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Fri Mar 21 17:03:57 2014 UTClccn-n811390410.00[Peters collection of concert, theatre programmes, Sydney, ca. 1896-1958 and overseas travel ephemera, ca. 1910]0.590.81Institutional theory in political science : the new institutionalism /12389531n 81139041683859Peters, B. G. 1944-Peters, B. GuyPeters, B. Guy 1944-Peters, Brainard GuyPeters, Brainard Guy, 1944-Peters, GuyPeters, Guy, 1944-Peters, Guy B.Peters, Guy B. 1944-ピータース, B. ガイlccn-n91018017Pierre, Jonedtlccn-n81137630Savoie, Donald J.edtlccn-no89009105Canadian Centre for Management Developmentlccn-n80044815Rose, Richard1933-lccn-n83231793Ingraham, Patricia W.lccn-n80001508Levine, Charles H.edtlccn-n85256784Derlien, Hans-Ulrichedtlccn-n86808844Ball, Alan R.lccn-nb2005004232Dahlström, Carledtlccn-n78062673Hogwood, Brian W.Peters, B. GuyHandbooks, manuals, etcConference proceedingsTextbooksPublic administrationComparative governmentPolitical scienceBureaucracyPolitical planningUnited StatesPolicy sciencesCivil service reformPublic administration--EvaluationCivil service--Personnel management--EvaluationCivil service reform--EvaluationDebts, PublicFinance, PublicBankruptcyAdministrative agencies--ReorganizationEuropeEurope--European Union countriesPublic institutionsPolitical science--MethodologyDemocracyPublic-private sector cooperationCivil serviceArmies--OrganizationEuropean UnionPublic administration--Decision makingCanadaEconomic policyMethodologyPresident's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (U.S.)Melba, Nellie,--Dame,New South Wales--SydneyTravelOpera companiesDawson, Peter,Concert programsTheatersTheaterTheater programs1944196019701971197219731974197519771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014257792551042351JF1351ocn468549962ocn300927832ocn699643846ocn811586068ocn832331321ocn468707102ocn780817817ocn815753249ocn807563179ocn495313007ocn186501469207646ocn045731529book19820.50Peters, B. GuyAmerican public policy promise and performanceVoting and elections may often be cited as the most entertaining aspect of political theatre, however, it is the arena of public policy that has the most direct impact on the lives of the citizenry. And as we have seen played out in recent debates over healthcare reform, policy changes can be dramatic, sweeping, and often hotly contested. Known for providing a trusted and comprehensive overview of the policy process, B. Guy Peters returns with the ninth edition of American Public Policy: Promise and Performance. Beyond walking students through the governmental structures and policy-making procedures, Peters efficiently covers a wide swath of policy areas, and then concludes with a look at both cost-benefit analysis and ethical analysis. Framed in context of the aftermath of the financial crisis and Great Recession, the ninth edition considers how policy has been impacted by persistent unemployment and growing income inequality. In addition, Peters discusses the strain on education budgets, increased oversight of financial activities, fiscal policies meant to stimulate the economy, and the political challenge of balancing the budget in light of increased public spending+-+8154753106206062ocn003186620book19770.59Peters, B. GuyThe politics of bureaucracy : a comparative perspectiveNew to the 5th edition include a new chapter on administrative reform, more material on developing countries and discussion of international bureaucracies, as well as taking into account a wealth of new literature+-+0490098575137710ocn044956873file19880.47Peters, B. GuyComparing public bureaucracies problems of theory and methodComparing Public Bureaucracies: Problems of Theory and Method is based on the Coleman B. Ransone, Jr. Lectures delivered by the author in 1986 at The University of Alabama+-+1318582635324116312ocn614479751file19980.53Taking stock assessing public sector reformsIn the last tow decades governments have invested a great deal of time, money, and political capital in reforms to make the public sector more efficient. They have, however, invested little in evaluating the effectiveness of their efforts, accepting many of the reforms because of a belief in a particular approach to governing or an ideological commitment on the part of politicians. This collection of essays "takes stock" of these reform measures and their impact on public administration+-+K892608225108017ocn144083906file19930.56Peters, B. GuyGovernance in a changing environment108013ocn004136113book19780.50Rose, RichardCan government go bankrupt?10106ocn770372773file20100.50Comparative administrative change and reform lessons learnedThe public service has changed dramatically over the years. Reviewing these changes, this book provides a global assessment of reform and the lessons governments can learn from previous policies. It offers insights into the origins of policy ideas, the qualities and capabilities of leaders, and the nature and challenges of organizational changes+-+540180822584036ocn051993933book20030.59Handbook of public administrationHandbooks, manuals, etcThis handbook provides a complete review and guide to past and present knowledge in the field of public administration. It comprehensively explores the state of the art in academic thinking and the current structures and processes for the administration of public policy+-+79772461257775ocn779695971file20110.53Steering from the centre strengthening political control