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M.1940-Auster, Paul1947-FictionPsychological fictionBiographyBiography‡vAnecdotesAnecdotesDomestic fictionPolitical fictionBildungsromansHistoryChristmas storiesAuster, Paul,New York (State)--New York--BrooklynAuthors, AmericanUnited StatesNew York (State)--New YorkPoetsPsychological fictionManners and customsSocial historyMissing personsAbsence and presumption of deathAircraft accident victims' familiesComediansWidowersBiographersFiction--AuthorshipCity and town lifeMiddle-aged menRetireesImaginary wars and battlesNew York (State)--New York--Park SlopeAutobiography--AuthorshipOral historyNineteen sixtiesCollege studentsTriangles (Interpersonal relations)Young adultsNew York (State)--New York--Sunset ParkNotebooksNovelistsFathers and sonsAutobiographical fiction, AmericanAlternative histories (Fiction), AmericanFrench poetryPostmodernism (Literature)FictionDogsHomeless personsMaryland--BaltimoreDog ownersHigh school teachersInvalidsAmnesiaPrisonersAmerican fictionOlder menMagiciansDystopiasAmericansAuthorship--Economic aspects19471969197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320146630413824697813.54PS3551.U77ocn051868731ocn051970513ocn823249008ocn803690425ocn277146454ocn853165170ocn858076009ocn766602546ocn765083563ocn661494978ocn662124510ocn055144754ocn470220977ocn615387681ocn469632030ocn807398976ocn470558301ocn441827272ocn443013086ocn803902332ocn492018317ocn002009238ocn439741106ocn723808102ocn800735096ocn444776884ocn469555081ocn841905411ocn440955218ocn470443760ocn449241385ocn419963044ocn417011951ocn691712616ocn658486849ocn691954931ocn691952583ocn692008889ocn762263780ocn416456542ocn469489158ocn799162032ocn488344080ocn470478749ocn691508682ocn676520920ocn843363909ocn691791129ocn444315229ocn674206640ocn780883716ocn446418229ocn445348380ocn658354928ocn501073255ocn075805513ocn808689423ocn722531063ocn722912703ocn723080868ocn723178115ocn723705837ocn723795250ocn746753160ocn723565792ocn780960533ocn800034216ocn780899398ocn799391584ocn691952669ocn694013262ocn767002599ocn658505803ocn691950076ocn659205991ocn416574276ocn691736949ocn743109055ocn691952583ocn416574254ocn767002572ocn694013257ocn863043979ocn691952380ocn761889920ocn725661822ocn864514727ocn724648976ocn725339212ocn416574276ocn422208777ocn742945959ocn742659302ocn742785347ocn753964701ocn725114373ocn061137101ocn753823257ocn753683742ocn255955574ocn862350660ocn861514903ocn862350637ocn468572620ocn768651819ocn773988897ocn676499011ocn691819298ocn742945959ocn800285409ocn800292780ocn801416390251352ocn057475869book20050.19Auster, PaulThe Brooklyn folliesFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionRetired life insurance salesman Nathan Glass moves to Brooklyn to find anonymity and solitude through his declining years, but a chance meeting with Tom Wood, his long-lost nephew, forces him to come to terms with his past+-+1962250535245458ocn048892900book20010.20Auster, PaulThe book of illusions : a novelFictionPsychological fictionIn this rich and emotionally charged work, a man's obsession with a silent film star sends him on a journey into a shadowy world of lies, illusions, and unexpected love. A man's obsession with a silent-film star sends him on a journey into a shadow world of lies, illusions, and unexpected love. Six months after losing his wife and two young sons in an airplane crash, Vermont professor David Zimmer spends his waking hours mired in a blur of alcoholic grief and self-pity. Then, watching television one night, he stumbles upon a clip from a lost silent film by comedian Hector Mann. Zimmer's interest is piqued, and he soon finds himself embarking on a journey around the world to research a book on this mysterious figure, who vanished from sight in 1929 and has been presumed dead for sixty years. When the book is published the following year, a letter turns up in Zimmer's mailbox bearing a return address from a small town in New Mexico-supposedly written by Hector's wife. "Hector has read your book and would like to meet you. Are you interested in paying us a visit?" Is the letter a hoax, or is Hector Mann still alive? Torn between doubt and belief, Zimmer hesitates, until one night a strange woman appears on his doorstep and makes the decision for him, changing his life forever. This stunning novel plunges the reader into a universe in which the comic and the tragic, the real