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Fri Mar 21 17:08:49 2014 UTClccn-n811391270.20Captain Blood0.360.96Newsletter /2656713Erich_Wolfgang_Korngoldn 81139127683945Erich KorngoldKorngold.Korngold, ... 1897-1957Korngold, E. W.Korngold, E. W. 1897-1957Korngold, E. W. (Erich Wolfgang), 1897-1957Korngold, Eric.Korngold, Eric, 1897-1957Korngold, Erich 1897-1957Korngold, Erich W., 1897-1957Korngold, Wolfgang Erich 1897-1957コルンゴルトコルンゴルト, エーリヒ・ヴォルフガングcontainsVIAFID/17397553Schott, Paullccn-n79071181Flynn, Errol1909-1959prfactlccn-n85177494Rains, Claude1889-1967prfactlccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-n50028315Warner Bros. Pictures (1923-1967)lccn-n82137019De Havilland, Oliviaprfactlccn-n82005652Curtiz, Michael1888-1962prfflmdrtfast-1098963Robin Hood (Legendary character)lccn-n85342739Keighley, William1889-1984flmdrtlccn-n85342738Raine, Norman Reilly1895-1971sceauslccn-n85220633Rathbone, Basil1892-1967prfactnrtKorngold, Erich Wolfgang1897-1957DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryLegendsMusicMusical settingsManuscriptsBiographyFictionSwashbuckler filmsRobin Hood (Legendary character)Korngold, Erich Wolfgang,ComposersPiratesAustriaEngland--Sherwood ForestGreat BritainEnglandSabatini, Rafael,Shakespeare, William,Man-woman relationshipsBritishMotion picture music--ExcerptsCaribbean AreaBlood, Captain (Fictitious character)Ship captainsSailing shipsCaribbean SeaPrivateeringQueensAdventure and adventurersUnited StatesCourtshipElizabeth--I,--Queen of England,Hippolyta (Greek mythology)OperasTheseus (Greek mythology)Greece--AthensEssex, Robert Devereux,--Earl of,Community lifeFriendshipSymphoniesAmputeesOrchestral musicMissouriIncidental musicConcertos (Violin)CellistsVerneuil, Louis,MistressesWomen pianistsEuropean Intervention in Mexico (1861-1867)MexicoCarlota,--Empress, consort of Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico,Maximilian,--Emperor of Mexico,Operas--Vocal scores with pianoJuárez, Benito,OutlawsAdventures of Robin Hood (Korngold, Erich Wolfgang)Suites (Piano (1 hand), violins (2), cello)18971957190019011902190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968197019721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320143064422464408791.4372PN1997ocn059009253ocn059109995ocn059132073ocn070902660ocn678481519ocn003989136ocn021224699ocn002953679ocn041359008ocn011322104ocn153314794ocn820474998ocn050397379ocn012913644ocn014715710ocn123163390ocn704550906ocn051472820ocn662101887ocn820638222ocn034786579ocn021167562ocn020838891ocn056525974ocn031920717ocn056598703ocn053213014ocn504560804ocn123163390ocn724800113ocn042960430ocn724800113ocn725566321ocn725741426ocn725575024ocn839356053ocn753602949ocn840012151ocn865085655ocn839359011ocn724158627ocn723919090ocn725624670ocn723886155ocn073024658ocn724169242ocn721051708ocn689995808ocn723849174ocn724169337ocn725581823ocn725662060ocn725531504ocn725442762ocn725140266ocn725799165ocn725619946ocn725142104ocn725641394ocn725141765ocn314393362ocn313890563ocn314205140ocn032915228ocn062589605ocn725575024ocn725566321ocn725575016ocn781019429ocn805893449ocn723718555ocn847744395152338ocn053048577visu19380.21Curtiz, MichaelThe adventures of Robin HoodHistoryLegendsDramaRecounts the life and adventures of Robin Hood, who, with his band of followers, lived as an outlaw in Sherwood Forest dedicating his life to fighting against tyranny by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor92221ocn059109995visu19400.21Curtiz, MichaelThe Sea HawkHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsCaptain Geoffrey Thorpe is the terror of the Spanish Main, striking crippling blows against the oppressive Spanish war machine, freeing English slaves from the galley ships and filling England's coffers with Spanish gold--with the tacit approval of England's Queen Elizabeth I. When the dashing Thorpe raids and sinks a diplomatic vessel bringing ambassador Don José Alvarez de Cordoba and his beautiful niece Dona Maria to England, he's gentlemanly enough to deliver them safely onto English shores--along with the galley full of wrongfully imprisoned slaves. Smarting from this insult, Don Alvarez conspires with the duplicitous Lord Wolfingham to stop Thorpe and smash the Sea Hawks: the small fleet of privateers that stands between England and King Philip of Spain's thirst for global domination!