in Western democracies"Governments face new challenges in an era marked by globalization, shifting economic and national security policies, pervasive electronic media, and policy reform. Steering from the Centre details how chief executives in ten Western democracies have responded to governance challenges in the wake of reform ideas such as the New Public Management which stress deregulation and decentralization+-+441561799632473727ocn045731559file19990.47Ball, Alan RModern politics and governmentTextbooks'Modern Politics and Government' includes a new chapter on globalization and regionalization and broader coverage of on-democratic politics, of interests and movements, of the media, of social and cultural influences on political behaviour and of public management+-+261614888566242ocn039060706book19980.81Peters, B. GuyInstitutional theory in political science : the new institutionalismThere has been a major growth of interest in institutional theory and institutional analysis in political science. This text identifies these approaches to institutions, and provides a frame of reference for the different theories+-+907921003654414ocn021869911book19900.79Peters, B. GuyEuropean politics reconsidered+-+69186469355134ocn012144759book19850.70The Unfinished agenda for civil service reform : implications of the Grace Commission reportConference proceedings4758ocn034839773book19960.70Peters, B. GuyThe future of governing : four emerging models46715ocn062344203book20060.66Peters, B. GuyHandbook of public policyHandbooks, manuals, etcThis is an invaluable survey of the major theories and approaches in this area of study and research. It explores the role of parties in the pressing contemporary problems of institutional design and democratic governance today+-+361594612544517ocn039033240book19980.66Peters, B. GuyComparative politics : theory and methodsThis book examines the issues involved in the attempts to compare political systems, and discusses how the methods and results of comparative politics can be improved+-+931112963541712ocn056967265book20050.70Pierre, JonGoverning complex societies : trajectories and scenarios"Governing Complex Societies outlines a typology of different models of governance, ranging from a state-centric model to the 'governing without government' model. The typology is based in dimensions on actors, processes, and outcomes. Using this typology, the authors conclude that the state-centric and the 'governing without government' models both tend to produce suboptimal governance. Instead, governance models between these two extremes seem to be better geared to combine points of contact with society while at the same time being able to make autonomous decisions. This analysis is applied to different aspects of contemporary governance such as changing intergovernmental relationships and linkages between the European Union and domestic institutions."--BOOK JACKET+-+951194859640321ocn043569335book20000.81Kassim, HusseinThe national co-ordination of EU policy : the domestic levelConference proceedings"Eschewing the 'Europeanisation' problematic within which the issue is usually addressed, this book adopts a broader, more inclusive approach. It examines domestic processes and investigates co-ordination in ten member states - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom - looking at co-ordinating ambitions, the actors involved in EU policy making, and the structures and processes by which policy is made." "From a comparative perspective, the book identifies and assesses the impact of the influences that have shaped systems of national co-ordination - the demands exerted by Union membership, the institutional structure of the national polity, the pre-existing balance between domestic institutions, administrative norms and values, and attitudes, both popular and elite, to European integration. It assesses the extent to which there has been a convergent response to the administrative challenges posed by membership on the part of the member states or whether a pattern of divergence emerges. The effectiveness of member states in influencing policy outcomes at the European level is also addressed."--BOOK JACKET+-+49114734653977ocn011784496book19850.76Hogwood, Brian WThe pathology of public policy39510ocn016404024book19880.76Campbell, ColinOrganizing governance, governing organizations11ocn222657009bookPeters, B. Guy[Peters collection of concert, theatre programmes, Sydney, ca. 1896-1958 and overseas travel ephemera, ca. 1910]HistoryArchivesMiscellaneaMusical activities in and around Sydney featuring various opera companies such as Mr George Musgrove's Royal Grand Opera Season, Quinlan Opera Co., Gonsalez Italian Opera Co., Frank Rigo Grand Opera Co., Allan Wilkie Shakespearian Productions, Sir Benjamin Fuller's Grand Opera ; various Australian artists such as Peter Dawson, Gladys Moncrieff, Dame Nellie Melba, Peter Finch, Ron Randell, Amy Castles including overseas artists such as Yehudi Menuhin, Rubinstein. Performing in Sydney theatres such as Theatre Royal, Her Majesty's theatre, Criterion, Palace Theatre, Sydney Town Hall, Majestic Theatre in Newtown, New Tivoli, Minerva. The travel ephemera includes primarily overseas postcards, some guide-books, maps, London, Paris and Brussels theatre programmes during a trip to Europe in 1910 possibly for the World Exposition, Brussels+-+7977246125+-+7977246125Fri Mar 21 15:43:15 EDT 2014batch31969