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Fri Mar 21 17:14:44 2014 UTClccn-n800435490.00Mille soleils0.221.00Dominique Lapierre : l'eroe della Città della gioia /76318357Dominique_Lapierren 80043549425573Delisle Lapierre, Isabelle, 1931-Lābiyār, Dūmīnīk, 1931-Lapierre, Dominiqueלאפייר, דומיניקラピェール, ドミニクラピエール, Dラピエール, ドミニクlccn-n80043550Collins, Larryantlccn-n92105325Moro, Javier1955-clblccn-n50007686Cordobés1936-lccn-n79029635Spink, Kathryntrlnc-mondadori$clesMondadoriClesprtlccn-no91004618Joffé, Roland1945-proprfflmdrtlccn-n88266630Swayze, Patrickprfactlccn-n92045057Collins, Pauline1940-prfactlccn-n50009955Medoff, Mark Howardsceauslccn-n90655305Eberts, JakeproLapierre, DominiqueHistoryFictionBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsFrance--ParisWorld War (1939-1945)India--KolkataSocial historyMiddle East--JerusalemIsrael-Arab War (1948-1949)Siege of Jerusalem (1948)AltruismConduct of lifeIndiaRefugeesTravelNew York (State)--New YorkTerroristsRace relationsApartheidSouth AfricaAIDS (Disease)India--BhopalBhopal Union Carbide Plant Disaster (India : 1984)Pesticides industry--AccidentsLapierre, DominiqueFrench--Foreign countriesSlumsFranceNuclear terrorismIraq War (2003-2011)United States.--Department of Homeland SecurityPoorMilitary campaignsPolitical scienceGandhi,--Mahatma,JournalistsNuclear weaponsTerrorismCordobés,SpainBullfightersPovertyExtortionAmerican fictionSpanish fictionSpanish languageHejaz (Kingdom).--Delegation (Paris Peace Conference, 1919-1920)Partition of India (1947)British Occupation of India (1765-1947)Industrial accidentsPhilanthropistsHitler, Adolf,AIDS (Disease)--Patients193119501951195319541955195719581960196219641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013271953531694954.04D762.P3ocn780275721ocn797568073ocn864700132ocn676581666ocn822864501ocn691961627ocn494700344ocn410352716ocn742681631ocn691600861ocn410892329ocn464049964ocn084822437ocn463879232ocn465617480ocn468067338ocn123511593ocn420442383ocn492878172ocn466118329ocn419976767ocn419976791ocn658697208ocn658978404ocn691475484ocn690491150ocn1861692673855130ocn000319751book19710.24Collins, LarryO JerusalemHistoryThe epic drama of 1948, in which the Arabs and the Jews, heirs to generations of bitter conflict in a land sacred to them both, fought each other for the city of Jerusalem and for the hopes of fulfillment it represented to each. Here, for the first time is an account of that struggle which encompasses the full spectrum of its participants+-+9697116215304739ocn012081973book19850.21Lapierre, DominiqueThe City of JoyDescribes the author's personal experiences in the district of Anand Nagar in Calcutta where five million people live in the streets+-+4100081995298154ocn001366307book19750.24Collins, LarryFreedom at midnightHistoryA detailed narrative of the thirteen months leading to the independence of the Indian subcontinent in February 1948, centering on major and minor figures and on the social and personal upheavals attendant on independence and partition+-+0603381555264315ocn000711458book19650.23Collins, LarryIs Paris burning? : --Adolf Hitler, August 25, 1944History"How Paris miraculously escaped Adolf Hitler's sentence of death in August 1944"--Jacket subtitle198318ocn006277390book19800.19Collins, LarryThe fifth horseman : a novelFictionThe threat of Libya's Colonel Quaddafi to explode a three-megaton nuclear bomb hidden in New York, unless an autonomous Palestinian state is immediately established, affects the lives of ordinary citizens, politicians, secret agents, and terrorists from Washington to Jerusalem184533ocn000272809book19680.25Collins, LarryOr I'll dress you in mourningBiographyThe biography of Manuel Benítez, El Cordobes120810ocn021762570book19900.21Lapierre, DominiqueBeyond loveHistoryThe epic story of doctors and scientists, sisters and patients, heroes and dreamers fighting against AIDS+-+6389601995109517ocn049799465book20020.22Lapierre, DominiqueFive past midnight in BhopalHistoryRecreates the events of December 3, 1984, in the ancient city of Bhopal, India, when a cloud of toxic gas escaped from an American pesticide plant, killing and injuring thousands of people+-+83358019959719ocn316825586book20090.23Lapierre, DominiqueA rainbow in the night : the tumultuous birth of South AfricaHistory"A Rainbow in the Night" is Lapierre's epic account of South Africa's tragic history and the heroic men and women--famous and obscure, white and black--who have, with their blood and tears, brought to life the country that is today known as the Rainbow Nation+-+229363158576747ocn022488999book19650.20Collins, LarryIs Paris burning?HistoryHow Paris miraculously escaped Hitler's sentence of destruction+-+60774819953243ocn062311866book20040.12Collins, LarryIs New York burning?FictionF0ur years after 9/11 New York City is threatened with an atomic bomb in the heart of the city. The only way to stop the bomb is to convience the Israeli's to give back all the land taken in the 1967 war to the Palestinian"s. What can be done to stop this tragedy from happening?