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Fenn, John B. 1917-2010

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Most widely held works about John B Fenn
Most widely held works by John B Fenn
Engines, energy, and entropy : a thermodynamics primer by John B Fenn( Book )

20 editions published between 1982 and 2009 in 3 languages and held by 1,023 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Dynamics of conducting gases : proceedings of the Third Biennial Gas Dynamics Symposium by Ali Bulent Cambel( Book )

9 editions published in 1960 in English and held by 88 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Contents: The conductivity of an ionized gas in a magnetic field; Some properties of a hydrogen plasma; The statistical mechanics of the approach to equilibrium in gases; Irreversible processes in a plasma: Effect of long range forces; Relaxation processes in plasma; Some solutions of the macroscopic equations of magnetohydrodynamics; A microscopic analysis of magneto-gas-dynamics; Magnetohydrodynamics in the limit of small inertial forces; Axially symmetric hydromagnetic channel flow; Experimental studies on plasma dynamics; Applied magnetohydrodynamics at Avco-Everett Research Laboratory; Techniques for producing plasma jets; Electromagnetic shock tubes; Optimum power generation using a plasma as the working fluid; Space propulsion engines--a problem in production of high velocity gases; The electromagnetic pinch effect for space propulsion; Plasma acceleration by guided microwaves; Considerations in the design of a steady DC plasma accelerator
Transport properties in gases : proceedings of the Second Biennial Gas Dynamics Symposium by Gas Dynamics Symposium( Book )

6 editions published in 1958 in English and held by 77 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Ionization in high-temperature gases. A selection of technical papers based mainly on the American Rocket Society Conference on Ions in Flames and Rocket Exhausts held at Palm Springs, California, October 10-12, 1962 by Kurt E Shuler( Book )

18 editions published between 1963 and 2000 in English and Undetermined and held by 24 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Ionization in high-Temperature Gases
Project SQUID : mechanism of CN and NH chemiluminescence in the N-O-C2H2 and O-NO-C2H2 reactions by A Fontijn( Book )

6 editions published between 1962 and 1970 in English and held by 6 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A summary of the research activities of Project SQUID during the period 1 October 1957 to 30 September 1962 is presented. Twenty-five research programs are summarized together with a listing of the reports published and the funding levels. (Author)
Mechanisms of electrospray ionization( Book )

5 editions published in 2000 in English and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Thermal recovery factors in supersonic flows of gas mixtures by George Maise( Book )

3 editions published in 1969 in English and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Thermal recovery factors were measured at the stagnation point of a hemispheric probe in low density supersonic jets of helium-argon and hydrogen-nitrogen mixtures. A 'guard' heater in the probe made it possible to eliminate conduction losses. Radiation corrections were small. The final values correspond to adiabatic conditions. With jets of mixed gases the experimental recovery factors were as high as 1.6, substantially above the free molecule limit for pure gases. It is suggested that these anomalously high values are due to the species separation which occurs during the stagnation process and which results in concentrations of heavy species in the stagnation zone higher than in the free stream. The results are correlated in terms of the degree of rarefaction and the composition of the source gas. (Author)
Re de jian shi by John B Fenn( Book )

1 edition published in 2009 in Chinese and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Ben shu shi gu dian re li xue ru men shu.Quan shu yi te you de ren wen li shi jia gou,Tong guo xu duo ri chang jing yan zhong ke jian de li zi,He sheng dong de ke xue jia gu shi,Xi tong di ren shi yi qie yu"re"you guan de guan nian,Li shi he ying yong
Molecular beam experiments in the lunar environment( Book )

1 edition published in 1968 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The implications of an ultra-high vacuum with the equivalent of a large pumping capacity as provided by the lunar environment are examined with respect to several kinds of molecular beam experiments. The effects of background pressure or density on beam generation, interaction with various targets and detection are considered. Specific experiments discussed are those for measurements of (1) particle-field interactions, (2) molecule-surface interactions and (3) reactive and non-reactive molecular scattering. (Author)

2 editions published between 1968 and 1970 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

