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Fri Mar 21 17:15:03 2014 UTClccn-n811467090.00With some account of her life and character /0.891.00Memoirs of Frederick and Margaret Klopstock. Translated from the German [by Elizabeth Smith]92610015Elizabeth_Smith_(translator)n 81146709691475Smith, E. (Elizabeth), 1776-1806Smith, Miss, 1776-1806lccn-n90613367Bowdler, H. M.(Henrietta Maria)1750-1830edtlccn-n81146706Klopstock, Margareta1728-1758lccn-n50043426Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb1724-1803lccn-n88609529Mumssen, Jakob1737-1819lccn-n84024436Buell, Samuel1716-1798lccn-nr90003577Smith, Charles Jeffery1740-1770np-parker, samuel h$1781Parker, Samuel H.1781-np-sennet, johnSennet, Johnlccn-nr2001051106Wood, John George1768-1838illlccn-nr2001051112Barker, Josephfl. 1808-9illSmith, Elizabeth1776-1806BiographyPortraitsRecords and correspondenceCommentariesGlossaries, vocabularies, etcReligionSmith, Elizabeth,Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb,Smith, Charles Jeffery,Christian biographyAuthors, GermanGod--WillKlopstock, Margareta,Smith, ElizabethBestialityCrimeMassachusetts--BostonMassachusettsLarcenyBible.--JobChristian poetry, EnglishGermanyAuthors' spousesPoets, GermanGod--Worship and loveSpiritual life--Society of FriendsFuneral sermonsCriminalsEducationChildren--Books and readingMay DayFlowersChildren's storiesRites and ceremoniesSunday school literatureQuakersWalker, Samuel,Society of Friends--DoctrinesHebrew languageScott, Job,Arabic languageChristianityEngland--TruroPersian languageArabic alphabetUnited StatesEulogiesSociety of FriendsEnglish literatureChristian lifeGreat Britain1776180617801781180818091810181118121814181618181824182718281829183418421844191419281996201020122014145528151223.105209AC1ocn005211795ocn681552878ocn03122977943852ocn015436288book18080.93Smith, ElizabethFragments, in prose and verseBiographyPortraitsRecords and correspondence30320ocn015463040book18080.93Klopstock, Friedrich GottliebMemoirs of Frederick and Margaret KlopstockBiographyRecords and correspondence1536ocn062807036com17700.84Buell, SamuelIntricate and mysterious events of providence, design'd to display divine glory a sermon occasioned by the much lamented decease of the Reverend Mr. Charles-Jeffery Smith, who departed this life Aug. 10, 1770.523ocn034934197book19960.95The book of Job : a facsimile reproduction+-+0449665735365ocn009104546book18100.81The Book of Job : translated from the HebrewCommentaries2610ocn041038935com18140.86Smith, ElizabethA vocabulary, Hebrew, Arabic and PersianGlossaries, vocabularies, etc204ocn852175945book1808Smith, ElizabethWith some account of her life and character176ocn697766998com18090.81Smith, ElizabethFragments, in prose and verse With some account of her life and character135ocn031857156book18290.66Smith, ElizabethPoems on Malvern and other subjects+-+776792267532492ocn681552878com18090.93Klopstock, Friedrich GottliebMemoirs of Fredrick and Margaret KlopstockBiographyRecords and correspondence94ocn040515180book18080.97Smith, ElizabethFragments : in prose and verse51ocn852180039book1781Smith, ElizabethA poem founded on reflections upon the silent inhabitants of the church-yard of Truro31ocn222087000book19280.31Smith, ElizabethMemoirs of a Highland lady, the autobiography31ocn047840545book18280.96The lady's monitor : selected from the writings of Lady Jane Grey, Queen Catharine Parr, Lady Elizabeth Brooke, Elizabeth Smith, Sir Thomas More, Sir John Cheeke, and William Penn : with short biographs of the writers22ocn606301720book18101.00Klopstock, Friedrich GottliebMemoirs of Frederick and Margaret Klopstock. Translated from the German [by Elizabeth Smith]21ocn081619338book18111.00Smith, ElizabethFragments in prose and verse. With some account of her life and character, by H. M. Bowdler11ocn183443777book17800.76Smith, ElizabethLife review'd a poem; founded on reflections upon the silent inhabitants of the church-yard of Truro, in the County of Cornwall. To which is added, an elogy on the late Rev. Mr. Samuel Walker, Who was many Years Curate of that Borough. By E. Smith11ocn038681427book18100.47Smith, Elizabeth[Fragments] in prose and verse11ocn156113093book1808Smith, ElizabethFragments, in prose and verse by a young lady, lately deceased. With some account of her life and character, by the author of "Sermons on the doctrines and duties of Christianity. Second edition12ocn081943330book18160.93Allen, WilliamThoughts on the importance of religionBiography1556ocn455910217book18080.93Smith, ElizabethFragments, in prose and verseBiographyPortraitsRecords and correspondence1146ocn015441060book18100.94Parker, Samuel HaleReview of the life and fragments of Miss Elizabeth Smith813ocn062809016com17730.92A Dialogue between Elizabeth Smith, and John Sennet who were convicted before His Majesty's Superior Court, Elizabeth Smith for thievery, and John Sennet for beastiality! And each sentenced to set upon the gallows for the space of one hour, with a rope round their necks Elizabeth Smith to receive twenty stripes upon her naked back, and John Sennet, thirty-ninePoetry32ocn080957378book18440.06The Two May-days. : [One line of text from Proverbs]Juvenile worksFiction21ocn079170664book18140.81Smith, ElizabethFragments, in prose and verse With some account of her life and character11ocn433049864book19141.00Siebens, Thekla MariaElizabeth Smith as an interpreter of German in England11ocn852429140book1810Bowlder, H. MAccount of the life and character of Elizabeth Smith11ocn869785210book2014Delaney, EndaThe Great Irish Famine : a history in four lives11ocn312729334visu18110.10Leney, William Satchwell[Elizabeth Smith] from a drawing taken of the author during her last illnessPortraitsHead and shoulder length portrait of oriental scholar and translator Elizabeth Smith, facing right11ocn051128297visu18081.00[Elizabeth Smith, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right]+-+0449665735+-+0449665735Fri Mar 21 16:03:59 EDT 2014batch15471