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Thu Oct 16 17:59:48 2014 UTClccn-n800050860.37Signac, 1863-1935 /0.630.96Georges Seurat, Paul Signac e i neoimpressionisti /46767282Paul_Signacn 80005086387720Hsi-nieh-kʻoHsi-nieh-kʻo 1863-1935Paul SignacSignac.Signac, PaulSinʹi︠a︡k, PolʹSinʹi︠a︡k, Polʹ 1863-1935シニャック, ポールlccn-nr93046501Bocquillon-Ferretti, Marinaothedtlccn-n50032552Cachin, Françoiseauiothannedtlccn-n79129629Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)lccn-nr96012202Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdamlccn-nr91045299Cachin, Charleslccn-n80160083Grand Palais (Paris, France)np-dyke, james tDyke, James T.lccn-n85212455Ratliff, Floydnc-signac paul$1863 1935Signac, Paul(1863-1935)lccn-n79086855Delacroix, Eugène1798-1863Signac, Paul1863-1935Exhibition catalogsCatalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryBiographySignac, Paul,Neo-impressionism (Art)FranceColor in artDyke, James TArt, ModernArt--Private collectionsArkansas--Little RockPhilosophyArtColorDelacroix, Eugène,Painting, ModernMonet, Claude,Renoir, Auguste,Impressionism (Art)Painting, FrenchGogh, Vincent van,Modernism (Art)Museum of Fine Arts, BostonBlack, Scott MLéger, Fernand,Picasso, Pablo,Braque, Georges,Pissarro, Camille,Degas, Edgar,Watercolor painting, FrenchInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Landscape painting, FrenchPaintingCorot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille,Boudin, Eugène,Watercolor paintingLehman, Robert,Jongkind, Johan Barthold,Post-impressionism (Art)--InfluenceBesson, George,Painting, EuropeanSeurat, Georges,EuropeWater in artLight in artPaintersMetropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)Themes, motivesImpressionism186319351886188718881889189018931894189518961898189919001902190319071908190919101911191219131914191819201921192219231924192519271929193019311932193319341935193719381939194119431946195019511953195419551956195719581959196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721974197519761977197819791980198119861987198919901991199219931994199519961997200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102012201320146952432751759.4ND553.S55ocn074974342ocn312602459ocn315786856ocn265175755ocn313823852ocn706906926ocn313907761ocn313761658ocn314106182ocn263655254ocn693203910ocn693204013ocn693204010ocn693203937ocn693203814ocn693203970ocn693203974ocn693203543ocn693203857ocn881059072ocn765034605ocn765034621ocn843024007ocn690757097ocn844401848ocn690757101ocn690757103ocn765034587ocn247956644ocn461681762ocn463775675ocn463110942ocn441150997ocn439163095ocn438863508ocn781155498ocn691702148ocn781155498ocn762698082ocn185717188ocn186459500ocn740282383ocn4692587545788ocn042290544book20000.37Bocquillon-Ferretti, MarinaPaul Signac : a collection of watercolors and drawingsCatalogsExhibition catalogs"Paul Signac (1863-1935) is best known for his oil landscapes and marine paintings, which are awash in color, exhibiting a fondness for the dots, swirls, and broken lines that are the hallmarks of his Pointillist style. One of the founders of the Salon des Independents in 1884, Signac and his friends Georges Seurat, Camille Pissarro, Henri-Edmond Cross, and Theo van Rysselberghe exhibited with the Impressionists and were at the forefront of the even more radical school of color contrast that came to be known as Neo-Impressionism." "However, it is in Signac's never-before-published and largely unknown works on paper - the precise black-and-white sketches and fluid watercolors with which he filled his sketchbooks - that his evolution as an artist emerges. Paul Signac: A Collection of Watercolors and Drawings presents, for the first time ever, Signac's graphic oeuvre in its entirety."