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Fri Mar 21 17:02:59 2014 UTClccn-n810201210.00Fashion parade presented by Maxwell Frock Salon at Anzac House in aid of voluntary car transport at Royal Perth Hospital0.440.84Selected writings of Cunninghame Graham /109309473n 81020121565953Watts, C. T.Watts, C. T. 1937-Watts, C. T. (Cedric Thomas)Watts, Cedric.Watts, Cedric, 1937-Watts, Cedric ThomasWatts, Cedric Thomas, 1937-lccn-n79054067Conrad, Joseph1857-1924lccn-n79141369Cunninghame Graham, R. B.(Robert Bontine)1852-1936othlccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616dtelccn-n79046230Hardy, Thomas1840-1928fast-950776Hamlet (Legendary character)lccn-n80035884Keats, John1795-1821lccn-n87822573Hampson, Robertedtlccn-n82156581Sutherland, John1938-lccn-n78051405Davies, Laurence1943-lccn-n79021903Greene, Graham1904-1991Watts, Cedric ThomasFictionPsychological fictionCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographySea storiesHistoryRecords and correspondenceConference proceedingsStories, plots, etcMiscellaneaIndonesiaBritishAtonementMerchant marine--OfficersCowardiceConrad, Joseph,Sea storiesSeafaring lifeNovelists, EnglishCunninghame Graham, R. B.--(Robert Bontine),BlacksPsychological fiction, EnglishTuberculosis--PatientsOcean travelEngland--LondonAfricaTerminally illEnglandWest IndiansHamlet (Shakespeare, William)Adventure stories, EnglishRomeo and Juliet (Shakespeare, William)Secret agent (Conrad, Joseph)EuropeansTragedyHamlet (Legendary character)Tess of the d'Urbervilles (Hardy, Thomas)Hardy, Thomas,Plots (Drama, novel, etc.)Adventure storiesSoutheast AsiaKeats, John,Poets, EnglishDegenerationTrading postsImperialismPsychological fictionBritish--TravelSea stories, EnglishPacific Ocean--Islands of the PacificPuzzlesLiterary recreationsMiscellaneaSailorsScotlandPoliticiansAuthors, ScottishPolitical scienceEnglish fictionHeart of darkness (Conrad, Joseph)193719381939194919501951196719691971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201414261159533823.912PR6005.O4ocn000023192ocn441335074ocn468047981ocn828417288ocn828417281ocn797675526ocn312204406ocn832621932ocn464041696ocn441185574ocn441335074ocn441185574ocn444286614ocn780812277ocn866288653ocn866506446ocn866173362ocn732365104ocn866779229ocn221276102ocn813758416ocn185909947173034ocn047011523file19900.27Conrad, JosephHeart of darkness and other talesFictionPsychological fictionSet in an atmosphere of mystery and menace, "Heat of Darkness" tells the story of Marlow's journey up the Congo River to meet the remarkable Mr. Kurtz. It reveals Conrad at the height of his powers as a writer of great vividness, intensity, and sophistication. "An Outpost of Progress" is also set in central Africa and offers a fiercely sardonic view of European imperialism. "Karain", with its Malaysian setting, questions conventional ideas of the contrasts between races. "Youth" is a largely autobiographical account of an inn-fated voyage in which Marlow makes his first appearance+-+6926180305324107410ocn018051904book19880.29Watts, Cedric ThomasHamletDescribes the indecision which leads to Hamlet's ruin, suggests a fresh interpretation, and discusses Shakespeare's themes and techniques95515ocn023584300book19910.27Watts, Cedric ThomasRomeo and JulietWatt's cogent analysis reveals the many contrasting elements of Romeo and Juliet--its high comedy and bitter tragedy, sociable festivity and private raptures violent hatred and pacific understanding, impetuous youth and stubborn age, realistically expressive language and witty linguistic display. By examining the play's attempt to bridge these disparate aspects, this unique reading breathes new life into a work whose familiarity often causes modern audiences and readers to lose sight of its position as one of Shakespeare's masterpieces+-+09723205353248262ocn743145539file20070.35Watts, Cedric ThomasThomas Hardy 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles'Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+009551293632474217ocn000023192book19690.56Conrad, JosephJoseph Conrad's letters to R. B. Cunninghame GrahamRecords and correspondence+-+46947667057313ocn743138427com20070.33Watts, Cedric ThomasJoseph Conrad the Secret agentCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+078551293632471728ocn020088079book19490.24Conrad, JosephLord Jim a taleHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksConference proceedingsFictionPsychological fictionSea storiesThe eponymous Jim is a young, good-looking, genial, and naive water-clerk on the Patna, a cargo ship plying Asian waters. He is, we are told, "the kind of fellow you would, on the strength of his looks, leave in charge of the deck." He also harbors romantic fantasies of adventure and heroism--which are promptly scuttled one night when the ship collides with an obstacle and begins to sink. Acting on impulse, Jim jumps overboard and lands in a lifeboat, which happens to be bearing the unscrupulous captain and his cohorts away from the disaster. The Patna, however, manages to stay afloat. The foundering vessel is towed into port--and since the officers have strategically vanished, Jim is left to stand trial for abandoning the ship