and the imagined, the violent and the tender dissolve into one another. With The Book of Illusions, one of America's most powerful and original writers has written his richest, most emotionally charged work yet+-+6359050535222065ocn053438709book20030.20Auster, PaulOracle nightFictionPsychological fictionEfter et langt sygdomsforløb lider forfatteren Sidney Orr af skriveblokering. En ny notesbog sætter ham i gang med en historie, der tilsyneladende får skæbnesvanger indflydelse på Orrs liv+-+0578250535209340ocn062421289book20060.19Auster, PaulTravels in the scriptoriumFictionPsychological fictionAn elderly man awakens disoriented in an unfamiliar room, with no memory of who he is or how he got there, and receives visits from a series of people who give him frustrating hints about his identity and his past+-+6471797685208636ocn300462909book20090.19Auster, PaulInvisibleFictionPsychological fictionBildungsromansPoet and student Adam Walker meets the enigmatic Frenchman Rudolf Born and his silent, seductive girlfriend, Margot, sending Adam into a perverse triangle that leads to a shocking act of violence that will alter his life+-+5535450535206236ocn173182520book20070.19Auster, PaulMan in the darkFictionPsychological fictionPolitical fictionSeventy-two-year-old August Brill is recovering from a car accident in his daughter's house in Vermont. When sleep refuses to come, he lies in bed and tells himself stories, struggling to push back thoughts about things he would prefer to forget--his wife's recent death and the horrific murder of his granddaughter's boyfriend, Titus. The retired book critic imagines a parallel world in which America is not at war with Iraq but with itself. In this other America the twin towers did not fall and the 2000 election results led to secession, as state after state pulled away from the union and a bloody civil war ensued. As the night progresses, Brill's story grows increasingly intense, and what he is so desperately trying to avoid insists on being told. Joined in the early hours by his granddaughter, he gradually opens up to her and recounts the story of his marriage. After she falls asleep, he at last finds the courage to revisit the trauma of Titus's death.--From publisher description+-+8483350535206034ocn463675432book20100.19Auster, PaulSunset ParkFictionAfter falling in love with an underage girl and stirring the wrath of her older sister, New York native Miles Heller flees to Brooklyn and shacks up with a group of artists squatting in the borough's Sunset Park neighborhood+-+7137450535184712ocn045800022book20010.19I thought my father was God and other true tales from NPR's National Story ProjectBiography AnecdotesAnecdotesA collection of 180 personal, true-life accounts of life combining the ordinary and the extraordinary. Contains primary source material+-+59621505351841125ocn020800277book19850.25Auster, PaulThe New York trilogyFictionShort storiesPresents three short novels of mystery and suspense that combine elements of standard detective fiction and postmodern fiction+-+3006865965176480ocn025282105book19920.23Auster, PaulLeviathanFictionDetective and mystery storiesLeviathan begins when a woman finds an address book and steals a new identity. Or it begins with a sudden, violent death. Or it begins as Peter Aaron sits down to tell the story of his best friend, Benjamin Sachs - to take us, through a life, to the road in rural Wisconsin where Sachs has accidentally blown himself up. Aaron's sole aim is to tell the truth and preserve it, before those who are investigating the case invent a story of their own. Aaron's clues are the small mysteries of any lifetime. Sachs had a marriage Aaron envied, an intelligence he admired, a circle of friends he shared. And then suddenly, after a near-fatal fall that might or might not have been intentional, Sachs disappears. For a while, Aaron's only link to him is through Maria Turner, an artist, and the one witness to Sachs's balcony plunge. Periodically, Sachs reappears, talks manically, and vanishes again - in pursuit of mercy or salvation, in thrall to an idea. Since the first book in his brilliant and acclaimed "New York Trilogy," Paul Auster's "rare combination of talent, scope, and audacity" (The New Republic) has given us worlds in which chance and destiny collide, in which solitary protagonists take us on mysterious, soul-wrenching