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Thu Oct 16 18:00:40 2014 UTClccn-n801135420.00In memoriam : Alexander Wylie; Edward Livingston Youmans. [Newspaper notice]0.801.00[Album] presented to Joseph Priestley by the chemists assembled at Northumberland, Pa., August 1st, 1874, to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the discovery of oxygen by his illustrious ancestor48067664Edward_L._Youmansn 80113542494244Youmans, E. L.Youmans, E. L. 1821-1887Youmans, E. L. (Edward Livingston), 1821-1887Youmans, Edward L.Youmans, Edward Livingston 1821-1887lccn-n50009174Faraday, Michael1791-1867lccn-n80038441Spencer, Herbert1820-1903lccn-n80133000Liebig, JustusFreiherr von1803-1873lccn-n50004369Fiske, John1842-1901lccn-n79139759Tyndall, John1820-1893trllccn-nr89009318Grove, W. R.(William Robert)1811-1896lccn-n80039370Parkman, Francis1823-1893lccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616lccn-n50026269Freeman, Edward Augustus1823-1892lccn-n80097390Vane, HenrySir1613-1662Youmans, Edward Livingston1821-1887HistoryPictorial worksBiographyAtlasesPeriodicalsHandbooks, manuals, etcTextbooksScienceYoumans, Edward Livingston,TravelEvolutionForce and energyFolkloreIrelandMassachusetts--CambridgeArbitration (International law)Freeman, Edward A.--(Edward Augustus),Cook, Joseph,Shakespeare, William,Parkman, Francis,AuthorshipVane, Henry,--Sir,ChemistryScience--Study and teachingEducationSpencer, Herbert,Home economicsFoodAnimal behaviorZoologyUnited StatesNational characteristics, AmericanEccentrics and eccentricitiesAtomic theoryScientistsRumford, Benjamin,--Graf von,Evolution (Biology)Alcohol--Physiological effectAnimalsProgressMind and bodyEducation--Aims and objectivesTechnologyEducation--PhilosophyNatural selectionDarwin, Charles,Great BritainPhilosophersPolitical and social viewsHooker, Joseph Dalton,Silliman, Benjamin,Short, Charles Wilkins,Oliver, Daniel,Robinson, Benjamin Lincoln,Boissier, Edmond,Boott, Francis,Plants182118871846185018521853185418551856185718581859186018611862186318641865186618671868186918701871187218731874187518761877187818791880188118821883188418851886188718891890189218931894189518971898189919001902190419181944196319641969197119721973198119951996199920002007200820102013386483396301.0924LB7ocn006738491ocn005472963ocn011798930ocn794349136ocn010478160ocn014633410ocn775401609ocn757149609ocn013987814ocn463907458ocn50009687062252ocn017851488book18650.84Youmans, Edward LivingstonThe correlation and conservation of forces a series of expositions+-+684800079646433ocn000177543book18670.86Youmans, Edward LivingstonThe culture demanded by modern life : a series of addresses and arguments on the claims of scientific educationHistory+-+854900079637272ocn006739927book18520.93Youmans, Edward LivingstonA class-book of chemistry in which the principles of the science are familiarly explained and applied to the arts, agriculture, physiology, dietetics, ventilation, and the most important phenomena of natureTextbooksHandbooks, manuals, etc31735ocn006516463book18570.93Youmans, Edward LivingstonThe hand-book of household science : a popular account of heat, light, air, aliment, and cleansing in their scientific principles and domestic applications, with numerous illustrative diagramsHandbooks, manuals, etc2158ocn017850975book18830.66Youmans, Edward LivingstonHerbert Spencer on the Americans and the Americans on Herbert Spencer being a full report of his interview, and of the proceedings of the farewell banquet of Nov. 11, 188220618ocn001159410book18670.84Goodrich, Samuel GJohnson's natural history, comprehensive, scientific, and popular, illustrating and describing the animal kingdomPictorial works18819ocn003369821book18540.86Youmans, Edward LivingstonChemical atlas or, The chemistry of familiar objectsHistoryAtlases1799ocn000622497book18830.74Youmans, Edward LivingstonHerbert