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Fri Mar 21 17:07:31 2014 UTClccn-n800629800.00Randi, James0.230.47James "The Amazing" Randi17290510James_Randin 80062980444615Amazing RandiRandi, Amazing.Randy, James, 1928-....<<the>> Amazing Randiツウィング, ランドール・ジェイムズ・ハミルトンランディ, ジェイムズlccn-n80009809Nostradamus1503-1566lccn-n79096862Houdini, Harry1874-1926lccn-n50018276Geller, Uri1946-lccn-n80089989WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)lccn-n79065136Sugar, Bert Randolphlccn-nb2009001763Tierney, Bethprolccn-no2009140586PBS Distribution (Firm)np-ragazzi, claudioRagazzi, Claudiolccn-n86134532Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.)lccn-no2006032540De-Val, DavidRandi, JamesBiographyEncyclopediasControversial literatureHistoryDictionariesParapsychologyOccultismProphetsNostradamus,FranceHealersSpiritual healingUnited StatesMagic tricksHoudini, Harry,Escape artistsImpostors and impostureSupernaturalMagiciansParapsychology--ResearchExtrasensory perceptionRandi, JamesPopoff, PeterGeller, Uri,AstrologyPalmistsMediumsPsychicsPsychic abilityPsychic readingsTricksDeceptionParapsychology--InvestigationCommon fallaciesFraudQuacks and quackerySwindlers and swindlingAbrams, Albert,Smith, Jefferson Randolph,Skaggs, JoeyMental healingPseudoscienceCritical thinkingKiyota, MasuakiScandalsSpirit photographySpirit telephone callsMagic Castle (Club)Curiosities and wondersSerios, Ted19281975197619771978198019821984198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920012003200520062010201120122013749784158BBF1042ocn816871116ocn027870779162310ocn020825343book19900.21Randi, JamesThe mask of NostradamusBiographyA biography of the legendary 16th-century astrologer and physician, Nostradamus+-+4583024235120110ocn016353426book19870.27Randi, JamesThe faith healersControversial literatureExposes the pretension and fraud that surrounds the faith healer business, revealing how alleged faith healers prey on the insecurities and vulnerabilities of the people they preach to+-+741802423510164ocn009066769book19820.27Randi, JamesFlim-flam! : psychics, ESP, unicorns, and other delusionsA professional magician exposes mystics, mediums, psychic surgeons, and others who claim to possess supernatural or paranormal powers, demonstrating how their feats are little more than well-planned tricks that any competent magician can duplicate+-+834602423559218ocn029953440book19940.23Randi, JamesAn encyclopedia of claims, frauds, and hoaxes of the occult and supernaturalEncyclopedias+-+04660676855452ocn026162991book19920.18Randi, JamesConjuringHistory"Conjuring - more commonly known as magic - is said to be the world's second oldest profession. This sumptuously illustrated history tells the story of magic and its bizarre history through portraits of the conjurors themselves. Included are Chapters on Horace Goldin and His Buzz-Saw, "Kellar, the Man Who Spoke with Devils," and - yes - "Thurston, the King of Cards." The dark side of magic is explored in chapters on the fabulous Indian Rope Trick and the deadly Defying the Bullets Trick. In the Rope Trick - a staple of early conjuring history - a boy climbs a stiff rope and disappears into the clouds, where he is hacked apart and his limbs rain down from the sky. The conjuror then places the pieces into a basket from which the intact boy emerges to take up a collection from astonished, horrified spectators. In the Defying the Bullets Trick - so dangerous that not even Houdini would attempt it - the conjuror catches a bullet fired at point-blank range. Several great magicians were killed this way as the victims of mechanical error or sabotage. The rich history of conjuring is complete with unforgettable sections on the Bambergs, both Blackstones, Houdini and his entourage - perhaps the greatest conjuring act of all - not to mention lively pick-pockets, street entertainers, and the newly emerging women magicians." "This book is the life's work of a famed magician, investigator of "psychics" and "faith healers," and esteemed author. It is also grand entertainment, given an amusing edge by James Randi's notorious skeptical attitude. Indeed, Randi comes to the ironic conclusion that magic itself is nonexistent - if defined as the ability to defy human powers. What does exist is a dazzling collection of artists whose sleight-of-hand abilities and showmanship make this book an awe-inspiring pageant."--BOOK JACKET+-+96224576853244294ocn003017457book19760.19Randi, JamesHoudini, his life and artBiography3741ocn006304312book19800.19Randi, JamesFlim flam! : The truth about unicorns, parapsychology, and other delusions3701ocn746938962visu20110.17HoudiniBiographyWrapped in chains and encased in a crate, magician Harry Houdini was dropped into New York's icy East River. Horrified onlookers watched him emerge, unharmed, less than 60 seconds later. Easily the world's most famous escape artist, Houdini mesmerized audiences with astonishing acts of magic like the Water Torture Cell. A circus performer turned gifted artist, Houdini confronted humanity's greatest fears: entrapment, pain, and death3033ocn009164994book19820.33Randi, JamesThe truth about Uri Geller+-+64460242351992ocn032167512book19950.18Randi, JamesAn encyclopedia of lies, frauds, and hoaxes of the occult and supernatural : James Randi's decidedly skeptical definitions of alternate realitiesEncyclopedias1683ocn042493915visu19930.24Secrets of the psychicsControversial