journeys unparalleled in contemporary fiction. His seventh novel is about friendship and betrayal, sexual desire and estrangement, and the unpredictable intrusions of violence in the everyday. Rooted in American mythology and archetype, Leviathan is both timeless and resolutely about this moment. It is a daring and immensely moving story by "one of America's most spectacularly inventive writers" (The Times Literary Supplement)+-+4863265965161389ocn018415393book19890.23Auster, PaulMoon palaceFictionPortraitsMarco Stanley Fogg, an orphan of the sixties, travels from Manhattan to Utah in search of himself+-+903066596514987ocn008171544book19820.27The Random House book of twentieth-century French poetry : with translations by American and British poets+-+6392629485139766ocn013821197book19870.23Auster, PaulIn the country of last thingsFiction"In the country of last things the masses are homeless, theft is so rampant it is no longer a crime, and death--by arranging either a suicide or assassination--is the only way out. Anna Blume comes to an unnamed city in search of her brother. In her struggle to survive, Anna becomes a scavenger in search of objects from the past to sell for food and shelter. But she will also find friendship--and even love--in this devastated world."--P. [4] of cover+-+3052455965133118ocn040061362book19990.20Auster, PaulTimbuktu : a novelFictionA friendship between a man and a dog, told from the dog's point of view. The dog understands English and he knows his alcoholic master is a little crazy, but he is a tolerant sort. When the master dies the dog sets out to find a new one+-+1448177685132379ocn028966898book19940.25Auster, PaulMr. VertigoFictionIn the 1920s, an orphan is rescued from the streets of St. Louis by a mysterious foreigner who teaches him to fly and walk on water. Now an octogenarian, he tells the story of his vaudeville act. By the author of Moon Palace+-+5546875965123769ocn021229180book19900.25Auster, PaulThe music of chanceFictionAfter receiving a sudden windfall of nearly 200 grand, Jim Nashe leaves his young daughter with relatives and goes on a nationwide gambling spree, teaming up with a self-advertised jackpot winner named Jack Pozzi to try make a big score in poker+-+3259065965102961ocn012655249book19850.24Auster, PaulCity of glassComic books, strips, etcFictionGraphic novelsA late-night phone call from a stranger involves Quinn, a mystery writer, in a baffling murder case stranger than his novels+-+268245596583084ocn051868731visu19940.24Wang, WayneSmokeDramaEpisodic story, divided into five chapters, each bearing the name of a character; main characters appear in most chapters. Most of the characters are connected by the fact that they hang out or work at the Brooklyn Cigar Store, where they tell stories and smoke a lot. Chapters explore the interpersonal relationships between this large and diverse group of characters71610ocn054685248book19900.18Auster, PaulAuggie Wren's Christmas storyFictionChristmas storiesFablesRelates the unsentimental holiday tale of a colorful cigar shop owner whose life is altered by a lost wallet, a blind woman, and an unconventional Christmas dinner+-+087225053563713ocn053485202book20040.27Auster, PaulCollected poems"Paul Auster's penetrating and charged verse resembles little else in recent American poetry. Taut, densely lyrical, and everywhere informed by a powerful and subtle music, this collection begins with the compact fragments of 'Spokes' and 'Unearth' (both written when Auster was in his early twenties), continues on through the more ample meditations of 'Wall writing', 'Disappearances', 'Effigies', 'Fragments from the cold', 'Facing the music' and 'White spaces', then moves further back in time to include Auster's revealing translations of many of the French poets who influenced his own writing, including Paul Éluard, André Breton, Tristan Tzara, Philippe Soupault, Robert Desnos, and René Char, as well as the provocative and previously unpublished 'Notes from a composition book' (1967). An introduction by Norman Finkelstein connects biographical elements to a consideration of the work and takes in Auster's early literary and philosophical influences"--Bookjacket+-+9959210306116317ocn756837025book20120.20Auster, PaulWinter journalBiographyFacing his sixty-third winter, novelist Auster sits down to write a history of his body and