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Fri Mar 21 17:13:29 2014 UTClccn-n800384640.00Address given at the memorial service for Nikolaus Pevsner, 6 December 1983 /0.470.98La storia utile : patrimonio e modernit'a nel lavoro di John Summerson e Nikolaus Pevsner : Londra 1928-1955 /71429097Nikolaus_Pevsnern 80038464420557Nikolaus PevsnerPevsner, N.Pevsner, N. B. L.Pevsner, N. B. L., 1902-1983Pevsner, N. B. L. (Nikolaus B. L.), 1902-1983Pevsner, Nicholas, SirPevsner, Nicolaus, 1902-1983Pevsner, Nik., 1902-1983Pevsner, Nikolai, 1902-1983Pevsner, NikolasPevsner, Nikolaus.Pevsner, Nikolaus, 1902-Pevsner, Nikolaus, 1902-1983Pevsner, Nikolaus Bernhard LeonPevsner, Nikolaus Bernhard Leon, 1902-1983Pevsner, Nikolaus, SirPevsner, Nikolaus, Sir, 1902-1983Pevsner, Sir NikolausPevsner, Sir Nikolaus Bernhard LeonPewsner, Nikolaus, 1902-1983Sir Nikolaus PevsnerПевзнер, Николай, 1902-1983ペヴスナー, ニコラウスlccn-n86134435Fleming, John1919-2001edtlccn-n79091615Honour, Hughedtlccn-n50037166Cherry, Bridgetothcomedtlccn-no2009030223Williamson, Elizabethothedtlccn-n84069938Radcliffe, Enidothadpclbedtlccn-n50044902Richards, J. M.(James Maude)1907-1992edtlccn-n85374546Games, Stephenedtlccn-nb97057393Bradley, Simonlccn-n85175024Metcalf, Priscillalccn-n50004748Newman, John1936-auiedtPevsner, Nikolaus1902-1983HistoryDictionariesBiographySourcesGuidebooksArtBibliographyArchitectureEuropeArt, ModernArchitecture, ModernEnglandPublic buildingsPevsner, Nikolaus,Art nouveau (Architecture)Architectural historiansArt historiansPublic architectureDesignLandscape architectureArt, EnglishModern movement (Architecture)DesignersModernism (Art)Art nouveauGreat BritainArt--Study and teachingArt schoolsCathedralsGrünewald, Matthias,Church decoration and ornamentEngland--CambridgeshireEngland--YorkEngland--NorthamptonshireEngland--East Riding of YorkshireEngland--Cornwall (County)England--NottinghamshireEngland--West Riding of YorkshireDecoration and ornament--Art nouveauArts and crafts movement--InfluenceManners and customsArchitectural criticismArchitecture, EnglishBetjeman, John,Architecture--PhilosophyEngland--YorkshireTravelHistoric buildingsHistoric sitesBuildingsChurch buildingsArchitecture--HistoriographyArchitecture, Modern--PhilosophyEngland--West YorkshireHitchcock, Henry-Russell,Giedion, S.--(Sigfried),Architecture and society190219831924192519261927192819291931193319341936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014581428383800720.94NA31ocn002735995ocn000807042ocn001004770ocn001264262ocn005628312ocn005522216ocn311613213ocn180568864ocn180453657ocn605989563ocn310813410ocn462372135ocn249645976ocn865041490ocn800618116ocn723011390ocn762290051ocn185933732ocn186024268ocn185807211ocn185933453ocn185933278ocn185933268ocn458889158ocn469326461ocn781121366ocn760980882ocn312569743ocn460344503ocn450921414ocn456106484ocn460414556ocn7811423353961204ocn000906785book19420.50Pevsner, NikolausAn outline of European architectureHistoryThis seventh revised ed. of Nikolaus Pevsner's classic history is presented in an entirely new and attractive style. The format has been enlarged and the nearly 300 illustrations appear next to the passage to which they refer. The final chapter of the Penguin Jubilee ed. has been incorporated, carrying the story from 1914 to the present day, and there are substantial additions on the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries in France as well as many minor revisions. The book tells the story of architecture by concentrating on outstanding buildings, and reads exceedingly well in its concentration and its conbination of warmth and scholarship. -- from Back Cover+-+89708659653366160ocn057485212book19360.50Pevsner, NikolausPioneers of modern design : from William Morris to Walter GropiusHistoryBiography"This expanded edition of Pioneers of Modern Design provides Pevsner's original text along with significant new and revised information, enhancing the author's illuminating account of the roots of Modernism. The book now offers many beautiful color illustrations; updated biographies and bibliographies of all major figures; illustrated short essays on key themes, movements, and individuals; a critique of Pevsner's analysis from today's perspective; examples of works after 1914 (where the original study ended); a biography detailing Pevsner's life and achievements; and much more."--BOOK JACKET+-+6620565585309195ocn040619092book19660.32Fleming, JohnThe Penguin dictionary of architecture and landscape architectureDictionaries"For more than thirty years, The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture has been a standard work of reference." "Encyclopedic in breadth, it describes key individuals, styles, movements, materials, and terms from Aalto to Zakharov, from the Acropolis to ziggurats. Major entries range up to several pages in length and include cross references and bibliographies for further reading." "Now renamed The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, this new edition has been completely reworked by John Fleming and Hugh Honour. All entries have been updated as necessary, many new ones have been written, and much greater prominence has now been given to landscape architecture, one of the most dynamic and important growth fields of recent years."