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Fri Mar 21 17:13:38 2014 UTClccn-n810282430.00Remedios Varo - Arte y literatura : 25 de octubre - 24 de noviembre 1991 /0.630.97Borders my bent toward /64806772Remedios_Varon 81028243573981Lissaraga Varo, RemediosLizarraga Varo, RemediosLizarraga Varo Remedios 1908-1963Remedios VaroRemedios Varo UrangaRemedios Varo Uranga, María de losRemedios Varo Uranga María de los 1908-1963Uranga, María de los Remedios VaroUranga María de los Remedios Varo 1908-1963Uranga, Remedios VaroUranga, Remedios Varo, 1908-1963Varo, María de los RemediosVaro, María de los Remedios, 1908-1963Varo, RemediosVaro, Remedios, 1908-1963Varo, Remedios LizarragaVaro Remedios Lizarraga 1908-1963Varo Uranga, María de los RemediosVaro Uranga María de los Remedios 1908-1963Varo Uranga, RemediosVaro Uranga, Remedios, 1908-1963Varo y Uranga, Maria de los Remedios 1908-1963Varo y Uranga, María de los Remedios Alicia Rodriga, 1908-1963バロ, レメディオスlccn-n87930215Kaplan, Janet A.lccn-n85062520Carrington, Leonora1917-2011lccn-n85222100Horna, Katilccn-n80099679Sainsbury Centre for Visual Artslccn-n87103532Pallant House Gallerylccn-n88003825Raaij, Stefan vanlccn-n2001111072Moorhead, Joannalccn-nr2006018727Arcq, Teresalccn-n95016051Ovalle, Ricardolccn-n79069817Rodoreda, Mercè1908-1983Varo, Remedios1908-1963BiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogsFictionCriticism, interpretation, etcInteractive multimediaRecords and correspondenceVaro, Remedios,MexicoSurrealismArtistsWomen artistsCarrington, Leonora,FriendshipHorna, KatiSurrealist artistsWomen photographersPaintersSpainCatalan literatureRodoreda, Mercè,Roig, Montserrat,Catalan literature--Women authorsRiera, CarmeWomen and literatureSpain--CataloniaArt, ModernPoets, CubanArt, MexicanThemes, motivesAuthorshipAnimals in artCats in artFeminism and artPainting, SpanishSantos, Ángeles,Avant-garde (Aesthetics)Mallo, MarujaPéret, Benjamin,Circle in artRahon, Alice,Surrealism (Literature)Art appreciationKahlo, FridaWomen paintersTanning, Dorothea,Fini, Leonor,1908196319241938195319541955195619571958196019611962196319641966196919711972198019831985198619881989199019911992199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133493123215759.972N6559.V37ocn312338439ocn313691521ocn6122725586323ocn016900303book19880.47Kaplan, Janet AUnexpected journeys : the art and life of Remedios VaroBiography+-+524240143526311ocn032134502book19940.81Varo, RemediosRemedios Varo : catálogo razonado = catalogue raisonnéCatalogs2306ocn044675091book20000.70Lozano, Luis-MartínThe magic of Remedios VaroExhibition catalogs+-+36878395461095ocn026372024book19690.76Varo, RemediosRemedios Varo1022ocn794365342book20120.84Nonaka, MasayoRemedios Varo : the Mexican yearsCatalogsIn 1941, Remedios Varo Uranga de Lizarraga arrived at Veracruz in the company of the French surrealist poet Benjamin Péret, as part of an unprecedented wave of refugees from the former Spanish Republic. The administration of President Lázaro Cárdenas granted Varo and Péret political asylum in recognition of their status as artists, guaranteeing them civil liberties and the right to a peaceful life523ocn269353400book20080.25Ruy Sánchez, AlbertoCinco llaves del mundo secreto de Remedios VaroCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+3088831524486ocn041243818book19880.50Kaplan, Janet AViajes inesperados : el arte y la vida de Remedios VaroBiography261ocn071295328book20050.88Rivera, MagnoliaTrampantojos : el círculo en la obra de Remedios VaroCriticism, interpretation, etcThis work is a detailed and scholarly discussion of the use of circles and meanings by Remedios Varo with many black and white photographs as illustrations+-+1340787314261ocn150855163book20070.94Diego, Estrella deRemedios VaroCriticism, interpretation, etc251ocn053701975book20030.97Kalamaras, GeorgeBorders my bent toward222ocn054825946book20030.96Cantú, GuiomarHomo rodans : homenaje a Remedios Varo = Homo rodans : tribute to Remedios VaroFiction211ocn027100550book19900.79Varo, BeatrizRemedios Varo : en el centro del microcosmos+-+5047502893121ocn037027835file19950.81El arte de Remedios Varo el mito y la ciencia = The art of Remedios Varo : fantasy and scienceInteractive multimediaA presentation of Remedios Varo's most important paintings, accompanied by technical descriptions, videos, animation and an explanatory text of the artist's life and art112ocn859412469book20120.97Nonaka, MasayoRemedios Varo : los años en MéxicoCatalogsThis book deals with the life and works of one of the most interesting and mysterious surrealist painters of the twentieth century. The first monograph on the artist to circulate worldwide, it includes an introductory study by Masayo Nonaka, curator of the exhibition "Women Surrealists in Mexico" and author of several books on Mexican surrealism. Masayos essay provide a singular perspective on the pictorial universe of Remedios Varo and is accompanied by magnificent reproductions of her most important paintings. The group of works included in this book were part of the exhibition "In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States", which visited various venues in the Unites States and Canada in 201282ocn071832510book20060.81Frey Norris Gallery AnnexCatalogs51ocn845666694book20100.47Raaij, Stefan vanSurreal friends : Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Kati Horna ; [... Pallant House