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Thu Oct 16 18:04:04 2014 UTClccn-n811392560.01Once upon a time in Chicago : the story of Benny Goodman /0.290.90Benny Goodman : a supplemental discography /7573997Benny_Goodmann 811392567896128684074Dodge, Bill 1909-1986Goodman, B. 1909-1986Goodman, Benjamin 1932?-1986Goodman, Benjamin D. 1909-1986Goodman, Benjamin David.Goodman, Benjamin David 1909-1986Goodman, Benny David.Goodman, Benny David 1909-1986Gudmens, Benijs 1909-1986Jackson, John 1909-1986Karim, Benjamin Goodman 1909-1986The King of Swinglccn-n92119351Benny Goodman Orchestraprfitrmuslccn-n50080187Ellington, Duke1899-1974cndprfitrarrcmplccn-n81016968Basie, Count1904-1984sngcndprfitrcmplccn-n81149163Hampton, Lionelothsngprflyrcndctbitrcmplccn-n81131527James, Harry1916-1983cndprfitrcmplccn-n81129496Krupa, Gene1909-1973cndprfitrspklccn-n82066691Shaw, Artie1910-2004cndprfitrarrcmplccn-n50033672Miller, Glenn1904-1944cndprfitrarrcmplccn-n81131524Dorsey, Tommy1905-1956cndprfitractcmplccn-n87131619Benny Goodman QuartetprfitrmusGoodman, Benny1909-1986BiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcMusicDramaPictorial worksJazzHistoryDance orchestra musicSwing (Music)Documentary television programsJazzGoodman, Benny,United StatesJazz musiciansBig band musicSwing (Music)ClarinetistsEllington, Duke,Dance orchestra musicSuites (Orchestra)Armstrong, Louis,Clarinet with jazz ensembleAfrican American musiciansNew York (State)--New YorkShaw, Artie,African AmericansWebb, ChickHoliday, Billie,Concertos (Clarinet with string orchestra)DepressionsMonologues with music (Orchestra)Popular musicJazz danceOrchestral musicBalletsJazz vocalsLincoln, Abraham,FanfaresFitzgerald, EllaDorsey, Tommy,Lunceford, JimmieTelevision musicTelevision soundtracksYoung, Lester,Hawkins, ColemanBeiderbecke, Bix,Piano music (Jazz)Guitar with jazz ensembleHenderson, Fletcher,Trios (Piano, clarinet, violin)Concertos (Clarinet with jazz ensemble)Songs (Medium voice) with orchestraFolk songs, EnglishMan-woman relationshipsOverturesWaller, Fats,Tatum, Art,SymphoniesChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices), UnaccompaniedNightclubs1909198619181923192419261927192819291930193119331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320145541545847701781.654ML422.G65ocn016418923ocn039111824ocn002650878ocn017896416ocn029600654ocn019755324ocn024659896ocn045694098ocn027296897ocn029767730ocn042794431ocn026215193ocn019755393ocn021493315ocn144558650ocn002998177ocn026464775ocn027996646ocn018473347ocn021268652ocn017896416ocn022730838ocn043166125ocn027996646ocn036024844ocn018955144ocn050302867ocn052760681ocn025721328ocn023803878ocn017896416ocn021493315ocn050127030ocn050132881ocn050134069ocn050126266ocn050127551ocn050134269ocn050132634ocn050126857ocn230964133ocn700099683ocn041036145ocn887178396ocn691745442ocn691345004ocn029688860ocn037926445ocn028860049ocn659102334ocn658313637ocn765599426ocn659262866ocn762690396ocn658656922ocn659052472ocn030351106ocn261195770ocn268992764ocn698389569ocn658925582ocn051651251ocn796750749ocn449245137ocn659216368ocn186339619ocn762891139ocn659010389ocn659010065ocn055991929ocn032686611ocn600197576ocn269372953ocn269373016ocn867583637ocn761398450ocn265101719ocn044700916ocn236080058ocn0793960111490181ocn005764130rcrd19540.27Goodman, BennyBenny GoodmanSolomon Jazz Collection57618ocn016418923rcrd19380.23Goodman, BennyLive at Carnegie Hall5184ocn045432496rcrd20000.17The best of Ken Burns' JazzMusic from the PBS special Jazz, by filmmaker Ken Burns50339ocn024659896rcrd19680.27Goodman, BennySing, sing, singSolomon Jazz Collection4642ocn002650878rcrd19760.47Jive at five [the style-makers of jazz, 1920s-1940s]46310ocn042794431rcrd19380.22Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman at Carnegie Hall, 1938 complete4401ocn039111824rcrd19980.16The fabulous swing collectionDance orchestra musicJazzSwing (Music)43623ocn017896416rcrd19870.25Christian, CharlieThe genius of the electric guitarJazz4069ocn019755324rcrd19860.30Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman collector's edition38654ocn018476633score19240.29Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman : composer/artistMethodsMethods JazzKlarinetskole+-+465791073537616ocn021568083rcrd19540.22Goodman, BennyB.G. in hi-fi3725ocn028336557book19360.50Armstrong, LouisSwing that musicCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+39905315853496ocn081004246visu19970.22The gang's all hereDramaA young showgirl falls for a playboy soldier the night before his leave. When he comes back and is given a medal, he finds that she's singing at the celebration his family has arranged, and she finds that he gave her an assumed name and is engaged33710ocn000604188book19390.39Goodman, BennyThe kingdom of swingCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyThe story of Benny Goodman's life, with a chapter on swing music by Irving Kolodin3332ocn029600654rcrd19900.30Copland, AaronCopland conducts CoplandMusic3115ocn002860057rcrd19630.53Copland, AaronConcerto for clarinet and string orchestra with harp and piano. Old American songs [sets 1 and 2]3068ocn048495887visu19930.27Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman adventures in the kingdom of SwingBiographyA comprehensive documentary covering Goodman's career, this biography includes rare performance footage from the '20s and '30s, studio rehearsal footage from the '50s, home movies, rare audio tracks, and video footage of Goodman recounting his own life. Includes interviews with family, friends, and jazz contemporaries3034ocn045694098rcrd20000.21Goodman, BennyBenny Goodman Ken Burns jazz2997ocn027296897rcrd19920.24Goodman, BennySelections from MusicMasters' Benny Goodman collection never-before-released recordings from the Yale University Music Library Archives29632ocn020092400rcrd19470.24Goodman, BennyLet's dance15784ocn019971724book19890.25Collier, James LincolnBenny Goodman and the Swing EraCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+632705046514447ocn025508069book19920.23Firestone, RossSwing, swing, swing : the life & times of Benny GoodmanBiographyBefore Elvis Presley and rock-'n'-roll, another King ruled the roost of American popular music. His name was Benny Goodman and his domain, the gilded age of Swing. Benny's concerts, records, and radio shows catapulted the hot and controversial sounds of jazz into the hearts and homes of a hungry public. Swing, Swing, Swing at once illustrates Goodman's enormous impact on American music and culture, reflects the rich textures of the times in which he lived, and evokes the very private life of a complicated, difficult man. Raised in a tenement in Chicago's Maxwell Street ghetto, he grew up to become the symbol of glamorous high-society living. Benny's undeniable position as social groundbreaker -- his were the nation's first racially integrated bands -- was characteristically downplayed by the man himself: he simply wanted the finest musicians he could find. Here are the sounds and stories that define the remarkable life of the world's most demanding and idiosyncratic band leader. The violent clashes between his smiling public persona and his intensely private nature; the infamous "Goodman Ray" (no musician who played with Benny escaped its wrath); the conflicting stories of Goodman's parsimony and his largess -- these stories and many more paint a vibrant portrait of a truly original, undeniably American artist+-+13166884859856ocn033407752book19880.56Connor, D. RussellBenny Goodman : wrappin' it upBiographyDiscographyBenny Goodman: Wrappin' It Up presents swing fans, jazz scholars, and collectors with newly discovered recordings, broadcasts, and engagements of the famed clarinetist unearthed since publication of Connor's original landmark work. The listings of hundreds of previously unknown recordings will delight collectors, while jazz fans will enjoy Connor's intimate recollections of his friendship with Goodman, which bring a human dimension to an artist often known only for his music. Scholars will treasure the treatise on Goodman's arrangements that are now in the collections at the New York Public Library and Yale University. Wrappin' It Up also contains rare photographs, many never published before, that span Goodman's career in both the recording and movie studio, as well as a unique section covering more than three hundred previously unknown broadcast recordings from 1935 to 1943. The book also includes current prices for Goodman memorabilia; a schedule of Goodman's film and television appearances available on video; a necrology of Goodman's sidemen and associates; and indexes+-+87568356356865ocn006329776book19790.26Goodman, BennyBenny, king of swing : a pictorial