and its 800 passengers+-+874536596570026ocn018959792book19890.63Watts, Cedric ThomasJoseph Conrad : a literary lifeCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+828258192532469121ocn009097749book19820.66Watts, Cedric ThomasA preface to ConradCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBen shu jie shi le kang la de fu za de ou zhou wen hua si xiang bei jing, qi zhong dui " nuo si te luo mo " de jie du cheng wei quan shu de liang dian+-+231289730562818ocn010696857book19850.53Watts, Cedric ThomasA preface to KeatsBiographyDiscusses the life and work of John Keats in the social and political context of the world and time in which he lived+-+62180873053244884ocn009016728book19830.63Watts, Cedric ThomasR.B. Cunninghame GrahamCriticism, interpretation, etc43718ocn013270529book19860.16Conrad, Joseph╩╗Typhoon╩╝ and other talesSea stories"The four tales in this volume share autobiographical origins in Conrad's experience at sea and his exile from Poland, the country of his birth. 'Typhoon' is the story of a steamship and her crew beset by tempest, and of the stolid captain whose dogged courage is tested to the limit. In 'Falk' a taciturn young woman is bizarrely courted by a tug-boat master who is haunted by a terrible secret. 'Amy Foster' tells of an emigrant Pole struggling to overcome isolation and prejudice in England. The final tale, 'The Secret Sharer', is Conrad's most famous short story, a masterpiece of suspense and ambiguity. Giving sanctuary to a fugitive sailor, a young seacaptain risks his ship and his command in the quest to save him."--Jacket+-+76626374653244276ocn043811099book20000.56Sutherland, JohnHenry V, war criminal? : and other Shakespeare puzzlesMiscellaneaStories, plots, etc+-+74238374654128ocn004135148book19790.73Watts, Cedric ThomasCunninghame Graham : a critical biographyBiography+-+645545670538410ocn010301474book19840.73Watts, Cedric ThomasThe deceptive text : an introduction to covert plotsCriticism, interpretation, etc36317ocn808341512file19770.59Watts, Cedric ThomasConrad's Heart of darkness a critical and contextual discussionCriticism, interpretation, etcThis book offers a detailed discussion of Conrad's most brilliant and problematic work. Many significant aspects of Heart of Darkness are examined, from plot and characterisation to imagery and symbolism, and particular attention is paid to its ambiguity and paradoxes. By relating the text to a variety of contexts, Cedric Watts explores Conrad's central preoccupations as a writer and as a commentator on his age. The first edition of this study appeared in 1977, and reviewers described it as 'criticism of the highest order' ( Joseph Conrad Today ) and 'an important book' ( Conradiana )28412ocn034640743book19970.70Watts, Cedric ThomasA preface to GreeneCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"In this book, Cedric Watts outlines the life and cultural background of Graham Greene and looks at the effect they had on his writing. Starting with a biographical account and looking in detail at several famous works, the book sets Greene firmly in the context of his times. It also: looks at his writing techniques, recurring themes and imaginative preoccupations; covers three of his works: Brighton Rock, The Power and the Glory and the film, The Third Man; and lists people and places of importance in Greene's life."--BOOK JACKET+-+04128973052482ocn007306338book19810.84Cunninghame Graham, R. BSelected writings of Cunninghame Graham1961ocn697474332com20070.56Watts, Cedric ThomasJoseph Conrad the Secret agentCriticism, interpretation, etcAs part of the Literature Network, Chris Beasley presents the full text of the novel entitled "The Secret Agent." This novel was written by the Polish-born British author Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) and was originally published in 1907+-+078551293632418811ocn026686049book19880.33Conrad, JosephThe nigger of the NarcissusFictionPsychological fictionSea storiesThis account of the voyage of a sailing ship from Bombay harbour to the Port of London explores the psychological pressures on a group of nineteenth century seamen as they face the extemes of nature and the secrets and evasions of two of their comrades+-+K94536596511ocn757030319visu1950Fashion parade presented by Maxwell Frock Salon at Anzac House in aid of voluntary car transport at Royal Perth HospitalPhotographsBackstage at an autumn fashion parade presented by Maxwell Frock Salon at Anzac House in aid of voluntary car transport at Royal Perth Hospital. Published captions: 221092PD: Miss Shelda Wrightson checks her make up before going on stage. -- 221094PD: Miss E Commbs checks a mannequins stocking seams. -- 221096PD: Make up time. Mrs C Watts fixing makeup on model. -- 225345PD: As she prepares for her next appearance Miss C. Halliday receives some assistance from Mrs Halliday and dresser Mrs N. Chapman. -- 255346PD: Mannequin Betty Williams is still stepping out of one costume as the dresser Mrs N. Chapman helps her don her next outfit. -- 255347PD: Miss Norma Love models a blue crepe cocktail frock with black lace inserts+-+6926180305324+-+6926180305324Fri Mar 21 15:37:03 EDT 2014batch26551