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N.1950-lccn-n50005312Firbank, Ronald1886-1926lccn-n80098579Brooke, Jocelynlccn-n80126310National Book League (Great Britain)Betjeman, John1906-1984PoetryHistoryPictorial worksBiographyBibliographyPortraitsRecords and correspondenceJuvenile worksCriticism, interpretation, etcBetjeman, John,English poetryPoets, EnglishGreat BritainEnglandArchitectureEngland--LondonPoetryTravelEnglish wit and humorFirbank, Ronald,FaithChristian poetry, EnglishLove poetryRailroad stationsCities and townsRomanticismLarkin, PhilipCriticism and interpretationWordsworth, William,Hardy, Thomas,England--OxfordManners and customsVietnamRefugeesLandscapesChurch buildingsMarriageFilm criticsChetwode, PenelopeLast years of a person's lifeIntellectual lifeHomesReligion in literatureReligionArchitectural criticismPevsner, Nikolaus,Architecture, EnglishArchitecture--PhilosophyChildren's poetry, EnglishUniversity of OxfordArchitecture, ModernChurchAuthors, EnglishReaders UnionPhotographyPoetry of placesLove poetry, EnglishViewsLiterature19061984191619171928193119331934193519361937193819391940194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013342997591952821.912PR6003.E77ocn000050776ocn001635016ocn000052646ocn001634753ocn000235289ocn000415875ocn004499691ocn002991301ocn188416929ocn833658301ocn000414240ocn001826909ocn000747050ocn002128291ocn000430800ocn011136667ocn001524834ocn084492306ocn313079454ocn609526240ocn688557152ocn004108539ocn039282927ocn077647667ocn081774341ocn760182548ocn080022462ocn078911049ocn011482030ocn006419685ocn054950024ocn166915028ocn078888285ocn406996467ocn464724574ocn469450703ocn459281912ocn459799645ocn176890536ocn862294176ocn277140218ocn661386425ocn765046244ocn661386313ocn765046440ocn764558972ocn222490621ocn222490400ocn220209115ocn219831754ocn225698467ocn219831523ocn186024268ocn725296022ocn681173299ocn320472832ocn320473302ocn222490288ocn777812347ocn833658301ocn864638743227562ocn000200188book19580.33Betjeman, JohnCollected poemsCome, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough To get it ready for the plough. The cabbages are coming now; The earth exhales. --from "Slough" When the beloved English poet John Betjeman's Collected Poems first appeared in 1958, it made publishing history, and has now sold more than two million copies to a steadily expanding readership. Betjeman is almost unique among poets in that his work appeals equally strongly to those who love poetry and to those who rarely read it. This volume, the first American edition of the Collected Poems, incorporates all the poems that Betjeman published after the original Collected Poems and includes a new foreword by Britain's poet laureate, Andrew Motion+-+9801769285144486ocn012687172book15700.37Betjeman, JohnJohn Betjeman's collected poemsPoetry+-+378180462532484723ocn001579422book19590.37Betjeman, JohnHigh and lowPoems about man and nature, the future, memories and old friends82426ocn000540979book19700.35Betjeman, JohnA pictorial history of English architectureHistory81322ocn000050776book19690.29Betjeman, JohnVictorian and Edwardian London from old photographsHistoryPictorial worksThis book is illustrated entirely by contemporary photographs. The earliest pictures belong to the 1840s, when Fox Talbot's camera was just in time to record the Old Hungerford Suspension Bridge and the erection of Nelson's Column. The latest show the London of seventy years further on, when the motor-car had begun to supplant the carriage, the hansom, and the horse-drawn omnibus. These photographs illustrate every aspect and district of London. The emphasis is on the streets, and the people and traffic in them, rather than on the buildings. Here are pictures of a vanished population of street traders and entertainers: the muffin men, umbrella menders, ginger-beer sellers, sweeps, dancing bears and organ grinders, flower girls, rabbit sellers, and Punch-and-Judy shows which were an everyday feature of London street life. The pictures in which they appear are often strikingly beautiful, though whether they are so from the conscious intention of their photographers it might be hard to say.--From publisher description7494ocn747614026file20050.39Betjeman, JohnFaith and doubt of John Betjeman an anthology of Betjeman's religious versePoetry+-+73203917357465ocn686746148file20080.37Betjeman, JohnPoems in the porch the radio poems of John Betjeman+-+937815293673721ocn001181671book19740.39Betjeman, JohnA nip in the air+-+787995848532464118ocn000130599book19330.63Betjeman, JohnGhastly good taste; or, A depressing story of the rise and fall of English architectureHistoryMy own interest started in seeking out what was old. When the guide told me that this was the bed in which Queen Elizabeth slept, I believed him. When owners of country cottages in Suffolk told me their cottage was a thousand years old, I believed them too. I thought that this or that church was the smallest in England, and that secret passages ran under ruined monasteries, so that monks could get to the nearest convent without being seen. The older anything was the lovelier I thought it.'