Spencer on the Americans and the Americans on Herbert Spencer11215ocn656837081file18820.63Youmans, Edward LivingstonHerbert Spencer on the Americans and the Americans on Herbert Spencer Being a full report of his interview, and of the proceedings at the farewell banquet of Nov. 9, 1882Biography"This book highlights the ideas of the English philosopher Herbert Spencer, which he offered in an interview that appeared in several newspapers in 1882, and at a farewell banquet in his honor that same year. As a life-long student of social progress, Spencer argued that American society had not reached the final stage of that progress. He thought the great ideal of American life--action, enterprise, work--neither a permanent nor the highest ideal of human society. The law of evolution, which has brought us up to this from a much lower condition, must carry us on still further"--Book. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved)928ocn006762443book18530.90Youmans, Edward LivingstonAlcohol and the constitution of man706ocn004691623book18740.88Cazelles, EOutline of the evolution-philosophy324ocn005472963book18670.66Youmans, Edward LivingstonModern culture; its true aims and requirements; a series of addresses and arguments on the claims of scientific education173ocn026101868book18670.96Youmans, Edward LivingstonObservations on the scientific study of human nature : a lecture delivered before the London College of Preceptors, October 10, 1866135ocn681531934file18670.90Youmans, Edward LivingstonElementos de quimica para uso de los colegios y escuelas137ocn013987814book18670.92Youmans, Edward LivingstonCulture demanded by modern life121ocn610116284file0.86The popular science monthlyPeriodicals122ocn681975137file18640.92Youmans, Edward LivingstonHandbook of household science a popular account of heat, light, air, aliment, & cleansing in their scientific principles & domestic application103ocn806277722file18710.92Youmans, Edward LivingstonThe scientific basis of prohibition102ocn682189770file18680.82Youmans, Edward LivingstonA class-book of chemistry in which the latest facts and principles of the science are explained82ocn793715694file18670.88Youmans, Edward LivingstonNovi︠e︡ĭshee obrazovanie, ego istinnyi︠a︡ t︠s︡i︠e︡li i trebovanii︠a︡ sbornik stateĭ v zashchitu nauchnago vospitanii︠a︡ prof-v Tindali︠a︡ [i dr.]57213ocn033185636book18990.59Fiske, JohnA century of science and other essaysHistory"The current book is a collection of essays, speech transcripts, and reprints that were written and compiled by John Fiske. This text, published in 1899, includes discussions on science, evolution, philosophy, and liberal thought." (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved)2019ocn000588378book18940.77Fiske, JohnEdward Livingston Youmans, interpreter of science for the people; a sketch of his life, with selections from his published writings and extracts from his correspondence with Spencer, Huxley, Tyndall and othersBiography352ocn005027152book19440.95Hammond, GodfreyThe vision of a blind man144ocn004065456book19630.98Leverette, William EScience and values a study of Edward L. Youmans' P̲o̲p̲u̲l̲a̲r̲ S̲c̲i̲e̲n̲c̲e̲ M̲o̲n̲t̲h̲l̲y̲, 1872-1887.91ocn004676117book18940.77Fiske, JohnLife and letters of Edward Livingston Youmans : comprising correspondence with Spencer, Huxley, Tyndall, and others11ocn233640224book1856D. Appleton and CompanyOn the basis of the new system. : Youmans's class-book of chemistry. Just published. A new and revised edition, entirely rewritten and remodeled. 