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Fri Mar 21 17:03:36 2014 UTClccn-n801261980.12Tom Clancy's Op-center0.450.66American diplomatic and consular practice125408196n 8012619823040720608545066492060848Amerikanisches AußenamtAmerikas Savienotās Valstis. Department of StateAmerikas Savienotās Valstis. ГосдепартаментAmerikas Savienotās Valstis. Государственный департаментAußenamt United StatesAußenministerium United StatesDepartament Stanu Stanów Zjednoczonych Ameryki.Department of State.Department of State (États-Unis)Department of State United StatesDepartment of State, United States of America.Department of State USA.États-Unis Département d'ÉtatÉtats-Unis Department of foreign affairsEtats-Unis. Department StateÉtats-Unis Secretary of StateEtats-Unis. State (Department)Etats-Unis. State DeptGosdepartament SShAKokumushō United StatesPublic Services Division United StatesSecretary of State.Secretary of State United StatesStany Zjednoczone. Departament Stanu.State DepartmentState Department United StatesU.S. Department of StateUnited States AußenamtUnited States AußenministeriumUnited States. Departamento de EstadoUnited States. Department of State.United States. Department of State. Office of the SecretaryUnited States. Dept. of External AffairsUnited States. Dept. of Foreign AffairsUnited States. Dept. of StateUnited States Executive SecretariatUnited States. GosdepartamentUnited States. Gosudarstvennyĭ DepartamentUnited States. KokumushōUnited States. KülügyminisztériumUnited States. Kuo wu yüanUnited States of America. Department of State.United States OfficeUnited States Office of the Executive SecretariatUnited States Office of the SecretaryUnited States. Office of the Secretary of StateUnited States Public Services DivisionUnited States. Secretary of StateUnited States. State DepartmentUnited States. State, Department ofUnited States. State DeptUnited States State, Dept. ofUS Department of StateГосдепартамент США美国. 国务院containsVIAFID/154699609United States. Department of Foreign Affairslccn-n78095330United Statesedtlccn-n78008230United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Foreign Relationsothedtlccn-no2004066329United StatesGovernment Accountability Officenc-mexicoMexicolccn-n79007233Canadalccn-n79060504United StatesCongressHouseCommittee on Foreign Affairsedtlccn-n79023147Great Britainlccn-n78089021Japanedtlccn-n82167227United StatesAgency for International Developmentlccn-n79021946United StatesDepartment of DefensespnUnited StatesDepartment of StatePeriodicalsTreatiesRegistersForecastsSourcesHandbooks, manuals, etcHistoryBibliographyDirectoriesUnited StatesInternational relationsUnited States.--Department of StateStatesmenCabinet officersPolitical scienceDiplomatic and consular serviceEspionage, SovietEmployeesHiss, AlgerWomen cabinet officersStateswomenNational Security Council (U.S.)Rice, Condoleezza,World War (1939-1945)Powell, Colin LGeneralsFamiliesPowell familyAfrican American generalsUnited States.--ArmyChinaEnvironmental policyNatural resourcesTwenty-first centuryEconomic forecastingTwentieth centuryFood supplyWar on Terrorism (2001-2009)CommunismBall, George WUnited NationsDiplomatsRelationsSpiesCommunistsSubversive activitiesGermanyWar crime trialsAtrocitiesNuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals (Germany : 1945-1946)Acheson, Dean,North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationSession lawsCivil rightsHuman rightsPolitical cultureCold War (1945-1989)Right and left (Political science)United States.--Congress.--House.--Committee on Un-American Activities17851787178917901791179217931794179517961797179817991800180118021803180418051806180718081809181018111812181318141815181618171818181918201821182218231824182518261827182818291830183118321833183418351836183718381839184018411842184318441845184618471848184918501851185218531854185518561857185818591860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018711872187318741875187618771878187918801881188218831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201412890523262946345341.273JX231ocn185473286ocn460376697ocn489845269ocn496470389ocn496470367ocn491848794ocn461312769ocn460089440ocn461204650ocn461270608ocn185858546ocn186675076ocn186321973ocn186940372ocn186940290ocn186940358ocn185906705ocn186940337ocn186940319ocn186610465ocn866398328ocn865891167ocn865985454ocn865928637ocn866158326ocn866158447ocn866158368ocn866148703ocn866749282ocn865997712ocn727235388ocn727237205ocn727322046ocn727183808ocn727183870ocn727298684ocn727195407ocn727316339ocn727183810ocn727315439ocn009302235ocn848187148ocn857939126ocn867935052ocn863114153ocn867920712ocn843555678ocn860550109ocn869947647ocn459375419ocn459375443ocn494235406ocn494180458ocn494581683ocn494418882160514ocn001241455serial0.37United StatesForeign consular offices in the United StatesDirectoriesRegistersThis publication contains a complete and official listing of the foreign consular offices in the United States, and recognized consular officers. Compiled by the U.S. Department of State, with the full cooperation