literatureJames Randi, magician and author, investigates the world of paranormal psychology with earthly results. Psychic Uri Geller, faith healer Peter Popoff, astrology, palm reading, and Russian psychics are critically examined1393ocn756581577book20120.17Edward, MarkPsychic blues : confessions of a conflicted mediumBiographyThe author describes his life and career as a professional mentalist and magician, revealing how he convinced people of his psychic ability and exploited believers1111ocn021303371book19890.13Randi, JamesThe magic world of the Amazing RandiBiography+-+37345030061088ocn060232813book19950.21Randi, JamesThe supernatural A-Z : the truth and the liesEncyclopediasDictionariesControversial literature+-+0891972925324922ocn001602246book19750.32Randi, JamesThe magic of Uri Geller522ocn026359284book19910.19Randi, JamesJames Randi: psychic investigator172ocn038223319visu19970.18Scams, schemes & scoundrelsThis program presents the inner workings of some of history's most outrageous scams and the men behind them. Includes: Victor Lustig who schemed to sell the Eifel Tower in Paris; Albert Abrams, who devised and sold medical devices promising miracle diagnosis and cures; Hans von Meegeren, master forger at Vermeers; Jefferson Randolph "Soaps" Smith, a successful con artist in the West and Alaska during the Gold Rush; Joey Skaggs, media hoaxter who has fabricated many news stories142ocn033135918visu19920.47Randi, JamesJames "The Amazing" RandiJames Randi, a magician and investigator of para-normal claims, presents a first-hand analysis of pseudoscientific practices he encountered on a recent European visit131ocn034699351rcrd19950.21Randi, JamesFlim flam! psychics, ESP, unicorns, and other delusions+-+7685748206131ocn007924713book19820.47Randi, JamesTest your ESP potential : a complete kit with instructions, scorecards, and apparatus11ocn262845526mix0.47Eisenbud, JuleJule Eisenbud Collection on Ted Serios and Thoughtographic PhotographyArchivesThe Eisenbud collection contains Dr. Jule Eisenbud's collection of documents from his lifetime of research on a variety of subjects, with the bulk of material relating to his work on Ted Serios. Although the various documents span from as early as the late 1930s until his death in 1999, the bulk of the material is from the 1960s, the years of his most intensive work with Ted Serios. The series have been organized by document type. The first series, correspondence, is indicative of Eisenbud's dedication as a correspondent and contains two and a half decades worth of correspondence with Serios. The second and third series contain medical, legal, and financial documents relating to both Serios and Eisenbud. The fourth series contains a vast number of documents pertaining to the Eisenbud's experiments; the materials have been divided into those relating to Serios and those relating to Eisenbud's other projects including Susie Cottrell and Masuaki Kiyota. A copy of Eisenbud's book, "The World of Ted Serios," is included in series five. Films made during Eisenbud's experimentation with Serios as well as television coverage of their work, including programs featuring The Amazing Randi (James Randi), are available (series ten.) Series eleven contains an extensive collection of Eisenbud's photograph collection including many thoughtographs and the prints used in Eisenbud's book11ocn058834084com0.47Randi, JamesJames Randi Educational Foundation Home Page : an educational resource on the paranormal, pseudoscientific and the supernaturalFrom the site: The James Randi Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1996. Its aim is to promote critical thinking by reaching out to the public and media with reliable information about paranormal and supernatural ideas so widespread in our society today. The Foundation's goals include: * Creating a new generation of critical thinkers through lively classroom demonstrations and by reaching out to the next generation in the form of scholarships and awards. * Demonstrating to the public and the media, through educational seminars, the consequences of accepting paranormal and supernatural claims without questioning. * Supporting and conducting research into paranormal claims through well-designed experiments utilizing "the scientific method" and by publishing the findings in the JREF official newsletter, Swift, and other periodicals. Also providing reliable information on paranormal and pseudoscientific claims by maintaining a comprehensive library of books, videos, journals, and archival resources open to the public. * Assisting those who are being attacked as a result of their investigations and criticism of people who make paranormal claims, by maintaining a legal defense fund available to assist these individuals. To raise public awareness of these issues, the Foundation offers a $1,000,000 prize to any person or persons who can demonstrate any psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability of any kind under mutually agreed upon scientific conditions. This prize money is held in a special account which cannot be accessed for any purpose other than the awarding of the prize. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Foundation is funded through member contributions, grants, sales of books and videos, seminars, and conferences11ocn050318502art1987Randi, JamesBiography+-+7418024235+-+7418024235Fri Mar 21 15:50:46 EDT 2014batch20033