A description is presented of research on producing and using high energy and high intensity molecular beams. Two studies were completed. One was concerned with a theoretical and experimental investigation of the Reynolds number dependence of the effective flow diameter of small nozzles used as sources for supersonic molecular beams. The other involved application of seeded-beam techniques to a study of the reaction of hydrogen iodide with deuterium iodide to form HD and iodine. Some implications for future work are discussed. (Author)
Clustering of Water on Hydrated Protons in a Supersonic Free Jet Expansion by J. Q Searcy( Book )

2 editions published in 1974 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The paper presents results concerning size distribution and growth in the gas phase of ions in the series H+(H2O)n. The measurements span a range of cluster sizes up to n = 28, a domain not previously investigated quantitatively. The molecular beam sampling technique developed for this study promises to be a powerful tool in the study of ion nucleation phenomenon. Noteworthy observations include the unusual stability of the cluster with n = 21 and the absence of trapped molecules of carrier gas within a cluster. (Author)
Intermolecular Energy Exchange by Infrared Radiometry( Book )

2 editions published between 1978 and 1980 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Excitation by translational energy of the asymmetric stretch vibrational mode of ground state carbon dioxide molecules in collision with nitrogen, oxygen and argon molecules has been studied, by intersecting two slightly collimated molecular beams in the field of view of an InSb photovoltaic detector which monitored resulting radiation in the 4.3 micrometer band. The excitation cross sections for all three combinations of partners were of similar magnitude and showed a strong dependence upon collision velocity. For nitrogen the measured cross sections ranged from about 0.0008 square Angstroms at 2 km/s to about 0.5 square Angstroms at 5 km/s. A similar but separate experiment determined an upper limit of 0.1 square Angstroms for the collisional excitation of hydrogen fluoride by krypton at energies up to 1.7 times the threshold requirement. Bulk relaxation rates for molecules in free jet expansion were also investigated. Results obtained from experimental data with the frequently used Sudden Freeze Model have been compared with those obtained by Numerical Integration. Success has been achieved in obtaining Method-of-Characteristics solutions for the free jet expansion with a varying specific heat ratio. This development provides the best description yet of relaxation in free jet expansion for any internal mode which can be characterized by a Boltzmann distribution of energy. (Author)
Collisional Energy Exchange in Polyatomic Molecules( Book )

2 editions published in 1983 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry (FTIS) has been used to study several kinds of gas-gas and gas-surface collision processes brought about with and in supersonic free jets in vacuo. Following are some key results: (1) Terminal distributions of rotational energy in free jets of CO and CO2 show a non-Boltzmann distribution that can be characterized by a two-temperature model and explained in terms of competition between rotation-rotation and rotation-translation transfers. (2) Spectra of CO2 molecules excited by collisions with N2 molecules indicated similar two-temperature distributions, possibly due to secondary collisions between excited CO2 and N2. (3) The accommodations of vibrational and rotational energy during collisions between CO, CO2 and NO molecules and hot platinum surfaces has been determined over a range of surface temperatures. (4) Excess internal energies have been determined in nascent CO and CO2 molecules formed respectively by catalytic oxidation of C and CO on a platinum surface. An energy balance indicates that about 1/3 of the available reaction energy is absorbed by the surface, the remainder going mostly into vibrational modes of product molecules
Relaxation Rates from Time of Flight Analysis of Molecular Beams by Robert J Gallagher( Book )

2 editions published in 1973 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In the free jet generated when a gas is expanded from a reservoir at stagnation temperature, T(O), and pressure, P(O), into a vacuum chamber; substantial lags can occur in the conversion of internal energy into directed kinetic energy of the expansion. An analytical technique is presented for determining rotational energy relaxation rates from velocity distributions measured on the axis of the free jet at a fixed distance from the sonic throat. The agreement with rates obtained by other methods is good. Some experimental and analytical results for carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, and methane are presented. (Author)
Vacuum Sublimation of Ammonium Perchlorate by Steve Tang( Book )

