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Fri Mar 21 17:12:04 2014 UTClccn-n811119370.00The Emilio Segrè visual archives, T-Z,0.701.00Papers, 1908-195056655074Richard_von_Misesn 81111937656968Misés, R. deMises, R. de 1883-1953Mises, R. v. 1883-1953Mises, R. von 1883-1953Mises, Richard, 1883-1953Misès, Richard de, 1883-1953Mises, Richard Edler vonMises, Richard Martin von 1883-1953Mises, Richard v.Mises, Richard v., 1883-1953Mises, Richard von, 1883-1953Von Mises, R. (Richard), 1883-1953Von Mises, RichardVonMises, Richard 1883-1953lccn-n50024153Friedrichs, K. O.(Kurt Otto)1901-1983crelccn-n50025717Frank, Philipp1884-1966edtcrelccn-n50016609Von Kármán, Theodore1881-1963edtlccn-n79042183Rilke, Rainer Maria1875-1926lccn-n84804288Weber, Heinrich1842-1913arrlccn-n81005064Riemann, Bernhard1826-1866orgcrelccn-n80098172Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechaniklccn-n80044714Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberglccn-nr92018955Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und MechanikJahrestagunglccn-n93076124Universität PotsdamVon Mises, Richard1883-1953PeriodicalsBibliographyRecords and correspondenceSourcesHistoryPictorial worksProbabilitiesAerodynamicsMathematicsMechanics, AppliedStatisticsAirplanesLogical positivismScience--PhilosophyMathematical statisticsEngineeringMathematical physicsLanguage and languagesDifferential equationsIntegral equationsFluid dynamicsLanguage and languages--PhilosophyCompressibilityVon Mises, Richard,Rilke, Rainer Maria,FlightMechanicsHydrodynamicsAuthors, GermanCrystal latticesAeronauticsPhysicsAustriaPauli, Wolfgang,Gröbner, Wolfgang,CrystallographyGeiringer, Hilda,IndustrialistsHarvard University.--Department of MathematicsScientists--International cooperationHarvard UniversityPrandtl, Ludwig,Levi-Civita, Tullio,Civic leadersScientistsUniversities and colleges--FacultyUnited States.--Air ForceBorn, Max,Von Kármán, Theodore,Washington (State)Mathematics--Study and teaching (Higher)University of ChicagoFreud, Sigmund,Heisenberg, Werner,Brain drainFluid dynamics--Research188319531903190819111914191719181919192019211922192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119631964196619671968197119721980198119821984198519891990199119921993199619992004201310128191614519QA273ocn001377628ocn025491323ocn025491336ocn490006101ocn025476773ocn025476772ocn032674733ocn567824849ocn031774194ocn565066692ocn072592425ocn073287800ocn072056069ocn073066442ocn723587796ocn721138621ocn073354139ocn724103406ocn073066439ocn721415884ocn427255247ocn612865602140947ocn000652515book19390.59Von Mises, RichardProbability, statistics and truth+-+0967971395106330ocn000639891book19510.59Von Mises, RichardPositivism; a study in human understanding106213ocn000567428book19450.50Von Mises, RichardTheory of flightAnnotation+-+369051139573218ocn000221678book19410.76Von Mises, RichardFluid dynamics+-+937554238559339ocn002295532book19030.79Frank, PhilippDie Differential- und Integralgleichungen der Mechanik und Physik5848ocn000479518book19640.66Von Mises, RichardMathematical theory of probability and statisticsFundamentals; General label space; Basic properties of distributions; Examples of combined operations; Summation of chance variables characteristic function; Asymptotic distribution of the sum of chance variables; probability inference: Bayes' method; More on distributions; Analysis of statistical data; Problem of inference; Multivariate statistics: correlation; Introduction to the theory of statistical functions5522ocn001461143serial0.76Advances in applied mechanics5419ocn001222959book19580.73Von Mises, RichardMathematical theory of compressible fluid flowMathematical Theory of Compressible Fluid Flow+-+569489139544641ocn000906342book19280.86Von Mises, RichardWahrscheinlichkeit, Statistik und Wahrheit37310ocn001590219serial0.76ZAMM Journal of applied mathematics and mechanics : Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und MechanikPeriodicalsVols. 