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Thu Feb 12 22:05:41 2015 UTClccn-n800042180.20The nutcracker a ballet in two acts /0.530.98Torzhestvo muz : Bolʹshoĭ teatr v grafike i zhivopisi : [Alʹbom] /208666630n 80004218386868Akademičeskij Bol'šoj teatr (Sovětský svaz)Akademicheskiĭ Bolʹshoĭ teatrAkademicheskiĭ Bolʹshoĭ teatr (Soviet Union)Bolchoï (Theater : Soviet Union)Bolschoi-Theater (Sovětský svaz)Bolschoi-Theater (Soviet Union)Bol'shoi BalletBolʹshoĭ teatr Soi︠u︡za SSRBolʹshoĭ teatr (Soviet Union)Bolshoi teatr SSSR. BaletBol'shoi Theatre BalletBolshoi Theatre (Moscow, R.S.F.S.R.)Bolshoi Theatre of the USSRBolshoi Theatre (Sovětský svaz)Bolshoi Theatre (Soviet Union)Bol'šoj teatr (Sovětský svaz)Bol'šoj Teatr SSSR.Būlshūy (Theater : Soviet Union)GABT Soi︠u︡za SSRGABT USSRGosudarstvennyĭ akademicheskiĭ Bolʹshoĭ teatrGosudarstvennyĭ akademicheskiĭ Bolʹshoĭ teatr Soi︠u︡za SSRGosudarstvennyĭ akademicheskiĭ Bolʹshoĭ teatr (Soviet Union)Gosudarstvennyĭ Bolʹshoĭ teatr (Soviet Union)Gosudarstvennyĭ ordena Lenina akademicheskiĭ Bolʹshoĭ teatr Soi︠u︡za SSRGosudarstvennyj akademičeskij Bol'šoj teatr Sojuza SSRGosudarstvennyj Bol'šoj teatr (Sovětský svaz)Moscow. Gosudarstvennyĭ akademicheskiĭ Bolʹshoĭ teatrMoscow State Theatre (Bolshoi) of the USSRMoskovskie Imperatorskie Teatry Bolschoi-TheaterPadomju Savienība. Большой театрPaństwowy Akademicki Teatr Wielki ZSRR, Moskwa.Soviet Union. Bolʹshoĭ teatrSoviet Union. Bolshoi TheatreState Theatre (Sovětský svaz)State Theatre (Soviet Union)Théâtre bolchoï de MoscouThéâtre bolchoï (Soviet Union)USSR Bolshoi TheatreUSSR Bolshoi Theatre (Sovětský svaz)USSR State Academic Bolshoi TheatreVelké divadlo v MoskvěАкадемический Большой театр (Soviet Union)Большой театр (Padomju Savienība)Большой театр (Soviet Union)Большой театр Союза ССРБольшой театр СССРГАБТ Союза ССРГАБТ УССРГосударственный академический Большой театр (Padomju Savienība)Государственный академический Большой театр (Soviet Union)Государственный академический Большой театр Союза ССРГосударственный Большой театр (Padomju Savienība)Государственный Большой театр (Soviet Union)Государственный ордена Ленина академический Большой театр Союза ССРГосударственный ордена Ленина академический Большой театр СССРcontainsVIAFID/143218970Bolʹshoĭ teatr RossiicontainsVIAFID/139704075Imperatorskai︠a︡ Moskovskai︠a︡ operalccn-n79072979Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich1840-1893lbtautcmplccn-n81120364Nesterenko, Evgeniĭsngprflccn-n79107991Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay1844-1908arrautlccn-n81021947Grigorovich, I︠U︡riĭ Nikolaevich1927-chrautlccn-n81120362Atlantov, Vladimirsngprflccn-n81072636Melik-Pashaev, Aleksandr Shamilʹevich1905-1964cndprflccn-n84172840Ėrmler, Markcndprflccn-n79127149Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich1839-1881lbtautcmplccn-n81120363Arkhipova, Irina1925-2010sngprflccn-n86107664Khaĭkin, B.cndprfBolʹshoĭ teatr SSSRDramaOperasHistoryFilm adaptationsMusical settingsPictorial worksTelevision adaptationsFilm and video adaptationsStories, plots, etcOperasRussia (Federation)--MoscowOperaBalletOperas--ExcerptsOpera--Production and directionActingBolʹshoĭ teatr SSSRLoveTheatersSymphoniesCantatas, Secular (Men's voices)BalletsBolʹshoĭ teatr SSSR.--BaletLive sound recordingsOrchestral musicRussiaSongs, RussianRussia (Federation)DuelingMan-woman relationshipsSoviet UnionSongs (Low voice)Love-lettersBalls (Parties)Ballet--Study and teachingNutcrackers (Implements)SuicideNew York (State)--New YorkComposersTheatrical producers and directorsOperas--Analysis, appreciationRussia (Federation)--Moscow--KremlinSecret serviceArt, RussianTheater architecturePerforming artsTheaters--Stage-setting and scenerySolo cantatas, Secular (High voice)Evgeniĭ Onegin (Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich)Songs (Low voice) with pianoOverturesSongs (Low voice) with orchestraMusicEvgeniĭ Onegin (Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich)Boris