+-+89569374253247329ocn059009253visu19860.20Curtiz, MichaelCaptain BloodHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsSwashbuckler filmsArrested during the Monmouth Rebellion and falsely convicted of treason, Dr. Peter Blood is banished to the West Indies and sold into slavery. In Port Royal, Jamaica the Governor's daughter Arabella Bishop buys him for ten pounds to spite her uncle, Col. Bishop who owns a major plantation. Life is hard for the men and for Blood as well. By chance he treats the Governor's gout and is soon part of the medical service. He dreams of freedom and when the opportunity strikes, he and his friends rebel taking over a Spanish ship that has attacked the city. Soon, they are the most feared pirates on the seas, men without a country attacking all ships. When Arabella is prisoner, Blood decides to return her to Port Royal only to find that it is under the control of England's new enemy, France. All of them must decide if they are to fight for their new King5442ocn153314794visu20070.27Shakespeare, WilliamA midsummer night's dreamDramaFilm adaptationsLove is blind, fickle and true. Theseus, Duke of Athens, is going to marry Hyppolyta, Queen of the Amazons. Demetrius is engaged to Hermia, but Hermia loves Lysander. Helena loves Demetrius. Oberon and Titania, of the kingdom of fairies, have a slight quarrel about whether or not the boy Titania is raising will join Titania's band or Oberon's, so Oberon tries to get the boy from her by using some magic. Lysander and Hermina meet in the forest. Helena and Demetrius are there as well. There are actors practicing a play for the upcoming wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta. Due to some misunderstandings by Puck, the whole thing becomes a little bit more confused5028ocn059132073visu20050.21Curtiz, MichaelThe private lives of Elizabeth and EssexHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThis period drama frames the tumultuous affair between Queen Elizabeth I and the man who would be King of England, Robert Devereux, the Earl of Essex. Ever the victor on the battlefield, Devereux returns to London after defeating Spanish forces at Cadiz. Middle-aged Elizabeth, so attracted to the younger Devereux but fearful of his influence and popularity, sends him on a new mission: a doomed campaign to Ireland. When he and his troops return in defeat, Devereux demands to share the throne with the heir-less queen, and Elizabeth, at first, intends to marry. Ultimately sensing the marriage would prove disastrous for England, Elizabeth sets in motion a merciless plan to protect her people and preserve her throne4214ocn070902660visu19400.21Kings RowDramaFilm adaptationsWhen an aspiring doctor loses the one woman in his life to a tragic and untimely death, he goes off to Europe to forget. While he's gone, his friend Drake loses his inherited fortune and his fiance. He takes up with a woman "from the wrong side of the tracks" and an ensuing accident leaves him a cripple. When Cummings, now a full-fledged doctor returns home, it takes everything he has ever learned and experienced to put things right again37320ocn024106652rcrd19720.35Korngold, Erich WolfgangThe sea hawk the classic film scores of Erich Wolfgang Korngold35446ocn002428879score19200.66Korngold, Erich WolfgangDie tote Stadt, Oper in 3 Bildern, frei nach G. Rodenbach: Bruges la morte, von Paul Schott. Op. 12+-+553982042834336ocn020611596rcrd19750.37Korngold, Erich WolfgangDie tote StadtDie tote Stadt: Oper in drei Akten, op.12. Libretto: Paul Schott (Julius Korngold)3145ocn214108618visu19900.23Rapper, IrvingDeceptionDramaFilm adaptationsMelodramas (Motion pictures)World War II has separated pianist Christine Radcliffe from her great love, cellist Karel Novak. Thinking Karel has been killed in action, she is unexpectedly reunited with him. Now, Christine desperately strives to hide her wartime dalliance as the mistress of a wealthy, sadistic composer. She'll lie to keep her shameful past a secret+-+553813469629315ocn021678394rcrd19530.47Korngold, Erich WolfgangViolin concerto in D, op. 3525418ocn028514434rcrd19930.53Korngold, Erich WolfgangDas Wunder der HelianeDas Wunder der Heliane: Oper in drei Akten, op.20. Libretto: Hans Müller-Einigen2502ocn039476332rcrd19980.28Korngold, Erich WolfgangMusic for strings and piano left hand25025ocn014868336rcrd19830.35Korngold, Erich WolfgangThe adventures of Robin Hood original motion picture scoreMusic24712ocn811253911file20030.59Korngold, Erich WolfgangThe adventures of Robin Hood classic 1938 film scoreMusic2434ocn024680649visu19390.28Dieterle, WilliamJuarezHistoryDramaThe story of three men, Benito Juarez, Napoleon III, and Emperor Maximilian, driven by political passions. And of a woman, Empress Carlota, driven to madness2404ocn036517871rcrd19960.37Korngold, Erich WolfgangSymphony in F sharp Einfache Lieder ; Mariettas LiedMusical settings2118ocn024503321rcrd19900.56Korngold, Erich WolfgangString sextet in D major, op. 102118ocn032828501rcrd19940.59Korngold, Erich WolfgangSursum corda op. 13 ; Sinfonietta, op. 52096ocn049361850rcrd20020.31Korngold, Erich WolfgangPrevin conducts Korngold9692ocn045843694file19970.33Carroll, Brendan GThe last prodigy a biography of Erich Wolfgang KorngoldBiographyThis first full-length biography chronicles Korngold's life and works from his days as a celebrated Wunderkind in imperial Vienna, through his spectacular career as a composer of opera and symphonic works, to his escape from and Nazis to America, where he pioneered the symphonic film score and won two Oscars. The author provides a detailed evaluation of the composer, his relationship with the serialists, his contribution to film music, and his place in music history. The book draws on interviews with many great musicians, singers, actors, writers, and directors, plus legendary figures from Hollywood's golden age, all of whom knew and worked with Korngold. A foreword by the composer's eldest son Ernst Korngold, a comprehensive discography and bibliography, rare illustrations, and a complete list of Korngold's works make this the definitive biography of a remarkable composer.