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Fri Mar 21 17:13:21 2014 UTClccn-n810971800.23Raffles and the golden opportunity 1781-1826 /0.660.96Descriptive catalogue of a zoological collection, made on account of the East India Company, in the island of Sumatra and its vicinity under the direction of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles : with additional notices illustrative of the natural history of those countries /66670173Stamford_Rafflesn 81097180642336Lai-fo-shihLai-fo-shih, 1781-1826Raffles, StamfordRaffles, Stamford, 1781-1826Raffles, Stamford, SirRaffles, Stamford, Sir, 1781-1826Raffles, T. S. B. (Thomas Stamford Bingley), Sir, 1781-1826Raffles, Thomas S.Raffles, Thomas StamfordRaffles, Thomas Stamford, SirRaffles, Thomas Stanford 1781-1826Sir Thomas Stamford RafflesStamford RafflesStamford Raffles, Thomas, 1781-1826ラッフルズlccn-n79132379Bastin, John Sturgus1927-lccn-n50019689Hahn, Emily1905-1997lccn-n85808400Raffles, SophiaLady1786-1858edtlccn-n50029123Collis, Maurice1889-1973lccn-n83008603Barley, Nigellccn-n79118917East India Companylccn-n80165397AbdullahMunshi1796-1854lccn-n50017634Coupland, ReginaldSir1884-1952nc-british museumBritish Museumlccn-n84198854Wurtzburg, C. E.(Charles Edward)1891-1952Raffles, Thomas StamfordSir1781-1826HistoryBiographyPictorial worksCatalogsRaffles, Thomas Stamford,--Sir,Indonesia--JavaIndonesiaTravelGreat BritainSingaporePolitical scienceAsia--Malay ArchipelagoColonial administratorsStatesmenMalayan languagesSoutheast AsiaHomesLand tenureJapanCommerceMalaysia--Malacca (State)Shadow puppetsWayangBritish Occupation of Indonesia (1811-1816)East India CompanyGamelanEngland--LondonThailandNatural history illustrationIndia Office LibraryVietnam, SouthernBritish MuseumArt, JavaneseDrawing, DutchDrawing, EnglishDrawingAntiquitiesArchitectureAsia--Malay PeninsulaIndonesia--SumatraZoologyCoins--Private collectionsBritish Museum.--Department of Coins and MedalsNatural historyColonies--AdministrationMalayaMalaysiaColoniesBarley, NigelMalaysia--MalaccaCivilizationRaffles, Thomas,CoinsAnglo-Chinese College (Malacca, Malacca)178118261811181218141815181618171818181918201821182218231824182518261827182818301831183218341835183618371841184218431844184518631864186518701877187818791882188318901894189518971898189919001907190819181919192019211926192919311934193619371939194319441946194719481949195219531954195519571958196019611963196519661968196919701971197219731976197719781979198019811982198319841986198819901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200220032004200520062007200820092010201220138405337793923.5595DS646.26.R3ocn831264127ocn831268770ocn457450056ocn753897566ocn083396084ocn833392906ocn457988430ocn833237346ocn837276354ocn867635108ocn068617496ocn068920070ocn798302646ocn068986621ocn069142258ocn801389061ocn698843095ocn473003963ocn837505385ocn494343501ocn25756472868453ocn000936406book18170.76Raffles, Thomas StamfordThe history of JavaHistoryThomas Stamford Raffles (1781-1826) was a British civil servant and statesman best known for his founding of the city (now Republic) of Singapore. After the capture of Java by the British in 1811, Raffles was appointed Lieutenant Governor of the island, a position he held until 1815. After a two-year interlude in England, he sailed back to the East, and established the city of Singapore in 1819. These volumes, written during his governorship and first published in 1817, contain his monumental survey and history of the island state. Raffles+-+519875356628418ocn000323948book19290.73Raffles, Thomas StamfordReport on Japan to the secret committee of the English East India Company16510ocn065239042file18140.92Raffles, Thomas StamfordSubstance of a minute recorded by the Honourable Thomas Stamford Raffles ... on the 11th February 1814 on the introduction of an improved system of internal management and the establishment of a land rental on the island of JavaHistory10815ocn002697293book18260.84Finlayson, GeorgeThe mission to Siam, and Hué, the capital of Cochin China, in the years 1821-2. From the journal of the late George Finlayson ... With a memoir of the author, by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, F.R.S865ocn004094068book18440.56Raffles, Thomas StamfordAntiquarian, architectural, and landscape illustrations of the History of JavaPictorial works7312ocn007061893book18240.63Raffles, Thomas StamfordDescriptive géographique, historique et commerciale de Java et des autres îles de l'Archipel indienHistory666ocn005792218book18210.66Leyden, JohnMalay annals:History472ocn042137904book19990.86Cribb, JoeMagic coins of Java, Bali, and the Malay Peninsula : thirteenth to twentieth centuries : a catalog based on the Raffles Collection of coin-shaped charms from Java in the British MuseumHistoryCatalogs+-+56335696253242711ocn832553217book18170.47Raffles, Thomas StamfordThe history of JavaHistory+-+7098753566242ocn009297391book18220.96Raffles, Thomas StamfordDescriptive catalogue of a zoological collection, made on account of the East India Company, in the island of Sumatra and its vicinity under the direction of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles : with additional notices illustrative of the natural history of those countries231ocn009297407book18220.96Raffles, Thomas StamfordSecond part of the descriptive