Gallery 19 June - 12 September 2010 ; Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts 28 September - 12 December 2010]Exhibition catalogs+-+140577393633ocn312338439book1991Varo, RemediosRemedios Varo - Arte y literatura : 25 de octubre - 24 de noviembre 199131ocn435388362book19880.47Varo, RemediosRemedios Varo : sala de exposiciones, Banco Exterior de España, noviembre de 1988-enero de 198932ocn500011144book19960.86Andrade, LourdesRemedios Varo : las metamorfosisBiography31ocn254507186book20070.22Valdés, ZoéLa cazadora de astrosFictionA tale about the passionate and secret life of Remedios Varo, a Spanish surrealist painter, and her magical relationship with a Cuban poet, an outspoken critic of the Castro regime3462ocn528423389book20100.63Raaij, Stefan vanSurreal friends : Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Kati HornaExhibition catalogs+-+14057739362614ocn050198696book20030.81Everly, KathrynCatalan women writers and artists : revisionist views from a feminist spaceCriticism, interpretation, etc"Catalan Women Writers and Artists: Revisionist Views from a Feminist Space proposes a new way of considering feminist writing and painting in Catalunya from 1936 to 1990. Merce Rodoreda, Remedios Varo, Montserrat Roig, and Carme Riera all make groundbreaking literary and artistic strides through unique forms of artistic expression and by asserting a distinctly feminine voice. The idea of women ideologically and linguistically exiled from dominant discourse parallels the Catalan situation as a region of Spain politically and linguistically isolated from the rest of the nation. The thesis of this book posits that if women are forced or force themselves into a position of marginality then from that space they can better criticize dominant society. However, this "position" of societal exile introduces complications in terms of subjectivity and women's relationship to language. These theoretical issues are discussed throughout by way of textual analysis. Paul Ilie's theories of internal exile as well as Michel Foucault and Julia Kristeva on the problems of subjectivity guide the readings of the visual and verbal texts."--Jacket+-+05800238352282ocn180014745book20070.22Valdés, ZoéLa cazadora de astrosFictionA tale about the passionate and secret life of Remedios Varo, a Spanish surrealist painter, and her magical relationship with a Cuban poet, an outspoken critic of the Castro regime+-+07364825851942ocn222685675book20000.35Kaplan, Janet ARemedios Varo : unexpected journeysBiography+-+2271574325844ocn037668687book19970.70Varo, RemediosCartas, sueños y otros textosRecords and correspondence753ocn001839307book19660.76Varo, RemediosRemedios Varo701ocn641460536book20100.92Mendoza Bolio, Edith"A veces escribo como si trazase un boceto" : los escritos de Remedios VaroCriticism, interpretation, etc602ocn018325301book19880.47Kaplan, Janet AUnexpected journeys : the art and life of Remedios VaroBiography+-+2271574325541ocn288945286book20080.86Five keys to the secret world of Remedios VaroCriticism, interpretation, etcA detailed and scholarly collection of essays on the art of Varo (b. Spain 1908 - d. México 1963) as studied from 5 different perspectives, with contributions from Walter Gruen, her second husband+-+7388831524534ocn035913783book19960.86Andrade, LourdesRemedios Varo : las metamorfosisBiography433ocn030782245book19940.86Varo, RemediosRemedios Varo, 1908-1963 : del 25 de febrero al 5 de junio, sala Carlos PellicerExhibition catalogs342ocn071126891book20060.92Zanetta, María AlejandraLa otra cara de la vanguardia : estudio comparativo de la obra artística de Maruja Mallo, Ángeles Santos y Remedios VaroHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+3672098225324262ocn052536031book20030.32Artes de México. la transfusión creativa262ocn022753878book19880.84Varo, RemediosRemedios Varo : [exposición] Sala de Exposiciones, Banco Exterior de España, Paseo de la Castellana 32, noviembre de 1988-enero de 1989Exhibition catalogs242ocn175648527book20070.90Garcia, CatherineRemedios Varo, peintre surréaliste? : création au féminin, hybridations et métamorphosesCriticism, interpretation, etcRemedios Varo (1908-1963) est une artiste espagnole contemporaine de Dali et Bunuel. Elle partagea sa vie entre Barcelone, Paris et Mexico, où elle vécut en exil. Son oeuvre, qui reste en marge, réalise de par ses filiations multiples, une alchimie singulière entre classicisme, mysticisme et surréalisme. Sur ses toiles, Varo interroge le monde et l'être, elle revisite les mythes, explore l'origine des langages. Egalement en quête de soi, elle s'interroge sur l'identité du sujet féminin, et médite sur la figure de l'artiste232ocn222322726book20070.35Ries, OlgaSurrealismus im mexikanischen Exil? : Remedios Varo und Leonora Carrington oder die Erkundung einer weiblichen Ästhetik in Kunst und LiteraturCriticism, interpretation, etc222ocn030948801book19940.88Varo, RemediosRemedios Varo : cartas, sueños y otros textosRecords and correspondence162ocn014114955book19860.95Varo, RemediosScience in Surrealism : the art of Remedios VaroExhibition catalogs141ocn033821243book19950.73Cinco mujeres : Leonora Carrington, María Izquierdo, Frida Kahlo, Alice Rahon, Remedios VaroExhibition catalogs141ocn232124379score20070.96Paredes, HildaHomenaje a Remedios Varo : for ensembleMusic+-+5242401435+-+5242401435Fri Mar 21 15:11:53 EDT 2014batch24845