2 editions published in 1972 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Time-of-flight measurements have been made on the flux of molecules from the surface of ammonium salts vaporizing into vacuum. As expected with ammonium halides and ammonium bi-sulfate the TOF distributions correspond to equimolar fluxes of ammonia and the corresponding acid. In the case of ammonium perchlorate the vapor subliming from a single crystal comprised ammonia and perchloric acid. When the source was compressed powder, the vapor was a mixture of lower molecular weight species. This result seems best explained in terms of subsurface decomposition. (Author)
Transport Properties in Gases( Book )

1 edition published in 1958 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Supersonic nozzle beams - some recent experimental results by John B Anderson( Book )

2 editions published in 1966 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The application of molecular beam techniques to a study of the collision processes important in gas dynamics and aerothermochemistry is described. Emphasis is placed on the characteristics of molecular beams formed by a nozzle source. It is shown that the available intensities from nozzle beams are substantially larger than those from classical effusive sources, the spread in molecular velocities in nozzle beams is much more narrow than the corresponding spread in effusion beams, and the nozzle beam energy is larger than that of the effusion beam at the same source temperature. Experimental results are presented which show that nozzle beam energies in excess of 1 ev/particle can be produced by aerodynamic acceleration of heavy molecules in a light gas with the binary gas mixture in the nozzle source near room temperature. The effects of binary mixture mass ratio, source temperature, and specific heat ratio on the attainable beam energy are shown to be adequately described by a simple theory based on the isentropic expansion of a pure gas having a molecular weight corresponding to the concentration-weighted mean for the mixture. The use of nozzle beams as probes and the use of beam velocity analysis are shown to represent a powerful method for the study of relaxation rates of various kinds; e.g., in the exhaust nozzles of various propulsion systems. (Author)
New methods for producing high energy molecular beams by John B Fenn( Book )

2 editions published in 1968 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Recently developed methods of generating and using molecular beams for the study of collision processes in the 1 to 20 eV range are reviewed. The methods described in detail are (1) the use of cathode sputtering to produce atomic beams, (2) the merging beams technique in which the energy difference between two collinear high energy beams is utilized, and (3) the use of supersonic jet sources. (Author)
Viscous effects on impact pressure measurements in low density flows at high mach numbers( Book )

1 edition published in 1968 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Impact pressures were measured with hemispherical probes in free jets of argon, nitrogen and argon-helium mixtures. Free stream Mach numbers ranged from 2.8 to 23; probe Reynolds numbers from 2 to 2000. (Author)
Strand size and low pressure deflagration limit in a composite propellant by Roy E Cookson( Book )

2 editions published between 1968 and 1969 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

The low pressure deflagration limit was determined for a composite ammonium chlorate propellant over a range of pressures from 35 torr to 235 torr. The independent variable was strand size in terms of cross-section dimensions. A linear relation was found between the 'hydraulic radius' of the strand and the low pressure limit. It was thus possible to extrapolate and determine the low pressure limit for a strand of infinite extent. At this limit it would seem that heat losses could only be by radiation from the surface
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Alternative Names
Bennett Fenn, John 1917-2010

Fen, Dž.

Fen, Džon B.

Fenn, John 1917-2010

Fenn, John Benett 1917-2010

Fenn, John Bennett 1917-2010

John B. Fenn

John B. Fenn amerikansk kjemiker

John B. Fenn chimiste américain

John B. Fenn US-amerikanischer Chemiker, Nobelpreisträger für Chemie 2002

John Bennett Fenn

John Bennett Fenn amerikansk kemiker

John Bennett Fenn chimico statunitense

John Fenn Amerikaans scheikundige (1917-2010)

John Fenn amerikansk kemist

John Fenn amerikansk kjemikar

John Fenn chemik amerykański, noblista

Джон Бенет Фен

Джон Фенн

Фенн, Джон Беннетт

ג'ון פן

جان بینٹ فن

جان فن شیمی‌دان آمریکایی

جون فين

جوہن فنن

जॉन बेनेट फेन

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