41-44, 46-50 include Sonderheft: Vorträge der wissenschaftlichen Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (v. 44, Vorträge der Tagung für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik)2847ocn000853999book19640.81Von Mises, RichardSelected papers17919ocn001477601book19180.81Von Mises, RichardFluglehre; Theorie und Berechnung der Flugzeuge in elementarer DarstellungLærebogsagtig beskrivelse af principper og beregninger af forhold, der har betydning for flykonstruktion og -design16418ocn002223053book19310.94Von Mises, RichardVorlesungen aus dem gebiete der angewandten mathematik1365ocn002831208book19450.93Rilke, Rainer MariaBriefe an Baronesse von OeRecords and correspondence1234ocn002146812book19460.90Rilke, Rainer MariaBriefe, Verse und Prosa aus dem Jahre 18969310ocn001498705book19460.97Von Mises, RichardRilke in English : a tentative bibliographyBibliography865ocn003109182book19390.88Von Mises, RichardKleines lehrbuch des positivismus, einführung in die empiristische wissenschaftsauffassung8610ocn002948941book19260.92Laue, Max vonStereoskopbilder von kristallgitternPictorial works783ocn001347226book19250.95Frank, PhilippDie Differential- und Integralgleichungen der Mechanik und Physik, als 7. Auflage von Riemann-Webers Partiellen Differentialgleichungen der mathematischen Physik646ocn001377628book19320.81Laplace, Pierre SimonPhilosophischer Versuch über die WahrscheinlichkeitHistorySources2362ocn001331957book19540.86Von Mises, RichardStudies in mathematics and mechanics, presented to Richard von Mises by friends, colleagues, and pupils1643ocn002574651book19660.92Obermüller, PaulKatalog der Rilke-Sammlung Richard von MisesBibliography111ocn030157082book19930.53Österreichische Mathematik und Physik : Wolfgang Gröbner, Richard von Mises, Wolfgang PauliHistory41ocn219187527book19540.47Studies in mathematics and mechanics11ocn122336093mixBurgers, J. MConference proceedingsRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence; drafts and manuscripts of articles, reports and addresses; research and lecture notes; information pertaining to professional meetings; materials relating to the Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Applied Mathematics (later known as the Institute for Physical Science and Technology [IPST] at the University of Maryland's College Park campus); reprints; photographs; and slides primarily document Burger's activities since his immigration to the United States in 1955. They reflect his academic work and interests (fluid dynamics, gas dynamics, plasma physics, shock waves, and related phenomena) as well as his curiosity about fields unrelated to his own. Major correspondents represented include Paul Ehrenfest, G.I. Taylor, Theodore von Kármán, and R. Von Mises11ocn080932064mixKorn, Elizabeth PPortraits of many scientists and other people. The scientists were drawn by commission at meetings and conferences throught Europe in the late 1930s and during the postwar period in the United States. Included are drawings of Richard Courant, Philipp Frank, Fritz Haber, Otto Hahn, Werner Heisenberg, Arthur Korn, Walther Nernst, Jean Perrin, Richard Von Mises, Norbert Wiener, and Hermann Weyl11ocn071250261art1999Von Mises, Richard Marten Edler11ocn228512396book19421.00Von Mises, RichardNotes for Engineering Sciences 11b, aerodynamics11ocn122357330mix1.00Von Mises, RichardConsists of 33 letters to von Mises and writings of von Mises. Correspondents include Ferdinand Lion, Karl Lorenz, and other noted German authors and colleagues of von Mises. Also notes, typewritten revisions, and proofs for Wahrscheinlichkeit, Statistik und Wahrheit, as well as unidentified manuscripts and a photograph11ocn436998245book0.47Von Kármán, TheodorePapers Of Theodore von KármánArchivesRecords and correspondenceThe papers of Theodore von Kármán, Hungarian-born aerodynamicist, science advisor, and first director of the Daniel Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology, are available to researchers in two formats. The original collection, which includes more than 145,000 pages of letters, scientific manuscripts, reports, unpublished speeches, lecture notes, family papers, medals, and photographs, fills 175 manuscript boxes, and is available for study in the Caltech Archives. The microfiche edition, which covers the contents of boxes 1 through 157, is available for loan or purchase. The printed finding aid to the original von Kármán collection (175 boxes) and its microfiche edition is titled The Theodore von Kármán Collection at the California Institute of Technology (ed. J.R. Goodstein and C. Kopp, 1981). It may be obtained through the Caltech Archives or through local libraries. The 1994 supplement has not been filmed11ocn080170474mixHerzberger, MaxPrimarily correspondence (mostly incoming) with H. Boegehold, C. Carathèodory, A. Einstein, E. Lihotzky, R. von Mises, and others, 