Fyodorovich Godunov,--Czar of Russia,Boris Godunov (Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich)Songs (Medium voice) with pianoSpartacus (Choreographic work : Grigorovich)Swan lake (Choreographic work : Grigorovich after Gorski, Ivanov and Petipa, M)1896192519301931193219331934193519361937194019411947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120132014108865791010782.1M1500ocn003269212ocn002765436ocn004999357ocn003066884ocn003107090ocn003025795ocn002812695ocn002868210ocn003133724ocn003817822ocn061678181ocn18592337560320ocn063164015visu19780.39Mussorgsky, Modest PetrovichBoris GodunovDramaFilm and video adaptationsTelevision adaptationsPresents a faithful production of the Standard Rimsky-Korsakov version taped "live" at the Bolshoi in 1978. Yevgeni Nesterenko gives a vivid human portrait of the tormented half-crazed czar47731ocn003269212rcrd19470.47Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichEugene OneginMusical settingsTchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin on two CDs28823ocn003025795rcrd19580.56Mussorgsky, Modest PetrovichBoris GodunovMusical settingsDramaAdapted from a play by Alexander Pushkin about the 16th-century tsar, Boris Godunov23714ocn003817822rcrd19530.47Borodin, Aleksandr PorfirʹevičPrince IgorDramaConductor Jerzy Semkov brings Borodin's Prince Igor to life with a vivid performance featuring Boris Christoff, Julia Wiener, and the Sofia National Opera Chorus and Orchestra22913ocn003066884rcrd19620.74Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichThe queen of spades [opera in three acts]There's passion and drama galore in Tchaikovsky's rich setting of Pushkin's chilling novel of obsession. Dashing Dmitri Hvorostovsky is Prince Yeletsky, engaged to Lisa (Galina Gorchakova) who is also loved by Gherman (Plácido Domingo at his most romantically impassioned). Lisa's grandmother, the old Countess (Elisabeth Söderström) had been given the secret of winning at cards, and when Gherman tries to force it out of her at gun point, she dies of fright. After Lisa commits suicide, the old Countess's ghost gets even with Gherman. Valery Gergiev leads a mega-watt performance1634ocn002765436rcrd19730.50Prokofiev, SergeyWar and peace op. 911586ocn004999357rcrd19760.54Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichIolantaMusical settings1519ocn003107090rcrd19730.60Rimsky-Korsakov, NikolayThe tsar's brideMusical settings1491ocn055798237visu20040.20The nutcracker a ballet in two actsDramaThe Bolshoi Ballet presents Yuri Grigorovich's version of The nutcracker. Act 1: Vladimir Vasiliev & Yekaterina Maximova. Act 2: Vyacheslav Gordeyev & Nadia Pavlova1464ocn002919637rcrd19710.67Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichThe maid of OrleansDramaThe shepherd girl Joan (soprano) lives with her parents in the village of Domremy. She refuses her father's choice for a husband and leaves home. When she comes upon a crowd made homeless and destitute by the English, Joan rallyes them by declaring Salisbury as killed. She proceeds on to lead soldiers into battle1337ocn002868210rcrd19740.60Mussorgsky, Modest PetrovichKhovanshchinaChowanschtschina: Musikalisches Volksdrama in fünf Akten. Orchestriert von Dmitrij Schostakowitsch. Schluss-Szene von Igor Strawinsky1295ocn018606764visu19830.54Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichThe queen of spadesTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsThe Bilshoi Opera, Theatre, Orchestra and Choir have joined to create the definitive motion picture of this modern masterpiece! From the dazzling sets and costumes, to the impassioned singing and acting, this is an experience both opera and film lovers will not soon forget1276ocn002812695rcrd19640.37Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichPique dame The queen of spades1175ocn034823740rcrd19670.39Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichPique dameMusical settingsPique Dame: Lyrischer