--BOOK JACKET+-+711894563557056ocn051514207book18990.82Signac, PaulD'Eugène Delacroix au néo-impressionnismeHistoryCe manifeste de la couleur, paru une dizaine d'années après la naissance du mouvement néo-impressionniste, fut un livre essentiel pour la génération du tournant du siècle, qui allait créer la peinture moderne. De Matisse à Kandinsky, tous les artistes qui se sont préoccupés de couleur s'en sont inspirés1353ocn046683749book20000.82Cachin, FrançoiseSignac : catalogue raisonné de l'oeuvre peintCatalogscatalogue raisonné10610ocn004098058book19270.88Signac, PaulJongkind765ocn037004689book19960.63Farben des Lichts : Paul Signac und der Beginn der Moderne von Matisse bis MondrianExhibition catalogs734ocn004019771book19770.84Szabó, GeorgeP. Signac : Paul Signac (1863-1935) : paintings, watercolors, drawings and prints : Robert Lehman Collection Drawings GalleriesExhibition catalogs716ocn003738500book19500.84Signac, PaulPaul Signac, 1863-1935622ocn001136604book19500.77Signac, PaulDessins543ocn277087075book20080.96Georges Seurat, Paul Signac e i neoimpressionistiExhibition catalogsExhibition held in Milano at the Palazzo Reale, 10 October 2008 - 25 June 2009482ocn009474842book19500.63Besson, GeorgeSignac : dessins443ocn855505271com20130.56Signac, PaulPaul SignacExhibition catalogsPaul Signac (1863-1935), in jungen Jahren von den Werken Monets inspiriert, war ein Freund und Kollege Georges Seurats, der die wissenschaftliche Präzision des Pointillismus mit der lebendigen Farbe und Emotion des Impressionismus verband. Auch war er ein enger Freund van Goghs, der seine Technik bewunderte, und immer auf der Suche nach neuen Inspirationen für seine monumentalen Bildkompositionen, bereiste Signac die Welt. In dem vorliegenden Buch wird nicht nur die Komplexität von Signacs herausragender, auf wissenschaftlicher Farbzerlegung beruhender Technik untersucht, sondern auch viele Det421ocn003505339book19580.93Marlborough Fine Art LtdLa création de l'oeuvre chez Paul Signac : April-May, 1958Exhibition catalogs4116ocn644639212book20010.37Signac, PaulSignac, 1863-1935BiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogsMalerier+-+9513355585375ocn301638270book20000.70Bocquillon-Ferretti, MarinaPaul Signac : dessins et aquarelles, collection inéditeExhibition catalogsParmi les thèmes de ce livre, les passions de Paul Signac (1863-1935) pour les voyages au long des paysages côtiers de la France, des ports de la Méditerranée aux ports de la Bretagne, ainsi que ses fréquents séjours à Venise. Cent trois oeuvres sont présentées353ocn046419464book20010.93Bocquillon-Ferretti, MarinaSignac : aquarellisteCriticism, interpretation, etc322ocn799618022book20080.92Bocquillon-Ferretti, MarinaSignacCriticism, interpretation, etc246ocn265175755book20030.93Bocquillon-Ferretti, MarinaP. SignacExhibition catalogs231ocn055168506book19770.74Signac, PaulPaul Signac, 1863-1935 : paintings, watercolors, drawings and prints : Robert Lehman Collection, Drawings GalleriesExhibition catalogs237ocn301358200book19700.50Cachin, FrançoisePaul Signac234ocn797179717book19660.66Signac, PaulPaul Signac7504ocn046565221book20010.37Signac, PaulSignac, 1863-1935BiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogsOm den fransk maler Paul Signac (1863-1934)+-+95133555857024ocn000484517book19700.50Cachin, FrançoisePaul Signac5583ocn024870587book19920.56Ratliff, FloydPaul Signac and color in neo-impressionismPaul Signac and Color in Neo-Impressionism is a groundbreaking examination of the artistic technique of "divisionism" in terms of modern scientific theory of color. Truly interdisciplinary in his approach, Floyd Ratliff treats the evolution of both color theory and artistic practice in an integrated way. Signac was the principal advocate for the new movement launched by Georges Seurat in the 1880s. The book is handsomely illustrated with both Neo-Impressionist paintings and scientific drawings and diagrams. Ratliff's five-part essay provides an extended introduction to a translation of Signac's monograph, From Eugene Delacroix to Neo-Impressionism, widely regarded as the basic document of the movement, but never before available in English. This will be an invaluable