biography based on Benny Goodman's personal archivesBiographyPortraitsPictorial works+-+343753158532451410ocn045768860visu20000.22Burns, KenJazzHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyMusicDocumentary television programsIn the late 1930s, as the Great Depression deepens, jazz thrives. The saxophone emerges as an iconic instrument of the music; this segment introduces two of its masters, Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young. Young migrates to Kansas City, where a vibrant music scene is prospering with musicians such as trumpeter Harry "Sweets" Edison and drummers Jo Jones and Chick Webb. Out of this ferment emerges pianist Count Basie, who forms a band that epitomizes the Kansas City sound. Billie Holiday cuts recordings while other women musicians, including pianist Mary Lou Williams and singer Ella Fitzgerald emerge on the jazz scene. Benny Goodman holds the first-ever jazz concert at Carnegie Hall while Duke Ellington tours Europe4919ocn045738680visu20000.21Burns, KenJazzHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyMusicDocumentary television programsBy 1924 to 1928 jazz is everywhere in America and spreading abroad. For the first time, soloists and singers take center stage, transforming the music with their distinctive voices. This episode traces the careers of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, Sidney Bechet, Bessie Smith, Earl Hines, Ethel Waters, Bix Beiderbecke, the first great white jazz artist, and Benny Goodman, the son of Jewish immigrants4642ocn043083203book20000.01Winter, JonahOnce upon a time in Chicago : the story of Benny GoodmanJuvenile worksBiographyA simple biography of the great jazz musician, Benny Goodman, and how his extraordinary musical ability was originally encouraged by his immigrant father+-+47195313253966ocn000019967book19580.50Connor, D. RussellBG on the record : a bio-discography of Benny GoodmanDiscography3649ocn045692636visu20000.23Burns, KenJazzHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyMusicDocumentary television programsOne of 10 episodes tracing the history of Jazz from its roots in the African-American community of New Orleans to its heights and continuing presence3376ocn051908325visu19550.20The Benny Goodman storyFictionDramaThe music of Benny Goodman comes to life in this musical biography of the famed King of Swing. Featuring all the outstanding songs and instrumentals made famous by the immortal clarinetist, the story follows the innovative musician from his childhood in Chicago to his historic concert at Carnegie Hall in 1938+-+28365330063243148ocn045744964visu20000.21Burns, KenJazzHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyMusicDocumentary television programsIn the mid 1930s, as the Great Depression refuses to lift, Benny Goodman finds himself hailed as the "King of Swing" and becomes the first white bandleader to hire black musicians. He has a host or rivals among them, Chick Webb, Tommy Dorsey, Jimmie Lunceford, Glen Miller and Artie Shaw. Louis Armstrong heads a big band of his own, while Duke Ellington continues his independent course, but great black artists still can't eat or sleep in many of the hotels where they perform. Billie Holiday emerges from a childhood of tragedy to begin her career as the greatest of all female jazz singers3062ocn683247765book20140.06Cline-Ransome, LesaBenny Goodman & Teddy Wilson : taking the stage as the first black and white jazz band in historyHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyCelebrates the first widely seen integrated jazz performance: the debut of the Benny Goodman quartet with Teddy Wilson in 1936 Chicago2938ocn743214188book20110.63Tackley, CatherineBenny Goodman's famous 1938 Carnegie Hall jazz concertCriticism, interpretation, etc"On January 16, 1938 Benny Goodman brought his swing orchestra to America's venerated home of European classical music, Carnegie Hall. The resulting concert - widely considered one of the most significant events in American music history - helped to usher jazz and swing music into the American cultural mainstream. This reputation has been perpetuated by Columbia Records' 1950 release of the concert on LP. Now, in Benny Goodman's Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert, jazz scholar and musician Catherine Tackley provides the first in depth, scholarly