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Thu Oct 16 18:01:58 2014 UTClccn-n801175690.21Grandma Moses : 25 masterworks /0.420.77Egon Schiele : self-portraits and portraits /49263368n 80117569498203カリアー, ジェーンlccn-n50016083Schiele, Egon1890-1918illartdtelccn-n79120892Galerie St. Etiennelccn-n79003969MosesGrandma1860-1961illartlccn-n79039898Klimt, Gustav1862-1918illartlccn-n80139169Kallir, Otto1894-1978auilccn-no2001021266Vartanian, Ivanlccn-n79120906Wiener Werkstätteviaf-309566346Cardinal, Rogerlccn-n86125073National Museum of Women in the Arts (U.S.)lccn-n80032780Schoenberg, Arnold1874-1951Kallir, JaneExhibition catalogsCatalogsBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryBibliographyPortraitsPictorial worksArtSchiele, Egon,United StatesMoses,--Grandma,Primitivism in artAustriaKlimt, Gustav,Austria--ViennaPaintersArtistsKallir, Otto,Decorative artsArtPrimitivismWiener WerkstätteExpressionism (Art)Folk artArt, EuropeanArt, AmericanEuropeThemes, motivesPainting, ModernPainting, AustrianSchoenberg, Arnold,ArtsArt, ModernArt, AustrianSabarsky, SergeLauder, Ronald SWatercolor painting, AustrianDrawing, AustrianSchloss Belvedere (Vienna, Austria)Graphische Sammlung AlbertinaWomen in artFriendshipFlöge, Emilie,HomesPhotographyFamiliesPainting, AmericanViennaCzechoslovakiaDesignSelf-portraitsPortrait painting1954198019811982198319841985198619871989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120121120595294759.36N6811.5.S34ocn404115792ocn404115586ocn698796671ocn813563063ocn470102442ocn768575779ocn764543487ocn445409864ocn451598124ocn874368215ocn720873347ocn0764743929418ocn008452438book19820.23Kallir, JaneGrandma Moses, the artist behind the mythBiographyExhibition catalogs79920ocn013094003book19860.39Kallir, JaneViennese design and the Wiener WerkstätteHistoryArtGeschiedenis en esthetische opvattingen van de Wiener Werkstätte (1903-1932)+-+580661253577811ocn008289656book19810.29Kallir, JaneThe folk art tradition : naïve painting in Europe and the United StatesExhibition catalogs76311ocn043930094book20010.30Kallir, JaneGrandma Moses in the 21st centuryExhibition catalogsFrom the Publisher: "Grandma Moses and her paintings first came to public attention in 1940, when she was 80 years old. Her folk art, down-home personality, and background as a farmer and homemaker charmed the American public. By the time she died at the age of 101, she had completed over 1600 works of art and had established an international reputation. The work of "the white-haired girl," a self-taught artist who was a regular news feature for two decades, remained enormously popular at home and abroad even in the years after her death." "For this reevaluation of the work of Grandma Moses, Jane Kallir contributes an authoritative introduction and presents a catalogue that illustrates 87 of Moses' most important works. Kallir traces Moses' development as an artist from the first embroidered landscapes to the glorious paintings of her "old-age style." The Grandma Moses myth is tackled from various perspectives. Roger Cardinal examines the artist's working methods, exploring the relationship between the actual regional landscape and her interpretation of the area. Michael D. Hall places Moses within the context of contemporary artistic and social movements of the 1940s and 1950s. Lynda Roscoe Hartigan reveals how memory and imagination merge in the paintings. And Judith E. Stein discusses the role of gender in shaping the artist's reputation in the postwar years."+-+62743555853247508ocn028506463book19940.35Kallir, JaneEgon SchieleExhibition catalogs70514ocn051439000book20030.33Kallir, JaneEgon Schiele : drawings and watercolorsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsAustrian Expressionist Egon Schiele produced a prolific body of work before his early death at the age of twenty-eight in 1918. The oeuvre is comprised of a few hundred oil paintings and thousands of drawings and watercolors. Schiele's oils have often been reproduced and are well recognized. However, limited access to the fragile works on paper and dispersion among several collections have made for an unbalanced representation of his work as a draftsman. This book assembles drawings and watercolors from public and private collections and reproduces work from every year of the artist's career, beginning with the juvenilia and early academic studies. The focus means that work that is rarely reproduced is represented extensively, providing a unique opportunity to study the rapid artistic development of Schiele over the course of his brief twelve-year career+-+51666055055423ocn037982659book19970.21Kallir, JaneGrandma Moses : 25 masterworksCatalogsLooks at twenty-five paintings by the upstate New York artist, describing the types of detailing and texturing used in each, and providing background on the artist and her inspirations+-+52417456354808ocn020171253book19890.26Kallir, JaneGustav Klimt : 25 masterworksCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogs+-+40517456354287ocn011542594book19840.56Kallir, JaneArnold Schoenberg's ViennaExhibition catalogs4218ocn006708584book19800.53Kallir, JaneGustav Klimt--Egon Schiele : in commemoration of the achievements of Dr. Otto KallirExhibition catalogs37810ocn020295202book19900.66Kallir, JaneEgon Schiele, the complete works : including a biography and a catalogue raisonnéCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogs+-+77538456353695ocn007857558book19810.66Kallir, JaneAustria's expressionismBibliographyExhibition catalogs3608ocn051898749book20030.47Kallir, JaneEgon Schiele : life and workCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs"Egon Schiele ranks with Gustav Klimt and Oskar Kokoschka among the most influential painters to emerge from the cultural ferment that characterized Vienna at the turn of the century. Yet despite the appreciation of his art, the "real" Egon Schiele has remained elusive - like Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch, precursors of Expressionism with whom he has often been mired in the myth