its sensations. He takes us from childhood to the brink of old age as he summons a universe of physical sensation, of pleasures and pains, moving from the awakening of sexual desire to the ever deepening bonds of married love; from meditations on eating and sleeping to an account of his mother's sudden death8432ocn044959682file19950.53Beyond the red notebook essays on Paul AusterCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+048176030532482411ocn036201335book19970.27Auster, PaulHand to mouth : a chronicle of early failureHistoryBiographyThis is the story of a young man's struggle to stay afloat. By turns poignant and comic, Paul Auster's memoir is essentially an autobiographical essay about money - and what it means not to have it. From one odd job to the next, from one failed scheme to another, Auster investigates his own stubborn compulsion to make art, and describes his ingenious, often farfetched attempts to survive on next to nothing. From the streets of New York City and Paris to the rural roads of Upstate New York, the author treats us to a series of remarkable adventures and unforgettable encounters and, in several elaborate appendixes, to previously unknown work from these years. Here are three plays that contain the seeds of inspiration for some of Auster's future work, a tabletop baseball game (complete with cards and rules), and a pseudonymous detective novel - the author's first full-length novel. Each is an example of Auster's effort to make money; each is an illustration of the artist's mind at work. The result is a book of manifold delights and discoveries, an autobiography that resembles no other+-+01590505356226ocn827256490book20130.19Auster, PaulReport from the interiorBiography"Having recalled his life through the story of his physical self in Winter journal ... novelist Paul Auster now remembers the experience of his development from within through the encounters of his interior self with the outer world ... From his baby's-eye view of the man in the moon, to his childhood worship of the movie cowboy Buster Crabbe, to the composition of his first poem at the age of nine, to his dawning awareness of the injustices of American life, [this book] charts Auster's moral, political, and intellectual journey as he inches his way toward adulthood through the postwar 1950s and into the turbulent 1960s"--6018ocn796756111book20130.24Auster, PaulHere and now : letters (2008-2011)Records and correspondenceCorrespondence between two authors over three years, offering a portrait of their lives and touching on a variety of subjects ranging from sports to fatherhood, literature to film, philosophy to politics, and from the financial crisis to art, death, eroticism, marriage, friendship, and love59616ocn016759148book19820.31Auster, PaulThe invention of solitudeBiography"So begins The Invention of Solitude, Paul Auster's moving and personal meditation on fatherhood. The first section, 'Portrait of an Invisible Man', reveals Auster's memories and feelings after the death of his father, a distant, undemonstrative, almost cold man. As he attends to his father's business affairs and sifts through his effects, Auster uncovers a sixty-year-old family murder mystery that sheds light on his father's elusive character. In 'The Book of Memory', the perspective shifts from Auster's identity as son to his role as father. Through a mosaic of images, coincidences, and associations, the narrator, 'A', contemplates his separation from his son, his dying grandfather, and the solitary nature of storytelling and writing." -- Back cover+-+13715659654294ocn190795961book20070.73Brown, MarkPaul AusterCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides an analysis of Auster's essays, poetry, fiction, films and collaborative projects. This book explores his key themes of identity; language and writing; metropolitan living and community; and storytelling and illusion. It shows how the variety of forms he works in influences the treatment of his central concerns+-+51482546253677ocn813390159com20120.12Auster, PaulWinter journalBiographyFrom the bestselling novelist and author of The Invention of Solitude, a moving and highly personal meditation on the body, time, and language itself. "That is where the story begins, in your body, and everything will end in the body as well. Facing his sixty-third winter, internationally