of the foreign missions in Washington, it is offered as a convenience to organizations and persons who must deal with consular representatives of foreign governments155011ocn001307767serial0.53United StatesUnited States treaties and other international agreementsPeriodicalsTreaties142629ocn003820704book19460.59United StatesNazi conspiracy and aggressionHistorySources14009ocn001768336serial0.50United StatesDiplomatic listRegistersDirectory of foreign diplomatic officers in Washington139628ocn007281113book19800.47Global 2000 Study (U.S.)The global 2000 report to the President--entering the twenty-first century : a reportForecastsWhat is new in more recent studies is a growing awareness of the interdependence of population, resources, and environment. This is the first U.S. government effort to look at all three issues from a long term global persprctive ... and attempts to make connections among them130411ocn001768474serial0.47United StatesUnited States statutes at largePeriodicalsTreatiesBeginning in 1950, contains treaties and international agreements issued by the Secretary of State as United States treaties and other international agreements123922ocn000260593book19490.53United StatesUnited States relations with China, with special reference to the period 1944-1949122111ocn028188702book19930.63United StatesAviation, transport services : agreement between the United States of America and Belgium, amending the agreement of October 23, 1980, effected by exchange of notes, dated at Brussels September 22, and November 12, 1986120817ocn006026722serial0.56Country reports on human rights practices : report submitted to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives and Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate by the Department of State in accordance with sections 116(d) and 502B(b) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amendedPeriodicals112323ocn008991436book19410.59United StatesPeace and war, United States foreign policy, 1931-1941HistoryBibliography10509ocn000421350book19490.53United StatesThe China white paper, August 194910049ocn039777013book19930.63SeychellesTracking stations : agreement between the United States of America and Australia, amending the agreement of May 29, 1980, as amended, effected by exchange of notes, dated at Canberra January 17 and May 2, 199094915ocn007809779serial0.53United StatesForeign relations of the United States : diplomatic papersPeriodicalsSources8947ocn054961618book19980.59Consular notification and access : instructions for federal, state, and local law enforcement and other officials regarding foreign nationals in the United States and the rights of consular officials to assist themHandbooks, manuals, etcThis booklet contains instructions and guidance relating to the arrest and detention of foreign nationals, deaths of foreign nationals, the appointment of guardians for minors or incompetent adults who are foreign nationals, and related issues pertaining to the provision of consular services to foreign nationals in the United States. This booklet is designed to help ensure that foreign governments can extend appropriate consular services to their nationals in the United States and that the United States complies with its legal obligations to such governments. The instructions and guidance herein should be followed by all federal, state, and local government officials, whether law enforcement, judicial, or other, insofar as they pertain to foreign nationals subject to such officials' authority or to matters within such officials' competence87929ocn006602352book19770.50Global 2000 Study (U.S.)The global 2000 report to the President of the U.S., entering the 21st century : a reportForecasts8487ocn001387966serial0.50North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNATO reviewPeriodicals84116ocn021537224serial0.66Country reports on economic policy and trade practices : report submitted to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Committee on Ways and Means of the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Foreign Relations, Committee on Finance of the U.S. Senate by the Department of State, in accordance with Section 2202 of the Omnibus Trade Competitiveness Act of 1988Periodicals8288ocn006627803book19790.50The United States and Russia : the beginning of relations, 1765-1815Sources8237ocn041430582book19930.63NorwayScientific cooperation, earth sciences : memorandum of understanding between the United States of America and Djibouti, signed at Reston and Djibouti April 29 and December 9, 19937894ocn011273740book19840.56United StatesGrenada documents : an overview and selectionSources23514ocn071313158book20060.21DeYoung, KarenSoldier : the life of Colin PowellBiographyA biography of the soldier-statesman follow's Colin Powell's life from his Jamaican roots and youth in the Bronx, through his decorated career in the Army and as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to his role as Secretary of State and departure from the post+-+352695559620292ocn724660729book20110.20Rice, CondoleezzaNo