. Most famous for his poetry, John Betjeman was also passionate about architecture, 'preferring all centur57416ocn001635016book19570.28Betjeman, JohnEnglish love poems+-+201525620532452729ocn004902980book19780.32Betjeman, JohnThe best of BetjemanA selection of poetry, prose and work for television covering nearly 50 years+-+035836596532448324ocn000929633book19510.66Betjeman, JohnFirst and last lovesOh prams on concrete balconies, what will your children see? Oh white and antiseptic life in school and home and clinic, oh soul-destroying job with handy pension, oh loveless life of safe monotony, why were you created?'. First and Last Loves is a collection of Betjeman's essays on architecture, first published to coincide with an exhibition at the Soane Museum, and a worthwhile volume in its own right. Introduced with a lively tirade against mediocrity entitled 'Love is Dead', Betjeman discusses a range of topics including conservation battles, modern architecture and his passion for railway+-+241097620532447513ocn000482909book19720.47Betjeman, JohnLondon's historic railway stations+-+790796903632445321ocn031497539book19430.59Betjeman, JohnEnglish cities and small towns+-+260702803641129ocn005764521book19380.63Betjeman, JohnAn Oxford university chestHistoryPictorial works39121ocn002947288book19620.37Betjeman, JohnA ring of bells; poemsJuvenile worksPoetry+-+765650462532437919ocn000681769book19540.66Betjeman, JohnA few late chrysanthemums. [Poems]34913ocn009644782book19820.56Betjeman, JohnUncollected poemsBiography34619ocn001634753book19440.53Betjeman, JohnEnglish, Scottish and Welsh landscape, 1700-c. 1860Poetry34213ocn007414161book19800.50Betjeman, JohnChurch poemsPoetry+-+8493175885324127518ocn000364308book19600.39Betjeman, JohnSummoned by bellsBiographyPoetryTells the story of a boy's growth to early manhood, seaside holidays, meddling arts, school bullies and an unexpected moment of religious awakening+-+85088046257657ocn076819883book20060.29Wilson, A. NBetjeman : a lifeBiography"John Betjeman was by far the most popular poet of the twentieth century; his collected poems sold more than two million copies. As poet laureate of England, he became a national icon, but behind the public man were doubts and demons. The poet best known for writing hymns of praise to athletic middle-class girls on the tennis courts led a tempestuous emotional life. For much of his fifty-year marriage to Penelope Chetwode, the daughter of a field marshal, Betjeman had a relationship with Elizabeth Cavendish, the daughter of the Duke of Devonshire and lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. Betjeman, a devout Anglican, was tormented by guilt about the storms this emotional triangle caused. Betjeman, published to coincide with the hundredth anniversary of the poet's birth, is the first to use fully the vast archive of personal material relating to his private life, including literally hundreds of letters written by his wife about their life together and apart. Here too are chronicled his many friendships, ranging from "Bosie" Douglas to the young satirists of Private Eye, from the Mitford sisters to the Crazy Gang. This is a celebration of a much-loved poet, a brave campaigner for architecture at risk, and a highly popular public performer. Betjeman was the classic example of the melancholy clown, whose sadness found its perfect mood music in the hymns of a poignant Anglicanism."--Publisher's website+-+23466692857533ocn000177197book19620.53Brooke, JocelynRonald Firbank and John BetjemanCriticism, interpretation, etc5653ocn001065749book19740.53Press, JohnJohn BetjemanCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography5345ocn002431559book19610.35Stanford, DerekJohn Betjeman : a studyBiography+-+88991046254005ocn023653171book19880.39Hillier, BevisYoung BetjemanBiography+-+86809046253243953ocn000995168book19740.66Stapleton, Margaret LSir John Betjeman: a bibliography of writings by and about himBibliography3844ocn012665631book19860.73Harvey, GeoffreyThe Romantic tradition in modern English poetry : rhetoric and experienceHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+43935988853221ocn012948947book19840.33Hillier, BevisJohn Betjeman : a life in picturesBiographyPortraitsPictorial works3183ocn009830301book19830.53Taylor-Martin, PatrickJohn Betjeman, his life and workCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography2755ocn051316816book20020.39Hillier, BevisJohn Betjeman : new fame, new loveBiography+-+27550046253242682ocn056639307book20040.35Hillier, BevisBetjeman : the bonus of laughterBiography+-+104910462526711ocn030512065book19940.37Betjeman, JohnLettersBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+94986849253242213ocn009367004book19580.37Betjeman, JohnJohn Betjeman's collected poemsPoetry1862ocn040980763book19990.79Brown, DennisJohn BetjemanCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+20435819251801ocn018815980book19880.63Betjeman, JohnBetjeman's LondonPoetry1703ocn537652518book20100.92Gardner, Kevin JBetjeman : writing the public lifeCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+39073075161651ocn022664290book19890.37Betjeman, JohnThe Illustrated Summoned by bellsPoetry+-+29370046253241573ocn068770234book20060.88Peterson, William SJohn Betjeman : a bibliographyBibliographyThis bibliography describes all John Betjeman's known writings, including his own books, contributions to periodicals and to books by others, lectures, and radio and television programmes+-+98593634651572ocn043031456book20000.70Mowl, TimStylistic cold wars : Betjeman versus Pevsner+-+7879958485324+-+7879958485324Fri Mar 21 15:09:18 EDT 2014batch51660