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Thu Oct 16 17:50:48 2014 UTClccn-n800965070.00Symposium on the history of astrophysics in the 20th century,0.651.00George Eugène Uhlenbeck papers,134867078n 80096507477508A.P.S.APSAPS (American Physical Society)Physical Societylccn-n79078128American Institute of Physicsedtlccn-n79021621Cornell Universitylccn-n82091895Optical Society of Americalccn-n85346135Lasers and Electro-optics Society (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)lccn-n78088934Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineerslccn-n50081966Society of Rheology (U.S.)lccn-n79142877International Business Machines Corporationothlccn-n50024831Ford, Kenneth William1926-lccn-n85802188Friedrich, Lawrence William1912-edtlccn-n80024525American Astronomical SocietyAmerican Physical SocietyPeriodicalsConference proceedingsAbstractsHistoryDirectoriesPhysicsNuclear physicsPlasma (Ionized gases)FluidsStatistical physicsCondensed matterQuantum gravityGeneral relativity (Physics)GravitationParticles (Nuclear physics)Solid state physicsCosmologyEnergy conservationPhysics--PeriodicalsPhysics--PhilosophyPower (Mechanics)American Physical SocietyParticle beamsParticle acceleratorsPhysics--Study and teachingElectric powerFuelSurfaces (Physics)Physical opticsNuclear astrophysicsTechnologyNuclear disarmamentNuclear weaponsArms racePhysicistsUnited StatesMembership requirementsPhysics--Societies, etcAstronomersAstronomy--Study and teaching (Higher)North AmericaPhysics--Study and teaching (Higher)Universities and collegesComputer network resourcesMaterials scienceSolidsAmerican Institute of PhysicsPhysics literature--Electronic publishingNihon Butsuri GakkaiElectronic journalsAlvarez, Luis W.,University of Michigan.--Department of PhysicsCompetition, UnfairBethe, Hans A.--(Hans Albrecht),University of Michigan179818061900190719091913191919211924192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133696216262601530QC1ocn473998712ocn473974839ocn468309048ocn472872866ocn462342316ocn797863909ocn797533496ocn797627677ocn797852537ocn799575964ocn799135516ocn7990668417416140ocn001715834serial19950.63American Physical SocietyPhysical review lettersPeriodicalsVols. for 1903- include Proceedings of the American Physical Society200740ocn021266025serial0.70American Physical SocietyPhysical reviewPeriodicals186434ocn005975699serial0.59American Physical SocietyReviews of modern physicsPeriodicals123518ocn001754449serial0.53American Institute of Physics (New York)Journal of applied physicsPeriodicalsSCC LIBRARY HAS 1959-65, SCATTERED ISSUES92519ocn004206245serial0.63American Physical SocietyPhysical reviewPeriodicals80318ocn038301710serial0.74American Physical SocietyPhysical reviewPeriodicals78023ocn001376201serial0.66American Physical SocietyBulletin of the American Physical SocietyPeriodicals68418ocn003811892serial0.66American Physical SocietyPhysical review and Physical review letters indexPeriodicalsSemiannual cumulative subject and author index to Physical review A, B, C, and D, and to Physical review letters, v. 24- 1970-67013ocn003350110serial0.70Physics : a journal of general and applied physics conducted by the American Physical SocietyHistoryPeriodicals60219ocn045808357serial0.74American Physical SocietyPhysical reviewPeriodicals5966ocn001616749book19750.66Ford, Kenneth WilliamEfficient use of energy : (the APS studies on the technical aspects of the more efficient use of energy)5874ocn000531031book19600.63Friedrich, Lawrence WilliamThe nature of physical knowledgeConference proceedings5684ocn038597040file0.63Physical review special topics. PRST-ABPeriodicals5231ocn058048351file0.63Physical review special topicsPeriodicals5083ocn001009214book19740.70American Physical Society Topical Conference on EnergyPhysics and the energy problem--1974; [proceedings]Conference proceedings42910ocn006170377serial0.70The Physical review supplementPeriodicals3775ocn004976547serial0.66Institution of Electrical EngineersScience abstractsPeriodicalsAbstracts3395ocn040924693file0.66Physical review focusPeriodicalsProvides brief explanations of selected research papers from Physical Review Letters (PRL) at a level accessible to most physicists. Each explanation provides a hyperlink to the abstract of the research paper in PRL; subscribers to PRL online may then access the full-text3334ocn010063317book19830.79Physics, technology, and the nuclear arms race (APS Baltimore, 1983)HistoryConference proceedings3257ocn001911441serial19960.66American Physical SocietyPhysical review index"Semiannual cumulative subject and author index of Physical review A, B, C, D, and of Physical review