of the tortured artist. His imprisonment on morals charges and his premature death, at the age of twenty-eight in 1918, have tended to dominate accounts of his life." "Jane Kallir, author also of Egon Schiele: The Complete Works (which includes a catalogue raisonne) and Abrams' volume Gustav Klimt, is co-director of the Galerie St. Etienne in New York. She bases her biography chiefly on first-hand sources, many of them previously unpublished. She offers new insights into Schiele's brief and sometimes troubled life: his childhood and early adulthood, his turbulent encounters with Vienna's patron class, his clashes with the Establishment - the notorious "prison incident" and his military service during World War I, his sexual escapades, and his ultimately disappointing marriage." "Interwoven with the story of the artist's life, Kallir unfolds a balanced presentation of his art - the mature and relatively placid pieces together with the turbulent Expressionist ones. Lavishly illustrated in color and duotone, this volume offers the reader text and pictures of the highest quality."--BOOK JACKET+-+49619456353574ocn062227851book20050.63Schiele, EgonEgon Schiele : the Ronald S. Lauder and Serge Sabarsky collectionsCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs"Egon Schiele (1890-1918) was one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. A superb draftsman and colorist, he produced images of startling emotional power. Following the lead of his mentor Gustav Klimt, Schiele created figurative works of uncanny intimacy and brought a new openness to the art of his time. Schiele's death at the age of 28 has added a mythic quality to his artistic achievements." "This publication accompanies the exhibition Egon Schiele: The Ronald S. Lauder and Serge Sabarsky Collections, which presents paintings and drawings from the collections of the co-founders of Neue Galerie New York. Together, these collections comprise the finest gathering of works by Schiele in the United States." "Essays examine the artist's reception history in American and Austria, the censorship of his art during and after his lifetime, and the lost Schiele collections. This publication also traces, for the first time, Schiele's enormous influence on contemporary culture."--BOOK JACKET+-+45488864282944ocn359890468book20090.39Klimt, GustavGustav Klimt : in search of the "total artwork"HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsPortraitsPictorial worksExhibition catalogsOm den østrigske maler Gustav Klimts liv og værk+-+578798642826810ocn039170032book19980.56Kallir, JaneEgon Schiele, the complete works : including a biography and a catalogue raisonnéBiographyCatalogsExpanded edition of work first published: New York: Abrams, 1990. More than 200 new entries have been added. All media covered. A bibliography, indexes, concordance of catalogues raisonnés, and reproductions of Schiele's signatures also included+-+14469456352555ocn694395009book20110.77Schiele, EgonEgon Schiele : self-portraits and portraitsCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsEgon Schiele (1890-1918) is one of the most important Austrian artists of the twentieth century. This publication, produced to accompany an exhibition in the Belvedere, Vienna, is the first to focus on his portraits and self-portraits. Schiele was influenced by Gustav Klimt during his early career but soon discovered his own mode of expression. By the time of his premature death he had created an impressive oeuvre that concentrates on the depiction of the human figure. In his portraits, Schiele tried to portray his models' state of mind in visual terms, thereby following contemporary developments in psychoanalysis. His numerous self-portraits attest to the fact that the artist embarked on his exploration of human emotions by observing his own personality. Some 100 portraits and self-portraits document Schiele's artistic development and his extraordinary accomplishments as a portraitist. Confrontational and often explicitly erotic, they repeatedly provoked protest by testing the boundaries of traditional portraiture. Largely devoid of props or scenery, they reflect the artist's intensive study of the portrayal of emotional states. Schiele's examination of the self began with his own person: his self-portraits are fascinating glimpses inside the mind of an extraordinarily gifted artist as well as seminal works of originality and deep empathy with the human condition+-+04560864282317ocn057637770book20050.77Kallir, JaneEgon Schiele : love and deathExhibition catalogsIn this volume, Jane Kallir, author of numerous books on Egon Schiele, including the catalogue raisonne of his oeuvre, offers a survey of the artist's life and work featuring paintings, colored drawings, and photographs. The majority of the works presented here are from the collection of the Albertina in Vienna+-+73706202282283ocn035809685book19960.66Kallir, JaneEgon Schiele : 27 masterworksCatalogs+-+37117456352166ocn828721988book20120.74Kallir, JaneEgon Schiele's womenCriticism, interpretation, etc"In this authoritative and lavishly illustrated volume, the renowned Schiele authority Jane Kallir focuses on the artist's images of women, offering fresh insight into a central aspect of Schiele's achievement that has never before been the subject of a focused study. Drawing on the latest scholarship as well as her own exhaustive familiarity with Schiele's oeuvre, Kallir begins with a general overview of gender and culture in early twentieth-century Austria. Subsequent chapters focus on the women who dominated Schiele's life and art: the artist's mother and sisters; his early girlfriends; his first serious partner, Wally Neuzil; and his wife, Edith. Deftly weaving together cultural context, biography, and commentary on the artworks, Kallir reveals how Schiele's women reflect the artist's shifting views of female sexuality as well as changing representations of the female nude in the age of Expressionism"--+-+6274355585324+-+6274355585324Thu Oct 16 15:50:30 EDT 2014batch24179