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Fri Mar 21 17:16:15 2014 UTClccn-n800570460.22The last empress : Madame Chiang Kai-Shek and the birth of modern China /0.430.93Chapters on national fecundity, social welfare, education, and health and happiness /99276871Chiang_Kai-shekn 80057046438790Čan, Kaj-ši 1887-1975Čan, Kajši 1887-1975Čankajšek, 1887-1975Chaing Chung-Cheng.Chan, kaï-shiChan, Kaĭshi, 1887-1975Chang, Kae-sŏk, 1887-1975Chang Kaï-chek 1887-1975Chang, Kai-scek, 1887-1875Chang, Kai-scek, 1887-1975Chang, Kai-Shek, 1887-1975Chang, KaïchekChiang, Chieh-shihChiang, Chieh-shih, 1887-1975Chiang, Chih-chʻing, 1887-1975Chiang, Chou-tʻai, 1887-1975Chiang, Chun-chenChiang, Chung-cheng.Chiang, Chung-cheng, 1887-1975Chiang, Jui-yüan, 1887-1975Chiang, Kai-shekChiang, Kai-shek, 1886-1975.Chiang, Kai-shek, 1887-1975Chiang, Kaishek, 1887-1975Ciang, Caiscek, 1887-1975Czang, Kaj-szek.Czjan, Čžun-čžėn 1887-1975Czjan, Čžunčžėn 1887-1975Jian, Jieshe, 1887-1975Jian, JieshiJiang, Jie-shi, 1887-1975Jiang, Jieshi.Jiang Jieshi 1887-1945Jiang, Jieshi, 1887-1975.Jiang, Jieshu, 1887-1975Jiang, RuiyuanJiang, Yuanzhang, 1887-1975Jiang, Zhongzheng, 1887-1975JiangjieshiJiangjieshi, 1887-1975Kai͏̈ chek, Tchang, 1887-1975Kai-Schek Tschiang 1887-1975Kai-shek, ChiangKai-Shek, Chiang, 1887-1975Kaï-Shek, Tchiang 1887-1975Kai-Sjek, Sjang, 1887-1975Kaischek, Tschiang, 1887-1975Shō, Kaiseki.Shō, Kaiseki, 1887-1975Sjang-Kai-Sjek, 1887-1975Sjek, Sjang Kai, 1887-1975Tchang, Kai͏̈ chek, 1887-1975Tchang, KaïchekTchiang, Kai-chek.Tchiang Kai-chek 1887-1975Ťiang, Ťie'š, 1887-1975Tjang Kai Tsjek, 1887-1975Tschiang, Kai-schek, 1887-1975Tschiang, KaischekTschiang, Kaischek, 1887-1975Tschiang, Tschung-Tscheng 1887-1975TschinagkaischekTsiang, Kai-che.Tsiang, Kiai-che.Tsiang Kiai-che 1887-1975Tsjang, Kai Shek, 1887-1975Tsjang, Kai-Tsjek, 1887-1975Tưởng, Giới Thạch, 1887-1975Zhiqing, 1887-1975Zhongzheng, 1887-1975Zhoutai, 1887-1975ショウ, カイセキ, 1887-1975中正, 1887-1975周泰, 1887-1975志清, 1887-1975蔣, 中正蔣, 介石蔣 介石, 1887-1975.蔣中正, 1887-1975蔣中正 (介石), 1887-1975蔣介石, 1887-1975蒋瑞元蔣總司, 1887-1975蒋院长, 1887-1975lccn-n50059493Chiang, May-ling Soong1897-2003crelccn-n86010743Taylor, Jay1931-lccn-n78087649Mao, Zedong1893-1976lccn-n84151695Pakula, Hannahlccn-n79148295Sun, Yat-sen1866-1925lccn-n80135316蔣經國1910-1988lccn-n80101391Fenby, Jonathanlccn-n50017164Crozier, Brian1918-2012lccn-n50041999Chou, Eric1915-1980lccn-n50072265Zhongguo guo min dangChiang, Kai-shek1887-1975HistoryBiographyQuotationsChinaChiang, Kai-shek,Political scienceTaiwanInternational relationsPresidentsChiang, May-ling Soong,CommunismSoviet UnionPresidents' spousesWorld War (1939-1945)Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)NationalistsEconomic historyEconomicsSong familyWorld politicsNationalismMao, Zedong,Zhongguo guo min dangDeng, Xiaoping,China--Xi'an ShiJapanDiplomatsUnited StatesLattimore, Owen,China.--Xing zheng yuan.--Xin wen juReconstruction (1939-1951)Economic policyQuotations, ChineseNationalities, Principle ofStatesmenAsiaSocial policyPicturesEast AsiaDemocracyStudents--Political activityTiananmen Square Incident (China : 1989)Xi'an Incident (China : 1936)Sun, Yat-sen,San min zhu yi (Sun, Yat-sen)RussiaRelationsZhongguo zhi ming yun (Chiang, Kai-shek)CivilizationChina (Republic : 1949- ).