study of this seminal concert and recording. Combining rigorous documentary and archival research with close analysis of the recording, Tackley strips back the accumulated layers of interpretation and meaning to assess the performance in its original context, and explore what the material has come to represent in its recorded form. Taking a complete view of the concert, she examines the rich cultural setting in which it took place, and analyzes the compositions, arrangements and performances themselves, before discussing the immediate reception, and lasting legacy and impact of this storied event and album. As the definitive study of one of the most important recordings of the twentieth-century, Benny Goodman's Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert is a must-read for all serious jazz fans, musicians and scholars"--Publisher's description1743ocn045738998visu20000.22JazzHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyMusicAmid the hard times of the Depression new dances, the Lindy Hop and Swing, caught on at the dance halls of New York even as the jobless lined the streets and drought ruined Midwest farms. Jazz, during 1929 through 1935, lifted the nation's spirit. Record sales boomed while Armstrong became a major entertainer as singer, trumpeter, band leader, radio and film performer. Ellington's elegance, compositions, brilliant band films and recordings created a huge following in America and abroad. This segment also visits the careers of Fletcher Henderson, Benny Goodman, Billy Rose, Chick Webb, Fats Waller, Art Tatum and the record producer, John Hammond1637ocn008550034book19390.39Goodman, BennyThe kingdom of swingCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyThe story of Benny Goodman's life, with a chapter on swing music by Irving Kolodin1535ocn011443933book19840.82Connor, D. RussellThe record of a legend-- Benny GoodmanDiscography1093ocn527702838book20100.90Jessup, DavidBenny Goodman : a supplemental discographyDiscography"During the 100 years since Benny Goodman's birth, interest in his life and music remains as intense as ever--yet there has been no recent discographical information. Benny Goodman: A Supplemental Discography fills that gap, gathering materials uncovered since the last bio-discography of Goodman in 1996. This new annotated discography, presented chronologically, updates some previously known information and adds nearly 100 new discoveries, including more than 65 previously unknown radio broadcasts and films." "Jessup presents details about live appearances ranging from the mid-1980s back to the 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert, including an analysis of the controversial 1999 Sony reissue of that concert. Jessup also offers an essay detailing some of the difficulties of cataloging and preserving recordings in a digitally progressive age, as "new technology" can assist with--or hinder--collecting and evaluating vintage music. An additional discography of smaller, collector-oriented labels describes nearly 400 reissues and collectible LPs, tapes, and CDs personally audited by Jessup and his associates, and details of all 182 shows of the famous Camel Caravan radio series (1936-1939) are offered in print for the first time. The volume concludes with a list of those associated personally or professionally with Benny Goodman who have passed away since 1996, as well as indexes by song title and musician."--BOOK JACKET+-+K031235635752ocn008180788book19700.20The Swing era. between vitaphone and videoHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc682ocn019033584visu19880.08The history of bands in AmericaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThis two-part documentary shows how bands have changed throughout our 200-year history as America has changed. Social, political, and economic events of our lives have become inseparable from the music of the band. Part 1 illustrates the rise of the town band movement in the 19th century through professional bands, including that of John Philip Sousa. Part 2 traces band movements of the 20th century: military bands, scholastic bands, and jazz. Featured671ocn779607241book20130.06Mattern, JoanneBenny GoodmanJuvenile worksBiographyProfiles the life and career of jazz clarinetist Benny Goodman+-+3990531585+-+3990531585Thu Oct 16 16:02:20 EDT 2014batch133441