higher honor : a memoir of my years in WashingtonBiographyA former national security advisor and Secretary of State offers the compelling story of her eight years serving at the highest levels of government, including the difficult job she faced in the wake of 9/1119242ocn047008586file19970.32Bill, James AGeorge Ball behind the scenes in U.S. foreign policyBiographyTells the story of a man whose experiences, ideas and courageous opposition within the political system reveal much about the inner workings of foreign policy and about the practice of prudent and moral statesmanship in the twentieth century. Diplomat and "wise man" George Ball wielded enormous influence in American foreign policy for more than forty years. Best known for his dissent from U.S. Vietnam policy when he was under secretary of state during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, he also helped those administrations formulate policy concerning the European Community, the Congo, the Cuban missile crisis, and Cyprus. His last formal appointment was in 1968 as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, but he continued to advise and unofficially assist presidents and members of the American political elite for another twenty-five years. He often took contrary and critical positions on the major issues of the day. In this book, James Bill offers fascinating new insights into the inner workings of foreign policy by examining Ball's career and the political problems with which he grappled. Drawing on Ball's personal archive as well as extensive interviews with Ball and with dozens of his associates, Bill traces Ball's involvement with foreign policy. He begins in the 1940s, when Ball was a close associate of Jean Monnet, chief architect of the European Community, and ends with Ball's death in 1994. He also chronicles Ball's forty-year involvement as a founding member of the Bilderberg group--an international clique of powerful European and American leaders. The book stresses a seldom-recognized dimension of the U.S. foreign policymaking process: The importance of the second tier of officialdom--the level just below that of cabinet secretary. It provides a thoughtful comparison of the realpolitik model of statesmanship practiced by Henry Kissinger and the phronesis practiced by Ball. Ball was a prudent statesman guided by practical wisdom within a moral framework+-+407108030532417887ocn057138445com20040.33White, G. EdwardAlger Hiss's looking-glass wars the covert life of a Soviet spyHistoryBiographyFor decades, a great number of Americans saw Alger Hiss as an innocent victim of McCarthyism - a distinguished diplomat railroaded by an ambitious Richard Nixon. And even as the case against Hiss grew over time, his dignified demeanor helped create an aura of innocence that outshone the facts in many minds. Now G. Edward White deftly draws together the countless details of Hiss's life - from his upper middle-class childhood in Baltimore and his brilliant success at Harvard to his later career as a self-made martyr to McCarthyism - to paint a fascinating portrait of a man whose life was devoted to perpetuating a lie. White catalogs the evidence that proved Hiss's guilt, from Whittaker Chambers's famous testimony, to copies of State Department documents typed on Hiss's typewriter, to Allen Weinstein's groundbreaking investigation in the 1970s. The author then explores the central conundrums of Hiss's life: Why did this talented lawyer become a Communist and a Soviet spy? Why did he devote so much of his life to an extensive public campaign to deny his espionage? And how, without producing any new evidence, did he convince many people that he was innocent?; White offers a compelling analbehaviourHiss's behavior in the face of growing evidence of his guilt, revebehaviourw this behavior fit into an ongoing pattern of denial and duplicity in his life. The story of Alger Hiss is in part a reflection of Cold War America - a time of ideological passions, partisan battles, and secret lives. It is also a story that transcends a particular historical era - a story about individuals who choose to engage in espionage for foreign powers and the secret worlds they choose to conceal. In White's skilled hands, the life of Alger Hiss comes to illuminate both of those themes+-+109806046515127ocn000295595book19610.47Graebner, Norman AAn uncertain tradition; American Secretaries of State in the twentieth centuryBiography14215ocn038752901book19980.27Chace, JamesAcheson : the Secretary of State who created the American worldBiography"Acheson is the first complete biography of the most important and controversial secretary of state of the twentieth century. More than any other of the renowned "Wise Men" who together proposed our vision of the world in the aftermath of World War II, Dean Acheson was the quintessential man of action." "Drawing on Acheson family diaries and letters as well as recent revelations from Russian and Chinese archives, historian James Chace traces Acheson's