--BOOK JACKET+-+0265335215198260ocn000406374book19680.35Pevsner, NikolausThe sources of modern architecture and designHistorySourcesA style for the age - Art Nouveau - New Impetus from England - Art and Industry - Towards the International style - William Morris and the Arts & Crafts movement - Antoni Gaudi+-+1725575505174247ocn001693883book19760.37Pevsner, NikolausA history of building typesHistoryAvailable again in paperback, this first survey of building types ever written remains an essential guide to vital and often overlooked features of the architectural and social inheritance of the West. Here Nikolaus Pevsner shares his immense erudition and keenly discerning eye with readers curious about the ways in which architecture reflects the character of society. He describes twenty types of buildings ranging from the most monumental to the least, from the most ideal to the most utilitarian. More than seven hundred illustrations illuminate the text. Both Europe and America have been covered with examples chosen largely from the nineteenth century, the crucial period for diversification. Included are national monuments, libraries, theaters, hospitals, prisons, factories, hotels, and many other public buildings; churches and private dwellings have been excluded for practical reasons. The author is concerned not only with the evolution of each type in response to social and architectural change, but also with differing attitudes toward function, materials, and style+-+9473656415152232ocn000001728book19680.39Pevsner, NikolausStudies in art, architecture, and designHistory126958ocn002315339book19660.31Pevsner, NikolausA dictionary of architectureDictionaries+-+K878605965116654ocn002667475book19550.56Pevsner, NikolausThe Englishness of English art, an expanded and annotated version of the Reith Lectures broadcast in October and November 1955HistoryArt109161ocn000540551book19590.53Pevsner, NikolausYorkshire: York and the East RidingGuidebooks+-+361562596532496534ocn002735995book19730.56Richards, J. MThe Anti-rationalistsHistory7048ocn000038749book19680.59Concerning architecture: essays on architectural writers and writing presented to Nikolaus Pevsner68420ocn000549462book19400.63Pevsner, NikolausAcademies of art, past and presentA history of the education of the artist65112ocn012145850book19840.50Pevsner, NikolausThe cathedrals of England61017ocn000184967book19580.50Grünewald, MatthiasGrünewald59836ocn001391885book19340.56Pevsner, NikolausCambridgeshireGuidebooks+-+356562596559611ocn000584350book19720.63Pevsner, NikolausSome architectural writers of the nineteenth century59167ocn231389978book19710.37Pevsner, NikolausLexikon der Weltarchitektur : mit einer umfassenden Bibliographie und einem Ortsregister der AbbildungenDictionariesThis German translation of the Dictionary of architecture by Pevsner, Honour, and Fleming is intended both for professionals and interested laypersons. It contains over 2,900 articles and 3,400 illustrations covering architects and architectural schools, architectural history of countries and regions, definitions of stylistic concepts, technical terms, and building styles57620ocn006817435book19510.56Pevsner, NikolausNottinghamshireGuidebooks+-+275562596556923ocn000302015book19510.59Pevsner, NikolausCornwallGuidebooks+-+465562596556526ocn000952291book19610.59Pevsner, NikolausNorthamptonshireGuidebooks+-+67756259658077ocn676697500file20100.50Games, StephenPevsner the early life : Germany and artBiography+-+11389669962193ocn052540034book20030.81Reassessing Nikolaus PevsnerHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings+-+67308190252043ocn747917346book20110.59Harries, SusieNikolaus Pevsner : the lifeBiography"Born Nikolai Pewsner into a Russian-Jewish family in Leipzig in 1902, Nikolaus Pevsner was a dedicated scholar who pursued a promising career as an academic in Dresden and Göttingen. When, in 1933 Jews were no longer permitted to teach in German universities, he lost his job and looked for employment in England. Here, over a long and amazingly industrious career, he made himself an authority on the exploration and enjoyment of English art and architecture, so much so that his magisterial county-by-county series of 46 books on The Buildings of England (first published 1951-74) is usually referred to simply as 'Pevsner'. As a critic, academic and champion of Modernism, Pevsner became a central figure in the architectural consensus that accompanied post-war reconstruction; as a 