+-+257022240625049ocn001683146book19640.37Lapierre, DominiqueParis brûle-t-il? (25 août 1944); histoire de la libération de ParisHistoryRéimpression d'un ouvrage remarquable qui devait révéler au public le célèbre tandem littéraire Lapierre et Collins. Véritable livre-épopée au style haletant2488ocn377842497rcrd20090.14Lapierre, DominiqueA rainbow in the night [the tumultuous birth of South Africa]HistoryWhen a boatload of Dutch Calvinists settled the southernmost tip of Africa, they were convinced by their strict faith that they were among the "elect," chosen by God to rule over the world. These first colonists would, over time, take on the black tribes, fortune hunters in search of diamonds and gold, and the scarlet-clad regiments of Queen Victoria. Their bloody, ferocious, and fervent saga would culminate three centuries later in one of human history's most notorious political regimes, the establishment of apartheid, and a nation built solely on a system of irrational racism+-+K00647889623933ocn013004510book19850.28Lapierre, DominiqueLa cité de la joieReportage sur l'action entreprise par un prt̊re franȧis, un mďecin amřicain, une infirmir̈e et un tireur de pousse-pousse, dans un quartier de Calcutta pour soigner et aider ceux qui en ont besoin. [SDM]1966ocn024022183visu19910.24Clément, RenéIs Paris burning?HistoryDramaFilm adaptationsAu début d'août 1944, le général Von Choltitz, nouveau commandant de la place de Paris, reçoit d'Hitler l'ordre de détruire la Ville-Lumière. Les mouvements de résistance français organisent une insurrection le 19 août et s'emparent de la préfecture de police. Von Choltitz, influencé par le consul de Suède, retarde l'exécution des ordres reçus. Un émissaire des insurgés rejoint les troupes alliées et obtient que l'on déroge au plan de campagne pour envoyer un bataillon de tanks libérer Paris18337ocn001660323book19750.37Lapierre, DominiqueCette nuit la liberté : récitHistory15853ocn006933412book19800.20Lapierre, DominiqueEl quinto jineteFiction+-+376149659314720ocn010145633book19800.33Collins, LarryLe cinquième cavalier : romanFictionFrench translation of "The fifth horseman". A novel in which terrorists attempt the first nuclear blackmail on the city of New York14639ocn797119471book19850.20Lapierre, DominiqueLa città della gioia1417ocn072440360file19940.14Collins, LarryIs Paris burning?History"Is Paris burning?" is the question Hitler asked over and over as the French Second and American Fourth Divisions battered their way into the city. Few moments in history are as stirring as the Allied liberation of Paris. Yet few people are aware of how narrowly--and how miraculously--the city escaped Hitler's secret plan to reduce it to ashes. Is Paris Burning? reconstructs, in meticulous and riveting detail, the network of fateful events ... day by day, moment by moment ... that saved the City of Light. Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre spent three years researching this book, drawing on French Resistance radio messages, German military records, countless interviews, and secret correspondence between de Gaulle, Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower. Here they re-create the drama, the fervor, and the triumph that heralded one of the most dramatic events of our time+-+82850613253245764ocn039671117book19990.19Lapierre, DominiqueA thousand sunsBiographyA globe-trotting journalist describes the people he met and the events he witnessed over the years. He interviewed such newsmakers as Mother Teresa, bullfighter El Cordobes and Caryl Chessman on Death Row, and among the events he covered was the hijacking of a cruise ship. By the author of Is Paris Burning?+-+40807019954351ocn054893438visu20040.08Joffé, RolandCity of joyDramaFilm adaptationsAn American doctor, a British nurse and an illiterate Indian farmer join together to transform a Calcutta ghetto when it is threatened by the brutal local "godfather."422ocn038043169book19970.56Lapierre, DominiqueMille soleilsBiographyGandhi, de Gaulle, Lucky Luciano, Kadhafi, Mère Teresa, Mitterrand, Golda Meir, El Cordobès... : une grande fresque historique et humaine, les rencontres et les événements d'une vie d'enquêtes et d'aventures62ocn039229063book19970.10Lapierre, DominiqueMille soliBiography52ocn044642863book19981.00Agasso, RenzoDominique Lapierre : l'eroe della Città della gioia41ocn310391993book20080.96Dominique Lapierre : nous pouvons tous changer le mondeBiographyRecueil de textes consacrés à Dominique Lapierre, à son action humanitaire au bénéfice des plus déshérités en Inde21ocn222564835book20000.18Lapierre, DominiqueA Thousand Suns:witness to historyBiography21ocn317562368book19970.24Lapierre, DominiqueMil solesBiography+-+139597789321ocn222564987rcrd20000.10Lapierre, DominiqueA thousand suns translated from the French by Kathryn SpinkBiographyIn 'A thousand Suns' Dominique Lapierre has written a moving account of extraordinary individuals whose lives have had a profound bearing on the course of modern events11ocn052095133art19990.47Vernier-Palliez, ClaudineCity of Joy II11ocn041724685book19550.21Lapierre, DominiqueHochzeitsreise um die Erde01ocn317546394rcrd2002Lapierre, DominiqueMille soleilsBiographyL'auteur, également journaliste de profession, raconte ses voyages aux quatre coins de la planète et parle des gens extraordinaires qu'il a rencontrés et des événements remarquables dont il a été témoin. 1997+-+6389601995+-+6389601995Fri Mar 21 16:08:03 EDT 2014batch44077