--From publisher description+-+34752192063632ocn035131255book19960.56Duchen, JessicaErich Wolfgang KorngoldBiographyThis series examines composers in a biographical context, and offers comprehensive studies of key figures in the creation of 20th century music. Each book tries to communicate to a wide audience, without assuming a knowledge of specialised terms+-+20068396251586ocn001128518book19670.73Korngold, LuziErich Wolfgang Korngold. Ein Lebenbild862ocn024505390book19910.90Lek, Robbert Adrianus Jacobus van derDiegetic music in opera and film : a similarity between two genres of drama analysed in works by Erick Wolfgang Korngold, 1897-1957Criticism, interpretation, etc727ocn000871421book19220.73Hoffmann, Rudolf StephanErich Wolfgang KorngoldBiography716ocn012206641book19840.79Carroll, Brendan GErich Wolfgang Korngold 1897-1957 : his life and worksBiography713ocn237882092book20080.79Wagner, GuyKorngold : Musik ist MusikBiographyEin spezielles Kapitel beleuchtet zusätzlich die Bedeutung des Komponisten, Pianisten und Dirigenten für das Musikleben der Stadt Hamburg bis zur Machtübernahme durch die Nazis673ocn262884083book20080.81Erich Wolfgang Korngold : Wunderkind der Moderne oder letzter Romantiker? : Bericht über das internationale Symposion Bern 2007Criticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings542ocn030626738book19910.84Korngold, JuliusDie Korngolds in Wien : der Musikkritiker und das Wunderkind : AufzeichnungenCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography523ocn052973941visu20030.66Between two worlds Erich Wolfgang KorngoldBiographyA child prodigy in Habsburg Vienna, Korngold was a musical sensation in Europe during the 1920's. Later, stranded in America by the rise of fascism, he found new fame as the inventor of the lush Hollywood film score. Clips from films such as the Errol Flynn swashbucklers Robin Hood and The Sea Hawk are included. Includes a concert featuring a selection of Korngold's concertos and extracts from his early piano works512ocn039356920book19980.79Pöllmann, HelmutErich Wolfgang Korngold : Aspekte seines SchaffensCriticism, interpretation, etc333ocn261966073book20080.86Derny, NicolasErich Wolfgang Korngold : ou l'itinéraire d'un enfant prodigeBiographyEnfant prodige dont les talents sont célébrés par G. Mahler, E.W. Korngold (1897-1957) connaît une carrière fulgurante à Vienne, puis en Amérique où il compose de la musique de film. Cinq opéras, dix films, maints arrangements d'opérettes, de nombreuses oeuvres de musique de chambre et vocales colorent son catalogue241ocn191658520book20070.95Die Korngolds : Klischee, Kritik und Komposition = The Korngolds : cliche, critic and composerExhibition catalogs232ocn034769675score0.92Korngold, Erich WolfgangMuch ado about nothing : suite from the incidental music to Shakespeare's play, op. 11Manuscripts182ocn038257012book19970.95Tedeschi Turco, MarioErich Wolfgang KorngoldCriticism, interpretation, etc141ocn014588664book19850.79Truscott, HaroldErich Wolfgang Korngold's concerto for piano (left-hand) and orchestra in C sharp, op. 17 (1924) : an analytical essay with 16 music examples112ocn062548338visu20010.29Erich Wolfgang Korngold the adventures of a WunderkindBiographyA child prodigy in Habsburg, Erich Wolfgang Korngold was the musical sensation of Europe's opera houes and concert halls in the 1920s. Later, stranded in America by the rise of fascism in Europe, he found new fame and won Oscars as the inventor of the lush Hollywood film score. Including extracts from many of the Warner Brothers productions he scored this DVD includes previously unseen material from the Korngold family archive102ocn024555257book19910.84Exiles in paradiseHistoryBiographyExhibition catalogs72ocn023889907serial0.96Erich Wolfgang Korngold SocietyNewsletterPeriodicals71ocn266975255book20070.73Winters, BenErich Wolfgang Korngold's The adventures of Robin Hood : a film score guideWhat's in a title? -- Korngold and the studio system -- Korngold's technique of scoring films -- The historical and critical context of Robin Hood -- Composing Robin Hood -- Analysis and readings of the score+-+1333035635+-+5538134696+-+5538134696Fri Mar 21 15:14:41 EDT 2014batch87350