'general practitioner' of architectural history, he covered an astonishing range, from Gothic cathedrals and Georgian coffee houses to the Festival of Britain and Brutalist tower blocks. Susie Harries explores the truth about Nikolaus Pevsner's reported sympathies with elements of Nazi ideology, his internment in England as an enemy alien and his sometimes painful assimilation into his country of exile. His Heftchen--secret diaries he kept from the age of 14 for another 60 years--reveal hidden aspirations and anxieties, as do his numerous letters (he wrote to his wife, Lola, every day that they were apart). Harries is the first biographer to have read Pevsner's private papers and, through them, to have seen into the workings of his mind. Her definitive biography is not only rich in context and far-ranging, but is also brought to life by quotations from Pevsner himself. He was born a Jew but converted to Lutheranism; trained in the rigour of German scholarship, he became an Everyman in his copious commissions, publications, broadcasts and lectures on art, architecture, design, education, town planning, social housing, conservation, Mannerism, the Bauhaus, the Victorians, Zeitgeist, Englishness, and how a nation's character may, or must, be reflected in its art. His life--as an outsider yet an insider at the heart of English art history--illuminates both the predicament and the prowess of the continental émigrés who did so much to shape British culture after 1945"--Publisher description+-+54831665251572ocn043031456book20000.70Mowl, TimStylistic cold wars : Betjeman versus Pevsner1055ocn710765842book20110.86Hartoonian, GevorkMental life of the architectural historian : re-opening the early historiography of modern architecture"Starting with the question concerning the discursive formation of architectural history, the chapters compiled in this manuscript attempt to re-read the historiography of the early modern architecture from the point of view of the theoretical work produced since the post-war era. Central to the objectives of the implied differentiation are the ways in which architectural history differs from the traditions of art history, and that the text works its autonomy through theoretical representation, its discursive flow is interrupted by the historian's urge to support his/her argument with references to buildings, texts, drawings, and events that are historical. The historians discussed in this volume are the regulars addressed by most critics who revisit modern architectural history. The idea of dedicating chapters to N. Pevsner, H.R. Hitchcock, and S. Giedion respectively, entails an economy of selection that is formative for a critical understanding of the canon established by these historians. Discussing themes such as periodization, autonomy, and time, the coda of the final chapter expands the scope of 'critical historiography' popularised by Kenneth Frampton and Manfredo Tafuri" -- Back cover+-+5610738996324773ocn001296721book19700.84Barr, John RSir Nikolaus PevsnerBibliography671ocn743442817book20020.13Harries, SusiePevsnerBiography+-+5483166525251ocn014200763book19660.53MacInnes, ColinEngland, half English : a polyphoto of the fifties191ocn048753404book20010.98Rosso, MichelaLa storia utile : patrimonio e modernit'a nel lavoro di John Summerson e Nikolaus Pevsner : Londra 1928-1955HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc124ocn021186664book19840.84Murray, PeterNikolas Bernhard Leon Pevsner, 1902-1983121ocn030260218book19920.95Nikolaus Pevsner, la trama della storiaConference proceedings52ocn024203877book19700.29The American Association of Architectural Bibliographers papersBibliography41ocn061572688book19650.59American Association of Architectural BibliographersPapersBibliography41ocn313671501book19690.47Pevsner, NikolausL'architettura moderna e il design : da William Morris alla Bauhaus21ocn754784959book19880.47<>Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn818329518visu20060.47Pevsner's citiesOxford's architecture is revered as much as its famous university. In the late 1970s, architectural historian Sir Nikolaus Pevsner came here to document its buildings. From the gothic vaults of Christ Church Cathedral to the neo-classical opulence of Canterbury Quad, Professor Gavin Stamp follows in Pevsner's footsteps. Knowledgeable and opinionated, he takes us on a revealing journey through the city and its rich architectural heritage11ocn080645226book1985Clifton-Taylor, AlecAddress given at the memorial service for Nikolaus Pevsner, 6 December 198311ocn021654236book19860.47Clarke, SharonSir Nikolaus Pevsner: did he mislead us?Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn822959603book2013Games, StephenPevsner at the BBC : expertise and editorshipBiography11ocn081106147mixSir Nikolaus Pevsner :+-+9473656415+-+9473656415Fri Mar 21 15:50:46 EDT 2014batch78028