Roman in drei Akten, op.68. Libretto: Modest Tschaikowsky nach Alexander Puschkin1133ocn003133724rcrd19690.80Rimsky-Korsakov, NikolaySymphony no. 1, in E minor. Song of Oleg the Wise978ocn003995070rcrd19510.50Mussorgsky, Modest PetrovichBoris GodounovMusical settingsDramaBoris Godunow: Musikalisches Volksdrama in vier Akten und einem Prolog911ocn002512273book19580.89Abramskij, I.PBolʹshoĭ teatr SSSR : opera, balet886ocn019978163visu19790.63Mussorgsky, Modest PetrovichKhovanshchinaStories, plots, etcFilm adaptationsA sprawling tale of the struggle for power in Russia at the beginning of the Reign of Peter the Great863ocn162658318visu19840.27Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichEvgeniĭ OneginDramaFilm adaptationsOperasMme. Larina, the mother of Tatiana and Olga, is visited at her country estate by Lenski, a neighbouring proprietor, who is engaged to Olga. He brings with him his friend Eugene Onegin. Tatiana, sees in Eugene the hero of her girlish dreams and falls in love with him. In a letter to Eugene she confesses her love, and appoints a meeting. Eugene keeps the appointment, but returns the girl's letter and advises her to restrain her feelings. For Tatiana's birthday a dance is given in her honour. Eugene is present, and aggravates his friend Lenski by the attention he gives to Olga. Maddened jealousy leads to a duel, and Onegin shoots Lenski. Many years later, Eugene Onegin finds Tatiana in St. Petersburg, but she is now the wife of Prince Gremin. He now falls deeply in love with her and pleads for her to leave with him. Tatiana admits her love for him, but declines. Eugene Onegin decides to ends his existence854ocn003828786rcrd19690.70Rachmaninoff, SergeiSymphonic dances Three Russian songs : for chorus and orchestra8084ocn001601779book19750.54Rumi︠a︡nt︠s︡ev, P. IStanislavski on operaFirst published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company+-+67005832358075ocn005380685book19790.28Pokrovskiĭ, BThe Bolshoi : opera and ballet at the greatest theater in RussiaRecounts the history of the theatre and includes a summary of 21 operas and 18 ballets produced there1052ocn018547130book19870.54Bol'šoj teatr (Moskva)The Bolshoi Theatre of the USSR : history, opera, balletHistoryPictorial works734ocn003920065book19760.94Khudozhniki Bol'shogo teatra : [Al'bom]Pictorial works662ocn001557884book19300.74Bocharnikova, ĖllaBallet school of the Bolshoi Theatre532ocn002593416book19550.94Khripunov, I︠U︡. DArkhitektura Bol'shogo teatra412ocn046704049book20010.97Fedorov, V. VRepertuar Bolʹshogo teatra SSSR, 1776-1955History+-+6086908335392ocn032464556book19940.97Chulaki, MikhailI︠A︡ byl direktorom Bolʹshogo teatra--HistoryBiography373ocn016534778book19870.97Bocharnikova, ĖllaBolʹshoĭ teatr : kratkiĭ istoricheskiĭ ocherk362ocn009759296book19820.97Libson, V. I︠A︡Bolʹshoĭ teatr SSSR : istorii︠a︡ sooruzhenii︠a︡ i rekonstrukt︠s︡ii zdanii︠a︡History353ocn017347805book19860.96Bolʹshoĭ teatr SSSR : istorii︠a︡, opera, baletHistory352ocn029271575book19520.97Shaverdi︠a︡n, A. IBolʹshoĭ teatr Soi︠u︡za SSR332ocn006766418book19620.97Grosheva, Elena AndreevnaBolʹshoĭ teatr SSSR v proshlom i nastoi︠a︡shchem322ocn003703866book19760.95Bolʹshoĭ teatr SSSRPictorial works312ocn048035329visu20010.28Russian trinity three institutes that shook the worldHistoryCharts the course of Stalin's Russia by weaving portraits of three of Russia's most important institutions: the Kremlin, the Lubyanka, and the Bolshoi Theater293ocn023475806book19900.96Zarubin, V. IBolʹshoĭ teatr292ocn007169956book19790.98Torzhestvo muz : Bolʹshoĭ teatr v grafike i zhivopisi : [Alʹbom]273ocn005627091book19780.98Grosheva, Elena AndreevnaBolʹshoĭ teatr Soi︠u︡za SSR262ocn031671559book19920.97Pokrovskiĭ, BKogda vygoni︠a︡i︠u︡t iz Bolʹshogo teatraBiography232ocn004851113book19760.95Segodni︠a︡ na Bolʹshogo teatra, 1776-1976 : k 200-letii︠u︡ Bolʹshogo teatra : [sbornik stateĭ+-+6086908335+-+6086908335Fri Feb 13 10:38:29 EST 2015batch38246