remarkable life, from his days as a schoolboy at Groton and his carefree life at Yale to his work for President Franklin Roosevelt on international financial policy and his unique partnership with President Truman." "Chace corrects many misconceptions about Acheson's role in the Cold War. Acheson was not one of the original Cold Warriors. In 1945, willing to acknowledge Soviet concerns about its security, Acheson worked closely with Secretary of War Henry Stimson on a plan to share America's scientific information about atomic energy with Moscow in order to avert an arms race. It was only when Moscow made threatening demands on Turkey for bases in the Dardanelles that Acheson hardened his views toward the Soviet Union." "Later, Acheson encouraged President Kennedy to stand firm against the Soviets in the Berlin Wall and Cuban missile crises. He headed a group of elder statesmen who advised President Johnson on the Vietnam War. When Acheson turned against the war, Johnson realized that domestic support for his policy had crumbled."--Jacket+-+489353931513424ocn191931088file19990.50Plischke, ElmerU.S. Department of State a reference historyHistoryDescribes and analyzes the State Department and Foreign Service of the United States. Also outlines the history of three major State Department functions, namely, the treatymaking process and record, representation in international conferences, and participation in international organizations and other agencies. Covers more than two centuries--from the genesis of American diplomacy to the 1990s+-+317647868511484ocn244660678book20090.37Jacoby, SusanAlger Hiss and the battle for historyHistoryBiographyBooks on Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss abound, as countless scholars have labored to uncover the facts behind Chambers's shocking accusation before the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the summer of 1948, that Alger Hiss, a former rising star in the State Department, had been a Communist and engaged in espionage. In this work, the author turns her attention to the Hiss case, including his trial and imprisonment for perjury, as a mirror of shifting American political views and passions+-+169916558511388ocn002992304book19600.50American AssemblyThe Secretary of State11093ocn768171263book20120.22Stahr, WalterSeward : Lincoln's indispensable manBiographyFrom one of our most acclaimed new biographers--the first full life of the leader of Lincoln's "Team of Rivals"--William Henry Seward, one of the most important Americans of the nineteenth century10605ocn000326448book19720.53Destler, I. MPresidents, bureaucrats, and foreign policy; the politics of organizational reform10572ocn000006940book0.56United StatesTreaties and other international agreements of the United States of America, 1776-1949Treaties10204ocn044732270book20010.23Christopher, WarrenChances of a lifetimeBiography"Warren Christopher is that rarest of Washington personalities: a wise and witty public servant once described by the Washington Post as "the antithesis of the glitz-hungry, self-aggrandizing, corner-cutting political figures who dominate Washington today." In this memoir, the man whose sage counsel and sometimes parodied discretion brought him to the right hand of mayors, governors, and presidents, shares his personal recollections and impressions of leaders and events that shaped the second half of the twentieth century."--Jacket+-+39758393159959ocn000499525book19620.50DeConde, AlexanderThe American Secretary of State : an interpretation9846ocn011236125book19840.39Rubin, Barry MSecrets of state : the State Department and the struggle over U.S. foreign policy9815ocn170066214file20050.53Arndt, Richard TThe first resort of kings American cultural diplomacy in the twentieth centuryHistory"During the last five decades, U.S. cultural diplomacy programs have withered because of politics and accidents of history that have subordinated cultural diplomacy to public relations campaigning, now called "public diplomacy." With anti-Americanism on the rise worldwide, cultural diplomacy should become an immediate priority, but politicians continue to ignore this relatively inexpensive, age-old tool for promoting understanding among nations. Richard Arndt probes the history of American cultural diplomacy to demonstrate its valuable past contributions and to make a plea for reviving it for the future."--Jacket+-+62303392069141ocn000148486book19710.39Campbell, John FranklinThe foreign affairs fudge factory8901ocn044451139book20000.12Clancy, TomTom Clancy's Op-centerFictionSuspense fictionWar storiesWhen a mysterious cabal within the U.S. State Department causes tensions to erupt between Iran and Azerbaijan and plots to depose the President of the United States, Paul Hood and the Op-Center team must stop the conspiracy+-+35392607958546ocn000503637book19360.66Stuart, Graham HAmerican diplomatic and consular practice8513ocn000503636book19670.50Simpson, SmithAnatomy of the State Department+-+3526955596Fri Mar 21 15:20:34 EDT 2014batch643595