acclaimed novelist Paul Auster sits down to write a history of his body and its sensations?both pleasurable and painful3654ocn049386239book20020.70Shiloh, IlanaPaul Auster and postmodern quest : on the road to nowhereCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+42161957353625ocn647882991com20010.76Varvogli, AlikiThe world that is the book Paul Auster's fictionCriticism, interpretation, etcThe World that is the Book offers an in-depth analysis of Paul Auster?s fiction. It explores the rich literary and cultural sources that Auster taps into in order to create compelling stories that investigate the nature of language, the workings of chance, and the individual?s complex relations with the world at large. Whereas most Auster criticism has concentrated on readings of individual novels, this book emphasizes the continuity in Auster?s writing by discussing throughout the philosophical underpinnings that lead the author to question the boundaries separating the fictional from the fac+-+42318780353513ocn048397169book20020.76Tabbi, JosephCognitive fictionsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+51008116353351ocn048966609book20020.29Auster, PaulThe red notebook : true storiesContains: The red notebook -- Why write? -- Accident report -- It don't mean a thing+-+73496766352765ocn056011899book20040.81Donovan, ChristopherPostmodern counternarratives : irony and audience in the novels of Paul Auster, Don DeLillo, Charles Johnson, and Tim O'BrienCriticism, interpretation, etcThis book provides a wide-ranging discussion of realism, postmodernism, literary theory and popular fiction before focusing on the careers of four prominent novelists+-+12762406952703ocn326466300book20100.79Peacock, JamesUnderstanding Paul AusterCriticism, interpretation, etcUnderstanding Paul Auster -- The invention of solitude -- The New York trilogy -- Last chances: In the country of last things and The music of chance -- Auster's frontier novels: Moon palace and Mr. Vertigo -- The book of illusions -- Other works+-+89138552062452ocn052341417book20040.07Bloom, HaroldPaul AusterCriticism, interpretation, etcA collection of critical essays on Paul Auster's work+-+37112564252342ocn794922767book20130.73Auster, PaulConversations with Paul AusterInterviewsPaul Auster (b. 1947) is one of the most critically acclaimed and intensely studied authors in America today. His varied career as a novelist, poet, translator, and filmmaker has attracted scholarly scrutiny from a variety of critical perspectives. The steadily rising arc of his large readership has made him something of a popular culture figure with many appearances in print interviews, as well as on television, the radio, and the internet. Auster's best known novel may be his first, City of Glass (1985), a grim and intellectually puzzling mystery that belies its surface image as a2328ocn137306012book20070.86Martin, BrendanPaul Auster's postmodernityCriticism, interpretation, etcThe premise of this book is to provide a detailed critique of Paul Austers major writings. Austers most popular work remains The New York Trilogy and to date the majority of literary criticism focuses on this groundbreaking novel. This books intention is to show that Auster has matured as an author and that his subsequent writings have been largely overshadowed by critical reaction to The New York Trilogy+-+K8571406952216ocn050707657book20010.35Auster, PaulThe story of my typewriterBiographyPictorial worksThe Story of My Typewriter is the story of a manual Olympia model that is now more than 25 years old. Paul Auster's discerning prose is combined with Sam Messer's illustrations to stun fans of both author and illustrator alike+-+47897564362072ocn794603991book20120.12Auster, PaulWinter journalBiographyThirty years after The Invention of Solitude, in which he wrote so movingly about fatherhood, internationally acclaimed author Paul Auster gives us a second unconventional memoir in which he writes about his mother's life and death. Winter Journal is a highly personal meditation on the body, time, and memory by one of our most intellectually elegant writers1531ocn049625352book20020.86Little, William GThe waste fix : seizures of the sacred from Upton Sinclair to the SopranosCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+7805940695+-+6359050535+-+6359050535Fri Mar 21 15:43:38 EDT 2014batch100179