays of SchopenhauerHistoryThese essays are a valuable criticism of life by a man who had a wide experience of life, a man of the world, who possessed an almost inspired faculty of observation. Schopenhauer, of all men, unmistakably observed life at first hand. There is no academic echo in his utterances; he is not one of a school; his voice has no formal intonation; it is deep, full-chested, and rings out its words with all the poignancy of individual emphasis, without bluster, but with unfailing conviction ... These essays are a valuable criticism of life by a man who had a wide experience of life, a man of the world+-+02614015961168100ocn000872602book18130.63Schopenhauer, ArthurOn the fourfold root of the principle of sufficient reason+-+065739023599157ocn000365395book18910.56Schopenhauer, ArthurThe art of literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcCollected here are eight short essays-- On Authorship, On Style, On the Study of Latin, On Men of Learning, On Thinking for Ones Self, On Criticism, On Reputation, On Genius-- by the world renowned philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer+-+46998913959274ocn741691121file19940.47Schopenhauer, ArthurPhilosophical writingsAs composer Richard Wagner noted, with Schopenhauer one may finally give voice to the secretly held belief that the world is bad. This blunt honesty was Schopenhauer's trademark. Perhaps no philosopher equaled him in relatinf metaphysical speculation to the seemingly random events of everyday life. This volume includes On Thinking for Oneself, On the Affirmation of the Will-to-Live, On Suicide, The World as Will: Second Aspect, On the Fundamental View of Idealism, On the Metaphysics of Music, The Foundation of Ethics, and other essential writings+-+847259173592686ocn000071134book18900.63Schopenhauer, ArthurStudies in pessimism; a series of essaysCollected here are nine short essays, On the Sufferings of the World, The Vanity of Existence, On Suicide, Immortality: A Dialogue, Psychological Observations, On Education, Of Women, On Noise, and A Few Parables, by the world renowned philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer+-+1568867696896292ocn006654893book18000.53Schopenhauer, ArthurAphorismen zur Lebensweisheit+-+2061655708324886213ocn002080909book18180.66Schopenhauer, ArthurDie welt als wille und vorstellung87721ocn000073471book19580.39Schopenhauer, ArthurThe world as will and representationHistoryThe German philosopher explains his thoughts about intellectual perception and abstract representation and critically analyzes Kant's ideas and teachings. Bibliogs+-+761267139587121ocn000302196book19650.56Schopenhauer, ArthurOn the basis of morality+-+180563620664941ocn000538815book18890.66Schopenhauer, ArthurReligion: a dialogue, and other essays+-+3298157516647213ocn018983704book18000.70Schopenhauer, ArthurParerga und Paralipomena : kleine philosophische Schriften61826ocn000685336book18970.59Schopenhauer, ArthurOn human nature; essays, partly posthumous, in ethics and politics+-+54055756966168ocn000312323book19280.47Schopenhauer, ArthurWorks60412ocn002691501book19600.56Schopenhauer, ArthurEssay on the freedom of the will+-+266599139553110ocn001219845book19740.66Schopenhauer, ArthurParerga and Paralipomena : short philosophical essays+-+16779744655037ocn005792139book19640.53Schopenhauer, ArthurThe pessimist's handbook : a collection of popular essays4957ocn039157600book19990.63Schopenhauer, ArthurPrize essay on the freedom of the willPrize Essay of the Freedon of the Will marked the beginning of Schopenhauer's public recognition and is widely regarded as a brilliant and elegant treatment of free will and determinism. This volume presents the text in a new translation+-+211220670546410ocn318877692book20090.63Schopenhauer, ArthurOn vision and colorsDuring the first two decades of the nineteenth century, two of the most significant theoretical works on color since Leonardo da Vinci's Trattato della Pittura were written and published in Germany: Arthur Schopenhauer's On Vision and Colors and Philipp Otto Runge's Color Sphere. For Schopenhauer, vision is wholly subjective in nature and characterized by processes that cross over into the territory of philosophy. Runge's Color Sphere and essay "The Duality of Color" contained one of the first attempts to depict a comprehensive and harmonious color system in three dimensions. Runge intended his color sphere to be understood not as a product of art, but rather as a "mathematical figure of various philosophical reflections." By bringing these two visionary color theories together within a broad theoretical context--philosophy, art, architecture, and design--this volume uncovers their enduring influence on our own perception of color and the visual world around us+-+464234310624127ocn047010980com19830.47Nietzsche, Friedrich WilhelmUntimely meditationsThe four short works in Untimely Meditations were published by Nietzsche between 1873 and 1876.They deal with such broad topics as the relationship between popular and genuine culture, strategies for cultural reform, the task of philosophy, the nature of education, and the relationship between art, science and life. They also include Nietzsche's earliest statement of his own understanding of human selfhood as a process of endlessly 'becoming who one is'. As Daniel Breazeale shows in his introduction to this new edition of R. J. Hollingdale's translation of the essays, these four early texts are key documents for understanding the development of Nietzsche's thought and clearly anticipate many of the themes of his later writings. Nietzsche himself always cherished his Untimely Meditations and believed that they provide valuable evidence of his 'becoming and self-overcoming' and constitute a 'public pledge' concerning his own distinctive task as a philosopher+-+527437670518613ocn044961815file19950.37Atwell, John ESchopenhauer on the character of the world the metaphysics of will+-+9522355705161315ocn062272433com20040.53Chafe, Eric