reference for scholars in art and design, as well as students of the psychology and neurophysiology of color vision and those interested in the relation between the arts and the sciences. Its clarity of style also makes it accessible to the general reader interested in art history, painting, or the perception of color, particularly with its glossary of technical and art terms, index, and bibliography1702ocn082141081book20060.82The romance of Modernism : paintings and sculpture from the Scott M. Black CollectionExhibition catalogs+-+74521932351464ocn001419390book19740.88Signac, PaulCatalogue raisonné de l'œuvre gravé et lithographié de Paul Signaccatalogue raisonné1363ocn036705937book19970.93Signac et la libération de la couleur : de Matisse à MondrianExhibition catalogsContient e. a. (p. 329-340): Dieter Schwarz, Cuno Amiet et Giovanni Giacometti1311ocn045880102book20000.59Shackelford, George T. MMonet, Renoir, and the impressionist landscapeExhibition catalogs1194ocn002287650book19630.88Signac, PaulSignac. [Exposition] Musée du Louvre, décembre 1963- février 1964Exhibition catalogs1123ocn047749247book20010.66Bocquillon-Ferretti, MarinaSignac : watercolorsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+72751209371004ocn052998778book20030.93Bocquillon-Ferretti, MarinaP. SignacExhibition catalogs1003ocn015154142book19860.37Signac, PaulPaul Signac, 1863-1935 : watercolours and drawings, November-December 1986Exhibition catalogs+-+7970045545324892ocn023744605book19900.82Signac, PaulP. Signac : watercolorsExhibition catalogs752ocn047971434book20010.74Signac, PaulSignac, 1863-1935 : Paris, Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, 27 février-28 mai 2001 : Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, 15 juin-9 septembre 2001 : New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 9 octobre-30 décembre 2001Exhibition catalogs712ocn003339347book19220.74Cousturier, LucieP. Signac612ocn001369393book19620.82Gogh, Vincent vanVan Gogh's life in his drawings ; Van Gogh's relationship with Signac : [exhibition] May-June 1962Exhibition catalogs582ocn855505270file20130.56Signac, PaulPaul SignacExhibition catalogsInspired by Monet's work at a young age, Paul Signac (1863-1935) was a friend and disciple of Georges Seurat who combined the scientific precision of pointillism with the vivid colors and emotional expressivity of Impressionism. A close personal friend of Vincent van Gogh, who was a great admirer of his techniques, Signac traveled the world in search of inspiration for his monumental canvases. This book examines the intricacies of Signac's celebrated technique, as well as showcasing the details of some of his most celebrated works521ocn249141472book20010.66Distel, AnneSignac : au temps d'harmonieCriticism, interpretation, etcPlus de 80 oeuvres, peintures, aquarelles, dessins et lithographies et plus de 40 documents d'archives, mettent en images la vie et l'oeuvre de Paul Signac, l'une des grandes figures du néo-impressionnisme481ocn001890296book19660.66Signac, PaulPaul Signac481ocn411989898book20000.82Cachin, FrançoiseSignac : catalogue raisonné de l'oeuvre peintCatalogscatalogue raisonné441ocn840882864book20130.93Signac, PaulSignac : les couleurs de l'eauExhibition catalogsThis work is published on the occasion of the exhibition "Signac, les couleurs de l'eau" presented the musée des impressionnismes in Giverny, from March 29 to July 2, 2013. The description of the water and sky offered by Paul Signac (1863-1935) was an inexhaustible excuse to multiply the color variations. Like Monet, Signac indeed is a constant source of inspiration in the evocation of water and colors. The reflection of light on the surface of the river and the sea are the real fragments, and the artist, ardent defender of pure color, found in this pattern a natural illustration of neo-Impressionist theory of the division of tones+-+7118945635+-+7118945635Thu Oct 16 15:26:29 EDT 2014batch34978