letters."1862ocn024383764serial0.79American Physical SocietyAPS newsPeriodicals532ocn034317459serial0.97American Physical SocietyMembership directoryDirectories433ocn014209602serial0.93American Physical SocietyAPS membership directoryPeriodicalsDirectories171ocn027198445serial0.92American Physical SocietyAmerican Physical Society membership directoryDirectories131ocn691560562file0.63American Physical SocietyAPS research journalsPeriodicalsAPS journal portal allowing users to either browse or search APS journals. Links to text (periodicals, periodical abstracts, tables of contents, indexes, etc.)41ocn047823521file0.47Physical Review LettersPeriodicalsThe American Physical Society publishes the electronic journal entitled "Physical Review Letters," (ISSN: 1079-7114) which is published weekly. Subscribers are offered access to recent and previous issues that contain abstracts and full texts of articles and commentary. Subscription, editorial, and manuscript information is available41ocn221169238book19670.47Lattice defects and their interaction41ocn557213656file0.63American Physical SocietyThe American Physical SocietyWeb Feet summary: Here you'll find information on the American Physical Society (APS), "an organization of more than 42,000 physicists worldwide. Since its formation in 1899, it has been dedicated to the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics." The main categories of its extensive site include Meetings; Education/Women/Minorities; International Affairs; Public Affairs; Media Relations; Prizes & Awards; Fellowship; Journals; Careers & Employment; and Fund Raising, among others. Don't miss another site from the APS called PhysicsCentral (, which makes this sometimes complex subject accessible to the layperson21ocn063890165book19971.00Gordon and Breach v. American Institute of Physics and American Physical Society : a briefing packet for ARL directorsTrials, litigation, etc22ocn084045021mix1.00Uhlenbeck, George EugèneGeorge Eugène Uhlenbeck papersCorrespondence, publications, scientific notebooks, and miscellaneous. Correspondence concerns technical discussions about nuclear physics, but includes some letters from 1930s and 1940s with European scientists discussing effects of National Socialism on European physics. Correspondents include: American Institute of Physics, American Physical Society, Paul Ehrenfest, Samuel Goudsmit, Mark Kac, Martin J. Klein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Wolfgang Pauli11ocn881395098mixSeeger, Raymond John11ocn881394640mixAmerican Physical SocietyCollected papers related to the formation of the division of nuclear physicsBound copies of original documents that describe the formation of the American Physical Society's division of nuclear physics in the 1960s. Includes correspondence, memorandums, published articles, and meeting minutes11ocn881395729file1964Darrow, Karl KOral history interview with Karl K. DarrowStudies in Europe, 1912; graduate study under Robert A. Millikan at University of Chicago; employment with Western Electric Co. and Bell Labs, 1917-1956; brief time doing experimental work on the "carbon microphone" and long distance sound detectors; review articles on contemporary advances in physics, 1920s-1930s; description of early meetings of American Physical Society (APS); 1933 visit to European centers for physical research; work on the relationship between commercial and basic research in physics. Organization and growth of APS, his terms as Secretary, 1941-1956, during which he introduced "invited papers" to major meetings; problems within APS and within the area of physics in general; his role in fostering international cooperation in physics. Outside interests. Also prominently mentioned are: Hans Albrecht Bethe, William Lawrence Bragg, Percy Williams Bridgman, J. J. Carty, Arthur Holly Compton, Clinton Joseph Davisson, Arthur Jeffrey Dempster, Enrico Fermi, James Brown Fisk, Harvey Fletcher, James Franck, Lester Halbert Germer, H. E. Ives, Frank Jewett, Arthur Lunn, Albert Abraham Michelson, George Braxton Pegram, Isidor Isaac Rabi, Frances Orr Severinghaus, William Francis Gray Swann, John Hasbrouck Van Vleck, Harold Worthington Webb; American Institute of Physics, United States National Bureau of Standards, and University of Chicago11ocn881394549file2009Rubin, Lawrence GOral history interview with Lawrence G. RubinAmong the topics discussed: his military service during World War II; continuing his education after the war when he studied physics and earned a BS from the University of Chicago and an MA from Columbia University; his first job at Raytheon Research Division where he worked for 13 years; his work at