1924-1962; collection includes unpublished manuscripts on optics and physics11ocn122448097mix0.47Sagan, HenryHenry Sagan papersCorrespondence and papers relating to Dr. Sagan's Rilke connections in Europe, North America, South America and Australia. There is material about Anton Kippenberg, owner of Insel-Verlag, correspondence with Herbert Steiner and Ernst Zinn, co-editors with Paul Obermüller of the catalog of Mises Rilke collection at Harvard, letters from the wife of Mises, from the editor of Die Zeit, Margrit Westhaus, and others including B. Morse and Rilke's daughter, Ruth Sieber-Rilke. Also included are corrected galley proofs of an article about Rilke by Claire Goll, n.d., a conference paper by Ilse Blumenthal-Weiss, "Memories of Rainer Maria Rilke, " 1951, an unsigned typescript, "A visit to Prof. Anton Kippenberg, " n.d., clippings about Rilke from German-language newspapers, Rilke bibliographies, and English translations of several Rilke poems by J. B. Leishman, n.d11ocn081407179mixVon Kármán, TheodoreRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, documents, speeches, lectures and lecture notes, scientific manuscripts, calculations, reports, photos and technical slides, autobiographical sketch, school notebooks, and other papers, relating to von Kármán's role in organizing and directing the Aerodynamical Institute at the University of Aachen, the Aerojet-General Corporation, the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology; to his work in establishing the NATO Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development and an International Congress of Applied Mechanics to promote international cooperation among scientists, as consultant with Handley-Page, Ltd. (English), Junkers Airplane works (Germany), Kawanishi Aircraft Company (Japan), Luftschiffbau Zeppelin, the U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Army Air Corps, and as chairman of the USAF Scientific Advisory Board; and to the Tacoma Bridge investigation. Includes papers and documents belonging to his father, Moritz von Kármán, Hungarian Commissioner of the Ministry of Education. Correspondents include General Henry H. Arnold, Arnold Berliner, Otto Blumenthal, Hans Bolza, Max Born, J.M. Burgers, Richard Courant, G. Gabrielli, the Guggenheim family, J.C. Hunsaker, T. Levi-Civita, Robert A. Millikan, Richard von Mises, Ludwig Prandtl, G.I. Taylor, and other scientists, industrial leaders, and public figures11ocn077947956book1.00Von Mises, Richardconcerning Rainer Maria RilkeIncludes correspondence concerning von Mises' Rilke collection, a catalog of the von Mises collection, and several documents concerning the friendship between Von Mises and Rilke, among other items11ocn071073340mix1.00Bibring, EdwardPapers of Edward and Grete L. BibringRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, including letters to the Bibrings from Anna Freud, Martha Freud, and Hilda Geiringer, and notes by Richard Von Mises concerning postcards (1904-1906) written by Sigmund Freud to Karl Kraus11ocn076973130mix1.00Geiringer, HildaPapers of Hilda GeiringerContains correspondence, including correspondence relating to the work of her husband Richard von Mises; manuscripts of writings and speeches by Hilda von Mises; and her teaching notebooks. Some correspondence with Erhard Tornier; and also others regarding publishing projects on probability. One folder of incoming correspondence (HUG 4574.109) contains a letter from Senator Eugene McCarthy12ocn076973129mix1.00Von Mises, RichardPapers of Richard von MisesContains personal and professional correspondence, lecture notes and other teaching materials, manuscripts of writings, diaries, photographs and other memorabilia11ocn080362516mixNiels Bohr LibraryThe Emilio Segrè visual archives, T-ZHistoryPhotographsAn extensive collection of some 25,000 historical photographs, slides, lithographs, engravings, and other visual materials relating to the history of physics and its allied sciences. The collection focuses on American physicists and astronomers of the twentieth century, but includes many scientists in Europe and elsewhere, in other fields related to physics, and in earlier times. It contains photographs of industrial laboratories, observatories, apparatus, academic physics departments, meetings of scientific societies, etc. This record contains a partial index+-+9375542385+-+9375542385Fri Mar 21 15:29:41 EDT 2014batch31899