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Fri Mar 21 17:07:55 2014 UTClccn-n810059170.01Dino riddles /0.050.31Something about the author. facts and pictures about authors and illustrators of books for young people /20318662n 81005917551993lccn-n87849082Hall, Katylccn-n79018898Rubel, Nicoleilllccn-n50009388Taback, Simmsilllccn-n82017056Alley, R. W.1955-illlccn-n88155335Wickstrom, Thorilllccn-n81070574Orehek, Donilllccn-n88117168Carpenter, Stephenilllccn-n81063800Schindler, S. D.illlccn-n93092754Andriani, Renéeilllccn-n92003759Bender, RobertillEisenberg, LisaJuvenile worksHumorFictionBiographyRiddles, JuvenileFamiliesSupernaturalDinosaursCatsMummiesPuppiesSnakesChickensBatsFrogsRabbitsInsectsOuter spaceSheepPuns and punningGrizzly bearSitting Bull,Dakota Indians--WarsHunkpapa IndiansDakota Indians--Kings and rulersBirthdaysPartiesGirl ScoutsTalent showsHorror talesSkunksRiddlesDakota IndiansFishesWit and humor, JuvenileDogsWaber, BernardKent, DeborahPressler, MirjamCole, BabetteWolff, AshleyRaum, ElizabethIllustratorsFox, Mem,Kadohata, CynthiaCheripko, JanDanziger, Paula,Wu, NorbertDu Quette, KeithGreenfield, EloiseCoville, BruceDePaola, Tomie,Haddon, MarkHavill, Juanita19491977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062008201030328139292818.5402PN6371.5ocn868133251ocn07650862711054ocn031331579book19960.06Hall, KatyCreepy riddlesJuvenile worksHumorA riddle book about skeletons, witches, and other scary creatures+-+793162853511029ocn038002674book19990.01Hall, KatyDino riddlesJuvenile worksHumorA collection of riddles relating to dinosaurs, such as "What do you get if you cross a dinosaur with a rabbit? Tricerahops!" and "What did dinosaur campers cook over the fire? Dino-s'mores!"+-+248772853510587ocn037553755book19980.01Hall, KatyKitty riddlesJuvenile worksHumorA collection of riddles about cats, including "Which famous kitty ruled Egypt? Cleocatra!" and "How do kitties cut their grass? With a lawn meower!"+-+616672853510334ocn031289095book19970.06Hall, KatyMummy riddlesJuvenile worksHumorMummies are a lively bunch as these riddles will prove+-+719362853510166ocn036430643book19980.01Hall, KatyPuppy riddlesJuvenile worksHumorA collection of forty-two riddles about puppies+-+41767285359416ocn018323004book19890.06Hall, KatySnakey riddlesJuvenile worksHumorAn illustrated collection of riddles about snakes, including "What kind of snake do you find on the front of your car? A windshield viper!"+-+46962859659335ocn031075235book19970.06Hall, KatyChickie riddlesJuvenile worksHumorBig Daddy Rooster, Mama Hen, and their peeping yellow chicks go on a picnic and tell a variety of riddles about chickens, including, Where do chickens go to dance? The Fowl Ball, and, Where do chicks come from? Chickago+-+74226285359233ocn023975158book19930.06Hall, KatyBatty riddlesJuvenile worksHumorA collection of riddles about bats, including "Why did the little bat walk around in his pajamas? He didn't have a bat robe!"+-+52676285359214ocn043109952book20010.01Hall, KatyRibbit riddlesJuvenile worksHumorA collection of riddles and jokes about frogs. Example: What do little frogs like to eat on a hot summer day? Hopsicles!+-+10707285359126ocn027975679book19870.06Hall, KatyBunny riddlesJuvenile worksHumorForty-two riddles about rabbits. Example: Do bunnies use combs? No, they use hare brushes+-+14606285353249035ocn009043149book19830.06Hall, KatyFishy riddlesJuvenile worksHumorA collection of simple riddles about fish such as "Why are fish so smart? They are always in schools."+-+K1901859658736ocn011622745book19860.06Hall, KatyBuggy riddlesJuvenile worksHumorAn illustrated collection of insect riddles including "Why do bees hum? They don't know the words!" and "What is the best year for grasshoppers? Leap year!"+-+08901859658425ocn022180284book19910.06Hall, KatySpacey riddlesJuvenile worksHumorRiddles about the sun, stars, moon, planets, and space travel+-+80382859657724ocn028800504book19950.06Hall, KatySheepish riddlesJuvenile worksHumorA spiffy riddle book that's funny and has vocabulary easy enough for beginning readers to handle+-+11806285357472ocn015015185book19890.06Hall, KatyGrizzly riddlesJuvenile worksHumorAn illustrated collection of riddles and puns about grizzly bears such as "Why can't grizzlies sing the high notes? They're all bear-a-tones!"+-+53753859657137ocn024729101book19910.08Eisenberg, LisaThe story of Sitting Bull : great Sioux chiefBiographyExamines the life and career of the Indian warrior+-+93505959956574ocn023828184book19910.06Eisenberg, LisaHappy birthday Lexie!Juvenile worksFictionAlthough she had hoped to make her tenth birthday extra special, Lexie reluctantly agrees to have a joint party with an unpopular girl in her class--with surprising results6293ocn019740249book19890.06Eisenberg, LisaLeave it to LexieJuvenile worksFictionNine-year-old Lexie is at a loss for ideas for the upcoming Girl Scout talent show, until she remembers her father's penchant for riddles at dinnertime6071ocn034090597book19960.06Eisenberg, LisaStay away from the tree houseJuvenile worksFictionDiscovering a cool tree house in the Fear Street Woods, which is reputed to be haunted, Dylan and Steve wonder if the rumors are true and decide to spend a weekend in the tree house anyway, with spooky results+-+00947062156041ocn052766148book20050.01Hall, KatyStinky riddlesJuvenile worksHumorA collection of jokes, puns, and riddles about skunks+-+1374728535381ocn507352303com20050.31Something about the author. facts and pictures about authors and illustrators of books for young peopleBiographyBibliographyCovers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs+-+5422312325+-+7931628535+-+7931628535Fri Mar 21 15:45:18 EDT 2014batch18126