ThomasThe tragic and the ecstatic the musical revolution of Wagner's Tristan und IsoldeCovers the philosophical and literary underpinnings of Wagner's and Schopenhauer's story. This work explores Schopenhauer's metaphysics and Gottfried van Strassburg's Tristan poem. It turns to the events in the opera, providing tonal and harmonic analyses to reinforce its interpretation of the drama. It also creates an account of Ristan+-+7291260465139015ocn009082898book19830.50Magee, BryanThe philosophy of SchopenhauerMagee includes a brief biography of Schopenhauer, a systematic exposition of his thought, and a critical discussion of the problems to which it gives rise and of its influence on a wide range of thinkers and artists+-+3772873465324134714ocn029312363book19940.50Janaway, ChristopherSchopenhauerBiographyArthur Schopenhauer is the most readable of German philosophers. This book offers a succinct explanation of his metaphysical system, concentrating on the original aspects of thought, including his doctrine of the will, his pessimism and his theories of art and music - which inspired artists and thinkers such as Nietzsche, Wagner, Freud and Wittgenstein. At his best, Schopenhauer displays a gift for cogent and lucid debate, and for exposing the flaws of his predecessors. But what should also earn readers' respect is Schopenhauer's lack of complacency. He does not play safe, but risks confrontation with problems that ought to make readers insecure. He asks what the self is, and can give no easy reply. He presses on into the greatest insecurity, asking what value one's existence may have - and his conclusion here is even less comfortable. -- from (August 22, 2011)+-+503123746532412302ocn000295518book19470.33Mann, ThomasEssays of three decadesCriticism, interpretation, etc10526ocn767670585com20050.56Jacquette, DaleThe philosophy of SchopenhauerCriticism, interpretation, etcAnnotation+-+75347082259968ocn002373803book19460.56Copleston, Frederick CArthur Schopenhauer, philosopher of pessimismBiography9925ocn316331838file19890.56Janaway, ChristopherSelf and world in Schopenhauer's philosophySchopenhauer's central philosophical achievement was his account of the self and its relation to the world of objects. This book explores the philosophical conflicts that can arise when we think about the self+-+64149734659475ocn367582249com20070.50Singh, R. RajDeath, contemplation and SchopenhauerThe connections between death, contemplation and the contemplative life have been a recurrent theme in the canons of both western and eastern philosophical thought. This book examines the classical sources of this philosophical literature, in particular Plato's Phaedo and the Katha Upanishad and then proceeds to a sustained analysis and critical assessment of the sources and standpoints of a single thinker, Arthur Schopenhauer, whose work comprehensively pursues this problem. The book traces the pivotal issue of death through the whole range of Schopenhauer's writings uncovering the deeper con+-+350511902589812ocn407021534file20090.59Hannan, BarbaraThe riddle of the world a reconsideration of Schopenhauer's philosophyHistoryThis text is an introduction to the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer, written in a lively, personal style. Hannan emphasizes the peculiar inconsistencies and tensions in Schopenhauer's thought+-+38432804658833ocn646786278file20060.56Marcin, Raymond BIn search of Schopenhauer's cat Arthur Schopenhauer's quantum-mystical theory of justice+-+558967863585013ocn000517319book19360.59Knox, IsraelThe aesthetic theories of Kant, Hegel, and Schopenhauer8339ocn007084342book19800.56Hamlyn, D. WSchopenhauerStudie over het werk van de Duitse filosoof Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)+-+741857069532483210ocn040632503book19990.53Janaway, ChristopherThe Cambridge companion to SchopenhauerSchopenhauer produced a unique theory of the world and human existence based on his notion of will. This collection analyses the related but distinct components of will from various viewpoints+-+69747167058165ocn676697577file20100.50Singh, R. RajSchopenhauer a guide for the perplexedArthur Schopenhauer is a widely read, admired and intriguing philosopher whose ideas have had a profound impact on some of the greatest minds of the last two centuries. He is known for his powerful but simple prose-style and a philosophy that tackles everyday life. Yet even the most sympathetic and intelligent reader of his works is likely to be perplexed by seeming inconsistencies and unconventional tone of a number of his major claims. Schopenhauer: A Guide for the Perplexed is a clear and thorough account of Schopenhauer's philosophy, his major works and ideas, providing an ideal guide to t+-+86964917358054ocn020636022book19890.39Safranski, RüdigerSchopenhauer and the wild years of philosophyBiography+-+51274292153247883ocn774285603com20110.37Die Philosophie des Tragischen Schopenhauer, Schelling, NietzscheHistoryConference proceedingsSince the early period of German Idealism, the phenomenon of the tragic has been in the focus of philosophical self-understanding in that an emphasis on the tragic character of human life has sharply separated philosophy from naive theories of plurality and progress. The essays collected here trace the path through Idealism and the nihilistic understanding of existence that led to an intensification of the tragic outlook in the 19th century. The Schopenhauerian and Nietzschean views of life as guilt and fate represent a culmination of the tendencies discussed in this volume7672ocn000276339book19660.39Schopenhauer, ArthurThe world as will and representationHistoryThe German philosopher explains his thoughts about intellectual perception and abstract representation and critically analyzes Kant's ideas and teachings. Bibliogs69210ocn000374067book19630.56Gardiner, Patrick LSchopenhauerBiography+-+3070150036+-+7612671395+-+7612671395Fri Mar 21 15:17:55 EDT 2014batch219247