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Fri Mar 21 17:04:19 2014 UTClccn-n800707410.28Historic towns0.430.92Historic towns, Norwich /108801811n 80070741452227lccn-n82117581John, Ericlccn-n82118142Wormald, Patricklccn-n93085265Maddicott, John Robertedtlccn-n82018170Palliser, D. M.(David Michael)1939-edtlccn-n77004106Addyman, P. V.lccn-n80039744Bedethe Venerable, Saint673-735lccn-nr90018861Hawkes, Sonia Chadwicklccn-n50056685Brown, David1939-np-brown, davidBrown, Davidlccn-n88080789Historic Towns TrustCampbell, James1935-HistoryChurch historyMapsSourcesPeriodicalsGreat BritainAnglo-SaxonsCivilization, Anglo-SaxonEnglandMiddle AgesCampbell, James,State, TheCivilizationPolitical scienceEurope--British IslesHistoria ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum (Bede, the Venerable, Saint)Anglo-Saxons--Kings and rulers--HistoriographyMiddle Ages--HistoriographyStubbs, William,Constitutional historyAntiquitiesArchaeologyAnglo-Saxons--AntiquitiesConstitutional history--HistoriographyCities and townsCivilization, MedievalCities and towns, MedievalEngland--NorwichLocal governmentAdministrative and political divisionsChurch historyBede,--the Venerable, Saint,Church history--Middle AgesClarinet and piano musicExcavations (Archaeology)Kings and rulers1935196519661968197519791980198119821984198519861988199019911992199519971999200020012003201041162886942.01DA152ocn000449468ocn803248206ocn608165798ocn468744332ocn797614422190122ocn008675568book19810.29Campbell, JamesThe Anglo-SaxonsHistoryFor 650 years-from the end of Roman rule to the Battle of Hastings-The Anglo-Saxons controlled England; in religion, culture and administration their legacy is still with us today. In this major survey three distinguished historians, James Campbell, Patrick Wormald and Eric John, have produced an exciting introduction to the field. Although the 'lost centuries' between AD 400 and 600 suffer from a scarcity of written sources, and only two writers, King Alfred and Venerable Bede, dominate our understanding of later times, the authors have created a rich and thought provoking account of the stormy era when Britain became Christian and sustained several waves of Viking invaders. A single nation, they suggest, slowly emerged from the rivalries and fluctuating fortunes of separate kingdoms like Mercia, Wessex and East Anglia. Major figures such as Offa, Alfred, Edgar and Cnut are discussed in detail, while the stunning illustrations convey the immense achievements of Anglo-Saxon art and culture. Above all, the book shatters forever the idea that the Anglo-Saxon centuries were 'simply a barbarous prelude to better things'+-+00489659658918ocn458534293file19860.53Campbell, JamesEssays in Anglo-Saxon historyHistoryJames Campbell's work on the Anglo-Saxons is recognised as being some of the most original of recent writing on the period; it is brought together in this collection, which is both an important contribution to Anglo-Saxon studies in itself and also a poin+-+58837125453247818ocn458582491file20000.50Maddicott, John RobertThe Medieval state essays presented to James CampbellHistoryJames Campbell's work has established the impressive powers of the Anglo-Saxon state, with its ability to impose laws, raise revenue, undertake major works and consult the interests and wishes of its subjects. This collection of essays looks at the state and its successors from a number of angles+-+80460370362829ocn042444947book19990.73Campbell, JamesThe Anglo-Saxon stateHistoryThese essays make a case for how unified and well-governed Anglo-Saxon England was, and how numerous and wealthy its inhabitants were+-+21260370361173ocn000449468book19680.50BedeThe ecclesiastical history of the English people, and other selections from the writings of the Venerable BedeChurch historySourcesAlso includes The Letter to Egbert, the Life of St. Cuthbert, the Lives of the Abbots215ocn263434348book19810.33Anglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and historyHistory212ocn013599757book0.35Anglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and historyHistory151ocn024082049book19880.86Campbell, JamesStubbs and the English state128ocn271037152book19790.73Campbell, JamesBede's reges and principes111ocn695907058book20100.35Clark, J. C. DA world by itself : a history of the British IslesHistory"History, like the present, is always changing, and scholarship on the history of the British Isles is currently experiencing a golden age. The breakdown of modernism, the eclipse of the Marxist tradition and of the 'Whig interpretation' that sees all history as progress, combined with the trajectories of nationalism in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, have all generated unprecedented intellectual activity." "Nor has the world stood still: the collapse of communism, the issues of integration into the EU, and the advance of multiculturalism have led more and more people in the English-speaking world as a whole to sense that their collective landscape now looks profoundly different from that inhabited by theirancestors even a few decades ago"--BOOK JACKET+-+1654559895102ocn503647811book19790.47Hawkes, Sonia CAnglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and history91ocn004513764map19750.92Campbell, JamesHistoric towns, NorwichHistoryMaps71ocn049268300book19900.33BedeEcclesiastical history of the English people ; with Bede's letter to EgbertChurch historyFrom the publisher. Starting with the invasion of Julius Caesar in the fifth century, Bede recorded the history of the English up to his own day in 731 A.D. A scholarly monk working in the north-east of England, Bede wrote the five books of his history in Latin. The Ecclesiastical History is his most famous work, and this edition provides the authoritative Colgrave translation, as well as a new translation of the Greater Chronicle, never before published in English. His Letter to Egbert gives his final reflections on the English Church just before his death. This is the only edition to include all three texts, and they are illuminated further by a detailed introduction and explanatory notes71ocn041304194book19970.47Campbell, JamesThe history of the English shiresHistory61ocn222460606book19840.32Anglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and historyHistory51ocn060094265book19750.28Historic townsHistory41ocn271068377book19850.31Anglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and historyHistory21ocn056263201rcrd19810.47Debussy, ClaudePremière rapsodie21ocn264944652serial0.92Anglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and historyPeriodicals21ocn271076767book19680.47BedeThe ecclesiastical history of the English people : and other selectionsHistoryChurch history31ocn490737877book20000.47The medieval state essays presented to James Campbell [in celebration of his sixty-fifth birthday]+-+8046037036+-+0048965965+-+0048965965Fri Mar 21 15:16:26 EDT 2014batch13712