MIT's National Magnet Laboratory from 1964-1993; the awarding of the magnet laboratory to Florida State University by the National Science Foundation in 1990; the structure of the American Physical Society and his work with the organization; his work with the American Institute of Physics and the Physics Today's Buyer's Guide11ocn881395251mix1987American Physical SocietySymposium on the history of astrophysics in the 20th centuryHistoryPapers presented at the Symposium on the History of Astrophysics in the 20th Century, and related correspondence to Martin Harwit who served on the symposium committee. The symposium was part of the American Physical Society's Meeting in April 1987, and was a joint effort of the APS's Division of Astrophysics and the Division of History of Physics11ocn881393913file2008Buckman, Stephen JOral history interview with Stephen BuckmanIn this interview Stephen Buckman discusses topics such as: Gaseous Electronics Conference; Arthur Phelps; Robert Crompton; atomic collision physics; American Physical Society: Division of Atomic Molecular Optical Physics; his education at Flinders University; working at Australia National University; John Lowke; William Allis11ocn881394787mix2011Deser, SOral history interview with Stanley DeserIn this interview, Stanley Deser discusses his work on quantum gravity. Topics discussed include: Léon Rosenfeld; Matvei P. Bronstein; Aleksei A. Starobinski; Wolfgang Pauli; Lev Landau; Oskar Klein; Albert Einstein; general relativity; J. Robert Oppenheimer; Institute for Advanced Study; Kurt Gödel; Harvard University; Julian Schwinger; Sidney Coleman; Bob Karplus; Philipp Frank; Bryce DeWitt; Saul Kripke; Dennis Sciama; Brooklyn College; Melba Phillips; Bill Rarita; Vitaly Ginzberg; Institute for Theoretical Physics / Niels Bohr Institute; 1955 Bern conference on relativity; Felix Pirani; Wally Gilbert; Dick Arnowitt; David Feldman; Luis Alvarez; Murph Goldberger; Walter Thirring; Gravity Research Foundation; E. C. G. Sudarshan; quantum field theory; Friedrich Dürrenmatt; Paul Dirac; Peter Bergmann; American Physical Society; John Wheeler; Charlie Misner; developing the ADM Formalism with Arnowitt and Misner; Richard Feynman; Yang-Mills theory; Bertel Laurent; L. D. Faddeev; Gerard 't Hooft; Roman Jackiw; supergravity; Andy Strominger; Robert K. Merton; supersymmetry; Bruno Zumino; Kelly Stelle; Erik Verlinde; Petr Horava11ocn881394841file2007Ingard, K. UnoOral history interview with K. Uno IngardIn this interview K. Uno Ingard discusses topics such as: his family background and childhood; undergraduate work at the Chalmers Institute of Technology in Sweden; John Slater; graduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Phil Morse; finding out about acoustics; Nathaniel Frank; Charles Townes; Hermann Feshbach; Victor Weisskopf; receiving the Raleigh Medal from the Institute of Acoustics in the United Kingdom; being a consultant for Stahl-Laval; MIT Aeronautical Engineering Department; Acoustical Society of America; American Physical Society; Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE); Francis Low11ocn881396352mixCranberg, LawrenceLawrence Cranberg papersOther correspondence topics include Cranberg's publication arrangements, especially for his many letters to the editor of Physics Today; the nomination of Edward G. Pickels for the National Medal of Science based on his contributions to the field of ultracentrifugation and supporting background material (1933-1992); correspondence from Cranberg and A. J. Zink to National Science Foundation concerning Zink's complaints regarding the manufacture of ultracentrifuges by Jesse W. Beams at the University of Virginia in the 1960s; the dismissal of James S. McCarthy from the University of Virginia in 2000; Oppenheimer's management of Los Alamos written in 2000. Also contains materials on Cranberg's "Reaction Study by Time-of-Flight," 1954, which discusses a method of observing and measuring the spectra of neutrons. Correspondents include: Luis W. Alvarez, Robert F. Bacher, Hans Bethe, Felix Bloch, Karl K. Darrow, R. Hobart Ellis, Maurice Goldhaber, Elmer Hutchisson, H. William Koch, Arthur L. Schawlow, Frederick Seitz, and Charles Townes11ocn881393690mixAmerican Physical SocietyAPS Office of the President records of Val FitchFiles from the office of Val Fitch, produced during his term as President of the American Physical Society. These files contain meeting programs and agendas, correspondence, and miscellaneous subject files. Notable items include materials relating to the APS study on Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)Thu Oct 16 15:49:19 EDT 2014batch59302