--Guo min da huiCivil War (China : 1945-1949)Cultural Revolution (China : 1966-1976)188719751898190019011918192219241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320145371038267023BDS778.C55ocn696729621ocn122797956ocn056969144ocn186535413163943ocn000273797book19510.47Chiang, Kai-shekSoviet Russia in China; a summing-up at seventyHistoryFor other editions, see Author Catalog83121ocn001157431book19370.50Chiang, Kai-shekChina's destiny & Chinese economic theoryHistoryChiang's classic work, first published in 1947, examines the challenges facing the modernization of China - from the humiliation of the unequal treaties, through to the struggles of the first half of the twentieth century.--Publisher's website+-+338302159681722ocn003997219book19430.50Chiang, Kai-shekResistance and reconstruction : messages during China's six years of war, 1937-1943History54314ocn001348922book19420.53Chiang, Kai-shekAll we are and all we have; speeches and messages since Pearl HarborHistory+-+517934269652311ocn001369470book19370.47Chiang, Kai-shekGeneral Chiang Kai-shek; the account of the fortnight in Sian when the fate of China hung in the balanceHistory50419ocn001118320book19470.56Chiang, Kai-shekChina's destiny+-+512197868532422011ocn002938806book19370.79Chiang, May-ling SoongSian: a coup d'étatHistory19811ocn000338281book19460.53Chiang, Kai-shekThe collected wartime messages of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, 1937-1945History18716ocn000782182book19000.59Sun, Yat-senSan min chu i = The three principles of the peopleHistoryLectures on social problems by the founder of the Republic of China1812ocn002983150book19740.73Chiang, Kai-shekAphorisms of President Chiang Kai-shekQuotations16615ocn004857290book19250.59Sun, Yat-senThe three principles of the people = San min chu i15266ocn023004474book19420.73Chiang, Kai-shekZhongguo zhi ming yunHistory1414ocn001822328book19440.84Chiang, Kai-shekBefore final victory, speeches10622ocn007409780book19550.76Chiang, Kai-shekJiang zong tong jia yan lu1057ocn002077814book19370.73Chiang, May-ling SoongChina at the crossroads; an account of the fortnight in Sian, when the fate of China hung in the balanceHistory962ocn004155169book19270.63Sun, Yat-senThe three principles of the people; san min chu I with two supplementary chapters: 1. National fecundity, social welfare and education. 2. Health and happinessHistory881ocn002104965book19750.73Chiang, Kai-shekAddresses and messages of President Chiang Kai-shek, Republic of China, to Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League, World Anti-Communist League, and Asian Parliamentarians' Union8412ocn003763859book19350.90Wang, JingweiChina's leaders and their policies; messages to the Chinese people7613ocn019900550book19570.81Chiang, Kai-shekSu E zai Zhongguo : Zhongguo yu E gong san shi nian jing li ji yaoHistory722ocn006371281book19520.93Chiang, Kai-shekChapters on national fecundity, social welfare, education, and health and happiness21708ocn252922333book20090.29Taylor, JayThe generalissimo : Chiang Kai-shek and the struggle for modern ChinaHistoryBiographyChiang was a man of war who led the most ancient and populous country in the world through a quarter century of bloody revolutions, civil conflict, and wars of resistance against Japanese aggression. In 1949, when he was defeated by Mao Zedong, he fled to Taiwan, where he ruled for another twenty-five years. Playing a key role in the cold war with China, Chiang suppressed opposition with his "white terror," controlled inflation and corruption, carried out land reform, and raised personal income, health, and educational levels on the island.