1 vol., 12 mo. Price, $1.7511ocn154713713bookIn memoriam : Alexander Wylie; Edward Livingston Youmans. [Newspaper notice]Biography11ocn031304421book19691.00Volkmer, Richard MichaelEdward Livingston Youmans and the Popular Science Monthly : a study in nineteenth-century American science-technology journalismHistory11ocn085207905book18900.47Fiske, JohnEdward Livingston Youmans : the man and his work11ocn154298244mix1964Quetelet, AdolpheObservationsThese are letters to Quetelet primarily on the subject of astronomy (meteorological observations), including charts showing directions of shooting stars11ocn234078644art1999Youmans, Edward LivingstonBiography11ocn647906295mix1.00Papers pertaining to Charles Darwin and evolutionHistoryPhotographsPortraitsPictorial worksPrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etcAdditional correspondents and recipients include Archibald Alison, Joseph Edgar Boehm, John Chapman, Emma Wedgwood Darwin, Francis Darwin, Robert Fitzroy, William Henry Flower, James Hall, Joseph Dalton Hooker, Thomas Henry Huxley, Joseph Johnson, Charles Lyell, Richard Owen, Thomas Percival, John Playfair, Anna Sedgwick, Alfred Russel Wallace, James Philip Mansal Weale and William Whewell11ocn169967153art18990.10Youmans, Edward Livingston : scientist and editorBiography11ocn878725232book1.00Harvard UniversityAsa Gray correspondence files of the Gray HerbariumHistoryTerminology12ocn177500161book1.00Harvard UniversityAdministrative correspondence of the Gray HerbariumHistoryTerminologyIncludes two series of correspondence of the Gray Herbarium. The first series, ca. 1790-1900, includes the personal correspondence of Asa Gray and Sereno Watson, official correspondence of other Herbarium staff, and a small amount of correspondence of noted botanists who were not affiliated with Harvard. Gray correspondence contains letters from several of the most distinguished European and American scientists of the 19th century, including George Bentham, Charles Darwin, Joseph Henry, Joseph Dalton Hooker, William Jackson Hooker, and John Torrey. Letters include important biographical information and also document the early history of botany in the United States. The Darwin correspondence contains a letter to Gray establishing Darwin's precedence in developing a theory of natural selection. The second series comprises official correspondence, ca. 1890-1955, of the Herbarium and is primarily of Benjamin Lincoln Robinson. Correspondents include amateur and professional botanists, collectors, prospective students, and other Harvard offices and committees. Topics include discussion about botanical nomenclature, identification of specimens, biopolitics, and routine office matters11ocn078439851visu18741.00[Album] presented to Joseph Priestley by the chemists assembled at Northumberland, Pa., August 1st, 1874, to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the discovery of oxygen by his illustrious ancestorPhotographsPictorial worksThe album contains a letter of presentation from H. Carrington Bolton, 10 April 1875, to Dr. Joseph Priestley, pasted on the fly leaf. The album consists of a portrait of Priestley; ten photographs of apparatus related to his work, house, and gravestone; a group portrait and 55 individual cartes-de-visite portraits of chemists assembled for the celebration, with autographs of many of them written on slips of paper and pasted in. Among the scientists portrayed are H. Carrington Bolton, Charles F. Chandler, William H. Chandler, John A. Church, F.W. Clarke, E.T. Cox, Josiah Emery, H. Endeman[n], Persifor Frazer, Edw. T. Fristoe, S. Anthony Goldschmidt, Traill Green, B.S. Hedrick, E.W. Hilgard, E.N. Horsford, T. Sterry Hunt, M.W. Iles, Charles A. Joy, W. Goold Levison, John M. Maisch, J.W. Mallet, H.B. Nason, T.R. Pynchon, J. Lawrence Smith, Benj. Silliman, Jr., Elwyn Waller, [P.H.] Van der Weyde, Theo G. Wormley, and E.L. Youmans01ocn078098867bookIn memoriam : Alexander Wylie; Edward Livingston Youmans. [Newspaper notice]Biography01ocn173483071book1887In memoriam : Alexander Wylie ; Edward Livingston Youmans+-+8549000796+-+8549000796Thu Oct 16 15:05:59 EDT 2014batch27009