catalogue of a zoological collection made in the island of Sumatra and its vicinity216ocn064005097book18360.53Raffles, Thomas StamfordGeschiedenis van JavaHistory1710ocn012701322book18270.53Finlayson, GeorgeDie Gesandtschafts-Reise nach Siam und Hué, der Hauptstadt von Cochinchina, in den Jahren 1821 bis 1822176ocn793593490book18250.76Raffles, Thomas StamfordDie Vulkane auf Java178ocn832553172book18170.47Raffles, Thomas StamfordThe history of Java+-+9998753566151ocn837742916file18140.47Raffles, Thomas StamfordSubstance of a minute recorded by the Honourable Thomas Stamford Raffles, Lieutenant-Governor of Java and its Dependencies, on the 11th February 1814 : on the introduction of an improved system of internal management and the establishment of a land rental on the island of Java: To Wich Are Added Several Of The Most Interestin Documents Therein Referred ToHistory138ocn251369271book18240.79Raffles, Thomas StamfordStatement of the services of Sir Stamford RafflesHistoryBiography131ocn024087798book18640.47Raffles, Thomas StamfordMemoirs of the life and ministry of ... Thomas Raffles113ocn036158424book18230.81Formation of the Singapore Institution : A.D. 1823102ocn028316083art18160.95Raffles, Thomas StamfordA discourse delivered to the literary and scientific society at Java, on the 10th of September, 181591220ocn000410745book19460.56Hahn, EmilyRaffles of Singapore, a biographyHistoryBiography49011ocn000436554book19660.35Collis, MauriceRafflesHistoryBiography38314ocn002796058book18300.88Raffles, SophiaMemoir of the life and public services of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, F.R.S. &c. : particularly in the government of Java, 1811-1816, and of Bencoolen and its dependencies, 1817-1824 with details of the commerce and resources of the Eastern archipelago, and selections from his correspondenceHistoryBiography3673ocn000410721book19570.70Bastin, John SturgusThe native policies of Sir Stamford Raffles in Java and Sumatra : an economic interpretation3456ocn024590539book19910.25Barley, NigelThe Duke of Puddle Dock : travels in the footsteps of Stamford RafflesAn account of the life of Stamford Raffles, traveler, official of the East India Company, Governor of Java and founder of Singapore2825ocn005090247book19540.70Wurtzburg, C. ERaffles of the Eastern IslesBiography24213ocn000811316book18970.73Boulger, Demetrius CharlesLife of Sir Stamford RafflesHistoryBiography2407ocn000141202book19630.70AbdullahThe Hikayat AbdullahHistoryBiographyPersonal narratives2295ocn797981046book20120.23Glendinning, VictoriaRaffles and the golden opportunity 1781-1826HistoryBiographyThis is the first biography in decades of the 'Father of Singapore'. Thomas Stamford Raffles (1781-1826) was the charismatic and persuasive founder of Singapore and Governor of Java. An English adventurer, disobedient employee of the East India Company, utopian imperialist, linguist, zoologist and civil servant, he carved an extraordinary (though brief) life for himself in South East Asia. The tropical, disease-ridden settings of his story are as dramatic as his own trajectory - an obscure young man with no advantages other than talent and obsessive drive, who changed history by establishing - without authority - on the wretchedly unpromising island of Singapore, a settlement which has become a world city. After a turbulent time in the East Indies, Raffles returned to the UK and turned to his other great interests - botany and zoology. He founded London Zoo in 1825, a year before his death. Raffles remains a controversial figure, and in the first biography for over forty years, Victoria Glendinning charts his prodigious rise within the social and historical contexts of his world. His domestic and personal life was vivid and shot through with tragedy. His own end was sad, though his fame immortal2154ocn000196887book19700.70Scott-Kemball, JeuneJavanese shadow puppets: the Raffles collection in the British Museum1778ocn004679918book19000.79Egerton, Hugh EdwardSir Stamford Raffles; England in the Far EastHistoryBiography1716ocn003996328book19260.79Coupland, ReginaldRaffles, 1781-1826History1707ocn005531498book18240.79Raffles, Thomas StamfordStatement of the services of Sir Stamford RafflesHistoryBiography1602ocn000157628book19700.79Fagg, William BullerThe Raffles Gamelan: a historical note1268ocn002858299book18300.81Raffles, SophiaMemoir of the life and public services of Sir Thomas Stamford RafflesHistoryBiography1181ocn316836618book20090.76Noltie, Henry JRaffles' ark redrawn : natural history drawings from the collection of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles+-+09350876251133ocn005393776book19780.84Archer, MildredThe Raffles drawings in the India Office Library, LondonCatalogs993ocn004692792book19540.92Bastin, John SturgusRaffles' ideas on the land rent system in Java and the Mackenzie Land Tenure Commission993ocn050023871book19990.76Barley, NigelThe Golden sword : Stamford Raffles and the EastExhibition catalogs+-+3790769625324884ocn002559350book19190.79Makepeace, WalterOne hundred years of Singapore, being some account of the capital of the Straits Settlements from its foundation by Sir Stamford Raffles on the 6th February 1819 to the 6th February 1919History+-+5633569625324+-+5633569625324Fri Mar 21 16:02:44 EDT 2014batch34573