--From publisher description+-+338885921516018ocn310397746book20090.22Pakula, HannahThe last empress : Madame Chiang Kai-Shek and the birth of modern ChinaHistoryBiographyWith the powerful Madame Chiang Kai-Shek at the center of one of the great dramas of the 20th century, the story of the founding of modern China ranges from the revolution that swept away the monarchy to the eventual loss to the communists and exile in Taiwan+-+284396489613065ocn002121645book19760.28Crozier, BrianThe man who lost China : the first full biography of Chiang Kai-shekBiography11716ocn054026516book20030.25Fenby, JonathanChiang Kai shek : China's Generalissimo and the nation he lostHistoryBiographyChronicles the life of Chiang Kai-shek, focusing on his turbulent political career as head of China's nationalist movement and discussing the impact his rule had on Chinese culture, society, government, and history+-+593962132510445ocn000001008book19690.28Payne, RobertChiang Kai-shekConcentrates on the years 1927 and 1948 of Chiang's career because it was during this period that he was the virtual dictator of mainland China before the communists took over and Chiang was driven to Formosa7534ocn000587913book19430.37Clark, Elmer TalmageThe Chiangs of China7252ocn000194620book19710.53Loh, Pichon Pei YungThe early Chiang Kai-shek: a study of his personality and politics, 1887-192469818ocn002722229book19410.59Smith, CordwainerThe China of Chiang K'ai-shek:6808ocn003206881book19710.33China (Republic : 1949- )President Chiang Kai-shek; his life story in picturesHistoryPictorial works6113ocn008194019book19820.63Chi, Hsi-shengNationalist China at war : military defeats and political collapse, 1937-45History6023ocn150881669visu19970.28Williams, SueChina a century of revolutionHistoryTells the story of the eight decades of upheaval in China which followed the fall of its last emperor in 1911. Interviews with people who participated in the events described+-+75467072063245686ocn000669418book19400.39Hedin, Sven AndersChiang Kai-shek, marshal of ChinaHistory+-+94547289965676ocn002320897book19380.53Berkov, RobertStrong man of China; the story of Chiang Kai-shekBiography+-+98642078965143ocn009687101book19810.56Furuya, KeijiChiang Kai-shek, his life and timesHistoryBiography4935ocn000373872book19550.35Hahn, EmilyChiang Kai-shek, an unauthorized biographyBibliography4802ocn023295666book19900.53Lattimore, OwenChina memoirs : Chiang Kai-shek and the war against JapanHistoryBiography4583ocn005336767book19790.35Morwood, WilliamDuel for the Middle Kingdom : the struggle between Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Tse-tung for control of China40213ocn001372804book19440.53Chang, Hsin-haiChiang Kai-shek, Asia's man of destinyHistoryBiography+-+356472899640210ocn001823754book19370.70Tong, Hollington KongChiang Kai-ShekHistory3891ocn002294974book19460.53Chiang, Kai-shekThe collected wartime messages of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, 1937-1945History+-+5121978685324+-+5121978685324Fri Mar 21 16:05:59 EDT 2014batch116012